I’m at work and it’s nap time so I’m watching Breaking Bad and oh my god Mike feeding the chickens and telling them to be nice I LOVE MIKE

today was such a good day. i woke up early and did Adult Stuff and then went to the movies to watch inside out and then went home and watched like 5 episodes of breaking bad (the 4th season is so boring) and now i’m on my way home after hanging with my friends and drinking wine and eating waffles and mcdonalds.

See It - This is well written, clever and well acted. In a quick 60 minutes, writer Gus Krieger, who also plays Walter White, is able to tell the entire story of all 5 seasons of the hit TV show Breaking Bad through reworked Shakespearean speeches. Kreiger includes several of Shakespeare’s most famous speeches, including Twelfth Night’s seven ages of man speech reworked into the seven stages of meth cooking. It is very clever. It can stand on its own, but will definitely be funnier to Shakespeare and Breaking fans. So brush up on your bard, brush up on your bad and bring your strawberry embroidered hanky because you just might laugh so hard that you cry.

Review by Kat Michels

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waiter interrupts a serious conversation (breaking bad season 5 episode 11)