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Season 2 Screen Times

A break down of screen times for the season by character. To see the breakdown from Season 1 click here

Above is the break down of screen times throughout the whole season for the characters that I considered to be regulars. All of these characters, with the exception of M’gann (but there’s no way I could leave her off) appeared in at least half of the episodes this season. Of course, Kara beats everyone out by quite a bit, which is to be expected. Just like last season, Alex is second behind her, with about half the screen time. This season, Mon-El, as Kara’s love interest, is next behind Alex, just like James was last season. Interestingly enough, despite this season being two episodes longer, Kara has about an hour less of screen time than last season. This is most likely due to the influx of new characters. Last season, on this graph, I only had five characters, other than Kara (Alex, James, J’onn, Cat, and Winn). This season, there are clearly more and their presence would have cut into Kara’s screen time. 

Now let’s do individual character breakdowns for the people who appear in every episode (I’ll do breakdowns for James, Maggie, Lena, and M’gann in another post):

Kara Danvers:

Mean: 22:36    Standard Deviation: 5:31
Most Screen Time: Episode 22 - Nevertheless, She Persisted   Least Screen Time: Episode 20 - City of Lost Children

The episodes where Kara has the most screen time are the first and last episodes of the season. In general though, she has less time on screen than she did last season. Her average screen time is five minutes less than last season’s. Her max screen time last season was 38 minutes while this season it’s only around 31. Similarly, her min screen time last season was around 14 minutes and this season it’s 8 minutes. Not only that, but as opposed to last season, where it only happened twice, this season other characters took top screen time five times (Maggie, Mon-El, James, and Alex twice). Not only that, but in Episode 20, Kara isn’t just beaten out. She falls to 7th place behind James, Marcus, Rhea, Winn, J’onn, and Mon-El. 

Alex Danvers:

Mean: 11:11    Standard Deviation: 4:42
Most Screen Time: Episode 15 -  Exodus  
Least Screen Time: Episode 18 - Ace Reporter

Alex, just like last season, is most often then character with the second most screen times, but unlike last season she only holds that spot for seven episodes. That said, in two of these episodes she actually beats Kara out for screen time. The first is in Episode 15 - Exodus, in which the story centers around Alex trying to get her father back from Cadmus. The other is in Episode 6 - Crossfire, where Kara is unconscious for a bit (I never count a character when they’re unconscious). And interesting fun fact, last season, Alex’s least amount of screen time also came in episode 18 where she was on screen for 0 minutes (while she was a fugitive). This season she gets a little more time with twenty-seven seconds. 


Mean: 9:40   Standard Deviation: 6:02
Most Screen Time: Episode 17 -  Distant Sun  
Least Screen Time: Episode 1 - The Adventures of Supergirl

Mon-El appears in every single episode after the first one (where he technically appears but he’s unconscious so it doesn’t count). After the first and second episodes, the episode he gets the least screen time in is Episode 11 - The Martian Chronicles where he only gets 3 minutes. He beats out Kara for screen time in Episode 17 in which a bounty is placed on Kara and he spends a lot of time with his parents trying to protect her. He also beats her, behind a few others in Episode 20. He has the second most screen time of any character in three other episodes, putting him just behind Alex’s seven. 

For anyone who would like to compare him to Season 1 James: Season 1 James’s average screen time was a minute less than Mon-El’s. He never had more screen time than her and only had the second most screen time once. He never had a screen time above sixteen minutes. Mon-El’s screen time exceeds this four times. 

J’onn J’onzz:

Mean: 7:10    Standard Deviation: 4:54
Most Screen Time: Episode 11 -  The Martian Chronicles  
Least Screen Time: Episode 21 - Resist

J’onn’s screen time fluctuates quite a bit this season. Peaking in random episodes and then dropping quickly again. (This is the case with many of the characters actually but it’s easiest to see with J’onn). That said, he does appear in every episode (though he is unconscious the whole time in episode 21). Like last season, the episode where he has the most screen time contains the word ‘Martian’ in the title which is how it should be. He comes second to Kara once in Episode 10 and beats her behind a few others in Episode 20. 

Winn Schott:

Mean: 7:08    Standard Deviation: 3:42
Most Screen Time: Episode 16 - Star-Crossed 
Least Screen Time: Episode 3 - Welcome to Earth

Winn, ever the trusty companion, has the most consistent screen times. Other than his huge leap in Episode 16 where he spends a lot of time trying to save Lyra, his screen times all fall within a pretty narrow range. While he never has the most screen time, he does beat Kara in Episode 20, where he falls in fourth place. 

