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the only reason I want the bellarke kiss to be in season 4 is because I'm afraid that if they wait until season 5 the spark between them will be lost. I know I'm silly to think that bc the spark could never be lost bc of their amazing but chemistry, but I read someone say "how will they be able to grow closer if not romantically" and I agree, even if it means waiting until the s4 finale. the only way I could see it happening in s5 is bc the apocalypse will force them to push aside their feelings

Yeah, I get what you’re saying but ultimately, I’m torn on whether or not I want a bellarke romance in season four.  I think it really depends on how much time season four ends up covering, because if the last few episodes of season four are ~6 months after the events of 3x16 I could definitely be on board with  a bellarke kiss/romance.  (I know they said no time jump to season four, but that’s about the time between 3x16 and 4x01.  There’s no reason they *have* to stick to barely covering a month in time while the season progresses.)  But if the last episodes of season four are less than three months removed from 3x16, it’s just too damn soon for me (with one exception, which I will get to in a moment).

If I’m remembering my timelines correctly, roughly six months have passed since the dropship came down.  That means that in under six months Clarke has fallen in love twice and had both of her lovers die in her arms under circumstances that would make Clarke feel responsible for their deaths.  (Note: I’m not saying she is responsible for their deaths.  Just that she probably feels responsible, since Finn claimed he committed his massacre to save her and L.exa died because Titus was trying to kill Clarke.  One of Clarke’s primary character traits is taking responsibility for things that were ultimately out of her control and feeling guilty for things she didn’t do.)  I’ve gotten a weirdly large amount of pushback for saying that Clarke likely sees people falling in love with her as a death sentence but I stand by that headcanon.  Clarke internalizes a lot of stuff and takes on burdens that aren’t necessarily her fault, and losing two loves in such violent ways at such a young age would warp just about anyone’s sense of self.

However, losing Finn and L.exa has not stopped Clarke from loving people entirely, as Demons and Perverse Instantiation Part I demonstrated.  Clarke loves her friends fiercely and losing L.exa did not change that, but there is, in my opinion, a difference between being able to say “I love these people enough to die for them” and being able to say “I will let myself fall in love with this person, even though that means I risk losing them.”  I’m fine with Clarke spending the majority of– or even all of– season four healing so she can move back to an emotional place where she’s willing to fall in love again.  I also think this would be a nice parallel to L.exa’s story, where the loss of Costia convinced her that love is weakness.  Clarke never fully bought into that motto but she does have a tendency to compartmentalize and shut down emotions that she finds inconvenient in the moment.  Her love story with L.exa was as much about L.exa learning to love again as it was about Clarke learning to make peace with who she has become, but I think L.exa’s death will rattle her a bit and it will take some time before she’s back in a place where she can not only love someone else but let them love her.

As for bellarke not being able to grow closer unless it’s romantically, I don’t know if I fully agree with that because I think that they still have a lot of repairing to do with their friendship.  Clarke leaving in 2x16 was the right choice for her, but sometimes you can do what is right for yourself and it will still hurt someone you care about.  It’s awful and unfair, but that’s life.  That was the tragedy of her leaving at the end of season two because it was an impossible choice– she could stay for her friends (particularly Bellamy, who was bearing a burden just as great as hers) and risk losing herself, or she could leave to try and heal and risk hurting Bellamy.  Neither choice would be free of pain for one of them, and while Clarke was 100% right to choose herself, Bellamy’s anger with her was also valid.

When Clarke returned in 3x05, Bellamy’s anger with her broke something between them and I’m not sure that fissure is fully healed.  In Nevermore they literally decide “the lifeboat is leaky but right now the ship is going down, so everybody into the lifeboat and we’ll patch that crack once we’re safe.”  They’re very hesitant and unsure around each other throughout that episode, carefully testing to see how far down the crack between them goes.  In Demons Clarke honestly expects that Bellamy would let her die for them, and when he refuses she’s kind of surprised.  To me, that indicates that in 3x12 Clarke thinks Bellamy doesn’t care about her nearly as much as he once did.  I think Bellamy’s refusal to take over her mission– knowing full well just how important to Clarke that mission is– because it would mean sacrificing her was one of her first concrete moments of “oh, this is fixable” for Clarke.  They were moving in that direction by the end of Nevermore but they didn’t really have time to sit down and hash things out.

