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Truth: Arrow 5x20 Review (Underneath)

Arrow isn’t a perfect television show. To be fair, I don’t know one that is, but I never needed Arrow to be perfect.  All I need from Arrow is a good story.  My frustrations with Oliver and Felicity’s break up, and the Baby Mama storyline, aren’t a secret. I found their break up to be wildly problematic on multiple levels. However, the one caveat I always held to was if Arrow can piece together some interesting character growth for Oliver and Felicity it would go a long way of easing my ruffled feathers. We’ve been dealing with the ramifications of Oliver’s lie about William since 4x08. That’s 35 episodes. We’ve waited a long time for Oliver and Felicity’s individual arcs to come to fruition.

The wait was worth it. At least for me.

Our perceptions of “good story” vary as widely as our perceptions of “perfect” but “Underneath” is a good story for me.  It’s almost perfect. 35 episodes. This road was long. It was hard but, in the end, I feel like I understand. It connects all the dots that need to be connected (and some I didn’t expect) while delivering some real character development that feels earned.

In the midst of the crazy world of arrows, masks, Mirakuru soldiers, 15 different canaries and Barry Allen resides the relationships between Oliver and Felicity

and Original Team Arrow. 

These characters, and the love they have for one another, is the sanity in all the madness. It’s the real in the fiction. Oliver, Felicity and Diggle are the beating heart of Arrow for a reason. The love we have for these characters is the reason we watch and “Underneath” returns Arrow to center. It focuses on the love stories that made us fall in love with the show. In particularly, it brings Oliver and Felicity’s individual arcs to fruition and FINALLY merges their roads into one again.

Trust. Honesty. Forgiveness. Compassion. Humility. These aren’t always popular concepts in our society, but they are the building blocks to any relationship. You lose one, the whole house can come down on you. Love feels like it has its own inertia, like it chooses you and not the other way around. And maybe that’s true. Maybe we can’t choose who we love.  However, we can choose how we love.

If you are either Team Felicity or Team Oliver in the break-up- Baby-Mama-drama then there’s probably things about “Underneath” you didn’t like. As for me, I believe there are things both Oliver and Felicity need to learn from the breakup and “Underneath” addresses those things. But more than anything, I am ready for Arrow to rebuild what they broke. I am ready for Arrow to fix it. Are you?

Buckle up. This is, by far, my longest review. We’re going all the way back to the pilot and discuss about five different episodes. This took me about 22 hours to write. No need to comment on how long it is. I am well are.

Let’s dig in…

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Off Colors (Steven Universe)

If Stuck Together is what started a character redemption for Lars, then this episode, along with the one after this one is what fully establishes Lars’ character development that we’ve been wanting to see for a long time and this episode is truly outstanding for both Lars and the introduction of new characters known as the “Off Colors”.

After escaping from Yellow Diamond’s attack, Steven and Lars try to find their way out of Homeworld and end up being spotted by an explosive robonoid.

The robonoid detects Steven’s gem, which causes it to attack and give chase, which makes Lars really afraid.

An arm from below tells them to hide under from the robonoid, being that they don’t have a choice and the stranger reveals to be a conjoined pair of Rutiles, played by Ashly Burch!

Steven and Lars find themselves in a large abandoned Kindergarten and meet other new gems, being Padparadscha, who is a Sapphire who makes late predictions, a Rhodonite being a fusion of a Ruby and Pearl and lastly, Fluorite that is a caterpillar-like fusion of six gems.

The gems refer to themselves as being outcasts or “off color” as the episode title implies and if they were found out, they could get shattered.

Just after, another group of robonoids follows the group in the kindergarten and Steven tells the gems to hide.

Steven reassures to Lars that it’s okay to be afraid and Lars ends up getting scanned by the robonoids, which causes him to be undetected, as he’s organic and not a gem.

Lars ends up protecting all of the gems and stabs a stick into a robonoid, which causes it to explode and throw him hard against a wall, twice!

Steven checks if Lars is okay, until to discover that Lars is actually dead!

The episode ends with Steven bursting into tears, which causes one tear to drop onto Lars’ cheek which starts to make his body glow pink and wakes up with a scar on his eye, not knowing what just happened.

