Since the Mark of Cain was made by Lucifer, would that give Lucifer power over Dean? I mean, he made Cain do lots of horrible things so…

What if the Mark of Cain counted as permission and Lucifer could use Dean as a vessel without needing a yes?

I mean, with Malachai’s forces all destroyed, Bart gone and Metatron really the only game in town, now maybe Cas… but he’s going for pacifism. It feels like the angels are missing a capable, and dangerous leader. So what if they tried to free Michael but got Lucy out instead?

Abel wasn’t talking to God. He was talking to Lucifer. Lucifer was gonna make my brother into his pet. I couldn’t bear to watch him be corrupted, so I offered a deal – Abel’s soul in heaven for my soul in hell. Lucifer accepted… As long as I was the one who sent Abel to heaven. So, I killed him. Became a soldier of Hell – a knight.
—  Cain, telling us exactly what’s going to happen in the season 9 finale
Eyes and Ears Everywhere, or Where I Speculate Wildly about 9x21

Hmmm, wondering if we have Cas’ insider right here in the colours of his master.

The colour of Crowley’s demon form is a very distinct colour, as was this angel’s entire get up. And it wasn’t the only visual that connected Crowley to Cas Central. Crowley was also connected to Ezra’s murder by being shot in the exact same spot as we saw Ezra’s fatal wound.

Also, Crowley gave Gavin reading skills in the same way Metatron gave Cas knowledge of every story he’s ever read.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Crowley and Metatron are actually connected/ in cahoots somehow. It never sat right with me that in First Born the demon called out to Cain and Dean about their new master he wanted to please. Crowley immediately filled that in as meaning Abaddon, but Abaddon has been very specific in calling herself Queen, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to be called Master, would it?

So, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if one of the plottwist still coming up is Crowley and Metatron working together.

Castiel's Complex: Why ET won't be running back to Elliot's home.

So I don’t know where everyone is getting the info about Cas being shunned from the bunker. I’m going to assume someone said he won’t be in there for awhile and it escalated. I could be wrong. But I could see Cas not returning to the bunker until Dean drags his injured ass back.

Cas isn’t used to staying in one place, he hasn’t had a home for millennia. Now he has just done exactly what Dean warned him not to do and now he has a legion of powerful fallen angels lynching him.

Also lets look at how Castiel thinks the Winchesters view him. The cast has said it several times that Cas feels like he is just a tool to the Winchesters. Dean has called Cas a baby in a trench coat without his powers. And Dean never thinks to go back and correct harsh words because I think Dean doesn’t always realize the effect he has on people.

So to me it is no surprise that Cas isn’t running to the Winchester’s doorstep right at the get go. Why would he? He feels useless and doesn’t want to burden Dean with his problems.

But, this is also a very good thing. This is something that is going to simmer for a while in the show and make the fans scream and wail. It may even start Cas on the endverse path. It is going to force Dean to spell it out for Cas and clarify what “I need you” really means.

Maybe Sam has to start the conversation, maybe Charlie finds Cas first. Who knows. But I do believe that something big is brewing for the two of them and it won’t be resolved or a good portion of the season.

anonymous asked:

Do you think they're gonna go /there/.

Thing is, what with Jensen saying ‘Wow. They went there.’ about the finale and Andrew Dabb saying it’s something that they’ve never done before (and will excite the fans), I don’t see that many options

Because if Andrew is telling the truth then it can’t be a death or a resurrection, the boys have seen plenty of both. And although the common consensus seems to be demon!dean… we have seen that before with Sam. And to some extent with Cas at the end of s6.

So yeah maybe it will be that and Dabb was exaggerating or failing to realise that just because it’s a different character being demonised doesn’t mean it’s a 'whole new situation’. But I’m hoping he actually knew exactly what he was talking about.

Which really leaves very few options for something that has been speculated on (enough to make Jensen surprised they actually followed through), something that will excite fans, something that will surprise people and something completely new. 

So yeah, I don’t want to spread false hope or anything. And maybe I’m just setting myself up for a fall. But if what you were talking about is destiel then tentatively? Yes. I’m pretty damn hopeful.

Hell hath no fury like a prophet scorned (Kevin Tran in S9)...

Kevin: “The tablet says, whosoever chooses to undertake these tasks should fear not danger, nor death, nor a word that I think means getting your spine ripped out through your mouth for all eternity.”

Dean: “Good times.”

Trial and Error 8x14

There really needs to be an episode titled “Hell hath no fury like a prophet scorned…” in the upcoming season, because the Winchesters knew what they were getting into and they flunked it. 

Kevin surrendered his life, his health, his Mum, and got tortured by Crowley to do the groundwork for closing the gates of Hell. And at the end of the day, Dean chose his brother over all that, and over every single soul who will now continue to suffer demon possession or to rot in Hell.

Sam gave up the Trials because Dean couldn’t bear to see his little brother pay such a heavy mystical price a second time, after the torment of the cage. 

Objectively, for anyone who isn’t Dean, "If anything is worth dying for, this is it".

So, yes, I suspect one Kevin Tran might not be in the best of moods with the brothers Winchester once they meet again… 

Is this the Show or is it Reverse!Verse?

We’ve been speculating about the possible advent of End!verse for Team Batcave, but I wonder whether it will be a Reverse!Endverse, in which Sam is possessed by an angel (Zeke) and Dean is possessed by a demon (Abaddon), Heaven and Hell go flipside, and Fallen!Cas does not overdo the absinthe and orgies but saves the day in some form resembling the crucifixtion...  