The Beach Hug of 3x13 was definitely the moment that set them back on the path towards being who they were in season one and season two, but I don’t think they’re fully there yet.  Think about how panicked Bellamy was when Clarke announced she was going to be Roan’s bait: Bellamy instantly doubted his connection to Clarke, and his panic was a sign that he was worried that he really didn’t know her.  Part of the break between them was over Clarke deciding to trust L.exa again despite– from Bellamy’s point of view– having no reason to believe her word.  So when Clarke agrees with Roan, whom Bellamy sees as “the guy that kidnapped Clarke” he has a moment of panic. Is this L.exa all over again?  Why is she willing to trust this man with her life when I’ve seen no proof that he would keep her safe?”  

But then Clarke reaffirms what happened in 3x13, reminding Bellamy that she’s not trusting Roan, she’s trusting him.  Trust is the core of their relationship and it was a lack of trust that tore them apart in 3A.  That’s also why Bellamy’s unflinching belief in Clarke’s decision to take the chip in 3x16 was so important– he didn’t have the facts, just like he didn’t have the facts in 3x03, but he trusts her decision this time.  Bellamy has no idea what will happen to her, or if this will kill her, but he trusts her judgment.  

That’s huge, but I personally feel that they still have a little way to go.  If 4x01 picks up the second 3x16 ended, Bellamy and Clarke have only been back on solid ground for, I dunno, less than a week?  Not very long, in any case, and guys,  3x05 was bad for them.  Not irredeemably bad, but bad. They have both now shown each other that their trust is unwavering, but I think they will need a little more time to feel completely secure that the other person trusts them.  Bellamy’s fear in 3x15 isn’t that he doesn’t trust Clarke, it’s that she doesn’t trust him.  And Clarke needed Bellamy by her side when she went into the CoL not because she didn’t trust him, but because she needed a reminder that he believed in her.

So what I want out of season four is for Bellamy and Clarke to show that they are still repairing their friendship.  I want them to spend weeks on the same team, no distrust between them.  I want them to fight for the same things and disagree over plans but come to a mutual solution.  I want, to borrow a line from The Hunger Games, to see them growing back together.  I want them to remind each other of how good they are together, and I think that would be, for me, a very emotionally satisfying character arc.  Both Eliza and Bob have spoken very highly of the bond between Bellamy and Clarke, and watching that bond solidify and strengthen over the course of a season would be great to watch.

And as for romance: I could maybe see a kiss, or an admission of love from one or both of them, by the end of season four, but only under duress.  JRoth did say that Bellamy might not feel he deserves a spot on the Ark 2.0, and I could see him telling Clarke he loves her as a goodbye, or Clarke kissing him to try and convince him to stay with her.  Bellamy expresses his emotions through words while Clarke expresses hers through physical affection so that’s how I see that going, but only under very extreme circumstances.  (Or if the season somehow manages to cover more than three weeks, I could see it happening more gradually.  But my money is on 2ish months max in terms of timeline, and that’s just too soon after L.exa for me for anything that’s not triggered by a  life-or-death situation.)

In the end, I have no idea how all of this will play out, and I totally get how you feel here.  That’s legit, and while I sort of disagree, I also understand your reasoning.  But no matter what happens, they’ll be together again and I think that will be some compelling storytelling.

also i planned an entire fic (the idea’s been in my mind for ages now but i had no idea what to do with it) while i was away and now i just need to find the Motivation to write it

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What if the mid-season finale ends paralleling the pilot and Alison really dies and when they leave her funeral Rollins shows up out of nowhere and they freak out because they think he's the killer but then he takes off the mask and it's Wilden (the real Wilden), and he's like "Remember when I told you I'd find out everything that happened that summer? Well, I did. I'm back bitches, and I know everything." Then he just leaves them all dumbfounded.

