season six is my favorite


My favorite six seconds of all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation


American Horror Story: Asylum (2012)

Six reasons why this season is my favorite 

The Other Secret

Ever since Patsy and Delia didn’t tell Trixie their big secret after she told them hers I can’t stop thinking about how everyone is going to find out. Because it has to happen this season, right? I have like six different theories, this is my favorite.

Patsy and Delia’s secret gets revealed to Nonnatus, shortly after the events of S5Ep6. 



Patsy quietly closed the main door of Nonnatus House behind her. She glanced up the stairs and smirked to herself when none of the lights looked on. She made her way into the kitchen and smiled, knowing who she would find.

Delia was leaning back against the counter in almost complete darkness. “Boy or girl?” she asked.

“False alarm,” Patsy peered over at the empty stove and spotlessly cleaned counters as she set her bag on the table and walked over to Delia. “No drinks tonight?” she asked with a fake pout.

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