As I’ve mentioned before, this episode and the one after really set a course for Lars getting some much needed character development!

Not only was Lars more aware that he was very afraid of the situations, but he found out that it’s okay to be afraid and ultimately sacrifices his life to save Steven and the Off Colors.

Not only was supposed death really shocking, but even though most of us knew that Lars wasn’t going to get killed off, was it still very gut-wrenching and emotional for both the audience and Steven.

I remember seeing somewhere that Zach Callison leaked a photo on Snapchat that a main character died and this is the episode where it happened, but only for a short period of time.

But what’s even more interesting is that Steven’s tears are able to resurrect life into a color scheme, similar to Lion!

This lets me believe that Lion is actually an Earth lion that Rose Quartz brought to life after it died, which even seemed to be foreshadowed in Buddy’s Book with Rose and her lions surrounding her.

But not only was Lars’ emotional death and redemption the highlight of the episode, the Off Colors group of gems are without a doubt, some of the best characters we’ve seen in the series, yet!

My absolute favourites of the bunch has got to be Padparadscha and a close second is Rutile, only because I love Ashly Burch’s voice and anything she’s in is a major plus, for me.

But the biggest reason why I love the Off Colors is that they show viewers and even kids, that it’s okay to have indifferent character traits, along with physical and mental disabilities and are portrayed as being really helpful and awesome characters!

I like how Padparadscha is still happy for who she is, even though she’s often delayed in what she predicts, which ultimately makes for some really adorable and humourous dialogue.

Rutile, is of course a representation of someone physically disabled, as she mentioned that another Rutile ran away in fear from her appearance.

Many people, including myself can relate to these characters, when being a bit delayed to actions or having a physical disability, so it’s great to see characters like Rutile and Padparadscha getting represented in kids’ shows.

I really like how Rhodonite is often very neurotic and frightened, as well as being a fusion of a Ruby and Pearl, which is something we haven’t seen in the show yet.

Fluorite is a really mysterious and calm Gem, which reminds me of an elderly grandmother like Grandmother Willow from Disney’s Pocahontas, especially with her voice and open mind!

Along with the next and final episode of the Steven Universe “Wanted” event, this episode really serves as a great episode for Lars and introduction to new characters, which makes this a literal “gem” of an episode, as the combination with Lamar Abrams and Jeff Liu ultimately make a great team of storyboarders, but really anything that Jeff Liu boards is always great!

I see some new characters and need to write an episode review on Steven Universe!



If you watched Samurai Jack as a kid or marathoned the old series before watching Season five You will see a TON OF FAMILIAR FACES This episode!! A brotha dropped a man tear at the nostalgia of this episode.


Life Begets Life: Arrow 5x23 Review (Lian Yu)

“Lian Yu” a summary:

I love the journey we take on stories.  I particularly love the journey we take with television. There’s really no medium like this. The experience is over in a couple hours with a movie.  We can control how quickly we read a book (even if we have to wait for additional sequels). But television? Television is a week to week story that spans years. Or at least it is if you watch live from start to finish. Television can be a long and arduous journey. Full of ups and downs. Great episodes and horribly bad ones.  We walk the road with the characters in real time. It’s a serious time investment and the hope is the story eventually connects. That the threads the writers weave come together in the end and we can see the full picture.  "Lian Yu" is one of those rare storytelling gifts that repays all the many years of patience.  

We started this journey with Oliver Queen five years ago. We have walked each step with him. We’ve rejoiced with Oliver in his moments of triumph. 

We’ve grieved with him. 

We threw things at him with every maddening step backward.

Step by step, we’ve watched Oliver come back to life. 

It hurt and he fought it for a long time, but slowly Oliver began to learn how to live again. Instead of shutting himself off, he chose to build a life filled with purpose





and love. 

He’s clawed his way out of the dark and into the light that was always there, deep inside.  

It was all leading somewhere. A destination, a choice, Oliver had to make. No matter how far Oliver has come there is always a piece of him that remains on the island… and on the boat.  Oliver had to return to Lian Yu, one last time, so he could finally let it go. So he could finally come home.