Okay so that’s the summary for the characters who appeared in every episode. I know this is a really long post, which is why I will be doing James, Lena, Maggie, and M’gann in a separate post coming soon. Once again, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to message me (I’m pretty friendly). 

Season 2 Stats

Okay, sorry that took a while but here’s my first summary post for Season 2 (don’t worry there will be more to follow). This post serves as a very general summary of male vs. female screen times and Kara vs. Supergirl screen times (which is what I was curious about when I originally started this project). I did a similar post last season so if you want to compare here’s a link

First, here’s a graph depicting female screen times and male screen times per episode. 

Female Mean Time: 0:54:51; Female Standard Deviation: 11:02
Male Mean Time: 0:42:57; Male Standard Deviation: 11:35

For the most part, female screen times are still higher than male screen times but not by the same margin as the first season. Last season there were two episodes where male screen times were higher than female screen times (Episode 7 and 10). In Season 2, there are eight episodes where the male screen time is higher than the female screen time (Episodes 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, and 20). In Season 1, when male screen times exceeded female screen times it was only by 4 and 5 minutes. This season, they exceed the female screen times by an average of 7 minutes and 38 seconds with the lowest being 24 seconds and the highest being 24 minutes. In the episodes where women do beat out the men in screen times, they do so by an average of three minutes less compared to last season. 

The total female screen time in Season 1 was 20 hours and 14 minutes. In Season 2 it’s 20 hours and 6 minutes. Pretty similar. But in Season 1, the total male screen time was 12 hours and 33 minutes. While in Season 2, the total male screen time was 15 hours and 44 minutes. So while the female screen time went down eight minutes, the male screen time went up three hours. Just to really drive the point home, in Season 1 female screen time accounted for 61.70% of screen times and in Season 2 accounted for only 56.18%. Still more than half, but significantly less than last season.  

Another difference between the seasons was Kara vs Supergirl screen times.

Unlike last season, where there was a clear rise in how much time Kara spends as Supergirl, this season there is no clear trend. If you look at last season’s post, the percent of time she spends as Kara and the percent of time she spends as Supergirl remains fairly consistent throughout the middle of the season until the action starts to pick up towards the end. In the second season, that isn’t the case. While there’s a few episodes between 13 and 17 where it remains somewhat consistent, the rest of the season is all over the place. 

I measured time as Supergirl and time as Kara Danvers solely based on what she is wearing. If she’s in the super suit, she’s automatically Supergirl even if she’s sitting on her couch eating pizza. And in Season 1, that was a pretty good indicator. She rarely, if ever, wore regular clothes in the DEO and she only occasionally wore her super suit when she wasn’t doing Supergirl activities. But in Season 2, with Kara being fired from CatCo and spending more time at the DEO, she wears regular clothes at the DEO all the time and is often doing Supergirl-related things when she does, which means that this strategy no longer is an accurate representation. 

Later in the summer, after all the Season 2 analysis is out of the way, I plan on doing a study of where Kara spends her time in both seasons (DEO vs CatCo vs at home etc). I think that this will provide a better view of how much time Kara spends as Supergirl or not. If anyone has any other ideas as to what a good way to quantitatively measure how much time she spends as Supergirl, let me know. 

That’s it for now, there will be more Season 2 posts coming soon. As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please message me. 

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Season 2 Screen Times cont.

Here is the breakdown of screen times for the main characters who did not appear every episode. (In case you missed my post for the characters who do appear in every episode, you can find it here). All of these characters (except for M’gann) did appear in at least half of the episodes. There will be two means listed below each graph. One is the average including episodes they do not appear in, and the other is the average time they had only in the episodes they did appear in. To start us off is…

James Olsen:

Total Mean: 4:43         Episodes Appeared Mean: 6:29   
Most Screen Time: Episode 20 -  City of Lost Children 
Least Screen Time: Episode 22 - Nevertheless, She Persisted

James Olsen appears in 16 out of the 22 episodes. He beats Kara (and quite a few others) for most screen time in Episode 20 - City of Lost Children but that episode is a bit of an anomaly. Towards the beginning of the season, he comes in second behind Kara twice. To the James Olsen fans who felt like his screen time was dwindling, you’re definitely right. Other than Episode 20, his screen time tends downwards from Episode 5 onwards even if you discount the episodes he doesn’t appear in. 

