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Malec + That Boiling Hot Bath (post 2x20)

this is really just a whole lotta fluff. i couldn’t stop thinking about it and yeah, i had to write it down. i wrote it really quick and there’s no editing, so sorry for any typos. 

anyway, enjoy. 

Magnus stared down at the man asleep on his chest. Alec had fallen asleep shortly after they had finished…celebrating. Magnus could tell that these past few months had taken a toll on Alec as well as himself, so he wasn’t that offended when Alec began snoring on his chest. 

It had been about an hour, and Alec was finally starting to stir. He sighed against Magnus’ bare stomach, but didn’t look up. “Hi,” he whispered. 

“Hi,” Magnus whispered back, trailing his hand up and down Alec’s marked back. He felt Alec tense at his touch and drew his hand back. “Alexander? What’s wrong?” 

Alec’s voice was low when he spoke. “I-nothing’s wrong, I’m just really sorry. I feel like I don’t deserve to be here.” 

“Stop apologizing, Alec. It’s okay, I’m okay.” 

“I just don’t want you to resent me for it,” Alec sighed. 

Alec felt Magnus’ chest begin to shake underneath him. “After what we just did, I think it’s safe to say I’m quite a long way from resenting you,” he laughed. He resumed running his fingers across his boyfriend’s back. “Now, come on. Get up. Let’s go.” 

“What?” Alec said, finally sitting up to look at Magnus. The silk sheets were a pale pink today, and they fell down to Alec’s waist when he sat up. He saw Magnus look down and swallow before meeting his eyes again. “Where are we going?”  

Magnus slid off the bed and stood up, clearly not caring that he wasn’t wearing any clothing. “To take that boiling hot bath I was talking about.” He disappeared into the bathroom, confident that Alec would follow. 

When Alec walked into Magnus’ very extravagant bathroom, he saw that the tub had magically been filled and he could see the steam rising from it. Magnus was already in it, his tanned skin glistening with droplets of water. “Well, you don’t waste any time, do you?” Alec asked, sinking into the scalding water, his back to Magnus’ chest. 

“When it comes to a nice bath? Absolutely not.” Magnus wrapped his arms around Alec’s torso and pulled him into his chest. Alec sunk down and leaned his head back on Magnus’ shoulder, settling in between his legs. Magnus’ bathtub was big enough to fit about four grown men, but Alec decided he wanted to sit like that. He wanted to be as close to Magnus as he possibly could. 

“Needs bubbles,” Magnus said and snapped his fingers. There was quick blue spark and then the tub was suddenly almost overflowing with bubbles. Alec laughed and intertwined his fingers with Magnus’ where they rested on his stomach. 

Magnus looked down at the shadowhunter and thought about what he had blurted out in the alley outside of the Hunter’s Moon. I don’t think I can live without you he’d said. Of all the things Magnus would have thought Alec would say, that definitely wasn’t on the list; but, then again, Alec was always full of surprises. 

Alec’s eyes were closed and his face seemed oddly tight. “You need to relax,” Magnus whispered in his ear. “Just let go for once.” 

“I’m trying,” Alec murmured. “I know it’s all over. It’s just really hard to believe. Then there’s Jace, and something is most definitely wrong. I don’t know what, but he feels off.” 

“Ah, here we are, having a romantic evening, and you want to talk about Jace,” Magnus said. 

Alec’s eyes shot open and he suddenly looked very panicked. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think. I just, I guess I-” He tried to sit up, but Magnus pulled him back and made him put his head back on the warlock’s shoulder. 

Relax,” Magnus chuckled. “I’m kidding. We can talk about whatever you want to talk about.” Magnus could see the tension leaving Alec’s body as he closed his eyes again. 

“I missed you,” Alec said, his voice catching. “I really, really missed you.” 

Magnus suddenly wondered how he ever thought he could live without this boy. It had only been a few months, but it felt like a lifetime with Alec. “I missed you, too. So much.” 

“Can we never fight like that again?” Alec asked in complete seriousness. 

“We’ll try our best,” Magnus replied. Magnus leaned down at pressed his lips against Alec’s neck, trailing his kisses up to Alec’s jaw. 

“There’s still so much for us to talk about,” Alec said, gasping a little. 

“Ugh,” Magnus groaned against Alec’s skin. “We can talk tomorrow. Let’s just enjoy tonight.” He bit down on Alec’s throat, pulling the skin into his mouth. 

Alec made a sound low in his throat before turning his head to catch Magnus’ lips with his own. They moved in sync for a while, just allowing themselves to drink each other in. Magnus moved his left hand up to cup Alec’s jaw, pressing his mouth harder against Alec’s. 

Bubbles were now covering the right side of Alec’s face, and he broke the kiss as he began to laugh. Magnus thought it was the most beautiful sound in the world. He hardly ever got to hear Alec laugh, really laugh. A smile spread across his face as he watched the person he loved most in the world, finally let go. 

Alec picked up some bubbles in his hands and reached up to put them in Magnus’ hair. “Got you,” he said with a triumphant smile. A smile that melted Magnus’ heart. 

“You have no idea,” Magnus replied, and Alec knew he wasn’t talking about the bubbles. “God, I love you.” 

Alec’s eyes were shining with unshed tears now. “I never thought I’d hear you say that again,” he breathed. 

“I can never say it enough and I will never stop saying it. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.” Magnus let Alec sit up and pull away from his chest. He watched as Alec turned around to look at him. A single tear fell from Alec’s eye and rolled down his cheek. Magnus lifted a bubble-covered hand to wipe it away. “Don’t cry, my love.” 

“I love you,” Alec half sobbed as he threw himself against Magnus, causing water to slosh over the tub and splash onto the floor. Magnus caught him as he wrapped his arms around Magnus’ neck in a hug. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” Alec mumbled into Magnus’ neck. 

“Likewise,” Magnus said and pushed Alec back slightly so that he could see his face. “Why are you crying?”

Alec wasn’t even trying to prevent himself from crying at this point. He didn’t feel weak, if anything he felt unbelievably strong sitting there in Magnus’ arms. “Because I love you so much I can hardly stand it,” Alec answered. 

Magnus really had to stop asking questions because if he got one more response like that tonight, he thought he was going to combust. “Oh, Alexander. You have no idea how much I love you.” 

“Then show me.” 


yellowgoingblue  asked:

“i work at a little market/store and u came up to the register with a candy bar but didn’t have enough money to pay for the entire thing. but don’t worry, i got you, fam” au: I saw this and my mind screamed, "ANDREIL".

ok i combined both of these and neither is fully what you asked for but i hope you like it anyway!!!

It’s hot the way only New Jersey gets hot, America’s swampy asshole, thick damp air under an impermeable layer of smog, the sun mocking him from where it hangs between a few grey clouds that indicate but don’t promise an upcoming rain.

Neil’s jog is taking much, much longer than usual thanks to an unbearable amount of traffic. It doesn’t help that he’s had to reroute himself to get some British candy bar from the one Wawa that—without explanation—carries British candy bars.

He gets there eventually, eight miles away from his apartment and so fully dehydrated that he’s questioning how the fuck he’s going to make it back. Wawa is, as always, an oasis: refrigerators line the walls, and within them, blissfully, is cold water. He grabs a bottle and drinks half of it in the aisle before even going on the search for the Mars Bar.

The candy aisle has nothing, just mostly-depleted cardboard boxes of Snickers and Twix. The international section is mainly Latin American and Asian goods, and then, crammed between coconut water and Goya goods, a box of Mars Bars.

Like the boxes in the candy aisle, it’s empty.

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paperweight | pcy

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

park chanyeol. reader-insert. 5,2k words. fluff/angst. au

—it couldn’t hold onto those letters forever. Neither could he hold onto her.

this one is for Liv @xiuminsm

Dear Chanyeol, 

I’m not quite sure whether to classify you as dumb or cute. Seriously, Park Chanyeol? You sent a ring along with a letter with the words “will you marry me?”and a doodle of yourself kneeling, I can’t believe you!

Oh, and PS: Yes, I will.