Are you Marlene King? Be honest.


‘Bones’ Star Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz Reflect On Meeting for the First Time

BONES, the long-running FOX procedural, will be coming to an end with Season 12, which is currently shooting. CineMovie caught up with the romantic leads of BONES, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego where they reminisce on their first meeting during the casting of BONES. Deschanel also revealed she will be directing the premiere episode of Season 12, and Boreanaz plans on following her every direction.  

Google Play just uploaded a new entry for “season 5″ of Steven Universe (their seasons are meaningless and the entry is empty aside from a preview video) but that means i’m gonna have to buy yet aNOTHER season pass, gr8

Season 4 head cannons/game changer
  • So I have no clue what's going to happen at the end of season 3. I surprisingly haven't seen many spoilers from the finale lol. However, I have seen some very vague spoilers and from what I gathered, I definitely could be wrong, they are not going with the game changer.
  • Now I already wrote a post saying I personally think it would be cool if they did the game changer and the show actually didn't end. Because let's be honest, we all know the game changer could be the end of the show. BUT if it got renewed I think it would be interesting. But yes everything would change.
  • So I have so many head cannons on if the game changer happened
  • -time skip (but only like a year because I wouldn't want them to go through more than that) I imagine the "game changer" would come to an end by the time the kids are ready to go to their junior year of high school preferably the summer before
  • -Maya and Zay get SUPER CLOSE. Can't y'all just see it?! I have so many head cannons for them alone, that's for another post
  • - Of course Maya and Riley are still the bestest best friends in the land! FaceTime, snapchat, text, call you cant keep them apart lol. When things first go back to normal there is a little awkwardness because that's normal but overall they are SOLID 🔥👌🏾
  • -rucas tries, they really do, but obviously that doesn't work out lol. I ship rucas I really do, but only for Riley's first BF. I think with this game changer, their relationship wouldn't last. Shit from the spoilers from the finale it doesn't even look like Riley and Lucas are going to try 😂 at least in my head cannon they would try and really like each other but just can't make it work. When the game changer ends they realize they still have low key feelings for each other and that insues a LITTLE drama but quickly they realize they are both different and it is never the way that it was and that's the end of that but they are still great friends.
  • -Joshaya kind of falls apart. Well not really falls apart per se. They said someday so... But I think with the game changer realistically, Maya wouldn't see Josh. So they don't really fall apart as much as, no new developments with them, actually, Josh gets a new girlfriend or something and Maya starts dating other guys. Basically they don't really see each other for the duration of the game changer. They probably won't see each other again until Maya is like 16-17 (and I've made my feelings for joshaya very clear before. I have head cannons galore for them lol that's another post for another day)
  • -Riley has changed, grown up. Now Riley is always going to be Riley. She is always going to be positive, look at the best in things and have a certain innocence to her but after the game changer she is different. Not lost different, but more grown up. She is for the better. Listens to some cool music that she learned about and wants to share, her clothes 😍 imagine it now. She has met new people, done new things, some things that may/will be surprising to her friends. Everyone is impressed and almost in awe at the new Riley. Again she hasn't changed drastically, she is definitely still Riley but she is more grown up. Everyone is here for it.
  • - Farkle and Smackle have broken up by this point too. They are still friends but it fell apart somewhere lol. Now here's where things get dicey lol I ship Riarkle I mean who doesn't but I want riarkle done the right way, I saw someone describe it as a slow burn. IF riarkle did happen I would want it to be when they were older, possibly junior/senior year. Farkle is now one of the low key hot popular guys, he has options and recently has been turning up 👀 (not in a true fuck boy way because Farkle is too good for that. He was just one of those glo ups that people started to notice, which happens a lot in high school) but lol head cannon riarkle happens in a very casual way Riely and Farkle hanging out, doing homework, laughing, play arguing (maybe Riley teased him about his latest "girlfriend"), and somewhere between laughing and playful jabs, kisses happen Lol I want riarkle to be THE friendship to relationship on this damn show lol I want laughter, friendship, the MOTHER FUCKING BURN. Honestly to me i would rather no riarkle than Riley still low key liking Lucas riarkle that's why I'm happy af Riley and Lucas are together right now. GO RUCAS! 😄
  • -although Maya and Riley stayed as close as could be there were things both did that they didn't tell the other about. Post game changer, things are admitted, great friendship moments, more growth, more Maya and Riley balance.
  • -Topanga was LIVING for the game changer but glad things are back to normal, her wardrobe is BOMB
  • -Auggie and Ava. Oh lord! when your a kid it's harder to get through something like this. Post game changer Ava gives Auggie the cold shoulder feeling betrayed and she made new friends. Poor baby Auggie honestly had the hardest time with the game changer and post game changer. Auggie and Ava, like Cory and Topanga go through some "lost years" (BMW reference) but FTW IF NO OTHER couple on this damn show is endgame Auggie and Ava are. At the end of everything Auggie and Ava will grow up and get married. And I think THAT is going to be a damn story.
  • -Cory just goes with the flow completely in love with his wife and kids, tries to give lessons when he can. Learned A LOT from the game changer very happy for the experience. Post game changer makes corny jokes about his experience and uses accents 😉
  • -I have nothing specific on Lucas or Smackle. And Zay, I would need a whole other post to do head cannons on him 😍