A hero’s story is fraught with triumph and tragedy. There is both in “Lian Yu.” The great tragedy is once Oliver decides who he is, and is ready for all that entails, he’s faced with an impossible choice and loses what he’s spent years building.

Or did he? Adrian Chase is the master chess player. He was always ten moves ahead, even in the final moments, but perhaps there was a move Chase couldn’t foresee. One Oliver set in motion years ago, in a moment where he clung to the light and held to Diggle and Felicity’s faith in him. A moment where Oliver kept a promise.

Let’s dig in…

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I didn't know if you knew but your kaltenecker comic was mentioned in the Voltron Season 6 Episodes 5 & 6 Review & Reaction with Kimberly Brooks, A.J. LoCascio, and Bex Taylor-Klaus!!

omg I heard! I’m not home today so I can’t watch it but that’s funny sdfjs

The Trial (Steven Universe)

The next episode of Steven Universe’s Wanted event is where things start to get really interesting in that there’s even more speculation of what happened to Pink Diamond and how Homeworld was involved in her death in “The Trial”.

While Steven waits for his punishment as Rose, a new character named “Zircon”, being his defense attorney comes in and tells him that he will have to be put on trial for shattering Pink Diamond.

Once the trial starts, we see a green Zircon prosecuting for Yellow and Blue Diamond, while she brings Lars as being evidence for humans on Earth.

We get to see Eyeball as a literal “eyewitness” and claims that Steven is both a war criminal and Rose Quartz, even though Steven admitted he tried to help her and had to throw her into space.

Steven starts to declare himself guilty, which Blue Diamond asks him how Rose shattered Pink Diamond, to which Steven doesn’t really exactly know and causes Blue to get really upset claiming that Rose used a sword.

During recess, the blue Zircon tells Steven that his inconsistencies aren’t the only thing in her record and there’s still some confusion.

The blue Zircon ends up using Blue Diamond’s palanquin as evidence and questions why did none of Pink’s gems see her coming.

She comes the conclusion that her killer was someone close to Pink and that they had authority to cover up the crime, even if it could’ve been one of the Diamonds themselves!

Yellow Diamond gets furious and poofs both Zircons, while Blue Diamond tells her to calm down.

Steven and Lars try to escape with Blue’s Palanquin, but end up crashing out of the building and plummet into the depths of Homeworld, while Yellow is on the lookout for them.

Not only do we get some new characters in this episode, but even some returning ones like the Diamonds, their Pearls and even Eyeball as a surprise witness!

It’s hard to pick an absolute favourite episode from this event, but this one is also fantastic with how intense and dramatic the trial is set up.

I guess you could say this is probably the best Ace Attorney 7 we’ll get, only starring Zircons as our attorney and prosecutor.

Eyeball’s return shocked me, as I wasn’t so sure if Navy brought her back or that she found her way back to Homeworld!

The animation and lighting of the episode was done really well, especially with the colours of Homeworld and the Diamonds.

Major props to Amy Sedaris for playing both Zircons and delivering some great dialogue such as resting her case about Rose and the defense thinking she’s too good for that claim.

I love her performance as Princess Carolyn in BoJack Horseman, so it was great to see her in Steven Universe, as well! I just hope we get to see the Zircons once again, despite being poofed.

The biggest thing that this episode gave was how we still don’t exactly know how Pink Diamond was shattered or even if she is dead at all.

Yellow Diamond does seem rather suspicious to know how it happened, so there’s still more to this story that we haven’t heard, which should be addressed in later episodes.

I do recall that Bismuth saying that Rose’s sword couldn’t shatter gems, so it was either done by something else or there was more to it than just a sword.

I really want to know how it happened, as the show is in Steven’s perspective, so we the audience doesn’t even know exactly how it happened!

The voices of Yellow and Blue Diamond did a great job of giving a serious vibe to the trial and you could just feel their conflict of what was happening.

I’m not sure if Yellow would be responsible for the shattering, as why would she be really upset during her singing “What’s the Use of Feeling Blue?” in That Will Be All or she could be faking it, perhaps? I’m not exactly sure.

