season 2 finale

Based off this that I posted last night regarding the svtfoe season 2 finale, It got some notes so I thought I’d actually play it 

“I thought earth was a pretty great place, I fell in love and now I have to leave its face. But now I’ll never again see his smile I wish I could’ve stayed a little while… I met people who I thought I’d never meet and all because I fell and landed at his feet. Maybe it’s all something I made up in my mind, so now it’s time I finally leave this place behind”


Shadowhunters | Summer Finale Promo: “Beside Still Water” | Freeform

Osomatsu-san S2 Finale Commercials

Hi Bard-sama! I saw you reblogged the newest commercials for the finale and I took my hand at (poorly and possibly not accurately) translating them! Please forgive my mistakes!

❤️: This is Osomatsu! Wow… We’re doing this, huh? But it’s already the end! I don’t know what will happen for the last time… The anime Osomatsu-san finale! What will happen?! I don’t know!

💙: This is Karamatsu. Finally, the time for our final story to change has come. Heh, I’ve decided to be cool for it… I want to say something, but I heard that he won’t go over it this time. The anime Osomatsu-san finale. Goodbye.

💚: This is Choromatsu. The day’s arrived at last… I know that. It’s rather lonely. The anime Osomatsu-san finale. We… Can get through this.

💜: It’s Ichimatsu. We’re almost finished. Well, we’re all fine for today. It’ll be fine anyways. I don’t really care anymore. The anime Osomatsu-san finale… It is.

💛: It is Jyushimatsu! There’s alot of fun things this season, right?! Ahaha! The anime Osomatsu-san finale! Is there something in the finale? Thank You Goodbye Homerun!

💖: This is Todomatsu! Wait! What’s the finale? You don’t have to end it yet! Keep it going! Stop it! The anime Osomatsu-san finale-! I’m not stopping yet, you idiot! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Thank you dear for your rough translations. At least we have a semblance of what they’re saying.