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Stuck with You

 a/n: so I have some more requests, and believe me I am working on them. I have like two other ones I’m working on right now actually, but here’s a little Sammy request. Hope it’s okay, and I hope you guys like it. Much love fam.


I was so excited for tonight. Valentines day. My favorite holiday to not celebrate. Well I mean, I do celebrate it, just differently than most people.

I always celebrate by getting drunk off a few bottles of wine and then watching a scary movie while I eat pizza. Every year for the past year and a half. I don’t know why, but I just enjoyed it a lot. Like anti-valentines day.

I mean, it might be weird but it was just a made up holiday. Why have one day where you shower your significant other with love when you should always do that? why just one day? Shouldn’t you be appreciating them every day, instead of one day out of the year?

I had just walked through the doors of my building, greeting my doorman, Ed. I stopped and gave him a bottle of wine, so he could celebrate later. I still had 3 bottles left, plenty for me. I had just made it to the elevators when I heard his voice.

None other than Sammy Wilkinson. I didn’t personally know Sammy, the only words we ever spoke to each other were when we were yelling at each other through the walls or through the doors of our places. We both lived on the top floor, which was basically just split into two different penthouses. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a girl knock on my door and ask for Sammy.

The elevator finally opened and I walked in, pushing the floor and praying the doors would close before he could make it. Unfortunately for me, that didn’t work as he hopped in right as they were about to close. 

He smiled down at me wickedly and I wanted to punch him. He annoyed me so much, and I don’t even know him, aside from the fact he’s an ass.

“spending valentine’s day alone?” he snickered as the elevator moved.

I just rolled my eyes and stayed silent. I wasn’t gonna let him get to me on my anti-holiday. No way.

Suddenly the elevator started to shake and then halted all together. The door didn’t open though, and the buttons wouldn’t work either. There had to have been a blown fuse because the lights were barely on, emitting a low glow, so I could barely see Sammy.

“what the fuck?” he spoke, pressing the buttons, but none of them would light up, and the doors wouldn’t budge. He pressed the emergency call button, but the ringing sound that would usually fall from it, didn’t.

“are you fucking kidding me?” he huffed.

“are we fucking stuck?” I asked, moving over and pushing some buttons, but had no luck.

“apparently. fuck.” he yelled.

“of course this would fucking happen. On valentines day of all days. Not that you had any plans anyway, but dammit.” he spoke, punching the door.

“cause that will help.” I rolled my eyes, sliding down the side of the elevator wall and sitting.

“I didn’t ask for your fucking opinion.” he growled.

“well you got it anyway.” I fired back. “what’s the big deal anyway, I mean, you can always find a hoe any day.”

“bitch.” he spit, sliding down and sitting on the floor across from me.

“you know, maybe if you weren’t so cold hearted you would actually have plans tonight.” he spoke from behind his phone after 3 minutes. Another lovely thing about the elevators, they seemed to block out any cell signal.

“god.” I groaned. “out of anyone, I had to be stuck with you.” I finished, shuffling through my bag and pulling out a bottle of wine.

“you’re honestly such a bitch. no wonder you’re single.”

“you don’t even know me.” I replied, finally getting the lid off the wine and taking a sip before looking back at him.

“are you seriously drinking right now?” his eyes wide with disbelief.

“Imma need it to get through being stuck here with you.”

Well I was almost through half a bottle, and Sammy hadn’t stopped mumbling about how ‘fucking stupid’ this was. I grabbed another bottle and nudged his leg with my foot, causing him to look up at me.

“want some?”

he thought about it for a minute before finally accepting it. undoing the lid and taking a sip.

“are you seriously drinking right now?” I mocked him from earlier, causing him to let out a small chuckle and smile.

“shut up.” he laughed.

Well I had finished my first bottle and was feeling buzzed already, and Sammy was halfway done with his by now.

“okay, so I was wrong.” he spoke.


“well I mean, three bottles of wine, you must have had plans tonight.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. He thought I had a date. 