The ending of the episode gives off a creepy feeling that we now see Steven and Lars wandering off to Homeworld while Yellow is on their trail.

Although this episode just raises more questions and theories on how Pink Diamond shattered, it was definitely a great and suspenseful one to set up what could ultimately lead to the greatest mystery of who actually caused her death!


Voltron Legendary Defender Season 5 Episodes 1 & 2 Review with Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery (via AfterBuzz TV Animation)



DAMN, DAMN DAYUUUUUUUUMMM!! Samurai Jack trying to his sword back and Ashi OH LORD We have A LOT TO discuss in today’s Episode 7 Season 5 Review!!


Crossing Lines: Arrow 5x19 Review (Dangerous Liaisons)

If 5x19 is indicative of the final four episodes of Season 5, then we are in for one hell of a ride. 

After setting Oliver and Felicity off into trajectories, Arrow returns to the center as Felicity’s relationship with Helix come to a head. Original Team Arrow is splintered as Felicity aligns herself against Oliver and Diggle. Smoak versus Arrow is more than just Felicity going head to head with those who know and love her best. It’s about diving into Felicity’s real motivations. Sure, we were told Felicity’s grief over Billy is pushing her over the edge 

(keep singing that tune Arrow), but we knew there was more. The truth is, Felicity’s motivations haven’t strayed too far from center after all.

Let’s dig in…

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Lars’ Head (Steven Universe)

We have now reached the final and latest episode of Steven Universe and the “Wanted” event and despite this episode still ended without a huge resolution and on another cliffhanger; this was a great episode that revealed the many possibilities that could happen in the rest of the season and possibly the show, in general! Let’s look right into “Lars’ Head”.

After Steven brought Lars back to life from the last episode, Lars isn’t so sure why he’s changed in hue and doesn’t know how to feel, despite being freaked out.

The Off Colors noticed that more robonoids are coming after them to which they block their entrance to keep them away.

Steven feels that they’ll still keep coming if he’s in Homeworld, so he tries to come up with a new hiding spot, even though if the Off Colors stay, they could still get caught.

Lars isn’t sure if he’s a zombie and Steven notices that his hair starts to glow, similar to Lion’s mane!

Steven has an idea to go inside Lars’ head, but isn’t so sure to do it again, calling back to The New Lars, but Lars, this time allows him to do so.

Steven enters inside Lars’ head and sees he’s inside Lion’s Dimension and finds another tree, next to where Rose’s belongings were and ends up back home on Earth! Steven is so happy to be home and starts to eat some food and packs some to give to Lars, even though he feels he should tell everyone else he’s safe.

Steven ultimately discovers that Lion had a similar fate to Lars’ being that he died and was resurrected by Rose.

When Steven comes back to Homeworld, he explains to Lars and everyone the complicated story of how Lion’s mane and dimension works.

Rhodonite asks about where the juice box came from and Steven tells them that even though the Diamonds attacked Earth, there are still Gems on Earth, as well as lots of food.

The Off Colors are convinced that they’d like to live on Earth, but the only problem is trying to get Lars back to Earth as well, which Steven tries to grab his arm into his head, which fails.

The Off Colors refuse to leave without Lars, but Lars tells Steven that he’s better off going back home, as he’s in a lot of danger in Homeworld and that he needs to keep the Off Colors safe.

Steven doesn’t want to leave him behind, but Lars tells him that staying is what he wants to make as redemption for all the times he was mean to him.

Steven gives one last hug to Lars and returns back home, with Greg, Connie and the Crystal Gems warping back with Pearl stressing out and only just noticing that Steven came back and the episode ends with everyone hugging him and relieved that he’s okay.

So this episode just gave us some reveals and some interesting directions the show will take after these events.

Not only does Steven have an easy way to get back to Homeworld from Lion, but Lars has to stay and protect the Off Colors, even if it means not going back home for a while!

I’d also like to note that this episode was the first time a new storyboarder came to board with Jeff Liu, being “Madeline Queripel” who was a long-time storyboard artist on Regular Show. I definitely felt her work on this episode felt very fitting and on-model to Steven Universe and I’m wondering if she will end up being Jeff’s partner or this was just a one-time gig that she got to do, as Colin Howard went back to character designing after Season 4.