Love, ____.

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the idea of you; peter parker

summary: reader is overly-dramatic about being in love with peter parker and someone has to do something about it.

word count: 3,700 yo 

warnings: the overuse of the name peter parker, an unnecessarily long fic, terrible writing, some swearing, and the fact that i didn’t bother editing this.

a/n: inspired by the song idea of you by mxmtoon! i wrote half of this at midnight and the other half is just me trying to come up with a decent ending. the last part is so rushed i’m sorry. lmk if i need to fix anything or smth. i don’t even know how to write peter parker. this is the first thing i’ve written in a year.

Your name: submit What is this?

You stared at the back of Peter Parker’s head as you probably missed really important information about your next biology project. Being in love is so uncomfortable.

Or, at least you think it’s love. Maybe? It’s been a few weeks and you still don’t know.

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Kane, Jaha, And Bellamy: Atonement, Redemption, and Learning to Live With What You’ve Done

In the first three episodes of season four, Bellamy has gotten two “here’s how you move on” pep talks, one from Kane in 401 and now one from Jaha in 403.  Each one offers starkly different advice for him, and I think in each instance it reveals more about the advice giver than Bellamy himself.  Both Kane and Jaha are men who have made mistakes while leading much like Bellamy, and given the whole “the youth are inheriting the earth” theme we’re going with this season, I don’t think it’s an accident that they’re laying out two different paths for Bellamy to take.

Let’s start with Kane.  At the end of 401 he says, You turn the page and you don’t look back. You do better today than you did yesterday, you understand?  Before you know it, you’ll deserve to survive.  Kane gives Bellamy two concrete pieces of advice for dealing with his guilt: put it behind you and do better.  There’s no changing the past and no reinterpreting it to make yourself feel better– you own up to the shit you did, and you make sure you don’t do it again.

This is basically what Kane did after the Culling, after all.  He did his best to save everyone, both on the Ark and then on the ground.  He’s committed himself to not making the same mistakes and I would say he’s been pretty damn successful.  But I also want to draw your attention to the last bit of his advice:

Before you know it, you’ll deserve to survive.  

He’s offering Bellamy a chance to escape his guilt through atonement.  Kane is suggesting that good deeds might not wipe away the terrible things he’s done, but that they might eventually outweigh his sins.  There’s no fixing the past, but you can earn a better future by atoning for what you’ve done.  It’s an action-based plan, which I think would appeal to Bellamy but I also don’t know if he’s totally on board.

Now, there’s Jaha.  You’ve made mistakes, it’s true, but your intentions were pure.  Every choice you made you made to save your people, even shooting me…twice.  As long as that’s the truth, you don’t need redemption.  What Jaha suggests here is very different from Kane, because he essentially says no further action is needed.  All that matters are Bellamy’s intentions, and as long as his motive was to save their people he’s already in the clear.  In contrast to Kane, Jaha proposes an entirely theoretical model for easing Bellamy’s guilt.

This fits perfectly with Jaha’s character thus far, especially on the ground.  Where Kane focused on deeds to prove himself worthy of surviving, Jaha has examined his motivations.  I do think it’s accurate to say that he sought out ALIE and the City of Light to try and save his people, and while that created terrible destruction, his motivation was, to use his word, pure.  

And don’t forget: As long as that’s the truth, you don’t need redemption.

To paraphrase Sex and the City for a moment, Jaha basically got that out of Convenient Theories for You Monthly.  ALIE’s reign of terror over Polis lead to countless deaths, but Jaha has already made his peace with that.  (I don’t think he’s completely over the deaths he’s caused, but I think he has accepted that he can’t change what happened and thus further guilt would not be productive).  However, I also want to contrast his concept of redemption with Kane’s (implied) concept of atonement, because redemption is given to you, but you earn atonement.

Jaha claims to not even need redemption, but I don’t think that’s entirely true.  He told Clarke to hope there’s a forgiving God, after all, so I do think he’s worried about his soul.  But I also think he sees that as in someone else’s hands– he did what he did and he may be judged for it, but there is nothing he can do to change that now.  Nothing will bring those people back so he will not waste time seeking atonement.  He will continue to live and try to save his people, because at the end of all things what matters is what is in your heart.

At their most basic, these two options are essentially Catholicism (absolution is earned through penance and good deeds) and Protestantism (forgiveness is granted by the grace of God alone).  I don’t think the show is necessarily making a point about Christian morality, but I do think it is worth pointing the parallels out.

And now, for Bellamy’s choice.  

At first blush, it seems like Bellamy is choosing to listen to Kane.  He responds I hope so when Kane offers his guidance, and it makes perfect sense, character-wise, for Bellamy to listen to his beloved Beard Dad.  They are characters whose arcs have paralleled each other, especially during first season, and they have very similar I Am Your Dad Now habits when it comes to strays.  Bellamy clearly looks up to Kane, and atonement-through-deeds would obviously appeal to a character like Bellamy who prizes action above almost all else.  He chose to save the slaves in 402, putting the immediate lives of those he knows he can save above the hypothetical lives of people he isn’t sure they can save several months from now.  He’s saving who he can save today, one day at a time.  He’s turning the page and doing better, and according to Kane that means that one day, he’ll deserve to survive.

But I’m not so sure Bellamy believes that.  Let’s go back to the end of his conversation with Jaha: If you’re wrong and there is a hell, I guess I’ll see you there, Bellamy sneers.  And then Jaha hits the nail on the head: How many people do you have to save before you forgive yourself?

Guys, Bellamy doesn’t answer because there isn’t a number– for Bellamy, there is no atonement.  He can save every single person on the face of the earth and it still won’t be good enough.  So with Jaha– a man Bellamy clearly doesn’t particularly like, which I point out because a lot of times it is easier to be honest with people we aren’t close to– we see that mask slip.  Jaha says okay, tell me the number– how many good deeds do you have to do to save your soul? and Bellamy just looks away.

He’s caught here, because not only is there no atonement for Bellamy, there’s also no redemption.  He doesn’t believe I meant well is a good enough reason for redemption, but he also doesn’t believe there’s anything he can do that can outweigh the bad things he’s already done.  He’s never going to deserve to survive, and if there’s an afterlife, he’s going to be punished for his sins.  This is a bleak, dark place for Bellamy to be, and it hurts.  But it’s also clearly the beginning of his arc, not the end.

So where is he going to go from here?  Well, as always with this show, I think he’s going to find himself carving a third path.  Kane is standing on one side saying you can earn your absolution and Jaha is on the other side saying your sins are too heavy for that, you must make peace with your intentions.  I suspect Bellamy is going to have to find a middle ground somewhere between atonement and redemption– to accept that he may never be able to forgive himself for what he’s done, but make some peace with it anyway.  He’s going to have to save who he can save today, and then forgive himself for the ones he couldn’t.

The Contest-Part 27

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Jared was looming tall and strong over me as he snapped, “I SAID, take off your shirt, Y/N.”

“And I said, MAKE ME.”  I sat back on the bed and just looked at him, hardly daring to breathe.

He moved quickly for such a large man.  One of his huge hands grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled, tearing it in half and scattering buttons everywhere.  Flinging the pieces to the side, he hooked his hand around my waist and yanked me to him.

“I may be a professional Y/N,” He hissed in my ear. “But if Rory Montgomery so much as glances in your direction, I will kick his ass.  I’m selfish where you are concerned, I won’t share.”

“I could care less what Rory does, Jared.  Gemini has taught me a lot about soul mates, and I think you are mine.” I murmured as I ran my lips against his neck.  

He started to say something else, but I silenced him with a finger to the lips.  “Shhh! I’m done talking about Rory.  Are you gonna show me who I belong to or not?”

With a snarl, Jared pounced.  He suddenly seemed to grow a second set of arms because his hands seemed to be everywhere.  He managed to unhook my bra and yank it off before I even knew he had done it.  He kissed me with an air of barely restrained violence, and it sent me into overdrive.

I lay back on the bed and pulled him down with me, our mouths battling for dominance.  He licked and bit his way down my body, seemingly determined to mark me for all to see.

