season pee


I think Negan perfectly sums up the feeling many Americans have today when they think about who’s just been elected president… 


Look I’m not saying that @evenbechnet is psychic but I’m not saying we aren’t either.

Our evil satanic Overlord Mikael may or may not have possessed the group chat as far back as 12.02.17.

All of this was foreseen.



(And by sweet moves, I mean running up and down the ramps with glee and dig-dig-digging.) 

Castiel’s angel abilities in Season 4:

  • Super strength
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Dream Walking
  • Basically impenetrable skin (with the exception of angel blades)
  • Teleportation
  • Hand to hand combat skills
  • Master strategizer (Leader of his garrison)
  • Time travel
  • Demon Smiting

Cas’s angel abilities in Season 12:

  • Not peeing?
  • Laundering his clothes while on his body
  • Getting his ass kicked unreasonably easily by demons and humans
  • Bleeding dramatically
  • Bad taste in outerwear
  • Emojis

anonymous asked:

If Kandy Muse and Vader van Odd were on next season I would pee from excitement

oh bitch…oooooh bitch….

i wouldn’t know who to root for. i’d be like team vandy von muse

believe it or not but - back in late ‘08/early '09, destiel was considered a rare ship (and look at what it is now)

this is roughly what we think of the beauty that is the crowlean ship

this is the dark ages, fellow crowlean fans, but in a few years time, we will walk into the light and take over tumblr. completely.

tumblr will be our kingdom and we’ll be the kings B)