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Figured out the Rick and Morty Code

typing the code (98 105 116 46 108 121 47 55 49 49 119 97 115 97 110 105 110 115 105 100 101 106 111 98) into a decimal to text converter gives the following:

which leads to THIS reddit:ßeekerß_7117_is_a_ßtate_of_mind/

the title of which states: remember, ßeekerß, 7117 is a ßtate of mind

does this mean july the 1st is the release date? or is this just to mess with us.

Lonnie headcanons!! Also the headcanons r for the individual characters when it transfers to ships I’m gonna do oneshots

•very close with her brother and her family
•was on the tourney team but quit when her grades started slipping
•she always is part of r.o.a.r.
•tries to make the vks as welcome as possible even though they’ve been there a while
•since some ppl still have the wrong idea
•is w/ jay a lot during r.o.a.r. season and chills in his room a lot
•gives Evie fabric if she sees something she’d think she’d like
•incredibly good with a sword
•loves her culture and embraces it every chance she has
•visits home all the time
•doesn’t like to wear makeup unless it’s a special occasion
•but she always does her hair
•practically the leader of the dance team


This scene gets me for a couple of reasons. First, since Rick knew it was a fake gun, that means he was probably insulting Morty so Council Rick wouldn’t know that it was all part of his plan for Morty to pull the gun. Rick had to make it seem like Morty was doing something stupid or his plan wouldn’t work. 

But Morty didn’t know that. All he saw was his grandfather, his sister, and another Rick ganging up on him about how much of a moron he is, and it started to overwhelm him. Morty has already had to deal with not being as smart as Rick for multiple episodes: Lawnmower Dog and especially Close Rick Counters of the Rick Kind becuase he thought Rick only spent time with him because his “dumb” brain waves camouflaged Rick’s “genius” waves. So his intellect was already a sore spot for him, and this was the final straw when Morty thought he was doing the right thing by standing up to Rick to save Summer but then everyone ridiculed him for not being able to tell that it was only part of Rick’s plan (which no one else was able to do, actually).

So Morty snapped. He snapped just like he snapped during the Purge and he downright murdered Rick. That’s what gets me the most. If that gun was real, Rick would have been dead and Morty would have had to deal with the fact that he killed his own grandfather.  So I really hope that this season addresses what Morty did, his anger issues, his sore spot about his intellect, his issues with Rick, and he actually gets help. Because Morty can’t go on like this. And I don’t want to see him snap again.