I love Hannibal’s manipulation this episode. It’s so well done, when they talk about the murderer he talks about the admirer (Matthew Brown), he talks how he hoped that this would be the same person who committed Will’s murders so that Will wouldn’t have to be there. It allows him to tell Will that he supports him and wants him free, but still puts the first four murders on Will.

Will brings up there that it was obvious that it wasn’t the same killer and that Hannibal was just hoping that no one would notice the huge differences in the murders. Right there Will has pointed out the HUGE flaw in the testimony that Hannibal will later give.

Hannibal goes up and talks about Will being his friend, he makes it obvious so that his testimony will be labeled as bias. It gets thrown out and Will gets is stuck with not having a good defense anymore, since they couldn’t use unconsciousness anymore.

When Matthew Brown kills the judge Hannibal takes the chance to tell Jack again that it was not the same person as Will’s murders. This both throws doubt on Will, discrediting him in case he decides to go back to saying Hannibal was the murderer and makes it look like he is sad that Will is guilty.

Then even better it goes on to have Will dreaming of the stag, and then there he sees Hannibal pointing at the cell, telling him to get back inside. Just like he did by getting his not-guilty plea thrown out. 

I really can not wait for episode 5 when we get to see the Matthew Brown episode and get to follow the plot of this episode further.

Season 2x5 The Devil You Know

Well…guess who is prominent in this episode???

Jason DiLaurentis

“The Devil You Know : Synopsis
WARNING: Spoilers
The synopsis contains information that may give away important plot points. You may not want to read any further if you’ve not already seen this title.
We open with the girls analyzing a photo of Ian’s suicide note Hanna took with her phone. Everybody is happy Ian is out of their lives. Garrett stops by and tells the girls Ian had been dead for a week. Emily thinks that means it was A who had been texting Melissa the past few days. Emily seems more nervous at how much A is involved. After the rest of the girls leave she gets a text from A: "Hey, Em. Is it just me? Or does that suicide note look familiar.”

Veronica tells Spencer they’ve been getting inundated with calls from reporters. She and Peter argue about how to handle Ian’s remains. Spencer thinks Melissa “needs” for Ian to have a funeral.

Hanna and Caleb are trying to figure out what kind of relationship they have. Ashley seems to be a little panicky in the wake of Ian’s death.

Arai talks to Ezra about Melissa’s reaction to finding Ian. Jackie intentionally bursts in during their conversation and uses an old pet name. Neither Aria nor Ezra do a great job admitting how close they are.

Emily picks up a package and recognizes the guy working at the delivery store. He awkwardly says he doesn’t know her and leaves. On her way out Emily notices his a picture of him on the wall. His name is Logan Reed and she remembers he’s the guy who dropped of the money for Ian the night of the sting.

Veronica tells Spencer she’s proud of her for thinking of her older sister. She also apologizes for not believing Spencer and asks for another chance.

Emily is having trouble concentrating on her homework and takes a closer look at Ian’s note. She seems stunned.

Spencer goes online looking to replace her sister’s ring. She’s not pleased with the prices she’s finding. She gets a text from A: “Would mommy hug a thief? Tell the truth Spence, or you’ll get that ring when you least expect it.”

A hooded figure walks up to a dark house. Just before he can break into the window Jason grabs his hand.

Jason shows up at Aria’s home with Mike. He hasn’t called the police. When Aria asks why he didn’t the response is “I’ve seen enough cops at my place the past year.”

Emily appears to be doing research on some old text messages and has come up with something.

Caleb lets slip to Hanna that her foster mother is still getting cash for him living with him. He doesn’t seem to mind his currently situation and makes a passing reference to past abuse.

Emily tells the girls that Ian’s suicide note is entirely made up of past text messages from A. This means that Ian never actually confessed in writing. They need more answers and Emily mentions running into Logan Reed.

Emily pays Logan a visit at his work. He says he saw a posting online and was ultimately was hired by a woman he never met. She paid him using a PO Box but says he could recognize her voice if he heard it again.

Hanna overhears Caleb’s uber-evil foster mother paying him a visit at school. She yells at him for making her fraud more difficult by not telling him some of his interests.

Mike admits to Aria he was the one who broke into all the houses, including Spencer’s the night she was knocked over. He promises never to do it again as long as she doesn’t tell.

Just before Spencer can tell Melissa about what she did Veronica interrupts her to set the table.

Hanna wants to wear a tight red dress to Ian’s funeral. This leads to a discussion of another funeral of a disliked person, her grandfather.

The girls all attend Ian’s funeral to support Spencer. The police are there for security. Spencer tells Emily that perhaps what they’re doing is an obsession created by A. Emily wants more information but Spencer seems interested in her family. Ezra shows up and sits with Aria’s parents. Emily takes Garrett aside and tells him that Logan never met Ian. He says if it will make her feel better he’ll try to find out who the woman was. During the burial Aria notices Jason sitting nearby.

After the service Emily has some unflattering things to say about Jason while Aria stares at him. Ezra walks up and says he came there to “take the next stop” but choked when her parents asked why he was there. She says she needed a hug from him today and he leaves, too nervous to embrace in front of everyone.

Hannah confronts Caleb’s foster mother. She threatens that if the woman doesn’t give the checks to Caleb until he’s 18 she’ll send an attorney after her.

Jason tells Aria he was always jealous of Alison. He thinks his parents believed they lost the wrong child. He says he doesn’t remember anything from the night Alison died. He woke up the next morning with a note in his pocket reading “I know what you did.” That note nearly killed him but Ian’s confession finally has given him some peace.

Melissa tells Spencer she’s having a girl and apologizes for picking Ian over her. Melissa begins to tell her “there is something you don’t know.” At that moment the phone A put in her purse the other night begins to ring. This makes Melissa thinks that Spencer was the one who had been sending the texts as Ian. She hurls the phone at the wall and says she’ll never forgive Spencer for this.

Byron and Ella talk about Ian. Mike walks by to say he’s going out and tells his mother to stop washing his sweats.

We see Garrett giving Logan a large sum of cash, seemingly so he’ll disappear. He calls Jenna to tell her the task has been taken care of.

Caleb drops by Hanna’s place with some food. He tells her his foster mother just gave him a bunch of cash. Before taking off he hints that he knows it was her who talked to the foster mother. They make out a little.

Emily gets a text from A: “Sometimes the shortest distance from plot A to plot B is the long way around.” She glances at a map of the funeral plots and calls the girls.

At the cemetery Emily and Spencer are convinced that A made it look like Ian killed Alison, but that they can’t be sure. They go to Alison’s grave. While there the video they though showed Ian killing Alison is projected nearby in its entirety. Alison wasn’t dead after all.“

So my friends, is Jason "the devil we know?”

Five Years Forward, this new Anon signs the messages as a Devil symbol.

Hmmmmmmmmm! Thoughts???

“You mind your tongue with me boy. This isn’t just your war, this is war. Now something big and bad’s coming and it’s coming fast and their side holds all the cards. Now at best, all we got is us…together. No secrets or half truths here.”

Season 2 Episode 5: Simon Said

“Sam here, this is my brother-”
Dean! Shut up!”
“I’m trying. He’s psychic, kinda like you- well not really like you-but see, he thinks you’re a murderer, and afraid that he’s gonna become one himself, because you’re all apart of something that’s terrible and I hope to God he’s wrong but I’m starting to get a little scared that he might be right.”

Season 2 Episode 5: Simon Said