It’s so wild when people say things like, “Yeah, about halfway through season 5 of Breaking Bad, I realized I don’t really like Walt!” or “Third rewatch…. kinda turning around on both Walt and Skyler!” 

Like… not wanting Walt to die slowly in prison with no respect or dignity by season 3 at the latest? Really can’t relate.

malala yousafzai won the nobel peace prize at 17
lorde won a grammy at 17
i watched all 5 seasons of breaking bad on netflix in just under 1 week at 17

who’s the real hero here?

I’m about ¼th through season 5 of breaking bad and I fully subscribe to the theory that walter white’s hat is evil and forces him to make bad decisions while he’s wearing it

I ran the House of Cards Season Two Marathon in 14:07:05!!!!
  • I beat my personal marathon record, which I believe is either season 1 of Friday Night Lights or season 5 of Breaking Bad. 
  • Average pace was 45 minutes/episode. 
  • I managed to sustain only one injury (a computer-to-face incident during a casual turnover in bed).
  • Took a 2.5-hour nap. 
  • Drank lots of water.
  • Carbo-loaded before, during and after.
  • It snowed during the marathon, but I didn’t even know.
  • At one point, there were people in my apartment cheering and holding posters that said things like, YOU GO GIRL! and WRIGHT ON! DON’T SPACEY OUT! and YOU’RE NETFLIXIN’ TO BE A WINNER! and 4 MORE EPISODES TO GO! and IT’S OK, YOU’RE STILL A VALUABLE, CONTRIBUTING MEMBER OF SOCIETY! …but it’s possible I was just hallucinating from being cooped up inside for so long. 
  • At episode 9, I had to stop and stretch and communicate with friends & family, just to confirm I was still a human being. (I may or may not have started talking back to Kevin Spacey when he would talk to me directly.)
  • I crossed the finish line around 3:40AM with resounding pride but mostly utter disgust. (There’s a photo of me at the end, but it is NOT PRETTY.)
  • Thanks to my MacBook, Netflix, Seamless, Saturday, my bed and my internet connection for sponsoring the event.
  • It’s time to hit the showers.