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Voltron fandom: Lotor’s voice! His hair!

Me: Lotor’s rallying speech to the empire as he takes control, attempting to maintain their unity and power despite the greatest power vacuum in ten thousand years! Him standing in the gladiator arena, ready to prove himself and his strength to everyone he’s about to rule! His obvious plans for continued conquest! The images that suggest he might be attacking Earth! “Each ally gained” holy quiznak are the Galra going to ally with other races?

Ok I’ve done some research since the pic of Matt and shiro and here’s what I’ve determined so far:

The photo’s from kimiko Glenn’s instagram story. If you wanna see it yourself, her handle is ohlittleasianone

She is an actress and has a role in waitress and has been in orange is the new black. But according to her IMDb page, she isn’t in voltron…

The pic looks animated and since season 3 is scheduled to be released in September, in guessing she’s not an animator either since all that stuff is most likely done.

She had a mic in front of here, therefore she’s probably voicing a new character for season three (or four. Lauren Montgomery mentioned before that they’re farther along than we think)

Either way, shiro is alive and Matt is still out there (time to lose even more sleep!!!)

So I’ve been in the Voltron fandom for about three days

Here is what I’ve learned:

- Antis need to get a life this is a fucking kids show for crying out loud CALM DOWN

- Nonbinary Pidge was almost everything I needed in life

- Bisexual Lance IS everything I need in life

- Lance also kind of disappeared in season 2 and that made everyone including the FBI, CIA, & Interpoll pissed off and searching x100000

- Keith is Gay™ no matter what version of Voltron it is


- Prince Lotor’s voice rivals Morgan Freeman’s in this fandom apparently?

- We also have a bible apparently, called Dirty Laundry. Once a week there are ritual sessions including many candles, sacrificial Klance fanarts, and spoken re-readings. 

Imaginary shows: “Marvel’s Ghost Rider” (version 2.0)

So let’s say, hypothetically, AOS gets one more season to finish off their remaining storylines. All of a sudden, Marvel TV announces a spin-off featuring Robbie Reyes. Here’s my fancast:


1) Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider 

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2) Lorenzo James Henrie as Gabriel “Gabe” Reyes 

(AN: So I learned recently that Lorenzo is Italian. Shame on you AOS, now I feel dirty for keeping him on here)

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3) Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson / Quake: Back due to popular demand from the fans, Chloe signed on for the Ghost Rider show. Daisy’s in-story reason is that SHIELD assigned her to watch over Ghost Rider since he returned, a task that she immediately accepted. I’d imagine her and Robbie’s relationship to be similar to Angel and Cordelia. 

As for the other main AOS cast, I’d imagine there’d be 1-2 episode guest roles for them but nothing too heavy. I can see Mack coming on the show in a recurring role but Fitz, Simmons, Coulson, and May, not so much. Maybe just to say hi to Daisy.  

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4) Genesis Rodriguez as Lisa Ortega: A child prodigy / law school student who befriends Robbie after he stops a group of thugs trying to rob her. She eventually becomes an integral member to Team Rider and is Robbie’s main love interest (the Iris West to his Barry Allen). 

Or is she? I’d imagine sometime around season 2 or 3, the writers would set up a love triangle between Lisa, Robbie, and Daisy. That’d be fun. 

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5) Becky G as Azucena Gonzalez: A high school student and Gabe Reyes’ best friend. She is a bit of a smart-ass but is vocal in her support of Ghost Rider. 

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6) Martin Sensmeier as Detective William Talltrees / Red Wolf: A LAPD detective who is assigned to investigating the Ghost Rider killings. He eventually finds out that Robbie is the Ghost Rider but has a change of heart when he realizes that GR is fighting only the wicked.

In season 2, William quits the LAPD and becomes the vigilante known as “Red Wolf”. As Red Wolf, he joins Team Rider.  

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7) Sophie Wu as Ruby Minh Tran: A half-Scottish, half-Chinese sorceress who hails from the London Sanctum Sanctorum. She is sent to Los Angeles by Doctor Strange in order to monitor the Ghost Rider. 

A fun little subplot that I came up with is that Ruby reveals to Daisy that she was Fitz’s first girlfriend. They broke up around the time he left for the SHIELD Academy and she left for “cooking school” (magic training). 