Joe Macmillan..

Cameron’s actions at the end of Season 2 destroyed everything in Joe’s life, shaking him to the core. But after arming himself with software code stolen from Gordon, Joe now finds himself perched atop a new anti-virus empire in San Francisco. As he dons the role of elusive technological guru, Joe launches an ad campaign asking his users the question: Are You Safe?  Joe has never been more successful, but he’s also never been more isolated and alone – the spark within him has gone dim. He adopts a young protégé, an ambitious coder from Mutiny named Ryan Ray. By working with Ryan, Joe reawakens, walking blindfolded towards the future in search of the idea that will finally allow him to become the visionary he’s always desired to be.

Lee Pace..

An accomplished and versatile performer, Lee Pace has established himself as a powerful leading man, consistently delivering compelling performances on film, television and stage.

Since shooting Season 2 of Halt and Catch Fire, Pace has completed starring roles in three upcoming films: the sci-fi thriller, Revolt, opposite Bérénice Marlohe; the Blumhouse supernatural drama, The Keeping Hours, directed by Karen Moncrieff; and Focus Features’ The Book of Henry with Naomi Watts and Jacob Tremblay, directed by Colin Trevorrow.

Pace previously starred in the box office blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy as the intergalactic villain Ronan the Accuser, and in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy as the Elf King Thranduil.

On the small screen, Pace is most notable for his starring role in Bryan Fuller’s award-winning and critically-acclaimed series Pushing Daisies, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe® and Emmy® in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor. The dramedy television series aired on ABC for two seasons earning a dedicated and cult following fan base.

Pace’s breakout role in the Sundance hit Soldier’s Girl earned him a Gotham Award, as well as his first nomination for a Golden Globe® and an Independent Spirit Award.  The Peabody Award-winning film followed the true story of a transgendered woman dating a U.S. soldier.

His other film credits include Doug McGrath’s Truman Capote memoir/biography Infamous opposite Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock and Daniel Craig; Robert De Niro’s CIA drama The Good Shepherd opposite Matt Damon; visionary director Tarsem Singh’s The Fall, which premiered at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival; Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day opposite Amy Adams and Frances McDormand; the Tom Ford directorial debut A Single Man opposite Colin Firth and Julianne Moore; Max Winkler’s Ceremony opposite Uma Thurman; Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln; and the nomadic vampire Garrett in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

For all his roles on screen, Pace maintains a connection to theatre.  He starred in the limited run of the Off-Broadway production Small Tragedy, which garnered him an Outstanding Actor Lucille Lortel Award nomination, as well as in the two-character play Guardians for which he was also nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award.  Pace returned to the stage in the Tony® -nominated Broadway revival production of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart.