Jared was usually a patient and considerate lover who took his time and made sure I was satisfied in every way, but not today.  Today he took what he wanted, and there was a rough, reckless edge to him that drove me wild.

He wasn’t at all gentle when he kissed me, instead his tongue plundered my mouth and he drank from me as though he might never get to kiss me again.  His long fingers dug into my skin as he pounded into me, and I knew I would be bruised later, but I didn’t care.

It seemed as though Jared couldn’t get enough of me that night, I woke to find his hands and mouth on me multiple times. When sleep finally overtook us, our bodies entwined,  I couldn’t stop smiling.


I had fallen asleep in Sam’s arms that night, drunk on his kisses and still in shock about the knowledge that we were going to have a son.  Sam would make an amazing father, I could tell already.  I just wish I had as much confidence in my skills as a mother.

My sleep had been filled with dreams of our life as a family: me, Sam, and our son.  I saw us living in the bunker and raising our son here in the life, Sam and I taking turns hunting with Dean.

There was so much he needed to learn if he was going to grow up to be the one to defeat Lucifer and Jack.  But I have to admit I felt a bit like Atlas with the weight of the world resting on my shoulders.  So much responsibility.  So much we would need to make sure he learned.  Now not only did we need to manage to keep ourselves alive but him too.  And Lucifer was determined to kill me.

It was suddenly all so overwhelming I couldn’t breathe. I woke up gasping for air and managed to extricate myself from Sam’s arms without waking him.  As soon as I had opened my eyes, I knew I wasn’t in the bunker anymore.  I grimaced in annoyance.  “Dammit Lucifer, why do you keep doing this?” I shouted.

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The Forgotten King

-This is kind of like a fic, but not exactly written with the intention to be one, but please still read and enjoy! This is written with Jeremy as the main character, but has very light Joelay elements- 

-To summarize this plot, There are five immortal kings, but Jeremy, a scholar in the domain of King Ryan, finds ancient texts that talk about a sixth king – The king of Thorns. He sets off on a quest to find more information, if not the king himself (because after all, how do you kill an immortal?) and in the process ends up becoming the new sixth king himself-


The five immortal kings ruled all of the land. Powerful beings that could crush the world in two, yet looked just like another person. The only thing that gave them away was the thrones they sat on and the look in their eyes that had seen the centuries. Despite their strength, they do not consider themselves gods. 

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Jamie Benn #5

Requested by Anon:  Hi!! I love your writings and I read them all as soon as I followed you! But I was wondering if you could write something about Jamie Benn? I’m feeling something sad so idk something like he was in a bad accident and now he’s in a coma and he has been for a while (a couple of years) and you visit him every day but now you’re wondering if you should move on and idk… You can end it however. Thanks !!

*Than you so so much! I hope you like this and I know it’s been a while but I hope you’re feeling better now (I feel like you wanting something sad is a projection of what you were feeling when you made this request but IRDK). Caution: really sad and a lot of internal conversations. I am not a nurse/doctor/or someone who works in the medical field so if I got some things wrong, please bear with me. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 932

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The steady beep, beep, beep of the heart monitor that was once a solace has now become something of a death sentence you can no longer ignore. Behind you, the tv is playing the Stars-Avs game, Razor’s voice booming and lively. How they managed to get the Stars games in British Columbia, you still don’t know but you’re thankful nonetheless.

Just as the Stars’ goal horn sounded, with Jordie assisting on a Tyler Seguin goal, his mom came up behind you, reaching out to comb Jamie’s hair back, “he’s doing better today,” she said, voice so quiet that you had to strain your ear to hear her. It’s as if she’s scared to be too loud.

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Renegade (pt. 3)

Originally posted by parkchanyeolieoppa

Another wolf-finds-his-mate story, but I kicked it up a notch and created a whole new world around it.

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Supernatural (EXO as wolves, but more species involved in the storyline)

Word count: 5039 words

Warning: None!

New to the series? Start your adventure here: Prologue (Don’t skip it, it contains info you’ll need in a small part of this chapter)
The posts will always contain a link to the next part, unless that part hasn’t been posted yet.

Part 3

The light that shone through the open windows, brightened the whitely painted parquet floor and wheat brown walls of Chanyeol’s bedroom. Whereas last night, the artificial lightening from his simple pendant Scandinavian ceiling light gave the feel of a cosy bedroom, the atmosphere in the room was now more heavenly. The sound of whistling birds filled the room and small details such as the tree stump nightstands, his carefully located acoustic guitar and the present house plants even made one overlook the small mess on his desk.

Chanyeol felt very comfortable. Despite his legs being tangled up with (y/n)’s under the sheets, the feeling of his arms holding her close and her perfume, now perfected in his presence, satisfied his inner wolf immensely and he wanted time to stop so he could stay like that forever.

He opened his eyes, curious to (y/n)’s sleeping figure. As her head was nestled snugly in his neck, he carefully tried to lower himself without waking her to be at eye-height with her.

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Pink Roses

Summary: Popular!FootballPlayer!Phil comes up with creative ways to ask Pastel!Dan to Prom, but it doesn’t work out the way he’d hoped. 

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: none

Genre: fluff mostly, maybe angst if you squint really hard

Being the senior football star of his high school, you’d think that Phil Lester would already have a date to Prom. He was the only one on his football team that didn’t have a pretty girl on his arm planning out their outfits so that they matched perfectly.

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MistyMountainHop’s That ‘70s Show Fanfic that Never Was: #9

A few years ago, I wrote a partial draft and outline of a One Difference story, but other stories stole my creative attention. I’d held off from sharing this one here because I thought I might finish it someday, but that seems highly doubtful now (I’m working on several other stories I very much hope to post).

Remember, first drafts are just that: first drafts. I revise a story a lot before I post it on FFNet and AO3 (which is one reason why I take longer to put out new stories than other people). Beware clunky sentences and other strange, first drafty things (*lol*).

And now, without further discussion, I present…

aka One Difference: Hyde Doesn’t Pass Out (at the Beer Warehouse)

August 18, 1979
Point Place, Wisconsin
The Pinciottis’ Living Room

Jackie and Donna finished off their joint. The smoke hadn’t made Jackie feel better about Steven’s absence, and being surrounded by the tacky décor of Donna’s living room didn’t help matters either. Aqua and silver belonged at the bottom of the ocean together, as a rusting hull of a ship and the water surrounding it. They didn’t belong in a house.

Donna was going on about starting a rock band called the Sandy Sandals, but sand reminded Jackie of dirt, and dirt reminded her of Steven. She’d given him an ultimatum, either he proposes or she leaves for Chicago to start a life without him. He had until noon tomorrow, seventeen hours from now, but as each minute ticked by, her heart sank lower and lower in her body, like that silver ship. Rusting and rotting at the bottom of the sandy ocean. And now she was back to Steven.

“You know,” she said, “I thought if I really put myself out there he’d see how much I love him and say yes right away. And then when he didn’t, I thought, ‘Okay, well, maybe he’ll take a couple hours and then say yes.'” She frowned, even though it would give her frown lines. “But now I think he’s only taking so long ‘cause he’s gonna say no.” Her heart plummeted to her knees. “Donna, what if he says no?”

“Jackie, if Hyde says no, then you and I get a van,” Donna said, smiling, “and the Sandy Sandals tour America.” A thick candle was lit on the coffee table behind the couch. She took it and gazed into the flame, but she replaced it on the table when hot wax dripped on her hand. “Anyway, men are stupid. Eric knows who I work with at the radio station. There’s no Kevin. He should’ve realized I was trying to make a point by saying I had a date tonight. But at least I hurt him a little, like he hurt me a lot by deciding to go to Africa without even talking to me about it.”

“Men are stupid,” Jackie said. “Steven has the most beautiful, talented woman on the planet wanting to spend the rest of her life with him, and all he can do is say, 'I don’t know’? Idiot.”