When Daisy asks for any funny memories with Fitz, Ruby says, “He tried complimenting me on our first date. I think he wanted to say I had a nice face but he ended up saying I have nice feet”. (that’s a reference to ‘The Fades’, a BBC show that featured Iain and Sophie)

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8) Ryan Guzman as James Ramirez: A rookie sorcerer who hails from the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. He is assigned to work with Ruby Minh Tran and the two immediately clash (she’s a bit more sassy and fun, he’s a bit more stern and serious).

So Ramirez and Tran are basically the Fitz and Simmons of the Ghost Rider show. But instead of science, it’s magic. And instead of falling in love, they can’t stand each other. 

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9) Diego Boneta as Hector Morrow: Robbie’s cousin and Eli’s son. He despises Robbie and Gabe and has a bit of an arrogant streak. But as the series goes on, he eventually redeems himself by joining Team Rider.

So…the Draco Malfoy of the show. 

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10) Emily Rios as Alejandra Jones / The Punished Rider: A woman who was a victim of human trafficking. She eventually escapes her captors, who are all eventually killed by Ghost Rider. Inspired by GR, she joins Team Rider. She’s recognized as the ‘hardcore’ member of the team because of her sheer hatred of all criminals. 

In season two, she takes on a Spirit of Vengeance separate from Robbie’s. It’s this moment that Team Rider realizes there can be more than one Ghost Rider.

To distinguish herself from Robbie, she nicknames herself ‘The Punished Rider’.  

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11) Santiago Cabrera as Dr. Javier Ybanez: Robbie’s best friend from childhood who grew up to be an oncologist. He is a member of Team Rider, offering Robbie his medical advice.

NOTE: Santiago is only on the main cast for season one. Javier is killed by Blackheart in the season finale. 

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1) Steven Yeun as Hannibal King: A private investigator who was turned into a vampire. He is now a vampire hunter, seeking to prevent others from suffering the same fate. 

Hannibal King’s appearance is meant to foreshadow the appearance of Blade. 

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2) Emilio Rivera as  Lt. Michael Badilino / Vengeance: An army veteran who initially joins Team Rider as an ally. He eventually leaves the team due to growing tensions with Robbie. Robbie has a strict no-killing-of-innocents rule while Michael didn’t care for collateral damage.

Michael eventually comes across a Spirit of Vengeance and becomes a rogue Ghost Rider, simply named “Vengeance”. Although not a true villain, Michael ends up becoming one of Robbie’s main enemies of the show. 

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1) Walton Goggins as Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider 1: The original Ghost Rider. Johnny returns to Robbie’s life and acts as his mentor from time-to-time. 

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2) Naoko Mori as Roxanne Simpson-Blaze: An investigative journalist and Johnny Blaze’s wife.

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3) Burn Gorman as Mephisto: Arguably the main antagonist of the whole series. He’s the Devil, nuff said. 

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4) Reg E. Cathey as Carter Slade / The Phantom Rider: One of the first few people to take on the Rider. He was Johnny’s mentor and ends up becoming Robbie’s mentor as well. 

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1) Dylan O’Brien as Blackheart: Main antagonist of season one. He is a powerful demon and one of Mephisto’s sons. Blackheart comes to Earth, seeking to overthrow his father. 

During his rampage, he manages to kill Javier Ybanez, which led to Robbie losing his mind and destroying Blackheart with the full power of the Ghost Rider. 

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2) Emily Kinney as Zadkiel: Main antagonist of season two. She used to be an archangel before being tossed out of heaven for attempting to usurp God. Desperate for payback, Zadkiel went after the Ghost Riders on Earth, seeking to obtain their power in order to be powerful enough to return to heaven and defeat God. 

Zadkiel was eventually defeated in combat by Robbie, Michael, and Alejandra. To make sure she wouldn’t return, she was dragged to hell by Mephisto.