Born in Oklahoma, Pace began his acting career at the Alley Theatre in Houston before training at the Juilliard School.  As a member of Group 30 in Juilliard’s Drama Division, Pace starred in multiple school productions of Romeo & Juliet, Richard III and Julius Caesar.

At the end of season 3, Agents of Shield wrote a storyline where we were supposed to draw parallels between what Hive did to Daisy and Kilgrave and Jessica Jones.  I’m sorry but that is such nonsense it isn’t even funny.

What Lorelai did to Ward in season one is a better example of that but the three stooges would have us believe that Ward deserved to be raped because he was ‘evil’. 



I hope we’ll get more ship moments this season because it’s really lacking in those so far.


I didn’t start watching this story for the plot. I watched this for ships that had more going on for them than standing next to each other. And I stayed because I loved the boys’ dynamic. But this season so far it’s only the twins who’ve gotten ship moments and the Hakone brothers who got the most interaction. So for season this a big disappointment and that kind of hurts because I’ve been looking forward for season 2 since season 1 ended, and it’s just… really not what I expected or hoped for

The End of an Era

‘How does one find ones footing when the foundation one built for herself is weak?’

I’ve been sitting here for a while now typing and erasing thoughts of insecurity, and intrigue. I’ve been trying to find the exact words to say to everyone about how I feel about the news of Bea Smith and the future of Wentworth. And I don’t think I will ever be able to explain exactly how I feel. Yes, I could say a million adjectives, one million times like I’m sad, angry, frustrated, and insecure. But I’m not sure if any of those adjectives describe exactly how I feel. As a writer I am ashamed to admit I haven’t been in a place like this mentally since before my 20’s. I’ve trained myself to be able to take myself to that exact place in which I feel pain. And even though I know that 99.9% of my heart is in pieces right now, I feel as numb as ever before.

Until recently the seemingly dim light within myself had shut itself off completely. I will spare you guys the details of my daily struggles. I’m saying that to say, Wentworth handed me some brand new shiny batteries to put into myself. Wentworth handed me Bea Smith. I will forever be grateful for that. In a time where beyond the safety of my room’s four walls, people are dying, racial tension is high, and where some people think it’s justifiable to put someone to death for loving someone of the same sex, I thank God for moments like this. When God gives me truth in an unfamiliar way. When God takes a fictional character and places her in front of me and says ‘see yourself’. And even though, I have never been a 38 year old white woman, and never will be, her features resembled mine. Her scars, her tears and her smile resembled mine.

I remember when I used to make fun of fandoms and hashtags. I remember when I used to laugh at people who got wrapped up into characters and their relationships. I remember when I didn’t understand why people cried over characters. Well I just lost my virginity and it feels better than I ever thought it would. Despite the current state of everything that gave me new life, I don’t regret any moment I spent conveniently forgetting homework to stare at Danielle Cormack in a cut off T. Or those late nights I spent watching interviews and Ballie videos over and over on YouTube. As delusional as I may seem to someone who has never had their cherry popped by a Tv show and/ Actor I’m ok with that naive judgment. Because I know that most of you reading this are feeling exactly what I am feeling right now.

I’ve never been much of an optimist but half of me believes one of the writers will have a change of heart and say ‘holy shit, we just made the worst decision, call Danielle’. As tore up inside that I am at this moment, I find comfort in the fact that Danielle was ok with leaving. In some weird way for me it’s like a parent or therapist saying ‘It’s ok to be ok or to not be ok, either way your feelings are your feelings’.

That’s it. This may seem like a premature ending. This may also feel like a bunch of rambling thoughts. This could even seem like I avoided the whole entire subject. Whether you believe one or all three, you are absolutely right.

And to Bea, a fictional character who made me feel love, not just for her but for myself,

“The tide is red, and today so are my tears.”

-Dime Damali

I wonder how many broken morals and lies the show runners of steven universe are there going to be by the end of season 3

We have

Love at first sight is totally a thing

Black and white morality

If you look mean you are.