“Well, helloooo, toots!” Eric said. He was at the hallway door, and he stumbled down the one step to the recessed living room. “Back from your date so soon, huh? Used to be you had to buy a girl dinner if you’d want her to …” he gestured at Donna, “slide all over you, moaning like a ghost.”

Jackie and Donna share a disgusted look. Then Steven stumbles down the step and bumps into Eric. “Outta the way, Forman.”

“Steven?” Jackie jumps up from the couch.

Donna stands up behind her and says, “Okay, you know what? I didn’t have a date, but I should’ve.”

“Wait, so you lied?” Eric says, and Steven looks unsteady on his feet, like he’s about to fall over.

Jackie pushes Eric out of the way, and Eric crashes to the floor. But Jackie doesn’t care. She supports Steven, who’s swaying on his feet. “What happened?”

Donna goes to Eric’s side and helps him up. “They’re drunk-a-duck. Daffy Duck. Wascally wabbits..”

Eric says, “And you’re high.”

Donna giggles. “Yeah.”

Jackie, though, thinking about Steven then seeing Steven, has sobered up a bit. “Drunk?”

“Jackie,” Steven says, “I gotta tell you somethin’, Jackie … but first, I gotta get on the floor.”

“What?” Jackie says, but Steven’s already on his knees.

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Too Friendly (Rafinha)

a/n: this is mildly nsfw 

“I can’t ever play Parchís with you Neymar, you cheat too much.” A soft laugh escaped your mouth as you brought over snacks to where the boys were.

Whether it was during the season or in the offseason, Neymar and your boyfriend Rafinha were inseparable. You often joked with Rafa that he might as well just make the spare bedroom in you guys’ place Neymar’s room.

The Brazilian duo were back at it again with a few other of their friends. Today, they all sat out by the pool on the balcony, playing Parchís. You were managing to get a little tan on in your two piece, but the noise they were making shooed you away to catch up with a TV series on Netflix.

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anonymous asked:

Adjacent stands at the farmer’s market AU with Klaroline trying to out do each other please :) Love your fan fics btw

Hello, lovely anon, Sorry it took me so long to come up with this… But I hope you enjoy this… :)


Caroline Forbes was the bane of his existence, a thorn in his side, a pain in his bloody arse and the one who would always have his heart. Klaus Mikaelson grunted angrily when he saw her already set with her stall ready. She was absolutely stunning in her sunshine yellow top and blue jeans with her hair bundled messily on top her head. A few golden tresses kissed her cheeks. He felt a bit jealous of those tresses.

For years growing up in the same neighborhood with adjacent family farms they had, had this silent competition between them.

Even as kids they always did stuff to outdo each other. When she would ride her bike he would also bring out his own and a silent race that who would go faster would ensue between them.

When Thomas had first kissed her in eighth grade he had ended up sleeping with some random girl from his art class the same day.

When he had worked his arse off to get A grade in the Essay contest she had participated in both Essay and debate competitions and had gotten an A++ in the essay and a first prize in the debate. Then had bragged about it the neighborhood lunch.

When she had decided she would take Maths major in high school he had went onto take Advanced Math classes even though he hated Math more than anything else and had ended up failing it miserably.

When time had come for them to choose a college they had both decided that they wouldn’t go to one. They would rather stay home and run the family farm. For him at the time, four years ago, it had been about showing her that he could also do the right thing by his family but he had later realized that it had actually been the right decision.

And even though their fathers were bosom friends, Klaus and Caroline never saw eye to eye.

He wasn’t late rather Miss Always On Time was freaking early. He knew she had shown up early at the Farmer’s Market so she could out-sell him like last season. This season would be his. They even competed at the Farmer’s Market that who would sell more vegetables and fruits.

Hee would at no cost let Forbes win. He set the crates he had been holding, down and she sauntered over to his side.

“Always so tardy. You know early bird catches the first worm, they teach that in middle school.” her tone haughty as she crossed her arms over her chest with a smug smile.

“I’m not late. You came early Forbes. Always so over efficient. I’m not here to catch worms by the way.” he replied and winked at her.

Then opened the folded table and Caroline swiftly moved away to avoid being hit by its edge. She hated the way he addressed her like she was a pesky kid. Too bad he had lousy manners and was well endowed in looks only with his translucent blue eyes and those dimples in a ruggedly handsome face. Dimples which her friend Sally said made a woman’s knickers wetter than monsoon rain.

She hated that she had always felt that Sally was right but she would rather drown herself in acid than admit it. Shoving back that annoying flicker of attraction for him she bit out, “You moron. You could’ve hurt me with that.”

“But I didn’t. Did I?” he asked and tried his damndest to ignore her scent which was a little floral and a little tangy today. It was something different everytime and it always left him turned on

“Nice. Real mature of you. Anyway this year like the last two years I’m gonna win.”

“You only won the last two times because you got your pet Tyler to help you. He and his group of frat boys bought stuff from you just so you couldn’t lose to me. But he isn’t here this season. I heard you two broke up.” Klaus answered with a self-satisfied smile of his own. Upon hearing about her break up Klaus had felt so happy. He hated Tyler so much, that buffoon didn’t deserve her.

“Could you be anymore insensitive and say that with a bigger smile.”

“I really could but I don’t have time to discuss your love life.”

“At least I have a love life.” she sneered.

Klaus placed a sheet over the table and looked back at her. Those loose tresses fluttered over face with the light breeze. He had the urge to pull her closer and taste those pink lips. His desires always in a turmoil when close to her.

Two ladies approached him and asked about apples. He set a few fruit baskets on the table and replied, “And I have customers.”

The women began flirting with him. It irritated the heck out of Caroline. She left in a huff and went to her own stall that was set adjacent to his.


By midday Caroline had already sold a variety of fruits but she saw Klaus was outselling her. For the third time he had blocked one of her customers. She sat the water bottle down she had been drinking from and stormed to his side.

“You cheat. Stop stealing my customers.”

“I am not stealing them.”

“You were.”

“I wasn’t.”


“Bill. Look they are fighting again. I think I angered God when I wished I wanted us to be family. I wanted our kids to fall in love and marry and instead they became enemies.” Mikael sighed as he saw Klaus block the tomato Caroline threw at him.

“Oooh. That’s my girl. Your son needs a good rap on his ears. He is wasting precious time he needs to ask her out already. You know I bet this is the year it finally happens.” Bill responded and chuckled when he saw Klaus threw a large lettuce leaf at her.

“You must be turning blind. Look they are still fighting.” Mikael observed.

“Maybe they need a bit of a nudge.” Caroline’s father Bill rubbed his chin.


“You swine. You immoral asshole. How dare you tell that customer that my tomatoes are tasteless and overpriced.” the fight had now accelerated. They had begun luring customers from each other by telling them how the other was selling low quality stuff.

“My tomatoes are fresh, juicy and delicious.” she yelled through barely controlled fury as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Klaus gave her a very suggestive once over and smirked.

“I wouldn’t know. I never sampled them.”

Fire flashed in her gaze angering her even more.

“You’re disgusting.”

“What did I say?”

“You know fairly well what you meant to say. My tomatoes are fine in fact it’s your …. your carrot that’s flabby and shrivelled.” Caroline smiled haughtily. An attractive woman who was lurking around Klaus’s stall making moony eyes at him earlier gave him a wide berth and left in a rush.

“Wait a second. My carrot..”

“I’ve seen it.”

“Come on. We were ten at the time and the water of the pond was freezing.”

“Really? Is that the story you are going with?” Caroline chuckled.

“Yes. Because that’s what happ..”

Just then Caroline’s cell phone rang. She gestured at Klaus to hold on and stepped aside to take the call.

“Daddy. Where are you? I thought you were coming here today?” she asked her father on the phone.

“Sweets. I was going to but we have a huge problem.”

“What? Is everything okay? Are you okay? Do you have chest pain?” concerned she immediately asked about her father’s health.

“Oh no. Nothing like that. I am healthy as a horse. Our truck the one that was carrying the produce to the city market got into an accident. Thankfully the driver is okay but we lost all of it. And we’ve taken the advance from them. You would really have to sell all of the stuff at the market because we need money to refund them.”