Season 9 speculation (based on the preview): Dean's secret

So we have Dean praying to someone, begging for help,
and we have that scene where Dean is being “attacked” at the hospital by something that looks like Cas the first time he tried to speak with him.
But what does have this kind of power now, that ALL the angels have fallen?
As I said before, my guess at to whom Dean is praying would be God or Death. 
Since I cannot yet imagine the ways in which Death would be helpful to the current situation, I’m leaning more towards God.
But how could he help them? He wouldn’t turn everything around completely, would he? That would be kinda strange and also pretty boring (for the show).
Since we know Dean is keeping a secret and that secret is also part of why Sam is still alive, I thought…

Maybe God is giving Dean some mojo (with special Sam-healing powers)? And Dean has to keep it a secret because either God commanded it, or because it would be dangerous to do so.
In some spoiler/preview it was said that “the boys are more powerful than ever”, and Misha talked about the past nature of Dean and Cas’ relationship/dynamic/roles, where Cas sees himself as Dean’s protector, and Dean is kind of a mentor for him. Maybe they’re going to reverse the roles? That would be pretty awesome and interesting (and fuel for a possible Destiel plot *cough cough*).

Anyway, because I doubt that all of this is going to happen exactly in that manner, another guess for Sam’s mysterious healing could still be Death, though. (That just came to me while writing, I’m not gonna re-write that paragraph at the top now).

I’m gonna stop now. This was kinda wonky. 
Anyway. Maybe someone with a better imagination takes something from this and runs with it…

anonymous asked:

so how do you feel about this whole cas having sex with someone other than dean thing (if he really is)

So I kind of talked about this before but I want to reiterate first and foremost that I am one of those people open to Cas having sex with someone besides Dean – I could get in to this really really long thing about why it’s okay for me and whatnot, but the bottom line is that it’s not okay for everyone and I completely respect that. I completely understand why people are upset about it and I don’t want people to think that just because I’m alright with it that everyone else should be. It’s a personal opinion and you are 100% allowed to feel however you want about this subject.  

So for me I’m less concerned about WHO Cas is having sex with as opposed to WHY is he doing it? If he’s having sex for general self-loathing purposes, I’m going to be pretty upset. Sex, even no strings attached sex, can be pretty swell for people who are in to that, and I think a lot of people see this issue quiet differently depending on how they perceive sex and intimacy in the first place. I don’t want Cas to be going on this self hating binge and doing things he may regret later. If he’s having sex, I want it to be enjoyable for him.

This is the same for Dean. If Dean is having sex and is enjoying himself that’s what I want most. Do I want Dean and Cas to finally realize they are head over heels for each other and stop dicking around their feelings and like you know… talk? Of course! But in this day and age for some people sex can be casual. A lot of people enjoy casual sex. In season seven when Dean had sex with the amazon in Slice Girls it screamed of self-loathing sex to me and not an intimate enjoyable affair (afterwards Dean seemed pretty restless and unsatisfied with the encounter) and it was made even worse when Dean learned he had a daughter and then bam! she was dead a few minutes later. Not cool. Compare that scene with the ones with Dean/Lisa, Dean/Cassie, Dean/Anna and he looks much more happy and intimate. I want that for him. I want that for Cas. I want that to be them together – but that has time to develop. I’m okay waiting for that.

In the category of things I want, but probably can’t have, in SPN Season 9, I really want a scene where Sam and Dean and Cas fall asleep in an exhausted puppy pile in front of the TV in the MoL because that last hunt really took it out of them.

I want Naomi to be alive because she’s a gloriously awesome character, but also for this:

NAOMI sits at the table in the MoL library, alone. Her hair is down and she is wearing a button-up plaid shirt that is clearly too big for her.

DEAN: [Sits across from her.] You’re getting the hell out of Dodge tomorrow. Don’t make yourself comfortable.

NAOMI: I see you haven’t forgiven me.

DEAN: Absolutely not. I guess Cas is a bigger man than I am, huh?

NAOMI: [Stares at him, then shakes her head.] I don’t understand.

DEAN: Understand what? Are you surprised that screwing around with Cas’s head might not get you on our good side?

NAOMI: I don’t understand why you’re so special to him. He beat my conditioning instead of obeying orders.  

DEAN: [Proudly.] Of course he did. 

NAOMI: You really have no idea how exceptional he is, do you? I’m very good at what I do. I broke down his mind until he was completely mine. Then I made him kill you again and again until -

DEAN: What are you talking about?

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Okay, now that we have six months until a new MM, here’s a bit of conspiracy fun.  This is a screenshot of George’s desk drawer from 818, The Artful Detective.  If you notice under the gun, there’s an autopsy report dated June 6, 1899, signed by Julia.  Is this a clue into George’s situation, because why would he have an old pathologist’s report hanging out in such a conspicuous location?  Not only should that report be in it’s appropriate file, it’s also ancient history (more than three years old).  Why is it prominent?  Is it just a prop they stuck in there, or is it relevant?  One person has already posited that it could be Anna Fulford’s autopsy report.  What else could it be?

In regards to the first spoiler for season 9

So everyone immediately jumped to the conclusion that TPTB are jumping the destiel ship and giving Dean a female love interest next season simply because a new character is being introduced as a gorgeous badass hunter. First why does she have to be a love interest for Dean? Couldn’t it be for Sam?

However, wasn’t there a gorgeous badass last season in need of a new meat suit??? Couldn’t they be setting up the new body for Abbadon?