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Supergirl Least Favorite Episodes

Here are the results for the survey I sent out last week asking people about which were their least favorite episodes from the first two seasons of Supergirl. I got 380 responses which is over 200 more than I got last time (which is very, very exciting). Special thank you to everyone who reblogged the survey to spread it around. It’s thanks to you guys that I got as many responses as I did. The survey format was simple. Everyone answering had the choice of picking their top three least favorite episodes from each season. 

Season 1:

Out of the 380 responses, only 207 answered the first question about season 1. I got 310 data points which means that most people did not use all of their three responses. The episode with the most down votes was episode 10, which is the Winn-centric one. It is one of the episodes where Kara has the least screen time. It is also one of the episodes where Alex has the least screen time. It’s the episode where Cat has the least screen time and James has his third least screen time. Essentially, for most characters other than Winn, there is a dip in screen time and for anyone who has faves that aren’t Winn, that episode might have been uninteresting. (If you have your own opinion as to why people disliked it, feel free to share). 

The second most was Episode 15: Solitude. (Which I previously said was Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Thank you to the people who corrected me.) I’ve heard a few theories as to why people didn’t like it. Some don’t like Indigo as a villain and this was the episode where she was introduced and played a large part. @flafflewaffles said that the rift between Alex and Kara and Kara and J’onn after Astra’s death might have been the reason people didn’t like it. If anyone else has any theories, feel free to reply or send me a message. 

Season 2:

Out of the 380 responses, 372 answered the question about Season 2 and I got 871 data points (more people used all three of their responses). 

The results in season 2 are much less evenly distributed than in season 1. There are three episodes with over 200 votes (Episodes 13, 16, and 17), and the one with the next most (Episode 22) only has 42. Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk got the most votes (238). Star-crossed is next (233) and then Distant Sun (204). Episode 13, 16, and 17 all have one thing in common, which is that the story centers around Mon-El. 

Questions, comments, and concerns, just message me!! Once again, thanks for taking the survey :) You guys are all great. 

Supergirl Shared Screen Time

Some people have been curious about who people on Supergirl spend their time with. This post only includes how much time each character spends with Kara throughout the season. (Don’t worry! There will be more posts to come. this one just got really long.) The charts below include a) the total time throughout the season that the character spends with Kara, b) the mean time they spend with Kara in the episodes they appear in, c) the % of Kara’s total time they appear, d) the % of Kara’s time in the episodes they appear in, and e) the % of the character’s total time they spend with Kara. 

Season 1:

For the most part, the amount of time a character spends with Kara lines up pretty well with who had the most screen time. The exception to this rule, is J’onn, who falls just under James in total screen time, as opposed to here, where he is beat by both Cat and Winn.

J’onn, it turns out, is the most independent character in the show, most likely because we rarely see him outside of the DEO. While he is helping Kara from the DEO, giving instructions, or making plans, he isn’t actually in her company or on screen with her. The few times his character is given extra screen time (in the White Martian Episode and the one where they interrogate him) he doesn’t actually spend most of that extra screen time with Kara. (I have a hypothesis that he actually spends more time with Alex than with Kara but I need to test that before I actually say it.)

Winn, on the other hand, is the least independent character in Season 1, spending 76.3% of his screen time with Kara. Even James, who is there as a love interest is given a little more of his own screen time. 

Season 2: 

In Season 2, once again, screen time with Kara lines up pretty well with overall screen time, with the exception of Mon-El. In total screen time he has less than Alex, but in Season 2, he actually spends more time on screen with Kara than Alex does. This is despite the fact that the % of Kara’s time that Alex takes up went up by 2% from Season 1. He actually uses up Kara’s time by more than 10% compared to James last season. He spends more than 77% of his time with Kara. 

J’onn spends more of his time with Kara than last season by a wide margin and falls just behind Alex in most screen time spent with her. Winn and James, on the other hand, both fall in the standings. James in particular goes from spending 69% of his time with Kara to a meager 38% and the percent of Kara’s time he spends with her is cut to nearly a third of season 1′s. 

Alex’s total screen time in season 2 is about the same as in season 1 and the amount of time she spends with Kara is also about the same. What changes is actually Kara’s screen time which is about an hour less in season 2 than in season 1 (despite season 2 being two episodes longer). Because of this, the percent of Kara’s time that Alex spends with her goes up while the percent of Alex’s time she spends with Kara goes down. 

I will be doing another post soon in which I look at other relationships on the show. I am already planning on doing Alex and Astra, Alex and Maggie, J’onn and Alex, J’onn and M’gann, and James and Lucy. If there are any other relationships (romantic or otherwise) that you’d like me to look at, feel free to shoot me an ask or a message and I’ll be sure to include it. And, as always, feel free to ask me anything!!