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3) Kate Micucci as Andrea Wallace / Jose Zuniga as Eli Morrow (visions and voice only): Main antagonist of season three. Andrea Wallace was a struggling comedian who bothered no one. One day, while walking home from a gig, she becomes an accidental victim of a gang shooting. Just minutes later, she is resurrected after accepting an offer from a strange spirit who told her he would help her get revenge. The spirit was later revealed to be Eli Morrow, who also wants revenge on Robbie.

So Andrea ends up becoming the host for Eli. She’s still there but slowly loses her mind due to Eli’s influence. Like in the comics, due to Eli’s spirit, Andrea can transform into a being similar to the Ghost Rider. Because of this, Team Rider nicknames her “Fool’s Rider” since even though she looks and acts like a Ghost Rider, she’s technically not one since her powers didn’t come from a Spirit of Vengeance. 

Andrea is eventually defeated by Robbie, who uses his Penance Stare to punish Eli’s soul. Although free from Eli, Andrea is quaked to death by Daisy in order to make sure Eli doesn’t return. This is the moment where Daisy starts becoming more of an anti-hero. 

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A Wondrous Retcon

I’d like to talk for a minute about the inconsistency and retcon-fuckery of the latest ouat episode A Wondrous Place (6x15). Swallowing down the bile of how ridiculous it is that a Kraken would attack small hand rowed boats in the middle of vast lakes, let’s take a journey with Ariel for a moment. You see, this lovable little kleptomaniac bounced around in flashbacks that were both peculiar and hilarious, and while I enjoy the novelty of her getting to Agrabah with what I can only assume was a stolen enchanted necklace that she scavenged from a drowning person, I do enjoy the actress being back on set.

That being said, I need to announce something pretty damn important. She shouldn’t have been able to speak at all. Regina had stolen her voice.

It becomes abundantly clear rather quickly that this scene is from the past when Ariel starts talking to Jasmine.

Oh yes, a party, the Ursula Ball. I remember that, do you remember that? Because apparently the writer’s sure as hell don’t! That party was from season fucking three. It was the first time we even meet Ariel, because it was all tied into the Neverland plot. Let’s just refresh the ol’ memory. You see, our cheerful little klepto attends the ball with Snow, and when she’s not trying to pocket the forks, she manages to get a dance with her prince. Which is when he tells her this…

Eric basically says ‘hey come with me, I’ll wait for a while to see if you show up’. Ariel panics, what with only having legs to use for a few hours, but after that, she tries to get back to him to say she’d love to join him. When she swims up to meet him, she suddenly can’t say anything though. Turns out, after being forked in the neck, Regina wasn’t going to sit back and let her get away with it, and so she steals Ariel’s voice as punishment for attacking her and saving Snow.

And yeah, I get it, they could say she found some magical whatever that let her find her voice again, except, they can’t. You know how they can’t? Because they already fucking showed us in the same episode back in season three that Ariel had spent all that time without her voice. In fact it was pretty crucial for the plot considering Regina gave Ariel her voice back so she could go and get help from Belle in Storybrooke, where Eric coincidentally now lived.

The amount of shit that they undo each episode is starting to give me a migraine. It’s one thing to write something poorly, it’s another to shit all over the stories you’ve already told, time and again. For no actual reason other than you have no idea what to write now, or how to utilize the cast and character’s at your fingertips. It’s actually laughable that they make so many blatant mistakes repeatedly. Laughable, and downright fucking sad. At least have the decency to hire someone to re-watch your shit before you write another episode. Like have some respect for what you’ve already written you bunch of muppets.

Well here’s a really fun fact you guys probably already knew, did you know Sagiri (Eromanga Sensei), Sistine (Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records), and Leviathan (Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai) share the same voice actor? Don’t you find it quite amazing that their seiyuu, Fujita Akane, voices three main female characters this season?! It’s also cute that Sagiri and Sistine both have silver hair

i still don't understand

how mike tyson mysteries is so overlooked

i don’t mean underrated- i mean NO ONE knows about this fucking show

i only know about it because my friend of a friend turned on adult swim late one night and caught an episode and was dumbfounded and started asking people if it was real

it’s got three fucking seasons and it’s the actual mike tyson voicing himself in scooby doo mystery style animation

(also it’s underrated too it’s fucking hilarious)

‘Rick and Morty’: Dan Harmon Explains Why Season 3 Isn’t Ready Yet

Rick and Morty” fans who have been waiting patiently for over a year to see new episodes are going to have to hold on a bit longer.