Male looking characters are always the abusers

Good guys flaws are minor and not important.

Technology can help those with disabilities match able bodies oh wait nevermind you’re never be as good.

Co dependants is only bad if it looks negative if it looks cute it’s fine.

If you did something wrong to the main character ever you’re forever damned.


Rose flaws are just minor she’s still perfect and good and noble

Homeworld is evil and wrong at everything and the only way to be good is to be a crystal gem.

Fusion between two cute looking characters is good, fusion is an ugly/mean character is always bad.

:3. Add some

Can we stop with the Lapis & Jasper abuser/abused discourse? Like this is a definite abusive relationship, and before this episode we’ve only gotten Lapis’ point of view on the relationship, so obviously Jasper looks bad. But tonight, we learned that BOTH parties were at fault, as well as abused.

When they first formed Malachite at the end of season 1, Lapis gave her consent to fuse, and then turned around and took Jasper prisoner. (Personally, part of me thinks that’s sort-of-but-not-really-justified revenge, assuming, from given facts, Lapis was probably already emotionally abused or at least very very frightened and intimidated by Jasper.) Additionally, Lapis admitted that she purposefully help Jasper in the fusion, underwater, to keep her prisoner (again with the revenge thing) and that Lapis LIKED doing that. She liked having that control over Jasper, even though it was a horrible thing to do and probably made Jasper feel like crap.

Jasper, on the other hand, kind of sort of (from what I can see) manipulated Lapis into giving her consent to fuse in the first place. Think about it; she kept Lapis prisoner on that ship, maybe even threatened her, as Lapis told Steven that when they got to Homeworld they would “figure out what to do with us.” And that maybe if they cooperated “it wouldn’t be so bad.” And Jasper has been extremely violent towards the Gems & Steven, figures whom Lapis has begun to trust (even though it was sort of Jasper’s job and she was taught to hate them). And, she sort of insults Lapis and makes her feel like crap by telling her that she’s the only one who can “handle” Lapis’ powers. As if they were something that needed to be subdued.

So stop fighting pls. ^.^

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Problem Child - Check Please! - nurseydex (sort of), foster kid!dex + adopted!nursey, where dex is a little self conscious of when he and his sister were adopted, and angst ensues

We’ll Find Him - Shadowhunters - platonic clalec, a fix it fic for the end of season one focusing on how alec and clary bond over trying to find jace after the events of the season finale and a little of what happens after they find him

Strays - Star Wars: the Force Awakens - stormpilot, I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GOING TO FINISH THIS I PROMISE I WILL VERY SOON, found family fic with finn and poe accidentally adopting a small squad of kid stormtroopers and realizing feelings along the way (I’m super proud of this fic cause its 25k long and its at over 15k hits and over 1k kudos and its by far my most popular, plus, I really, really love the characters I was able to create for this)

You’re Safe With Me. - Teen Wolf - scerek arranged marriage au, alive!hale pack and lots and lots of angst with a side of scott’s dad being a total douche baguette cause i love causing myself pain (but that last bit doesn’t come in till the second chapter) (also super proud of this one, cause its a rarepair, but its one of my most popular fics?? and I just really liked writing it, I’m a slut for arranged marriage aus cause ANGST)

Poetry - Check Please! - nurseydex, nursey writes a lot of poetry about dex, ransom and holster find his journal, that’s the fic (I highkey really love writing check please fics cause I get to write about dumb college athletes and it just reminds me of my older brothers so much and they’re off doing their own thing now and I miss them a lot, and this makes me think of them and the dumb shit they do and that just makes me really happy)

  • Me around the end of Season 2:People who ship Lapis and Jasper are gross because saying they have a "relationship" glorifies how shitty Jasper treated Lapis. It was abusive, destructive, and not okay.
  • After Alone at Sea:People who ship Lapis and Jasper are gross because saying they have a "relationship" glorifies how shitty Lapis treated Jasper. It was abusive, destructive, and not okay.