“Oh god. But thank god the driver is fine. What about the money we had in the bank?”

“Ahh.” Bill had forgotten that his daughter might ask about their savings. He hadn’t thought this through he cursed himself. Then quickly improvised. “I had to loan it to a friend.”

“Okay Daddy. You take care of yourself. I’ll do my best.” she replied and gave out a sigh. She rubbed her forehead feeling tired all at once. Caroline was anxious now. How will they come up with so much money? Unless she sold everything she won’t be able to make enough. She walked back to her stall worried and stressed.

Klaus saw her walk back. Caroline Forbes never walked away from a fight especially one with him so when she didn’t come to him directly to finish off where she had left he was a bit surprised. She seemed sad and lost in thought. The sassy smile on her face was now replaced with distress and he didn’t like it.

He went to her. “Is everything okay?”

She jolted out of her troubled thoughts, “Uh. Yeah. Everything is fine.”

“Caroline you don’t look fine.”

She gave him a blank stare, “Klaus I am fine.” she tried to walk around him to pick up a new crate but he blocked her path.

“What’s wrong? And do not say everything is fine. I’m not stupid I can see it isn’t.”

When she just looked away he spat, “Do you hate me that much that you won’t even share what’s bothering you? Our fathers are best friends. We are neighbors. I’m not…”

“I don’t hate you, Klaus. I’m just a little upset. I’ll be fine in a bit. ”

“No you do hate me. You would rather ask Rebekah to help you with sixth grade art class but not me even though I was better than her. You would take Jesse your ex-boyfriend’s help with fixing your bike, who by the way cheated on you in eighth grade but not me. You would ask Tyler to help you find a new car but you won’t ask me even though my friend happens to deal in cars.” It always gutted him when she would go to freaking everybody with her problems and not come to him. True they both were extremely competitive towards each other but he had always respected her, heck she was the only one for him. So it tormented him when she never looked at him they way he was always looking at her.

She looked at him. Some unrecognized emotion swirling in his beautiful eyes. She swallowed once and then replied, “Our produce truck got into an accident. We have to sell all of this,” she gestured towards the crates, “Or we won’t be able to refund the people at the city market.”

Klaus went over to his stall and started bringing his vegetables and fruits on her’s.

“Klaus what are you doing?” she asked going after him.

“You are going to sell all of this and give them the money back. Mikaelsons won’t be selling this season.”

“But I can’t take this. This is yours.”

He put down a basket and faced her, “You said you didn’t hate me.”

“I don’t.”

“Good. Then this is all yours.” then he pushed his table and placed it right next to hers turning it into one large stall.

“Wait. Stop.” Caroline went to stand in front of him.

“Even if you don’t sell. There are still many other vegetable stalls.”

“Yeah but people know Mikaelsons and Forbes are the only two farms with the best quality. If I take my stall out they’ll only buy it from you.”

Caroline was profoundly touched by his gesture.“Why are you doing this?” she asked. They were standing very close now. His eyes fixed on hers.

“Answer this first. Why didn’t you ever come to me when you needed help? We might have been rivals but we were friends too.” her scent was teasing him. He tucked her hair behind her ear.

“I don’t know.” she couldn’t look away.

“Why?” he persisted and leaned closer.

“I didn’t want you to think that I was weak. I just… it didn’t matter what others thought about me but it mattered… it matters what you think.”

“You know what I think when I look at you.”

She shook her head and he proceeded, “I think that Caroline Forbes is the strongest, most beautiful and annoyingly perfect woman I could ever know. I think if she didn’t hate me and wanted me I would spend an eternity loving her like no other. And I think I am an idiot for telling how I feel about you like this but I have to before someone else comes into your life and I have to suffer through it.”

Klaus waited for her to break his heart. He knew he would never be so lucky as to have her as his own.

She moved even closer. Their noses brushed lightly, “But you pushed me off of a swing when we were four.”

“Haven’t you heard he pulls her pigtails because he has a crush on her.” he lightly tugged her strands.

She laughed, “You would have been my first kiss if I hadn’t seen that bitch Genevieve kiss you. I got angry and kissed this other guy.”

“Thomas. And I didn’t kiss her. She kissed me. And then when I heard you and Thomas were an item I slept with this random chick…”

“Amanda.” Caroline supplied.

“Wow.” they both laughed. Klaus then grabbed her face and kissed her laughing mouth. She wound her arms around his neck. Pulling back he rested his forehead on hers. “So you were jealous of Amanda?”


“Why?” he needed her to say it.

“Because she stole you from me. Even though we weren’t together. Even though we were supposed to be just friends you were more to me. You were supposed to be my first.”

“I may not have been your first Caroline. But I intend to be your last. However long it takes.” he kissed her again.


Bill and Mikael saw their children embracing. Then they began selling the fruit and vegetables items together. Klaus then pulled her closer, whispered something in her ear and kissed her again. She smacked him and said something about patience since there were people around them.

“So should we tell them that the produce truck is fine and it was your surprisingly successful idea so you could fix them up together.” Mikael asked.

“No. I think we should wait until they get married. It would be a great story for their wedding day.” Bill remarked and his friend shook his head.



Cullen stretched his neck as he pushed his chair back and away from his desk. He stood and looked down at the work he had just finished, satisfied with the height of the pile. Some of the documents didn’t have to be signed for months, but he figured it was better to always be one step ahead, so he’d never be behind. Unfortunately for Cullen, more work always flooded in. More than he could handle.

But for the night, this was fine. Anymore and the words would all start to run together as sleep took over. It’d happened to him many times before, causing him to forget about most of the things he’d promised by signing the document.

Cullen felt good about the work he had completed, and began heading for the ladder, unbuckling his armor as he went. When he reached the top, most of his armor loose enough to pull over his head, he tossed it all in the direction of his armor rack. He was too tired to hang it properly, and what’s the point anyway if he was just going to remove the armor from the rack the next morning?

As he made his way toward the bed, he heard quiet mumbling and light rustling of the sheets. Cullen smiled, walking around to Dorian’s side of the bed and kneeling down, resting his hand gently on the mage’s cheek. Dorian’s sleepy murmuring continued as he shifted in response to Cullen’s touch.

“Sh…I’m here now,” Cullen whispered, “I’m done for tonight. I got a lot done, so I shouldn’t be as busy tomorrow.”

Dorian’s shifting and mumbling ceased at the sound of Cullen’s voice. Even in his sleep, Dorian always listened.

Cullen shuffled on his knees to the end of the bed and climbed in. He pulled the covers up around them both, tucking the comforter under Dorian’s chin to ensure he stayed warm throughout the night.

“There were many letters from farmers, tailors, armorers; all wanting to donate supplies to the cause.”

Though he knew Dorian couldn’t hear him, or at least wasn’t aware that he was speaking, Cullen still spoke to him this way every night. It helped settle Dorian’s restlessness and Cullen’s memory, allowing him to run through the days events and make a mental note of anything he’d forgotten to do.

On nights when Cullen had less work and he and Dorian got to bed at the same time, the talking helped settle them both down. And with Dorian’s insomnia causing him to toss and turn just to fall asleep, it always helped to have Cullen there, speaking to him softly and holding him close.

Cullen kept talking until his eyes couldn’t stay open any longer and Dorian’s breath had slowed to a steady rhythm.

“Good night, Dorian.” Cullen whispered softly at his lover’s ear, “I love you.”

Though he hadn’t found the courage to tell Dorian face to face yet, Cullen always said it once Dorian had fallen asleep. He didn’t know if the mage could hear him or not, but if he could, he hadn’t mentioned it yet.

The next morning, Cullen woke earlier than normal, only a small sliver of light coming through the window. He grumbled to himself, mentally scolding his body for waking him up. He heard subtle chuckling at his side in response to his grumble, and turned to see Dorian propped up against the headboard with a book in hand.

“I take it you’re not excited to get up,” Dorian said softly, running his hands through Cullen’s unruly morning mane.