 "What’s so funny" 

“I didn’t have plans for tonight. Well. Not really." 

"What are you talking about? Three bottles of wine, I don’t buy it” he said, taking another swig from his bottle. 

 "You don’t even know me Sammy.“ 

"I have a proposal for you” he spoke.

“and that is?”

“well, I’m gonna ask you a bunch of questions, and for everyone you answer, I take a shot of this wine.” he laughed.

“seems totally fair.” I played.

“okay, so, where are you from?”

“I grew up in Australia, and moved here when I was 16.” I spoke, watching Sammy nod as he took a ‘shot’ of wine.

“that’s dope. favorite color, food and animal?” he fired.

“uh, tie dye, pizza and a hedgehog.”

“a hedgehog?” he laughed, after he swallowed his wine.

“they’re cute.”

“okay okay, fair enough. ummmm…longest relationship?”

“uh…3 and a half years.” I said quietly, memories starting to flash through my mind. I shut my eyes, trying to get the memories and flash backs to stop.

“oh damn. why’d ya’ll split?”

“um pass?” I asked.

“no way, I’m getting to know you, so you have to answer.”

“well you have to drink the rest of the bottle before I answer.”

well, that plan didn’t work, cause I watched as Sammy chugged the rest of the bottle, burping, and then looking at me like a child on Christmas.

“you were saying.” he spoke, flashing a cute little smile.

“we just had some problems.”

“the fuck is that bullshit? I didn’t chug the rest of my wine for ‘problems’ I want more than that.” he spoke.

“okay. um, well. I don’t really know where to begin.”

“start from the beginning, how you guys met, and just tell ol daddy here the whole story.” 

“did you just call yourself daddy?” I asked, smiling at him. He was so adorable.

“hey, I’m drunk, leave me alone.”

“are you really though?”

“alright, maybe just a slight buzz, but still, I don’t see you calling me daddy, and someone’s gotta do it. Now, on with the story.”

“alright, um, well we met as soon as I came to the states. We had just moved in and I ‘went out to explore the town’” I said, with sarcastic enthusiasm. “and I guess I was just not paying attention, because I walked and totally cut him off, and caused him to fly off his skateboard. But I mean, what idiot rides a skateboard shirtless anyway? He got fucked up so bad, and I felt awful. But we started to talk and he showed me around town and everything, and I don’t know we just really hit it off.” I smiled, remembering how good the beginning of the relationship was.

“so…what happened?” Sammy asked.

“well, things were great for the two years, but then shit started happening. I had moved in with him when I turned 19, and I had a good job. But he started to go out a lot more. Party more, which I mean, I’m all for a good time, trust me, but he went out every night, wouldn’t come home until like 9 in the morning when I would leave for work, and I would come home after 5, only to find he had gone out again.”

“and whenever we would see each other, he would just get pissed about everything. He got really uh…aggressive?”

“he didn’t h-” Sammy started, but quickly stopped when he saw me look down. I couldn’t look at him. I hated telling people this shit. I really did. It was dead silent in the elevator now. I was trying to figure out what to say next, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to tell Sammy this, or even why I was?

“I’ll fucking kill him.” Sammy growled, hitting the side of the elevator wall with his fist. The whole outburst caused me to jump. I looked at Sammy who looked at me and his eyes softened. Then he did something even more shocking. He got up and came and sat right next to me, pulling me into him.

“I’m sorry (y/n)” he whispered out. “you don’t have to talk about it anymore.”

“no it’s okay. I-I need too.”

“okay.” he muttered, rubbing his hand up and down my arm.

“so yeah, after that, I found myself trying to get away from the house more and more. I would go out with friends for dinner, or go over to my parents house, just to be sure I wouldn’t bump into him at home. But the one night I came home right after work, I was so excited to see him, cause he would text me and stuff, and things would be so good. He was still so sweet ya know? but I was super excited to come home and see him, and ya know, we could hopefully fix things between us, but I walked in on him with two other girls, in our fucking bed.” I stopped to take a deep breath. I hated that asshole so much, but this shit still bothers me.