The shots of inside Lion’s mane & Lars’ head was very beautiful.

Another big reveal is that Lion was originally an Earth lion that died and Rose Quartz must’ve helped revive him to become pink and make a dimension!

I’m hoping we get to learn even more about how Rose revived Lion or that Steven will get to find out more about him and his dimension, as there’s still a chest that needs to be opened.

So even though Steven is back home, I just wonder how he’ll tell Sadie what happened to Lars, as well as everyone else how they can bring him and the Off Colors back.

Just like the last episode, the Off Colors were all enjoyable, especially Padparadscha making more late predictions like “Steven’s back!” or “I predict Lars will change in hue. What a mystery!”

I really hope they find a way back to Earth with Steven, as these characters were so likable and I definitely want to see them interact with Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

A great attention to detail, as well as the character development I’ve mentioned about Lars is how Lars and Steven finally share a hug together, which Steven tried to do previously, but Lars rejected it. I can’t remember the episode name he did that, however.

Moments like this, really make the characters feel so wonderful.

And that was the final episode Steven Universe’ Wanted and even though this episode didn’t give proper closure, it still means we still have a lot to look forward to for the rest of Season 5 and a “possible” Season 6!

I can definitely say we’ve been off to a fantastic start of the season and we’ve just now ended off with a very heartfelt moment!

I just feel sad that we may be on hiatus once again, for a bit, but hopefully we get some more information soon.

At least I have the wonderful soundtrack to listen and look forward to, as I really hope we get to hear more songs in future episodes, which is what I’ve been missing since That Will Be All.

Until then, see you all for more Steven Universe soon and bingo bongo!


Voltron Season 6 Episodes 5 & 6 Review & Reaction with Josh Keaton and Bex Taylor-Klaus (via AfterBuzz TV Animation)


SAMURAI JACK Season 5 Episode 8 REVIEW

Okay I held my composure for a Good 3 minutes.. BUT GODDAMN THAT EP


Max Minghella Talks Playing the Only Good Man in Gilead on 'The Handmaid's Tale'
The actor opens up about the raw realism of Season 2, sex scenes, and shooting that "devastating" pool scene in Episode 12.

There are not many good men in Gilead. There aren’t even many men in Gilead about whom you might reasonably feel conflicted; the misgoynist dystopia at the heart of The Handmaid’s Tale is populated by sociopathic Commanders and power-crazed Guardians whose every worst impulse is fostered by the society in which they live. But Max Minghella’s Nick is the exception. Though seemingly a loyal employee to the Waterfords and an effective agent of Gilead, it becomes clear by the end of Season 1 that Nick’s stoical exterior belies a rebellious spirit, and that his love for June (Elisabeth Moss) is very, very real.

Season 2 has pushed Nick’s unflappability to its limits: following the news that June is pregnant with his child, he conspires to get her out of Gilead and comes painfully close to succeeding. His effort to undermine his monstrous boss, Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes), is thwarted by a bombing. Most unexpectedly of all, the regime “rewards” Nick for his service by giving him a 15-year-old bride, Eden (Sydney Sweeney), whose presence leaves him truly unsettled. And in this week’s episode, “Postpartum,” Nick’s stilted dynamic with Eden takes a tragic turn; having tried and failed to find any love in her marriage, Eden has fallen for another man, Isaac, and when her affair is discovered, she is executed. sat down with Minghella to discuss shooting June and Nick’s intense sex scenes, that devastating turn in Episode 12, and why Season 2 has felt so much darker to him than Season 1.

Harper’s BAZAAR: I’m still not really over Nick and Luke [O. T. Fagbenle] meeting for the first time in Episode 9. Was that scene as intense to shoot as it was to watch?

Max Minghella: There was definitely a lot of anticipation about that scene on the creative side, and Lizzie [Moss] herself was really involved in how it played out. For me, it was so much fun to finally work with O. T.! This is a funny show, because we all get along so well but most of us haven’t spent much time together. We all work in these little segregated groups, and I work almost exclusively with Lizzie [Moss] and occasionally with Yvonne [Strahovski] and Joe [Fiennes]. What was thrilling about the Canada episode was finally getting to engage with these other parts of the world. O. T. and I are very different people, which is smart casting because Nick and Luke are also wildly different. It’s a smart dichotomy with these two men, which I think reflects two sides of June.

