season one was an absolute gem


I absolutely love this frame by the way, it perfectly represents Garnet’s badassness.

Jesus that’s one strong as hell punch, I’m guessing Jasper is one of those gems who could easily destroy another gem with a single hit.

Interesting that she starts with that and not her knife thingy.

Man, Garnet is just dancing around her, no problem at all. I love this so much, because we never get to see Garnet fight, and now that we do she’s full of confidence and it makes for a great fight.

Also this song is amazing.

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phineas and ferb's quality declines severely in the second half

i agree that a lot of the later episodes are overall worse quality than the earlier ones but the later season ones that ARE good are absolute gems. of course the show isnt perfect and gets worse as time goes by - that’s the nature of being a formulaic children’s cartoon that was on the air for like nine years

dunno why you felt the need to be like ‘hey this thing you like a ton, i actually think its bad’ though that just seems pretty unnecessary 


Has anyone else noticed that he is absolutely right?

What’s crazier is that they snuck this into the middle of the first season, well before we understood what the Kindergarten is for. It really demonstrates the depth of the worldbuilding that went into this show.

It also gives a bit more credence to the Rose Diamond theory, in my opinion (at least confirming that diamonds govern the gem homeworld, connecting with the mention of Yellow Diamond in The Return/Jailbreak).

And does it amuse anyone else that Ronaldo seems to know more about what’s actually going on than literally anyone else?

Does this mean he’s also right about sneople controlling our government at the highest level

(from S1E31, gifs courtesy of estufar)

iamvalc: and to this gem right here. It isn’t the end, just the beginning. Next season will begin however, and I will embark on yet another journey.. with a new partner 😭😊😘 .. but you my friend have been an absolute pleasure. Seeing you grow and become a proud young woman with your head held high and your star shining brighter than ever has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. We’ll dance again, I promise… but know regardless of what we do from here on and where we go, you’ll always have me cheering and rooting you on.. and kicking your butt of course.. from the side. I’m so proud of you…thank you for letting me be part of your story. Love you champ 🙏🏽😘 ruelarue