“I’m surprised you are.” Cullen sat up and leaned his head on Dorian’s shoulder, skimming the pages of his book to get an idea of the premise.

“I think it’s the change in season. As it gets warmer I find myself more willing to get out of my mound of blankets.” Dorian took one hand off his book to wrap around Cullen’s waist, pulling him closer.

Cullen huffed out a laugh, “Your mound, huh?” A smirk snuck onto his lips.

Dorian rolled his eyes, “‘Our’ mound of blankets.”

“Mm, that’s better,” Cullen coaxed Dorian to look at him, giving the man’s lips an impossibly light kiss.

Cullen paused before pulling away, instead taking the moment to look deeply into Dorian’s eyes. The mage smiled, so genuinely and gently. Cullen smiled back, debating whether or not he should say what he desperately wanted to. He said it every night, those three simple words; why was it so hard for him now?

Dorian lifted his brows in questioning. Cullen simply shook his head and kissed his lover again, more firmly this time.

After a short conversation about Dorian’s book, Cullen began dressing in his armor, only to find Dorian’s disapproving eyes gazing at him from across the room.

“What?” Cullen laughed, “I do need to work today; I already wasted the one sick day Cassandra gave me.”

“Wasted?” Dorian rose from bed and approached Cullen slowly. “Is making love all day your idea of wasting time?”

Cullen pulled Dorian close to keep him from removing the armor between them, “To be fair, we were both wasted for most of it.”

Dorian chuckled, tracing Cullen’s lips with his finger tips. “Half, not most. Besides, it helped me get you into a few positions I know you would question if you’d been sober.”

“Well I’m glad they brought you pleasure, because all they brought me was back pain.”

Dorian laughed deeply, “Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy yourself. Do you need me to remind you of–”

“No! No, I remember.” Cullen began picking up the rest of his armor pieces, hurriedly putting them on.

“Are you certain?” Dorian teased, sliding his hands along Cullen’s shoulders. “Do you remember all the things you asked me to do?”

Cullen sighed, cheeks turning bright red. Dorian smiled and kissed the back of his neck, “Ok, I’ll leave you be, so long as you promise you won’t be up late tonight.”

Cullen turned and smiled brightly. “I won’t. I finished a lot of my work for the next few weeks.”

Dorian looked impressed. “Very nice; you were thinking about me weren’t you?”

Cullen laughed, “Always.”

Cullen kept his promise later that night, wrapping up his work in favor of turning in early to spend time with his lover. Dorian heard Cullen getting up from his desk and quickly put his book away on the bedside table to make it appear as if he’d been sleeping the whole time. He laid his head on the pillow and pulled the covers tighter around himself.

He listened closely as Cullen climbed up the ladder, the creaking growing louder as he drew closer. When Cullen got to the loft level, he removed his armor as usual and promptly climbed into bed afterward.

Dorian tired to resist smiling as Cullen lightly touched his cheek, kissing his forehead softly.

“You’re asleep already? I thought you’d still be up reading. I’m sorry, darling, I really was trying to get done before you fell asleep. We haven’t gotten as much time together recently.”

Dorian relaxed as Cullen spoke to him. Dorian had heard these little talks before, but he was usually sleeping through them. He listened closely as Cullen’s sleepy voice became more and more tired, weaker and weaker until he was yawning uncontrollably.

“Hopefully you’re awake tomorrow night so we can talk. If you want to talk. I know you usually prefer to spend our nights a different way.” Dorian nearly smirked.

“Anyway. I’ll see you in the morning, darling. I love you. I love you so much.”

Dorian tensed. He… what? Cullen…loved him? How could Dorian sleep now? He debated whether or not to 'wake up’ and ask Cullen if he meant it. He decided against It, and slowly, very very slowly, drifted off. Cullen’s words resonated in his dreams all night.

The next morning, Dorian was awake first again, the warm breeze having roused him. He waited nervously for Cullen to wake, not sure how to broach the subject of what he’d heard last night.

Just as Dorian was thinking he’d get up and leave a note, Cullen started to wake. He opened his eyes gently and looked up at Dorian, smiling limply.

Dorian smiled back, trying to hide is worry. But Cullen, of course, saw right through him.

“Is everything alright?” Cullen said, sitting up.

Dorian hesitated, “Y-yes. I’m fine.”

Cullen’s brow pushed together.

Dorian sighed and figured there was no point in putting it off. “Last night, when you were talking, I wasn’t quite asleep. I wasn’t asleep at all. I heard everything you said.”

Cullen smiled at first, “Oh, you did?”

Dorian coaxed, “And what you said at the end…?”

Cullen’s smile slowly dropped off. “Oh. Oh, the part…the part when I said…? Well, I just–I didn’t know…I didn’t know if it was too soon to say it, or if you wouldn’t want me to–”

“I feel the same.”

Cullen’s eyes went wide, mouth still open. “R-really? You do? That’s…that’s fantastic! I–wow…you really…?”

Dorian chuckled, “I do. I just…I was having similar fears. I didn’t know how to bring it up, and I didn’t know how you would respond.”

Dorian wrang his hands, “I’ve…I’ve never said it before. Not in this way, not when it meant…this. I said it to my mother a few times, maybe my father as well. But never…”

Cullen lifted Dorian’s chin, bringing him into a light kiss. “I know. That’s why I didn’t want to be the first one to say it. I wanted…I wanted us to be able to take our time.”

Cullen looked down at the sheets, a blush rising in his cheeks, “I’ll be honest, Dorian: I knew I loved you from the minute you showed interest in me. I always thought you were handsome–”

“As you should,” Dorian quipped.

Cullen smiled, “…But I felt something when you flirted with me. The first time, it was like dragon’s fire, my whole body heated up all at once. It was…amazing.”

Dorian smiled and leaned his head against Cullen’s, “I know. You have an awful habit of blushing at the littlest things.”

“I know,” Cullen laughed, “I think I’m getting better, though. Aren’t I?”

Dorian paused, “Um…yes, yes a little bit better.”

“It’s still bad isn’t it?”


Cullen sighed, “Damn this pale skin.”

Dorian chuckled and pulled Cullen closer, “I think it’s beautiful.”

Cullen grinned before laying back on the sheets, bringing Dorian into his arms. The mage laid his head on Cullen’s chest and pressed their bodies together.

Just as Dorian was starting to drift off again, he heard the faintest voice whisper, “I love you.”

Dorian smiled and looked up at his lover, “I know you do.”

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There's this ep of parks and red whereeveryone gets the flu and April tortured Ann at the hospital when she was sick and Ann was her nurse. Could you do that for destiel? Maybe cas is Dean's fiancé nd works at the hosoital? 😜

I’m sorry - I’ve never seen Parks and Rec – so if you were looking for any nods to the show I can’t provide them. ☹ but the actual prompt – getting sick and dean and Cas being engaged and stuff seemed simple enough, so I went with that. I hope that’s okay?

775 words


Castiel had been having the longest day ever. It felt like everybody in their small town had been coming in to the hospital for one ailment or another. In droves, in fact. Which, well, sure, that was his job, but he’d been looking forward to just going home and curling up with his fiancé after his extremely long shift.

He shouldn’t even have been here this long – a normal shift was only 12 hours and he’d been here for almost twice that already and no sign of being able to leave any time soon - but several of the other nurses had come down with the flu, leaving the hospital severely shorthanded.

With a sigh, Cas took his clipboard and rubbed at his eyes, trying to focus on it.

“Don’t look now, Clarence, but the patient in 108 is pretty grumpy,” Meg snarled on her way past him.

He blinked “108? Isn’t that -?”

“Yeah, and you better hustle your ass over there cause I’m not going back in.”

“Me neither,” Jess called from the desk.

“Ditto.” Balthazar said absently as he ducked out another doorway.

Castiel blinked again. “But…he’s a sweetheart…” he protested.

“Yeah, to you. So,” Meg came back and swapped clipboards with him, pulling it right out of his lax hands, “you get to deal with him.”