Maggie Sawyer:

Total Mean: 4:17        Episodes Appeared Mean: 5:32   
Most Screen Time: Episode 19 -  Alex
Least Screen Time: Episode 11 - The Martian Chronicles

Maggie Sawyer appears in 17 out of 22 episodes. She beats Kara for most screen time in Episode 19. What I find interesting about that episode is, not only does it beat out her second highest screen time by fifteen minutes (264%), but it is also bracketed on either side by episodes where she doesn’t appear at all. After her first two appearances, her screen time goes down a bit, but she appears pretty consistently throughout the rest of the season. 

Lena Luthor:

Total Mean: 3:56        Episodes Appeared Mean: 7:13   
Most Screen Time: Episode 18 -  Ace Reporter
Least Screen Time: Episode 4 - Survivors

Lena Luthor appears in 12 out of 22 episodes. While she does not appear for large swaths of time, she makes quite an impact when she does. Out of all the characters in this post, she has the highest average time of the episodes she appears in. She even beats out J’onn and Winn from my previous post. In two episodes (12 and 18), she has the second most screen time behind Kara. It will be interesting to see how her role changes when she becomes a series regular next season. 

M’gann M’orzz:

Total Mean: 2:02       Episodes Appeared Mean: 6:22
Most Screen Time: Episode 11 -  The Martian Chronicles
Least Screen Time: Episode 3 - Welcome to Earth

M’gann M’orzz appears in 7 out of 22 episodes this season. This is obviously due to her ten episodes of being on Mars or else we might have seen more of her. As you could probably guess, her top two episodes were the Martian Chronicles and Survivors (aka the fight club one). In Episode 11, she holds the place for second most screen time behind Kara. 

There are a few things to remark about this data: 

First, despite not appearing in every episode and despite having less overall screen time than some other characters, both James and Maggie do snag an episode where they have the most screen time. Similarly, M’gann and Lena both manage to come in second to Kara in their respective episodes. The difference between them and the other characters is that when they do manage to come in first or second it is because that episode was written for them specifically. Alex, Mon-El, and J’onn all appear in second (or first) without necessarily having the episode focus on them and be written especially for them. 

Second, all but one of them (James) are new to the second season. In the last post, where I talked about characters who appeared in every episode, all but one of them (Mon-El) had been regulars in the first season. 

Third, all but one of them (Lena) are people of color on the show. In the last post, all but one of them (J’onn) were white. (One could also remark that three out of four on this post are female and three out of five in the last post were male ). 

Anyway, thanks for reading. I’ll have one more post about Season 2 coming out sometime this weekend where I finally put my survey to use. (If you haven’t taken it yet, please do. It’s one question: What were your top three episodes in season 2?)

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please message me!!

@volando-voy​ Both really good points. I did forget to mention that season 2 is two episodes longer. So it’s true that the average female screen time in season 2 is lower than in season 1. Good catch. 

And you’re also right about the significantly thing. So, I did a quick t-test to check to see if my numbers were significantly different. 


H0: μ(Female Season 1) - μ(Female Season 2) = 0 and 
H1: μ(Female Season 1) - μ(Female Season 2) > 0, 

I get a p-value of 0.0377 which, since it’s less than 0.05 means I can reject my null hypothesis and come to the conclusion that the mean female time in Season 1 is significantly different. Thanks for keeping me in check though!! :)

Screen Times for Season 2, Episode 19: Alex

Run Time: 40:54

Female Screen Time: 1:10:44

Male Screen Time: 29:36

Ratio of Female to Male Screen Time: 2.4

Kara Screen Time Total: 22:05

Ratio of Kara to Supergirl Screen Time: 1.1

Character with Most Screen Time: Maggie Sawyer with 23:54

Characters with less than 1 minute screen time: Young Kara, Young Alex, Young Rick

Screen Times for Season 2, Episode 22: Nevertheless, She Persisted

Run Time: 40:45

Female Screen Time: 1:06:00

Male Screen Time: 30:42

Ratio of Female to Male Screen Time: 1.8

Kara Screen Time Total: 30:42

Ratio of Kara to Supergirl Screen Time: 0.3

Character with Second Most Screen Time: Clark Kent with 16:02

Characters with Less than 3 minutes Screen Time: M’gann, and James

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Screen Times for Season 2, Episode 20: City of Lost Children

Run Time: 40:46

Female Screen Time: 0:38:21

Male Screen Time: 1:02:53

Ratio of Female to Male Screen Time: 0.61

Kara Screen Time Total: 8:19

Ratio of Kara to Supergirl Screen Time: 5.16

Character with Most Screen Time: James Olsen with 19:40

Characters with less than 2 minutes screen time: Eve Teschmacher, Brian

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