Speaking Sunday night at the Sundance Film Festival, Dan Harmon – who created the show with Justin Roiland – took responsibility for Season 3’s tardiness. The show was originally expected to return in 2016, but has been pushed back – with no air date yet.

“I’m so sorry,” Harmon told the crowd at YouTube’s pop-up space in Park City, Utah, where he sat down with IndieWire for a chat about his career. “I don’t have a release date for Season 3. It’s not that I know it and I’m not allowed to say it; it’s [Adult Swim’s] domain. What I will tell you is it’s late because of us, it’s late because of me.”

READ MORE: ‘Rick and Morty’ Season Three Sneak Peek: Watch this Cool Storyboard and Voice Actor Video

Harmon was brutally honest in taking the blame: “If Justin were here he’d agree. He and I would go, ‘Yeah, we fucked up,’ and it’s hard to put your finger on how we fucked up. ‘Rick and Morty’ keeps taking longer and longer to write, and I don’t know why.”

As “Rick and Morty” has turned into a critical darling and a fan favorite, Harmon admitted that there has been more creative struggles as he and Roiland map out the show. “We have fights all the time and then we have fights about why we’re having fights,” he said. “‘Well, we didn’t fight during Season 2, that’s why it’s taking longer! All this fighting! So OK, let’s stop fighting!‘”

“Rick and Morty” last aired an original episode on October 4, 2015. But it’s become common for shows to take lengthy hiatuses as creators take time, rather than rush things, to get the creative right. The explosion in new outlets and platforms is also keeping writers and producers busy as they work on multiple projects.

For example, FX recently announced that Season 2 of Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” won’t air until 2018, due to Glover’s busy schedule. “Fargo” took 16 months between Seasons 1 and 2 as writer Noah Hawley worked on it. (Animation also usually takes longer to produce.)

To tide fans over, last fall Adult Swim premiered a series of claymation “Rick and Morty” shorts that mashed the characters up with classic films like “The Thing,” “The Fly” and “Honey I Shrunk the Kids.”

READ MORE: ‘Rick and Morty’ Take on ‘Ex Machina’ In Amazing Claymation Short

An Adult Swim spokesperson confirmed that there was “no premiere timing to share unfortunately – we’re still deep in production.” The show will reportedly air 14 episodes this season, although Adult Swim couldn’t confirm that count.

Harmon was mostly mum on hints about Season 3. “I don’t want to get murdered outside the building!” he joked. But he did tell the crowd that there won’t be another edition of the show’s “Interdimensional Cable” collection of faux TV shows, “but we’re doing something different.”

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(via EXCLUSIVE: Mark Burnett Opens Up About Gwen Stefani’s Future on ‘The Voice’)

Gwen Stefani has coached on three different seasons of The Voice, but will she be back for a fourth?

According to the show’s producer, Mark Burnett, the singer is always welcome.

“Once you’ve got a red chair, you always have a red chair,” Burnett told ET’s Nancy O'Dell on Wednesday. “Coaches go on tour and make albums. This is the challenge of The Voice, is fitting into the schedule of these currently top-selling artists… [but] we love all our coaches.”

With hit after hit on TV, Burnett has seen it all – including Stefani’s blossoming relationship with fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton.

“You know how great that makes me feel, that two of my favorite people met at The Voice in those red chairs?” he shared. “They’re so in love, and I love them. There just a great, great couple.”

“Gwen and Blake are exactly the same,” he added. “Cameras on or cameras off, these are two sincerely loving, fun, brilliant people.”

I love how the female singers on the show were so different (especially the first three seasons). In my opinion, the girls had more distinct and versatile voices than the guys. I could tell if it was Lea, Dianna, Naya, Amber, Jenna, or Heather singing. The guys were talented too, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it was harder to distinguish which guy was singing.

Squad Goals Season Three Episode Sixteen

“Do we still invite him to the wedding?” Gigi’s voice is louder than usual. The way it always was when she was on the verge of being completely wasted.

“I’m not getting married what the fuck do ya mean love?” Harry answers before knocking back a shot of tequila and groaning when the lime he sucks on stings his tongue.