HB: So Elisabeth Moss was involved with developing that scene?

MM: Yeah, she’s very involved in everything. People obviously know that she stars in the show, but I don’t think people realize how much she really produces the show. It’s far from a vanity credit, she really is our day-to-day producer, and is very, very much involved in the scripts and the edits. But she cared in particular about that scene, and I think as a fan of the show herself she wanted to make sure it really played out right.

HB: I was very suspicious of Nick throughout Season 1, and even now it’s sometimes unclear how involved he is with the resistance versus Gilead. What is his deal?

MM: What I love about playing Nick is that he’s someone who is always lying, to a degree. But I’m very defensive of him because I play him, so I’ve never had those suspicions about his moral compass. I love that he is a very romantic character—I’m a very romantic person in real life, so that’s something I like tapping into and channeling. In this show, which is so often bleak and difficult, Nick’s a part of the narrative that is hopefully cathartic. When I go to set in the morning to shoot a scene with Lizzie, I always feel like it’s nice to be bringing something slightly less intense for a few hours, slightly less dark.

HB: Speaking of cathartic, June and Nick’s sex scene at the Boston Globe offices was so striking and passionate, and to me took their relationship to a different level of intimacy. How do you approach working on a scene like that?

MM: Our director on that episode, Mike Barker, is an amazing character and super charismatic, and he’s also a master of sex! He’s famous for doing sex scenes, not just on our show but on many others. He’s so good at it because he doesn’t beat around the bush—no pun intended—and he’s very straightforward, almost comically so. Nothing about it feels precious, but he’s also not a lascivious person at all, and he’s always incredibly focused on storytelling and character. He’s always the first person to try and cut a sex scene, and he has cut many of them before. He really only wants them to be there if they serve the story in some valuable way, and do something that can’t be achieved in any other way. And with that scene, the fact that Lizzie and I had already had a whole season together made it easy to be very straightforward. The scenes are not uncomfortable to shootat all, and I’ve done sex scenes in other things where that’s not the case.

HB: The dynamic between Nick and Eden throughout the season has been deeply awkward, and he seems to really struggle to be kind to her, when it comes so naturally to him in other situations. Why do you think that is?

MM: I think Nick’s a person who’s pretty good at clearing hurdles and dealing with obstacles, and navigating tricky situations. And I think Eden is the first time that he has not known how to navigate something. I think he’s almost dumbfounded by it, and doesn’t anticipate it, and so when it happens he’s on the back foot and he’s trying to catch up, and that’s very foreign to him. He’s just out of his depth. So it was fun for me playing this person who’s generally so proficient, as somebody who’s suddenly kind of helpless and almost petulant in this situation he can’t control.

HB: And Eden’s storyline culminates in this incredibly tragic ending, where her affair with Isaac is discovered and she’s executed for refusing to repent.

MM: Yeah, and there’s something really devastating for Nick about his inability to persuade Eden to just play the game and get out of there alive. Her piousness makes it impossible. I remember [her drowning] being a horrible scene to shoot. It’s rare that the darkness of the show envelops the set—it’s normally quite a playful set, even when we’re shooting dark shit—but that drowning scene was really devastating for all of us. There weren’t many fake tears. And the challenge with playing Nick, because he gives very little away, is always figuring out how to play someone who’s repressing emotion, without repressing his emotions from the audience.

HB: When June tries to reach out to Nick after what happens, he rebuffs her. Should we be worried about their relationship, now that they both have this guilt over what happened to Eden?

MM: I think that there’s always gonna be very complicated moments between these people, and there have been throughout Season 2. There was definitely a time when I think Offred was fed up with Nick, and in these moments of tragedy, sometimes we need privacy. I think it’s no more complicated than that, and I don’t think this is a giant hurdle in their relationship, I think it’s just a hiccup.

