season three week five


charmed appreciation week ♡ day five - favorite season: season 1
↳ ‘“To my three beautiful girls. May this give you the light to find the shadows. The Power of Three will set you free. Love, Mom.” We never did figure out what this inscription meant.’


My brother’s been binge-watching Supernatural for the past three weeks, and he’s on season five and this happened:

Sam: *has been turned into a car*
Gabriel: Alright, ready to come quietly?
Dean: Hang on, we are NOT leaving here until Sam has opposable thumbs!
Gabrie: Well, what difference does it make? Satan’s gonna be riding his ass anyways!

It’s much funnier with context but I thought I should do something like this

as of today, there’s little under three weeks until the commencement of natsumeweek and season five!!

anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to the event! all you have to do is post your creation on the day and add #natsumeweek in the tags or @natsumeweek anywhere in the post caption and it will be reblogged here (late submissions are fine too, of course)! and as this isn’t a 60min draw event, you can absolutely prepare early for each prompt. 

here’s a list of things you could make if you’re struggling with ideas:

  • a drawing
  • a manga/anime edit
  • a gifset
  • a video
  • a song
  • a collage
  • a sculpture
  • a short drabble
  • a visual novel or game
  • pinpricks on a leaf
  • interpretive dance

the possibilities are endless

Don’t be afraid that your contribution won’t meet peoples standards, or that you won’t live up to the works others create, because we can tell you right now that any amount of love this fandom gets is adored and appreciated! Let’s work together, include everyone, and make Natsume week a good one.

and on another note—we won’t be accepting stolen art or plagiarism, nor anything with slurs or -phobic content of any kind. this is also a sfw event, so please refrain from creating nsfw content. thank you for your understanding!

if you have any further questions, consult the admins or about page. we’re all incredibly excited and cannot wait for everyone to participate!


Samcedes Week. Day 1. Falling In Love.