Confused, Cas tucked the clipboard under his arm after a quick glance at it and then stalked over to room 108 with narrowed eyes. Opening the door, he found one Dean Winchester on the other side, pale and sweating with an IV of liquids and an anti-viral hooked up through the back of his hand (getting the IV in and blood drawn had been a literal nightmare when Dean had come in, he’d been that dehydrated. Dean had been complaining that he looked like a pincushion ever since).

“So, Mr. Winchester, I hear you’ve been a difficult patient,” Cas said in a flat tone.

“Awwww…Cas, don’t be like that. I feel horrible and I’m exhausted. I mean, anybody might get a little grumpy when feeling like that.”

“Well, next time, when told you should stay home from work, maybe you should listen,” Cas walked over and started checking the various tubes and wires Dean had on him, not even looking Dean in the eye as he did so. “And it’s still no excuse to treat people so badly.”

Dean whined, “But Cas, I’m booooored. I mean, damn man. I thought I’d at least get to see you more often if I was here.”

Castiel ignored him, wrapping the blood pressure cuff around Dean’s right arm and pumping. Dean winced. “Caasssss, say something!”

Cas glared at his fiancé. “Dean, we’re understaffed and overworked. The hospital is the busiest it’s been in months thanks to the severity of this year’s flu season, and it’s even hitting the staff. We had no less than 5 nurses and 2 doctors call out today. I’m not even supposed to be here right now, and you’re making things harder on everyone because you’re bored?” Cas shook his head incredulously, turning back to the cuff. He’d gotten distracted and now he’d have to do it all over again. Great. “I can’t believe you.”

“Ow,” Dean yelped, the cuff tightening painfully on his arm. Cas quickly backed it down and blushed at his mistake. He’d gotten distracted again. Or maybe it was because he was a little bit angry.

“I’m sorry, Cas,” Dean’s voice wavered and Cas looked down sharply to find his fiancé’s eyes were filling with tears.

“Oh No you don’t, Dean. Don’t do that. Don’t waste the fluid – you’re still too dehydrated,” Cas admonished gently, worried. He reached out to touch Dean’s face. It was still hot with fever. Cas sighed as Dean turned to nuzzle into his hand, eyes slipping closed and the tears evaporating on his overwarm face.

“Sorry,” Dean mumbled, as he finally slipped into sleep.

Cas slid his hand up to brush the sweaty spikes of hair away from Dean’s face. He hated seeing his fiancé like this. As much Dean hated being like this. But he’d be okay. And if Cas had to take over his case because he was being insufferable to the rest of the staff, it was a small price to pay to give Dean some measure of comfort while he was sick.

And if Cas was texting to Dean’s brother to ask if he knew how to make their moms tomato and rice soup, well, he was just being a conscientious nurse, doing what was needed to help the patient relax so they could take better advantage of the healing environment.

i. falling in love

ft. akashi seijuurou

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To fall in love with someone is to let the feeling flood under your skin before realizing its presence.

You’ve been together for two months now, but your relationship threads way, way back before he confesses to you that day in front of your house where he drops you off. It was a risky act for him to do, considering the fact that your friendship with him has been going on strong since your high school years—had you chose to reject him that day, the two of you would’ve lost something platonically beautiful going on, but thankfully he gained something even more beautiful.

Ruby eyes examine your form sitting in front of him across the quaint table for two. A steaming hot cup of tea is conveniently placed at your right-hand side, and he can faintly see hot vapor swirling out of the cup. Has it really gotten colder? You, on the other hand, are comfortably silent as you slice a piece of the shortcake he ordered for you, bringing the sweet to your mouth with a fork. He smiles as you munch—you really look cute like that.

“How do you like it?” He inquires, resting his chin on a hand while his other brings his own cup of latte to his lips. He still watches as he tips his head back slightly to drink, observing how your eyebrows scrunch up at the first taste. A second later, however, your eyes appear as if they’re twinkling and a smile slowly enters your face. When you look at him, he cocks a brow, a silent demand for an answer.

“It’s delicious,” you whisper, and a swell of happiness fills Akashi’s chest. It’s stupid, really—he shouldn’t be happy because it wasn’t him who made the cake, he merely suggested it… but as illogical as it is, Akashi welcomes the surge of joy (and a hint of pride) when he looks at you dig back in, cutting up the slice of cake into smaller pieces.

What he doesn’t expect is you holding up a fork with said cake at the pointy end in front of his face, dangerously close to his lips. You’re taking the effort to lean a bit forward to offer the cake—Akashi vaguely registers the brush of your knees against his. There’s something about the café’s atmosphere that makes the two of you feel a lot more intimate, despite sitting right next to a floor-to-ceiling window which allows bypassers to conveniently see what’s going on inside and vice-versa. 

Akashi sends you a look that you interpreted as scolding, but not of the serious nature, but nevertheless, he leans forward to capture the cake on your fork into his mouth, all the while retaining eye contact with you. You blush a little bit because it feels different every time you feed Akashi something, and the fact that he was looking at you like that also sends a chill up your spine. He’s always teasing you like that.

“Somehow it’s better than the last time I tried it,” Akashi comments as he reaches out to take your hand in his, “maybe because you’re the one that fed me the cake.”

You try your best to stifle an embarrassed laugh by chewing your bottom lip, but a shy glance at Akashi is enough to bring your efforts useless. You let out a chuckle and play with his fingers that reached out to you on the table, your thumb drawing abstract patterns on the back of his hand. He returns with a chuckle of his own before quietly observing you again as the air around you turn into more of a resolute kind of silent. It’s not awkward, but there’s a certain amount of seriousness in his gaze that makes you feel like it.

“Thank you for coming today,” he says, soft enough just for the two of you, “I really appreciate it.”

“Please don’t thank me. If anything, I should be the one thanking you,” you reply, holding his hand a little tighter now. “I also thought it was a good idea to tell her…”

An hour ago, you were placing a bouquet of beautiful, fragrant flowers in front of the tombstone of Akashi’s mother, the two of you standing alone in silence as the wind run through yellow leaves. A cemetery certainly isn’t an ideal place for an eighth date, according to most people, but you’ve known Akashi for far too long and you understand him on a level that most people don’t. The redhead is silently thankful for that.

“Yes,” Akashi says, “we were too busy the past few months to visit, after all.”

“I’m glad you brought me there, Sei.”

He smiles in return, looking at your two hands linked together.

To fall in love with someone is to let the feeling flood under your skin before realizing its presence. In other’s eyes, Akashi is ever-precise and calculative, and they like to assume it applies to his love life as well. It’s not incorrect, but it’s also not necessarily true. After all, he didn’t plan on falling in love with you two and a half years ago, because at that time the feeling hit him like a truck. All of a sudden he lost a great amount of good night’s sleep staying awake thinking of you.

When he knows of your reciprocative feelings for him, only then he asked you out. You told him it took him a damn long time. He told you he wanted to be sure. The two of you kissed.

Although he has now fully accepted the fact that he loves you, he has never said those words to you before, neither have you to him. But today, when the two of you were standing side by side in front of his mother’s grave, he knows you know. More importantly, he knows that you feel the same—not just on a “like” level, but as far deep as he is. He knows you love him. That’s not enough for Akashi, however, so he pulls his hand away from yours, only to caress your cheek. 

He brushes a strand of hair away from your face to stare right into your eyes. Your fork is forgotten, idly lying at the rim of the pristine white plate.

I love you,” he says.

Two seconds pass by before you smile at him.

“I know.”

A question lingers in his eyes—at that moment, the confidence in him is completely shattered: what if you don’t love him back? but you don’t give room for his self-doubt as you reply.

“I love you too.”

He smiles. You probably didn’t catch him releasing a relieved exhale.

You tilt your head slightly, urging his hand to touch you more. His fingertips are warm against your cool skin. You always like it when he does this. Akashi brushes his fingers against the back of your ear, his palm cupping your jaw as if he were scratching a pet cat. You sure respond like one, he muses. Akashi wants to say that he’s been in love with you for two years and six months to date, but he has a feeling you already know. 

“Can I kiss you?” He asks, gaze drifting downwards to your inviting lips.

