The quality of Supernatural's Seasons through the years
  • Season 1: Good
  • Season 2: Very Good
  • Season 3: Extremely good
  • Season 4: BEST
  • Season 5: BESTEST
  • Season 6: It has some amazing episodes and a decent plot but overall is not as good as it used to be
  • Season 7: Bad
  • Season 8: Better than Season 7
  • Season 9: Better than Season 8
  • Season 10: Utter shit
  • Season 11: This was actually a good season? No stupid fighting, no irritating secret-keeping, an interesting villain... Could this be the return to glory of Supernatural? Did the writer turned over a new leaf?
  • Season 12: Nevermind
The X-Files

This list was submitted by Hilary Brown!

The X-Files is a science fiction show that ran on Fox from 1993-2002. It chronicles the investigations of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who explore unexplained cases of paranormal and extraterrestrial activity. Mulder is a fervent believer in the paranormal, and is obsessed with finding his sister who had vanished when Mulder was a teenager. Convinced his sister was abducted by aliens and that there is a massive government conspiracy to hide the existence of said aliens, Mulder will stop at nothing to blow the lid off of the government coverup and bring back his sister. Scully is assigned to Mulder as his partner, originally to report back to their superiors about Mulder’s activities, and to debunk his work. She is level-headed and skeptical, and believes that many of these “paranormal” phenomena have scientific explanations.

Overall, X-Files episodes can be divided into two categories: mythology episodes, which are part of the overall arc about aliens and government conspiracies, and “monsters-of-the-week” episodes which are stand-alone episodes. In theory, one could only watch the mythology episodes and still get a killer story, but there are some really great stand-alone episodes that shouldn’t be missed. For categorization purposes, I’ve broken each season down into which episodes to skip, which episodes are part of the mythology, and which episodes are particularly notable. It bears worth mentioning that The X-Files ran 9 season, which was about 2 more than it needed to. Show creator Chris Carter believed the show’s 7th season would be the last, and most fans and critics agree that it could have stopped there. Seasons 2-6 are arguably the strongest.

Episodes skipped: 40 out of 202.

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anonymous asked:

I mean I got into a couple seasons but I gave up after John Snow went down on the snow group red head. I'd describe it as a British show for Americans that takes forever


I’m beginning to get a bit done with the Game of Thrones series now. Not the books. Never the books. But the show.

Ever since they’ve gone ahead of George’s books, the show has gone downhill. I still maintain Season 3 was the best Season - the character complexity and plot complexity was incredible. 

The thing that made Thrones so amazing as a show was it was UNPREDICTABLE and it had COMPLEX CHARACTERS. 

What’s happened now? It’s become predictable, with bland characters. Because they’re essentially ignoring the books that made the show so amazing to begin with. 

Let’s make a list of just some examples. 

Jon is nothing like he is in the books. He has become a bland and brooding character this season, a shadow of his former self. The Jon in the books was uncertain of many things - but the one thing he was certain of was his unconditional love for Arya. He literally BREAKS HIS VOWS for Arya, and is constantly thinking of him. Where are his mentions of Arya? Oh wait. Nowhere. 

Sansa is partly responsible for this to be honest. Because he has a sister with him, I don’t think the writers feel the need to reference his other sister - but Jon and Sansa’s scenes feel awkward because THERE WAS NEVER MUCH OF A RELATIONSHIP THERE. Sansa is not meant to be in Winterfell! She is meant to be in the Vale, becoming a player of the game herself now. 

Lady Stoneheart is gone. Let’s not even go into that because it hurts. But because of Lady Stoneheart being gone it also means that other arcs have been fucked up. For example:

Gendry. In the books, he is building up to be a prominent character - he’s not hanging around for nothing. GRRM literally confirmed a week or so ago that Gendry and Arya are set to meet again. That’s a side thing in itself - Arya’s kill list is added to in the books because of her loyalty and love for Gendry. Show Arya shows no reference to Gendry or Jon, the two men she loves most and unconditionally. Gendry disappeared in Season 3 and that’s that. He was blended with Edric Storm and his real purpose cut. 

Lack of LS also affects Jaime Lannister, who has now gone backwards. His character arc has always been one of the most interesting - the kingslayer who has reason for doing what he did, the man who was made to believe in himself again through Brienne. The man who eventually chose Brienne over Cersei, and it is hinted at some form of redemption from LS through Brienne. The man who changed from being self-centred and ruthless, wearing it like a protective armour, to shedding those layers and realising what he did did not make him a bad person. It simply made him a man who had an impossible choice. The man who burns the letter from Cersei and goes after Brienne. But show Jaime?? Oh yes, let’s have him say “I love Cersei” over and over again. Let’s have him behave in a thoroughly OOC way. Who cares if the past few seasons showed this massive redemption arc!