@volando-voy​ pointed out to me that while graphs are very pretty to look at, sometimes having hard numbers is easier to process. So below I have the total screen times for the major characters for both Season 1 and Season 2. 

Season 1:

Season 2:

I think that just about covers it. If anyone has anything else they’d like to know (any characters not on this list, any groups of characters you’re curious about) shoot me an ask!! Or message me!! Either works. 

Season 2 Screen Times

A break down of screen times for the season by character. To see the breakdown from Season 1 click here

Above is the break down of screen times throughout the whole season for the characters that I considered to be regulars. All of these characters, with the exception of M’gann (but there’s no way I could leave her off) appeared in at least half of the episodes this season. Of course, Kara beats everyone out by quite a bit, which is to be expected. Just like last season, Alex is second behind her, with about half the screen time. This season, Mon-El, as Kara’s love interest, is next behind Alex, just like James was last season. Interestingly enough, despite this season being two episodes longer, Kara has about an hour less of screen time than last season. This is most likely due to the influx of new characters. Last season, on this graph, I only had five characters, other than Kara (Alex, James, J’onn, Cat, and Winn). This season, there are clearly more and their presence would have cut into Kara’s screen time. 

Now let’s do individual character breakdowns for the people who appear in every episode (I’ll do breakdowns for James, Maggie, Lena, and M’gann in another post):

Kara Danvers:

Mean: 22:36    Standard Deviation: 5:31
Most Screen Time: Episode 22 - Nevertheless, She Persisted   Least Screen Time: Episode 20 - City of Lost Children

The episodes where Kara has the most screen time are the first and last episodes of the season. In general though, she has less time on screen than she did last season. Her average screen time is five minutes less than last season’s. Her max screen time last season was 38 minutes while this season it’s only around 31. Similarly, her min screen time last season was around 14 minutes and this season it’s 8 minutes. Not only that, but as opposed to last season, where it only happened twice, this season other characters took top screen time five times (Maggie, Mon-El, James, and Alex twice). Not only that, but in Episode 20, Kara isn’t just beaten out. She falls to 7th place behind James, Marcus, Rhea, Winn, J’onn, and Mon-El. 

Alex Danvers:

Mean: 11:11    Standard Deviation: 4:42
Most Screen Time: Episode 15 -  Exodus  
Least Screen Time: Episode 18 - Ace Reporter

Alex, just like last season, is most often then character with the second most screen times, but unlike last season she only holds that spot for seven episodes. That said, in two of these episodes she actually beats Kara out for screen time. The first is in Episode 15 - Exodus, in which the story centers around Alex trying to get her father back from Cadmus. The other is in Episode 6 - Crossfire, where Kara is unconscious for a bit (I never count a character when they’re unconscious). And interesting fun fact, last season, Alex’s least amount of screen time also came in episode 18 where she was on screen for 0 minutes (while she was a fugitive). This season she gets a little more time with twenty-seven seconds. 


Mean: 9:40   Standard Deviation: 6:02
Most Screen Time: Episode 17 -  Distant Sun  
Least Screen Time: Episode 1 - The Adventures of Supergirl

Mon-El appears in every single episode after the first one (where he technically appears but he’s unconscious so it doesn’t count). After the first and second episodes, the episode he gets the least screen time in is Episode 11 - The Martian Chronicles where he only gets 3 minutes. He beats out Kara for screen time in Episode 17 in which a bounty is placed on Kara and he spends a lot of time with his parents trying to protect her. He also beats her, behind a few others in Episode 20. He has the second most screen time of any character in three other episodes, putting him just behind Alex’s seven. 

For anyone who would like to compare him to Season 1 James: Season 1 James’s average screen time was a minute less than Mon-El’s. He never had more screen time than her and only had the second most screen time once. He never had a screen time above sixteen minutes. Mon-El’s screen time exceeds this four times. 

J’onn J’onzz:

Mean: 7:10    Standard Deviation: 4:54
Most Screen Time: Episode 11 -  The Martian Chronicles  
Least Screen Time: Episode 21 - Resist

J’onn’s screen time fluctuates quite a bit this season. Peaking in random episodes and then dropping quickly again. (This is the case with many of the characters actually but it’s easiest to see with J’onn). That said, he does appear in every episode (though he is unconscious the whole time in episode 21). Like last season, the episode where he has the most screen time contains the word ‘Martian’ in the title which is how it should be. He comes second to Kara once in Episode 10 and beats her behind a few others in Episode 20. 

Winn Schott:

Mean: 7:08    Standard Deviation: 3:42
Most Screen Time: Episode 16 - Star-Crossed 
Least Screen Time: Episode 3 - Welcome to Earth

Winn, ever the trusty companion, has the most consistent screen times. Other than his huge leap in Episode 16 where he spends a lot of time trying to save Lyra, his screen times all fall within a pretty narrow range. While he never has the most screen time, he does beat Kara in Episode 20, where he falls in fourth place. 