“Not your wedding dummy. Mine!” Gigi hiccups gesturing so wildly with her drink in hand that it sloshes all over Zayn’s slacks.

“Bugger! Darling, how many have you had to drink?” Gigi holds up all ten fingers and wiggles them collectively.

“I’m getting drunk for Rhiannon since she hasn’t had a sip since we got here” I’d been outed. The squad turns to me for an explanation of my sobriety. I only shrug and sip on some Sprite. I wasn’t in the mood to be shitfaced. Not like Kylie who had tagged along ( without invitation) and was now basically humping Rocky on the dance floor.

“We need another round let me just-” Harry falls over when he tries to fetch another round. Everyone laughs and I roll my eyes before a small grin breaks my facade.

“Look! We got a smile!” Kendall says with enthusiasm and I hide away the evidence before the rest of the squad can observe.

“I’ll get the drinks you guys, just sit your drunk asses down.” It had been Zayn’s idea for all of us to go out tonight. News of Justin and I had spread pretty quickly throughout the house and everyone was tiptoeing around me like they were at a fucking ballet.

“Can I get a round of tequila to the VIP section? The bartender doesn’t recognize me because of the huge glasses on my face.

"Your section didn’t want to order bottle service?” I turn to see A burly guy his features obscured by a hoodie.

“Too much attention,” I say evenly and he laughs, the sound coming from deep within his chest.

“I feel that. I think we’re actually right next to you my friend and-” he’s cut off when the movements he makes to point towards his section cause his hoodie to slip.

“Drake?” He hisses a few cuss words and I’m quick to renounce my status as a rando.

“It’s me, Rhiannon” I pull down my glasses and his smile reaches to both cheeks and soon I’m being pulled into a hug that smells of Versace.

“So the tabloids are true? You live here now?” I nod and take the tray of drinks that the bartender delivers.

“Here, let me,” Drake picks the tray up without a single hitch and follows me to the section.

“Yeah, I’m filming a tv show” he raises an eyebrow, and then I understand his confusion.

“Well two tv shows. Squad Goals and Thirteen Reasons Why” he nods and raises his arms above his head with the tray to avoid dancers.

“I read that book. Liked it. Pretty sad though,”

“So is my life at the moment” I grumble under my breath and then my fake smile is back on when the squad flips there shit over his arrival. There’s handshaking, hugging, and talks of future collabs when it’s just him and I left in the section as the others had gone to hookup in the bathroom or dance.

“So… Am I on camera right now?” He sounds like a fascinated child and I can’t help but to laugh and take a sip of his newly opened corona.

“See that guy over there? In the corner of the bar?” He nods, intrigued.

“He’s filming,”

“Whoa… Where’s his camera?” I try not to snort.

“In his hat,”

“You’re playing me!” I shake my head. Determined to keep up the charade.

“I’m serious go ask him for his hat!” Drake starts to stand up but I grab one of his sinewy arms and pull him down. He had biceps on biceps.

“I’m fucking with you. We told the crew to take the night off.”

“Girl…” He holds the beer out of my reach and downs it himself.

“ You never told my why you’re here,”

“Came to drink, dance-” I place a solid finger over his cushiony lips. I’d had a few shots and the liquid courage was starting to race through my veins.

“Not to the club. London!” He thinks on it and it’s then that I admire how at ease his is with ever movement. His late arms rest against the back of the lounge couch and his bearded chin just out in thought.

“Followed a girl out here.” My eyes widen.

“ Nicki?” He shakes his head, his gaze a look of pure concentration.

“Haven’t spoken to her in a year honestly.” I nod and let him know that he can continue.

“Rihanna,” so what the tabloids said about him was true too.

“And?” He turns to me then with a wry smile and then scratches his beard.

“And she didn’t want to be followed was the ting” his slang slips out through his emotional statement and I scoot closer to him and rest my cheek against his chest.

“ You were mumbling something earlier. About your life being sad. What was that?” I bite my lip and will myself not to cry.

“Where’s Biebs? Back at the crib?” Drake doesn’t mean any harm with the question. How can he? He doesn’t know what Justin’s done. Who he’s done.

