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Hey remember when

Lance couldn’t even protect Keith during a simple training exercise in season one

But was willing to risk his own safety to protect him when he was in danger in season two?


Hey remember when Lance always thought Keith was trying to be better than him?

But really Keith just wanted to be seen as a friend (cough or more cough) by him?


Hey remember when Lance and Keith literally hated each other in season one

But now Lance is literally Keith’s right hand man in season three?


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Series: New Targaryen Dynasty-on Ao3 because of length. All stories take place in a semi alternate timeline, so be prepared for some deviations from canon. 

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I also take prompts for both one shots and AUs

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you know the thing about Miraculous Ladybug is that it has the same potential Danny Phantom had.

And that’s excited and scary at the same time.

Where I am with the “Ed’s feelings” thing, is that he’s always loved/been attracted to Oswald, but has always had a reason to not WANT to feel that way and to push those feelings away…

Season 2: “I just got out of a romantic relationship that ended in the worst possible way so I’m down on the whole concept. Also Oswald is freaked out enough that I brought him home so it’s probably best if I don’t spook him.”

Between seasons: “I screwed him over and am probably pushing my luck having him come visit me in the first place.”

Season 3: “I can’t risk screwing up this opportunity for feelings that aren’t returned.”
“I just got a second chance at a normal happy life so I’ll be throwing myself into that now thanks.”
“Everything I love dies.”
“He hurt and betrayed me and caring for him makes that worse and I need to kill him to make it go away.”
“He’s dead and I miss him so much it’s affecting my health and I need to not anymore.”
“My entire new identity is built around having killed him so I need to kill him again so I need to muster up all the hate I can.”

So he lies to himself and tries so very hard to hate Oswald and it’s just… not convincing anyone.

Meanwhile his actions and expressions give him away - spends the whole time first acting like Oswald’s adoring boyfriend (without ever crossing the line into actually making a move), and then looking conflicted as hell any time he has to confront Oswald and coming up with the weakest reasons why he “could never love him”.

And also angling super hard for Oswald to tell him he loves him again; you are not slick, Ed.

So yes - always loved him, never wanted to love him.

me listening to pats fans complain about two losses
Five reasons why I ship SwanQueen

There are a zillion reasons why I ship SwanQueen but if I had to narrow them down to just five, here they are:

1) The characters that make up Swan Queen

Other than the ship itself, I love both Regina and Emma as individuals. Regina is the sassy queen while Emma is the badass savior. They have a lot in common. Both are survivors, make powerful magic and want the same things in life i.e. love and family. Both know the pain of losing their first loves and know what it’s like to be rejected and misunderstood. Both put up walls but show vulnerability to those closest to them. Both have their faults and make so many mistakes but learn from them and keep moving forward. That’s exactly what make their story so compelling.

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2) True love is sacrifice

In the early seasons, Emma saved Regina from the fire and also pushed Regina away from the wraith at the expense of her own safety. 


Later, Regina absorbed a death curse to save Emma…

and offered to die to save Emma and her family in season 2 finale.


In season 3, when Regina has to give up what she loves most, she bestowed Emma with the “gift of good memories”.


In season 4, Regina risked her life by drawing the Chernabog towards herself and away from Emma. Later she went undercover with the Queens of Darkness to protect Emma’s lightness. In the finale, Emma sacrificed herself to save Regina from having to go dark again.

In season 6, Regina risked everything to find Emma in another realm. 


If giving up everything for someone is true love then SwanQueen have already proven it with their actions.

3) From hate to love

Emma and Regina have had a classic arc of enemies to reluctant allies to BFFs/family that developed naturally over the course of 6 seasons. They started out basically wanting to kill each other but now they would die for each other. They went from “I don’t care what happens to you” to “I want you to stay safe”, from “Miss Swan” to “Emma”, from “my son” to “our son”, from “I will destroy you” to “maybe I need you”. No other ship on the show beats that kind of development.

4) They empower each other

Time and time again, Emma and Regina have demonstrated that they are stronger together than apart.

Regina’s development is largely thanks to Emma (and of course Henry). Since season 2, Emma has believed in Regina when everyone else was against her and especially when Regina doubted herself.


Emma was the one who taught Regina about hope by never giving up on her.


On the other hand, Regina sees Emma as an innately good person. 

But when Emma acts less than perfect, Regina fights for her light.

Regina remained steadfast in her belief that goodness resided in Emma even when she was the Dark One.

In short, Emma and Regina uplift, support and motivate each other to be their best selves.