I will probably still watch the show, but I’m starting to stop caring about it now. It doesn’t care about the characters who made this show so incredible in the first place anymore, and I’m beginning to reach the limit of unnecessary character development butchering I can witness.

I’m of the honest opinion that Brooklyn Nine-Nine, season 3, is one of the best seasons of any comedy show ever.

Every. Single. Fricking. Character. Has hit their stride. Jake & Amy’s relationship has been approached with the lightness and nuance it deserved. Rosa has loved, lost, loved and lost again. Charles Boyle has found the woman of his dreams. Terry has become the father to yet another child, and directly disobeyed orders from a superior in order to protect his team. Captain Raymond Holt struggled in his relationship with Kevin Cozner, Ph.D, then pushed through his fears and worked things out. Gina got over her fear of businessmen, succeeded in her studies and lit a perp up with a makeshift flamethrower. Even Scully and Hitchcock were instrumental in bringing down one of the largest weed dealers in NYC.

There is just so much nuance and subtlety in what is, at first glance, an Absurd Comedy About Ridiculous Cops. Every character is appreciated appropriately, and developed with tact and poise in the background.

I’m elated to see the last few episodes of this season.

anonymous asked:

Dylan says Stiles let’s go of his feelings for Lydia?? I am so done with the show

I read that too, guys, and honestly I’m not worried about it.

It was plain to me from the moment Stiles made out with Malia in that basement that he was going to have to let go of his feelings for Lydia to some extent. Before last season started it was also implied that he would be letting go/distancing himself from his crush on Lydia, and yet, season 3 was the best Stydia season yet. I think by “letting go,” Dylan simply meant that Stiles is continuing to mature as a person and now that he’s with Malia (or going to be with Malia), he realizes that he can’t keep his mind on Lydia. He has to make time for a new girl in his life in order to test the waters.

That being said, Malia is also going to bring a whole new dynamic to Stydia that we may actually find interesting. I know that a lot of us don’t want Jealous!Lydia, and I don’t think jealousy is the right word to describe what Lydia may be feeling. She’s dated plenty of times, and she’s been sexually active for a long time - something she looks for in a partner, as well. She looks for jocks, popularity, experienced kissers. It’s just what she likes. So, what I’m trying to say here is that I believe that Lydia has developed romantic feelings for Stiles in season 3, but that she has never been able to imagine him as a partner, because he’s not the kind of guy she’s used to having in that position.

(It may actually scare her to have him in that position because she cares about him so much, and he cares about her so much that any relationship between them will most likely be something a lot more serious than she’s used to. Which isn’t a bad thing for her, it’s just a daunting prospect.)

I think bringing Stalia into the mix will open Lydia’s eyes to Stiles’ potential as a boyfriend, and as a lover, because whether we like it or not, that is something that matters to Lydia.

Ultimately, I think that season 4 will still have plenty of Stydia, but in a new light. I think maybe we’ll see Stiles distancing himself from Lydia only in the sense that he’s not going to continue to see her as the only girl for him. He’s going to consider other avenues - which is probably healthy for him and his relationship with Lydia - but he is certainly not letting go of his love for Lydia. Dylan himself said that that will always be there. And as for Lydia, I think we’ll actually get to see more of her reserved feelings for Stiles this season, just because of the fact that Stiles is no longer available, as explained above, and because she’s been through so much now that she really needs someone who truly loves her. It may actually be a very painful season for her, unfortunately, because she’s lost a lot of people and now Stiles is going to further himself from her and she won’t know who to turn to without causing conflict. But they’re still anchors. They still love each other.

Basically, it’s going to be okay. I believe we’re still going to get the beautiful, fluffy, goosebump inducing scenes between them as we always do, and they will further develop and mature until the sexual tension is too much to bear. And when Stalia is over (which, let’s be real, it probably will be over soon enough) , Lydia will have come to terms with her feelings for him and Stiles will channel into the feelings that were always there, and they will fucking KISS. PROPERLY THIS TIME. WITH FEEEEEELING.

I hope this made sense. I literally just woke up and answered this so forgive me if it’s rambling. And feel free to disagree, as well. These are my personal opinions. I’m just trying to make the best out of this Stalia situation.

no stydia in 5x17: seems likely i’m not going to watch this episode

*twofficial post a gif of 3x11 the ice baths scene saying “we’re coming back to the beggining"*


  • Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs have stated during a panel at the 2013 Oz Comic-Con that they both consider season 3 to be the best season of the show.
  • Alyssa Milano (Phoebe) released five pop albums in Japan.
  • The actresses of Charmed get gifts for every season finale.
  • The costume department spends $20,000 a week to buy clothes for the actresses, and used more than $500,000 in season 5.
  • As of 2014, the Book of Shadows is 321 years old.