Okay so that’s the summary for the characters who appeared in every episode. I know this is a really long post, which is why I will be doing James, Lena, Maggie, and M’gann in a separate post coming soon. Once again, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to message me (I’m pretty friendly). 

Season 2 Favorite Episodes

Thank you to everyone who filled out my survey!! I got 118 responses, which is pretty cool seeing as last time I did this I had to beg a couple people to reblog my post for me so that I could get more than nine responses. To anyone who didn’t see the survey, I asked for people to pick up to three of their favorite episodes. Not everyone did, which is fine, so I ended up with 248 data points. Unlike last season, where Falling and For the Girl Who Has Everything beat out all the others by quite a bit, this year the divisions are a little less drastic. 

The two most popular episodes were the last two. This could be due to any number of reasons: 1) The return of some well-liked characters like Cat Grant, Clark Kent, and M’gann M’orzz (and the President); 2) They both were in the top three highest ratios of Female to Male Screen Time (2.94 and 2.50 respectively, the third was Episode 3 with 2.51); 3) The final battles are always fun to watch. 

The next two most popular episodes were 12 and 18, both with 29 votes, and it’s much easier to hypothesize as to why they are so popular. 12 (Luthors) and 18 (Ace Reporter) are the episodes where Lena Luthor’s screen time is highest. In both of these episodes, Lena falls just behind Kara for most screen time. 

Episode 13, with 22 votes, was the Valentine’s Day episode. This episode was most likely popular among those who like romance or more specifically those who like Kara and Mon-el or Alex and Maggie. 

Episodes 15 and 19 both racked up 18 votes. Interestingly enough, in both of these episodes, Kara isn’t the character with most screen time. In Episode 15, it’s Alex who has the most screen time as she tries to save her father from Cadmus. In Episode 19, it’s Maggie as she tries to save Alex from Rick. These episodes both showcase Alex and Maggie’s relationship. In Episode 15, Maggie tells Alex that she is ‘ride or die’ and has her back every step of the way. In Episode 19, they reveal to one another just how much they care about each other. Episode 15 also gives us that really touching moment as Kara is trying to stop the space ship (this gave me a similar vibe to the end of the Black Mercy episode last season which was really popular). 

The only other episode that got over 10 votes is Episode 8, which served as the mid-season finale and was most likely popular because of a mix of a few of the reasons above (Lena’s involvement, the wrapping up of a major plot line, Kara succeeding against all odds). 

Anyway, thanks for reading!! These hypotheses are in no way me saying 100% that’s why these episodes are popular. They’re just what I think based on a few of the patterns that I found. If anyone else has any ideas (or if you voted for one of those episodes are you think I’m way off base) feel free to shoot me an ask or message me!! That’s all I had planned for Season 2. But as always, if you have any requests, let me know and I’ll get to them as soon as possible. 

Next Up (at some point): The Crossover Episodes

Shared Screen Time Part 2

I’ve been struggling a little with the best way to present the information. It was easier in the last post because it was all being compared with Kara but since the characters being compared are different it’s a little harder. So… I hope that this is clear enough and if you have any questions feel free to just ask. Character 1 always appears in all episodes of the season.

Season 1:

From the people on this list, only J’onn and Lucy spend more of their own time with another character than with Kara. J’onn spends over 23% more time with Alex than he does with Kara, but since he and Alex work in the same place that’s not surprising. Lucy also spends more time with James than she does with Kara. Alex doesn’t spend much of her time with Astra but Astra does spend 36% of her time with Alex, which is a pretty large percentage.

But these numbers are more interesting when compared to season 2 so here goes. 

Season 2:

Compared to last season, J’onn and Alex spend less time together. This season, J’onn actually spends much more time with Kara than with Alex (about 16% of his time). What changes? I actually am not sure. Kara spends more time at the DEO and she spends more time working. Whereas we see Alex in less of an official capacity and more personally. 

Winn and James’s roles get reversed. Winn actually spends less of his time with James (likely because he is no longer working at CatCo and the Super Friends never really congregate anymore). On the other hand, James spends more of his time with Winn than last season. This is obviously because of the Guardian connection. 

EDIT: Forgot to add that this season, James spends more time with Winn than he does with Kara (49.86% with Winn and 37.94% with Kara). 

When comparing love interests, M’gann spends over 82% of her screen time with J’onn (while J’onn only spends 23.30% of his time with her.) Maggie spends 71.22% of her time with Alex, but surprisingly, the number would be much higher if you discount 2x19. Maggie has the most screen time in that episode by far, and most of is isn’t spent with Alex so much as looking for her. Discounting that episode, Maggie spends 87% of her time with Alex and Alex spends 31% of her time in the episodes they both appear in with her. 

I’ll have the results of my last survey posted within the next couple days. As always, questions, comments, and concerns are welcome!!