“He’s actually back in LA” I say my smile is weak and Drake, ever the intuitive one, grasps my chin in his hand.

“He fuck around on you ma?” I nod and let a few tears escape, my false lashes growing heavy.

“I sent him to be with his baby mama” Drake closes his eyes as if the news pains him and shakes his head.

“I expected way more from my dude. From your dude.” I nod and blink, holding my eyes closed.

“Hey you want to get out of here?” I look around to see the squad in various forms of drunkenness before looking back to Drake who’s hand had moved from my chin to my shoulder.

“Yeah… yeah let’s get out of here." 


"Cruz can you say hi to Justin?” Elysandra pushes and Cruz drops his toy car to stick his thumb in his mouth.

“Scoot can you make sure the results show up today?” Scooter nods and then leaves the room.

“It’s been a minute,” Elysandra says and I nod, walking slowly towards her and the kid.

“He’s beautiful,” I mean it too. His hair falls in little ringlets around his tanned skin and his curious blue green eyes meet mine.

“ hey bud!” I says excitedly and Cruz takes his thumb out of his mouth long enough to wiggle his chubby little hand at me.

“He likes you, usually meeting strangers upsets him” the corner of my mouth twitches and I watch as he starts to feel comfortable enough to resume fiddling with his toys.

“You had my number Ely. You could’ve told me” I touch the top of his little head and am in awe of how cloud like the curls feel.

“I was pretty scared. My parents got into my head, the lawyers did too. I just wanted it to be him and I for a little bit a-”

“And you were never going to tell me? Not until you needed money right?” Her shoulders droop and Cruz seems to sense the tension and grows restless.

“It’s not like that Justin. I realized that I was being selfish when he started calling my boyfriend ‘dada’” my chest tightens and I find it hard to turn away from Cruz.

“If he’s mine Ely you two won’t have to want for anything ever again.”

“That’s not why I reached out. I want Cruz to know his dad because honestly Justin you’re one of the most amazing men I’ve ever met”

“Tell that to Rhiannon.” At the mention of her former employer Elysandra blushes and has the decency to look ashamed.

“We made a mistake, but my son isn’t one.” She whispers. I nod, processing the information. Processing Cruz.

“I’ll be there for him. That’s a promise.” She smiles but it quickly fades when she breeches unauthorized territory.

“I’m really sorry for your loss. I heard about how you both lost the baby and god I can’t imagine how that wo- I’m just… Sorry” I nod as if to say 'thank you’ and play with Cruz’s hair.

“Did you guys know the sex?” I take in a deep breathe and exhale before shaking my head.

“No. It was too early, but Nonn- Rhiannon had this dream where the baby was a girl named Drew Kylie so we went with it for mourning purposes. Elysandra falls silent and takes a seat, pulling Cruz onto her lap.

"Is he always so lax?” I wonder and it’s a valid question because he hasn’t thrown a tantrum or even cried for that matter.

“Yep. My chill little man” she says, affectionately bouncing him on her knee. His giggles fill the room and I almost am unable to catch the MTV breaking news report on the tv.

“Trouble at the palace? Hollywood Princess Rhiannon St. John was seen leaving a nightclub with The wrong Canadian!”

“I’m going to go change his diaper,” Elysandra says a bit uncomfortably but I pay little attention to her exit. To busy focusing on the replaying clip of Rhiannon and Drake arm in arm and all smiles.

“St. John and her boyfriend Justin Bieber fell victim to a major car accident which resulted in the death of their would be first child. Both parties have yet to comment on the loss.”

“Best friend for never? St. John unfollows Kylie Jenner on all social media sites… Ouch!"  I check my Instagram and Twitter and find that not only have I been unfollowed. I’d been blocked too. Wait till the press gets a hold of this.

"Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik revealed that they  are set to tie the knot via a picture of her huge sparkler! The couple have a two year old child named Zara.”

“Results are in kiddo,” Scooter says slapping a huge envelope onto the long table. The news of Drake and Rhiannon swirls around in my mind as Elysandra returns with a freshened looking Cruz.

“Ready?” She’s asks, a bit breathlessly and I nod wondering what shit my life would  plunge into next.