Filming season 2 finale of Supergirl in downtown Vancouver Jan 5th :) Photo credits to my Mum, please excuse the blurry-ness as it was taken from the 19th floor of an office building. 


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Lets get one thing straight, if either Lukas or Phillip was actually a girl character this show would have had a season 2 filmed and a season 3 in the works. But since the eyewitness writers wanted to mix up the playing field and throw some new ideas out there, by making the lead couple gay, Eyewitness is placed at the bottom of the USA Network’s shows of priority. All because of a boy loving and wanting to be with another boy. Eyewitness is a good, scratch that, a damn great show with amazing actors, directors, and amazing writers. This show is thrilling and heartfelt, it gets to the raw stuff that other shows don’t get to or that don’t want to. Eyewitness is more than just a show about a murder, it’s a show about family, love, and relationships, not just between lovers but between friends. Eyewitness has everything, from drama to a little bit of humor. Nothing about this show is wrong, in my eyes. But then again i’m not homophobic. I embrace all that Eyewitness has to give with nothing to complain about. I think that people would love this show if the USA Network would actual do more than post a video or two about it online. If the USA Network did half the social media work they do for The Walking Dead, Eyewitness would be more popular and would probably be way past it’s quota of 1 million viewers. All I know it that the USA Network is letting go of a really good show with great actors. Tyler and James deserve more for the work they put into their acting, but also the social media work they do. And for the way they ship Phillip and Lukas more than some fans. Cheers to them and cheers to the whole cast. But also Cheers to the fans of Eyewitness! Heres to sticking around and sticking together through all the craziness that has been Eyewitness. And sticking with this show even though you knew it was only going to be 10 episodes.  And heres to the hope of having a season 2 and many more! 

A summary of the hardships of the “addicted” universe

I’m writing this not only because I’m a blogger, but because I’m a fan of quality cinematography, well written works and good people. 

The queer themed web series “addicted” or “heroin” was a small budgeted web drama airing in china that hit it big and it reached such a height of popularity that the government banned it from being aired on any Chinese portals. The production crew then had to create a YouTube account where they uploaded the videos every week. Despite YouTube being blocked in mainland china, the shows popularity did not die down, in fact the international audience expanded all across Asia and the rest of the world. 

After the show was done airing, it was announced that season 2 will start filming in MAY this year. that would leave around 2 months promotion time, fair enough right? no. THEY CANCELLED THE FILMING!!

After the government banned, they promoted together just for a bit, this is a 0.05% promotion together compared to 90% counterattack stars did. Their schedules strangely never matched with each other despite just being rookie actors.

  • Top music awards:

Turns out a censorship law was placed that didnt allow them to be appear on screen together.

They had to appear on the news in Thailand without jingyu, even though he was there with them:

and when leaving and arriving in Thailand, they had to go at separate times, even though, the staff obviously books the tickets, they could have booked them together but didnt

  • The fanmeeting:

In a normal fanmeeting, the otps always stand next to each other. its the law of the BL drama promotion but ….this happened…

they stood next to each other for a minute before the manager pulled them apart.

  • The Happy Camp episode that they filmed together got cancelled:

The cast cried:

insert my crying heart

And these are only things im aware of as an outsider/international fan. Its tragic and heart breaking. the production crew is getting punished for doing an outstanding job and the actors are getting punished for their choices of script.

We can’t even expect them to fight because this is their career they will be risking. Its sad also because you know how the actors are such close friends and they cant even hug each other in this emotional moment.

We the fans cant do anything, because honestly, i feel so helpless i dont know what to do. petitions? strike? how? how to help?

The filming crew announced a few days ago that season 2 will not happen and officially been cancelled due to “budget shortages” uh no, this show hit 10 million hits in a few hours and now its above 100 million hits. Their fan meetings sold out tickets in 5minutes.

My point is I dont know how to stop feeling sad over this. I thought I could write a long article but I cant go on anymore because Im too upset.

i will continue to support xu weizhou, huang jingyu, chenwen, fengsong and chai jidan. hugs