HB: Nick’s loyalty to the Waterfords seemed unshakable last season, but in Season 2 it’s clear he has real disdain at least for Fred. How far does his loyalty go?

MM: I think it’s really tricky with those guys. I’ve always likened it in my head to family, like, even if your relative is a serial killer, they’re still your relative. I think the fact that Nick and the Waterfords have lived together for so long, and he specifically has been treated very well by them, makes it complicated, especially with Serena. Yvonne and I talk all the time about how we can insinuate a compassion between us, and a sort of gentleness, even though I obviously deep down believe that they’re horrible people. There’s a trust between Nick and Serena, and I think he’s sympathetic to her to a degree.

In general, Season 2 has been a lot more emotional for me as a viewer, and I think it’s because when we made the first season, we were just anticipating this administration. The election happened midway through shooting, and the show aired so early on in the presidency that Season 1 still played for me as a kind of hypothetical doomsday scenario. Whereas Season 2 for me plays as a reflection of an actual situation. I mean, everything with Alexis [Bledel]’s character in Episode 2—I sobbed, watching that, and found it deeply painful in the same way I found that scene with June and Hannah to be painful. It just takes on a whole new resonance when you know that this is real, as opposed to potentially real.


Voltron Season 6 Episodes 5 & 6 Review & Reaction with Kimberly Brooks, A.J. LoCascio, and Bex Taylor-Klaus (via AfterBuzz TV Animation)

Thoughts on Girls S5 E6 from someone who had given up on this show:

While i enjoyed the first few seasons of Girls i had completely lost interest by the fourth season (Hannah in Iowa is so boring). I found it increasingly predictable, boring, self serving and just plain annoying. And really now that Adam Driver is in Star Wars is there really any reason to watch this show. But a friend said she had watched the most recent episode of Girls and that it was amazing; and i just so happened to be bored enough today to catch up on the episodes i had missed (they mostly sucked by the way so don’t bother if you haven’t seen them) and eventually got to Season 5 Episode 6 ‘The Panic in Central Park’ (which is actually an amazing episode). I wont go over the plot of the episode (cause google exists) but the episode revolves around Marnie (the second most annoying character) and Charlie (holy crap charlie’s back and has a beard… and a drug habit) and it feels like a completely different show. The show looks visually different and feels decidedly more surreal and fantastical then other episodes it still has the gross aspects that Girls always does (i.e: wearing sneakers with a ball gown, walking bare feet in Brooklyn, a mugging, and a communal bathroom). While i usually hate when ensemble shows do capsule episodes but this is the best thing Girls has done for a while. Its romantic yet dark (kissing charlies forehead then finding a needle in his jeans), its self contained yet movies the storyline forward (Marnie dumps Desi at the end… finally) and its dramatic yet funny (Desi telling marnie she is probably gonna get murdered is just lol). While i doubt that the rest of the season will be anywhere near as good as this episode i would recommend watching it then quickly get back to watching better shows. 

The Moral High Ground: Arrow 5x12 Review (Bratva)

RUSSIA!!!! Just so we’re clear, whenever I write this I’m singing it in my very best  Tevye “TRADITION!” voice. If you don’t understand that reference go rent Fiddler on the Roof right now.

The return to Russia means a refocus on Original Team Arrow. The first trip to Russia, in 2x06, was really the solidification of Original Team Arrow, so it was vitally important that Arrow not miss the opportunity to revisit the bonds the show is built on. They didn’t miss the opportunity. In fact, they delivered a fantastic  episode with “Bratva” that examines the dynamics of Original Team Arrow.

And yes… there will be a snark filled gif response to that final scene. 

Patience my loves. Let’s dig in…

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One of those shows that sounded like a bad idea until the execution proved it to be great, “Bates Motel” ended on its own terms, got freaking Rihanna to play Marion Crane (a massive coup for the show, given the importance of the character and the fact that it was freaking Rihanna), and delivered a solid finale. It’s hard to say goodbye to great TV, but “Bates Motel” went gracefully into that good night. (x)


Voltron Legendary Defender Season 5 Episodes 5 & 6 Review & Reaction with Josh Keaton and Kimberly Brooks (via AfterBuzz TV Animation)