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Here’s a picture of what happened after year-2000 Scully went back in time to Cannes ’98 and told Gillian about her cool idea of wearing a black turtleneck under a variably grey silk blazer with only the top button done up

This unparted-hair look is kind of freaking me out, but I guess that’s just one of the side effects of travelling through a wormhole.

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I'm rewatching season seven and Scully is so giggly and smiley and constantly flirting and touching her platonic partner. Dare I say Miss Scully is getting some spooky orgasms?

She’s a satisfied woman. I LOVE rewatching Season 7 because of this dynamic. Not only are they clearly (finally) getting some, they’re also beginning to allow themselves to be happy. It’s everything.

“I think part of the discomfort people had with this season and the next is, you know, you fall in love with these characters of Mulder and Scully and the quest is so obviously Mulder’s quest and it becomes Scully’s too, it feels almost like a betrayal to embrace another character or another actor, however fine he or she may be. And I think a lot of people just didn’t want to make that change, which is understandable.”

Frank Spotnitz, DVD commentary for “DeadAlive”


From the script for “The End”:

SCULLY: Yes, sir. I understand. Yes. I’ll communicate that …

Scully sits at Mulder’s desk, the phone to her ear. Behind her, Mulder lies slumped and spent on his couch, one hand over his eyes. As Scully continues on the phone.

SCULLY: (into phone) I’ll be reachable here if you need to get back to me.

And she hangs up. Swivelling to look at Mulder. Staring at him in silence for several moments until:

MULDER: (not looking up) What did Skinner say?
SCULLY: They wanted to suspend you without pay, but Skinner’s gone to bat for you. He’s made a case for your personal involvement clouding your judgement. (beat) But there are talks going on right now about reassignment.

MULDER: (looking up) For who?
SCULLY: Both of us.

Scully wears the grimmest of looks. There’s something she’s withholding, that she doesn’t want to say.

SCULLY: Those talks include instructions from the Justice Department to close the X-Files.

Mulder’s looking at Scully from where he lays. This lands on him heavily. He lays his head back.

MULDER: They’ve tried that before.
SCULLY: We may have given them just-cause this time, Mulder.

Mulder doesn’t deny or acknowledge this. All he does is turn over and face away from Scully. She rises from the chair, standing across from him for a moment.

SCULLY: I’m going to stay here if that’s okay with you. I’ll grab a blanket in the other room ..

Again, Mulder doesn’t respond to her. Scully takes a long, deep breath and moves off toward the bedroom.


Carter has no problem with the ripening sexual tension, but he wants the relationship to remain platonic. “From an actor’s standpoint, it’s too bad,” says Duchovny. “I would like to complicate the situation rather than maintain it in this limbo we’re told people like. We’ve been able to go places with the relationship over the years, but we don’t build on it. But that’s the nature of the show — there’s never any accumulation of experience.”

Entertainment Weekly, February 1999 

In which David “complicates the situation” through the episodes he writes and directs.


“Mulder. Rather than spirits… can we at least start with Tony’s friends? Please? Just… for me?

Dana Scully, “Rush”