“hey, it’s okay.” Sammy spoke.

“no it’s really not. I wasted 3 fucking years on that piece of shit Sammy, three fucking years, and I was good to him. I fucking bought him season tickets, courtside to the fucking lakers for our anniversary and you know who he always took? one of the fucking bitches from work, the same girl he told me I had nothing to worry about with her, she’s just a friend from work, but I walk in on him with her and some other bitch. I was so good to him, and he didn’t deserve any of the shit I did for him.”

Sammy stayed quiet, pulling my head to his chest and playing with my hair. I was a mess right now. And we stayed like that for a while. Silent, in each other’s arms, a few tears falling from my cheeks, only to stain Sammy’s shirt.

“it was Valentine’s day.” I mumbled into Sammy’s chest, and I felt him look down at me, so I of course sat up and looked at him. “valentines day. of all the days it could have been, it was valentine’s day.” I sniffed.

“hey look at me.” he spoke, grabbing my face in his hands. “don’t cry over him. Yeah, he’s a total fuck for doing that to you, but god (y/n), you can do so much better than him. You’re so fucking gorgeous, you could literally get any guy, and I guarantee they would treat you better than that asshole. You honestly deserve the world, and don’t you ever settle for anyone who won’t give it to you.” he smiled.

“thank’s Sammy.” I replied, snuggling back into his chest.

After that Sammy and I just talked some more, still with his arm around me, and me cuddled up next to him. We talked sports, he was shocked I was such a basketball fan, even more shocked when I told him my uncle worked for the lakers, which is how I get my season courtside seats. We talked more about him, cause I felt awful that I had talked so much about my life, and barely knew anything about him.

Finally after an hour and 45 minutes, they had fixed the elevators, and we finally made it up to our floor. I was halfway in my door when I heard Sammy call out, and suddenly appear in front of my doorway.

“yeah?” I asked.

“Be ready by 7 tomorrow night. I’ll be over at 7:01 and then I’ll be stealing you and taking you to my favorite restaurant.” he smiled.

“Sammy I-”

“you don’t have much of a choice here babygirl. I’ll see ya tomorrow.” he smiled and winked, before pulling me into him and kissing my forehead and disappearing into his place.


“I met Jackie Jackson about 30 years ago and he was a season ticket holder for the Lakers as well as his brother Marlon. Jackie and I became friends and he began to invite me out to their home. Then I got to know the brothers and the sisters and his incredible mother and father. We love to play with firecrackers and just have fun. And Berry, just like you lost to the Jackson’s in softball, so did I. And we had some incredible times together. Then Jackie invited me to go on tour with the brothers and then I got to see the genius of Michael Jackson. He was so incredible; he always had command of not only the band, his brothers but also the audience. I truly believe that Michael made me a better point guard and basketball player as I watched him be so great and be the greatest entertainer ever. From there, Michel called me one day and said I want to talk to you about being in a video "Remember the Time”. But I had to double check with Jackie to make sure it was really Michael because I was scared to death to go over to his house because this was my idol, he was everything to me. So I went over to his house to have dinner. The chef came out and said what would you like, I said some grilled chicken. So as we begin to talk about the video and what he wanted me to do, the chef brought me out the grilled chicken but he brought Michael out a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. And I went crazy like: “wait a minute, Michael, you eat Kentucky Fried Chicken?” That made my day. That was the greatest moment of my life. We had such a good time sitting on the floor eating that bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and I want to say this. This is a celebration of his life, of his legacy. I want to thank Michael for opening up so many doors for African Americans to be on day time shows, late night shows. He allowed Kobe and I to have our jerseys in people’s homes across the world because he was already there. And he opened all those doors for us. His three children will have the most incredible grandmother that God has put on this earth to take care of them. Michael’s three children will have incredible uncles and aunts to take care of them as well and they will have plenty of cousins to play with. So may God continue to bless this incredible family. We say that we’re praying for you, remain strong.“ ~Magic Johnson’s speech at Michael Jackson’s Memorial