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‘Mexicali’ Taco Salad

(Chose your own proportions)

  • Lean meat: ground turkey, or shaved/sliced chicken
  • Mixed greens
  • Corn
  • Sun dried tomatoes
  • Black beans
  • Shredded purple cabbage
  • Avocado, optional

Taco seasoning: chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, crushed red pepper flakes, salt + pepper

    Dress you salad with: salsa, sour cream or greek yogurt, or cilantro lime dressing

    Seven items S’era would have in her bag / pockets:

    ◆ Linkpearls – S’era typically keeps two at all times.  One for Maelstrom business, and another that’s specifically to talk to Marie and Cinsah.

    ◆ Fogweed and rolling paper – Smoking is S’era’s newest bad habit.  She usually does it when she needs to think.

    ◆ Galago mint – Her old bad habit is using mint to relax.  She’ll either eat a leaf or crush one and enjoy the smell.

    ◆ Potions and bandages – Just in case.

    ◆ Small tin of seasonings – Usually keeps salt, spices, and honey to use when cooking something she’s caught.

    ◆ Snacks – Dried orange slices or meat jerky.  Also treats for Kid and River.

    ◆ Gil – Enough to get a drink or some information.

    Not in her pockets but still always on her:  S’era is always wearing a simple gold ring from her mother and a silver and red jasper earring made by Marie.

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    Isaiah Mustafa on Celebs React


    For every single gift daddy, splenda or free vacay I’ve gone on (I’ve been on 3 this yr and was suppose to have one this weekend 😧😟🙁) this is the trap I use.

    1) I casually throw out lingerie shopping for myself out there which of course will entice them. Note: I initially didn’t ask him for anything, just stated it would inevitably happen.

    2) He bites…he wants to see. That’s when I ask if he’s buying it. Usually its a “yes” to which I’ll flirt back. In the rare occasion that it’s a “no”, I let him no that he shouldn’t even ask to see me in anything sexy if he’s not willing to buy me something sexy to wear. This usually turns a “no” into a “yes”.

    3) I include him in the shopping. I send him photos of things I’m thinking about buying. If he starts to fantasize, I’ll slightly indulge him like “oh yea, I DO think my butt will look great in that…”

    4) I up sale him. For example “oh yea, I DO think my butt will look great in that… Can’t you imagine me in lingerie and pearls/at dinner in nude heels and a form fitting dress with my lingerie peeking from underneath/ red lipstick and chanel?”

    I’m creating an image for him that he thinks is based for his pleasure but already I’ve gone from just lingerie to pearls, dinner, shopping for shoes and dresses, makeup and perfume. And he doesn’t feel forced because he’s trying to bring to life the image I created for him.

    Another trick could be to double up. Once you agree on a set or whatever tell him that you want to pick out another as a complete surprise for him and that he can’t see it until you wear it. Now you have two sets! (Assuming you have his card or he paypal you the money).

    It starts small then you just add on a bit more every time. It helps if he believes You’re already accustomed to this treatment. If he thinks every man does this for you and that if he doesn’t do it, another will, And that he won’t get your time of day without it then he’ll more than likely get on board if he truly wants your attention. Btw of all the men I’ve used this on…. young vanillas are the easiest. Truly. Honestly.

    anonymous asked:

    Do you have any tips for using seasonings when cooking? Or tips to help cook in general for some one new to it.

    College Cooking 101


    Here is a list of materials that I believe are absolutely necessary to creating a quality product. Feel free to substitute anything based on your own personal preferences.

    Cooking supplies:

    • Non-stick frying pan (cast iron pans are much more difficult to clean)
    • Pot (I would recommend a small pot that you can use to cook for just yourself, and a larger pot for cooking portions or for company)
    • Lid for said pot
    • Rubber spatula (much better than wooden spoons)
    • Tongs
    • Sheet tray
    • Strainer
    • Scissors (kitchen scissors)
    • A cutting board (I recommend plastic because they’re easier to wash)
    • Cutting knife
    • Bread knife (both knives should be sharpened every six months at least, you can take them to your local kitchen supplies shop)


    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Dried chives (or real chives if you can swing them. Throw them in your ramen, your tuna salad, sprinkle them on top of pasta, etc)
    • Thyme (dried or fresh… dried is 3x as potent, use to season soups or pastas)
    • Rosemary (dried or fresh, use to season meats and starches)
    • Cumin (use this spice to rub meat)
    • Cinnamon
    • Sugar
    • Garlic powder or onion powder (used for meat rubs and seasoning soups or sauces)
    • Paprika (I would recommend avoiding smoked paprika, it’s got a super aggressive flavor… use this in small amounts sprinkled over things like you would the chives)

    Basic produce:

    • Parmesan cheese (for sprinkling over pastas, you can get it pre-grated)
    • Cheddar cheese (for making sandwiches and mac and cheese)
    • Tomatoes (whole, crushed, paste, whatever… just have some sort of tomato product in your pantry at all times)
    • Potatoes (you can’t buy them pre-cut because the oxidize and turn gray if not used immediately… you can still eat them, but they don’t look pretty)
    • Onions (you can get them pre-cut)
    • Garlic (use to make sauce or soup bases)
    • Romaine hearts (lettuce has a short shelf life, but romaine hearts literally last forever and are healthier than eating iceberg lettuce)
    • Protein of some sort (whatever you like- steak, chicken, tofu, etc)
    • Something salty (like pickles, black olives, anchovies, etc)
    • Your favorite veggies (I like carrots and squashes the best)
    • Pasta (whatever is cheapest or on sale at your store)
    • Bread (freeze half a loaf and leave the rest in your fridge)
    • Eggs (egg beaters or whole eggs, whatever you like)
    • Butter (or a butter substitute)
    • Oil (olive oil is the most expensive)
    • Chicken stock (or vegetable stock, in a carton or cubed)


    Basic (super duper duper basic) instructions on how to cook various items. I am not a trained professional- the information I’m providing is based off of personal experience only.


    • Cooking: Cook with oil. Outside of the steak should be grey. The inside should be light pink.
    • Seasoning: Create a simple spice blend and rub it all over the meat. Spice rubs always include salt and pepper, add whatever other spices you want.
    • Pair with: Starches or veggies.
    • Cooking: Cook with oil. Outside should be starting to crisp, inside should be white and dry.
    • Seasoning: Salt and pepper work best. You can also coat chicken in panko bread crumbs.
    • Pair with: Starches, veggies, fruits, or pasta.
    • Cooking: Cook with butter or oil. Outside should be starting to crisp. Inside should be the same color as the outside, and should feel very dry and hard.
    • Seasoning: Create a simple spice blend and rub it all over the meat. Spice rubs always include salt and pepper, add whatever other spices you want. Meat should be completely coated in the spice rub, or it won’t taste like anything but the oil.
    • Pair with: Starches, veggies, or fruits.


    • Cooking: Cook with oil. Outside should be starting to crisp, inside fork tender.
    • Seasoning: Rub (literally rub the potatoes with your hands) salt, pepper, oil and rosemary all over the potatoes.
    • Cooking: Boil water with a teaspoon of salt. Wait until the water is visibly boiling to add your pasta. I like my pasta al dente, so I always cook it for the shortest amount of time listed on the box.
    • Seasoning: Thoroughly coat pasta with whatever sauce you’re using, or it will taste dry. Good prepared sauce brands: Newman’s Own, Classico, and Barilla.
    • Cooking: Cook in chicken or vegetable stock following package instructions. Stir every so often, and add additional stock as it is absorbed into the pasta.
    • Seasoning: I like to add dried herbs to the sauce as it reduces to add flavor. You can also add veggies early on and let them cook in the sauce.


    • Cooking: These can be pan fried in oil, boiled, cooked in a sauce/stew, or put on a sheet tray to roast in the oven. The easiest way to cook them is to add them to a sauce that you are heating up, and allow them to soften until they can be pierced by a fork.
    • Seasoning: Rub the veggies with salt before cooking, unless you are adding them to a sauce or stew.
    • Cooking: These are best pan fried with butter. Cook them until they are slightly crisped and fork tender. If you want to be fancy you can blanch them before hand. How to blanch: Boil water, and throw the veggies in for literally thirty seconds. Pour them into a strainer and douse them immediately with cold water from your sink tap until they are cool to the touch.
    • Seasoning: Salt works best before cooking. Butter after cooking.
    • Yes I know that sweet potato is a starch, but it fits better here.
    • Cooking: These veggies are best roasted until fork tender. Time varies. These veggies should be cooked with their skin left on.
    • Seasoning: Rub these veggies with salt and cook in a little oil. Top with butter after they are cooked.


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    - Good and Cheap. Click here.

    - Budget Bytes. Click here.

    - Meals On The Go. Click here. (Not a cookbook, but super helpful)

    I hope this helps!

    what your favorite zelda game says about you

    The Legend of Zelda: you are 40 years old

    The Adventure of Link: you’re 40 years old, and gay 

    Faces of Evil: you dont know when a joke is taken too far

    Wand of Gamelon: you dont know when a joke is taken too far and also youre a lesbian

    Link’s Awakening: you need love and a vacation

    Ocarina of Time: you think all games made ever since fucking suck

    Link to the Past: you help everyone you meet

    Link Between Worlds: you especially help everyone you meet and also youre gay

    Wind Waker: you love ancient epics and only wear pajamas

    Twilight Princess: youre a furry

    Minish Cap: YOU’RE ADORABLE

    Hyrule Warriors: no items fox only final destination

    Four Swords/Four Swords Adventures/Triforce Heroes: your friends would do anything for you, including punch you in the face

    Majora’s Mask: youre edgy and/or very sad

    Skyward Sword: you’re really, Really gay

    Phantom Hourglass: youre gay for linebeck probably

    Spirit Tracks: you really like trains and being tossed around by strong girls

    Oracle of Seasons: youre a pumpkin spice hipster

    Oracle of Ages: youre a vintage hipster

    Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland: you are a strange, horrifying creature with no corporeal form

    Breath of the Wild: you astral project every day

    Link’s Crossbow Training: you play fpses online and tell people you fucked their mom