5) They are a family with Henry

Both Emma and Regina are mothers, who love their shared son more than anything. They do make a lovely family, don’t they?

Emma loves to co-parent with Regina so much that she was willing to raise another child with her without being asked. ;)

My 2nd submission for @whyweloveswanqueen

anonymous asked:

I've been seeing people say H&L is wayyyyyy more complex than seimei for a while now and I don't really understand what that means? So I was wondering if you'd be willing to do a comparison post? You make such lovely gifs, and your explanations are always so funny and easy to understand, so it would be nice to see the comparison!

Thank you for the kind words, and please strap in for another one of my never-ending rants. At least this time I know it’s gonna be long because this topic is of special interest to me, so I will have the foresight to make use of a read-more link :D

Okay here we go. For a start, I wouldn’t say Hope and Legacy is way more complex than Seimei, for no other reason than the fact that Seimei was already pretty much pushing all imaginable boundaries of complexity. What I can tell you about these 2 programs though, is this:

H&L is more technically and physically demanding. From base value alone, H&L is worth 103.43 compared to Seimei’s 95.79, with the main difference coming from Yuzu swapping in a quad loop for a triple loop. Base value doesn’t tell you the whole story though, because what makes H&L truly demanding is not just in how many difficult elements are included, it’s also in how those elements are distributed. See below the layout with time stamp for both programs (Tumblr doesn’t like anything but tiny text so I have a bigger clearer version of this image here):

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AOT/SNK: Dating Eren Headcanon


- Eren would risk it all for you, with no hesitation at all.

- Whenever he’s in titan form and in control, he’ll let you sit on top of his head or on his shoulder.

- If you have a bold personality, I think Eren would find himself holding you back when it came to your superiors. Especially Captain Levi. You hate the way he talks to Eren but he’d have to control you so you don’t disrespect him.

- If you have a shy personality, Eren would stick up for you a lot. He doesn’t let you take shit from anyone, and he makes it clear that you’re dating the titan boy, Eren.

- You would be very close with Armin and Mikasa. I think Jean would also love you and treat you like his little sibling, so it would pain him when he found out you were with Eren.

- He shows off a lot, and he usually fucks up. But its okay because you find it funny.

- When you cuddle, its usually very rare since it involves one of you sneaking into the others room. But when it does, he loves being the big spoon. He really likes holding you.

- Eren loves kissing. He loves pulling you onto his lap for a heated make-out session, or even pinning you against the wall.

- He is always the dominant one unless he has no clue what he’s doing, then he’ll let you take control.

- Walking around with hickeys on his neck makes him shy and embarrassed, but he truly loves it.

- When he found out Reiner and Bertholdt were the armored and colossal titan, he couldn’t believe it. But when he thought of you out on the battlefield, on your way to get him, he was determined to make it out alive.

- You’re a huge part of what keeps him going everyday. He wants to see you happy and safe no matter what.

- Eren would definitely want to get married and start a family with you once this was all over. He is sure he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and he would tell you that multiple times.

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idk if this has been done, but listen: neil taking advantage of the fact that he can live a normal (or as normal as it can be) life and deciding he wants to try and get a job since he couldn’t before 

  • he gets one at starbucks, first off
  • it’s during the season he doesn’t have exy
  • can’t risk it interfering with his one true love (that isn’t andrew)
  • and the foxes
  • oh man
  • they aLWAYS stop by out of spite
  • plus allison may or may not have a starbucks addiction 
  • nicky, being nicky, has fun with this
  • he always tells neil to put different names on the cup
  • it will range from things like “dragonborn” to “the dark lord loki”
  • neil doesn’t know who loki is and accidentally puts “low key”
  • (my friend did this once and the person put that. I still have the cup)
  • anyways
  • most of the time the foxes just loiter around
  • anyone else who doesn’t know the foxes lives in fear of the five foot blonde one that’s downed like ten cups of coffee waiting for his boyfriend
  • plus they swear they see a dark aura coming off him
  • don’t give andrew the option to get coffee
  • neil, out of spite, puts things like “queen” on kevins cup just to make him mad
  • (usually he just has to settle for putting a symbol near his name so he doesn’t get caught)
  • no matter what though, andrew always stays the longest after everyone else has gone
  • “I don’t trust you enough to not get killed”
  • “im just making coffee, andrew”
  • “and it’s you.”
  • (nah, he just likes seeing neil happy and enjoying what he couldn’t have before)
  • (he’ll never admit it, though)