It’s so wild when people say things like, “Yeah, about halfway through season 5 of Breaking Bad, I realized I don’t really like Walt!” or “Third rewatch…. kinda turning around on both Walt and Skyler!” 

Like… not wanting Walt to die slowly in prison with no respect or dignity by season 3 at the latest? Really can’t relate.

Okay I’m starting season 5 of Breaking Bad now and the fact that Skyler White is the character whom apparently audiences didn’t find likable enough when her husband casually watches someone die of a drug overdose, bombs a nursing home, and poisons a 6-year-old child and Skyler spends three seasons trying to clean up his messes is about as near of an allegory for the 2016 election as I can think of.

I ran the House of Cards Season Two Marathon in 14:07:05!!!!
  • I beat my personal marathon record, which I believe is either season 1 of Friday Night Lights or season 5 of Breaking Bad. 
  • Average pace was 45 minutes/episode. 
  • I managed to sustain only one injury (a computer-to-face incident during a casual turnover in bed).
  • Took a 2.5-hour nap. 
  • Drank lots of water.
  • Carbo-loaded before, during and after.
  • It snowed during the marathon, but I didn’t even know.
  • At one point, there were people in my apartment cheering and holding posters that said things like, YOU GO GIRL! and WRIGHT ON! DON’T SPACEY OUT! and YOU’RE NETFLIXIN’ TO BE A WINNER! and 4 MORE EPISODES TO GO! and IT’S OK, YOU’RE STILL A VALUABLE, CONTRIBUTING MEMBER OF SOCIETY! …but it’s possible I was just hallucinating from being cooped up inside for so long. 
  • At episode 9, I had to stop and stretch and communicate with friends & family, just to confirm I was still a human being. (I may or may not have started talking back to Kevin Spacey when he would talk to me directly.)
  • I crossed the finish line around 3:40AM with resounding pride but mostly utter disgust. (There’s a photo of me at the end, but it is NOT PRETTY.)
  • Thanks to my MacBook, Netflix, Seamless, Saturday, my bed and my internet connection for sponsoring the event.
  • It’s time to hit the showers.

I’m about ¼th through season 5 of breaking bad and I fully subscribe to the theory that walter white’s hat is evil and forces him to make bad decisions while he’s wearing it

malala yousafzai won the nobel peace prize at 17
lorde won a grammy at 17
i watched all 5 seasons of breaking bad on netflix in just under 1 week at 17

who’s the real hero here?

I watched the first two episodes of season 5 of Breaking Bad and they were awesome.

It was hilarious when they used the magnets to erase the laptop hard drive to get rid of the video footage.

So Walt really did get Saul to take Jesse’s cigarette and then he did poison the boy somehow with the lily of the valley from his garden D:

I did not think Walt would do that. I thought for sure it was still Gus.

Now Walt, Jesse and Mike are working together as a team.

I can’t believe Ted woke up, I thought he was dead D:

Aaron Paul <3