Sudden shyness overcomes you as you avert your gaze, your hands flying up to cover the bottom half of your face. Akashi’s shoulders are moving slightly; he’s quietly laughing with amusement at your display of embarrassment.

“But… we’re right next to the window… a lot of people are passing by and they can see.”

Akashi smirks, using the hand on your face to keep you still as he leans dangerously close to your face, his head slightly tilted. Again, he steals a glance of your lips.

“I don’t care,” he states, and his breath against your skin causes you to shudder slightly. His eyes twinkle at your utterly adorable reaction, but he is not so cruel as to tease you again.

You look up at him, still shy like you always become when he makes such advancements in public. His knees brush against yours under the wooden table as he captures your lips between his in a slow, languid kiss, like the small steady fire burning inside his gut. Your eyelids flutter when he takes his time sucking on your bottom lip, before finally releasing it with a rather inappropriate wet sound, but he doesn’t waste his time in diving back for another kiss.

When he does pull away, half-lidded eyes examining how flushed your face is, he whispers against your ear.

“Stay at my place tonight.” He needs to properly declare his love to you. You blush and nod.

What a paradox. During the season of falling leaves, Akashi finds his feelings for you blooming, reborn a hundred times more powerful than when it first hit him. If he looks closer into your eyes, he’ll find that the sentiment is returned whole-heartedly.

based on this request (x) // warning: swearing 

You opened up your geography book. All you had in mind was how nice it would be to take a nap right now. You’ve been up all night since your best friend Nick kept you from sleeping. He watched the season finale of The Walking Dead and his favorite character died in the last scene, so he seemed to think he could keep you awake all night to tell you what kind of bullshit the finale was. Something like that was more likely typical of you but now you know how annoying it is. 

And now, you had your least favorite class, so it would be the perfect time to take a nap if you wouldn’t sit in the front row right in front of the teacher. Your teacher called out the pairings for the next bigger project you would be doing. Secretly you hoped to work with Nick but you knew that your teacher wouldn’t let that happen. He already sat you on different seats, far away from each other, so you stopped talking during the lessons. “I decided to make things easier, you work together with the person who’s sitting right next to you” your teacher announced insanely proud as if he had the idea of the year. 

You glanced at your partner Alex. At least you had somebody nice. Alex was a football player but he was probably the nicest that ever existed in your school. “So, seems like we’re going to work together” Alex smiled at you. You smiled back at him and nodded. 

While you had no problem to work with Alex, Nick eyed you two like he was ready to kill Alex on the spot. Even if this was just a science project. The guy right next to his best friend was a god damn football player and you two would probably work together after school at home. Nick didn’t even want to imagine what could happen. The idea of Alex and you together made him wanna puke. Not because he didn’t allow you but because you two looked the perfect couple. Alex was the perfect guy for you; tall, popular, polite and protective. And you looked the perfect girl for him; natural, nice, helpful and extremely good-looking. This wouldn’t end good. 

Day 1: Alex and you met to talk about your project. Everything worked perfectly out and you two were glad to get it done as fast as you could. Yet Nick didn’t reply to all of your texts the whole day. Maybe he was busy, you thought to not bring yourself down. 

Day 2: Normally Nick was always earlier at school and came to your car as soon as you parked because you got the morning coffee for both of you. This morning Alex came instead to tell you he wouldn’t made it to your meeting today because he had an important football training. You told him it was alright and ended up giving him the other coffee since Nick never came. In the afternoon you called him at least five times but every time the mailbox answered. 

Day 3: Alex and you worked on your project at his house. His dad invited you to stay for dinner since he wanted to grill. You texted Nick if he wanted to meet up. If he only had answer, you had deny the invitation but in the end you stayed there and had a good time with Alex’s family. 

Day 4: Nick didn’t came in the morning to your car and you shared your coffee with Alex again. You cancelled your meeting with him since you wanted to know what was up with Nick and drove to his house, only to get told by his mother that he wasn’t at home, even though in his room was the light on and his car was standing in the driveway. 

Day 5: Nick was ignoring you the whole day, even when you tried to talk with him during P.E. You drove Alex home and picked him up later to drive through the city and take photos at the best places for your project. 

Day 6: Today you brought the second coffee especially for Alex and not Nick. He invited you to the next football game and you happily thanked him for the invitation. You met Nick at your lockers today during lunch and eyed him for a second. He didn’t waste one glance at you. Suddenly you felt like you should stop caring about this bullshit if he was acting like that. 

Day 7: Your mom firstly asked you about Nick and why he hasn’t been in your house for a while now. You told her that he was busy. With a accepting nod, she told you how much she liked Alex and that he would make a great boyfriend. You smiled at little and your heart hurt. You missed your best friend. 

Day 8: You went to the football game Alex invited you to and cheered for him. It made you feel better than you felt yesterday. 

Day 9: You couldn’t focus during your projects and apologized more than thirty times to Alex. He said everybody has a bad day here and there before he left you alone, so you could get some rest. All you did was looking at old photos of Nick and you. 

Day 10: You had enough. If he really needs to ignore you then you at least deserve a good reason for that. You drove to earlier to school to catch him. You hide a bit away from his usual parking spot and walked fast to it as soon as he parked his car. Nick rolled his eyes as he saw you but you didn’t care. You grabbed him by the wrists to stop him from walking away. 

“Are you fucking serious right now?” you almost yelled at him and tighten your grip. “Why are you ignoring me?” 

Nick glanced firstly at your hand around his wrists and then at you. “Could you please let go of me?” he asked annoyed. 

“No” you exclaimed. “Because you will only walked away again like you did the whole last week. What is wrong with you? Have I done something wrong to you or why are you acting like an asshole?” 

You didn’t meant to call him an asshole but you were more than angry at him. You two were best friends since a life time and now, suddenly he was ignoring you. “Answer me” you begged him angrier as wanted. 

“Why don’t you just go back to your boyfriend and stop annoying me!?” he asked you. 

You frowned. “What are you talking about?” 

Nick freed his hand out of yours before he turned around and walked away. “Go back to Alex, Y/N” 

You sighed and ran in front of him to stop him with your whole body. “Please Nick, stop walking away from me and talk to me. You’re my best friend, remember?” your voice broke. 

Nick glanced at you as you continued talking. “Are you acting so weird because Alex and I are working at the geography project together?” 

Nick didn’t answer but you knew it was the reason why. “There’s nothing you have to be jealous-” Nick cut you off. “I’m not jealous!” 

“Of course” you replied. “Seriously Nick, there’s nothing you have to be jealous at. Alex and I are just friends and he knows exactly that I’m not interested in him. Actually he told me that he was kind of terrified to still work with me because you’ve been looking at him like you want to kill him” 

A laugh escaped your lips. “I’m not dating him and I don’t want to date him” 

“And why do hang out with him so often?” Nick asked quietly. 

You smiled. “Because you stopped hanging out with me. He was just being polite”

Nick stay silent but you grabbed both of his hands into yours. “Back to normal?” you asked him. 

A smile grew on his face. “Back to normal, I promise” With that you leaned forward and hugged him tight. 

Fall 2016 Anime: Last impressions

What, me? Posting something that’s not Yuri on Ice? Did I wander to the wrong blog? Oh right, this isn’t supposed to be a Yuri on Ice blog to begin with, oops.

After a very shitty semester and my Mom’s and sister’s vacations messing up with my anime watching schedule (plus a shitty vicious cycle of not watching anime to work on thesis-not working on thesis because stressed from not watching anime), I finally finished catching up with Fall anime, barely on time before Winter begins (I know some winter shows have premiered already, but none that interest me. Rakugo’s on today though!!!!). So here’s a rundown of the best and worst of this most fruitful Fall season. If there’s a gif it means I forgot to take a screenshot of the last episode whoops.  (worst to best my dears, you know how this goes)


Shuumatsu no Izetta: I really tried. Even after the stupidity of episode 4 put me to sleep, I tried to give it a second shot, but episode 6 was literally everything that is wrong with modern anime and ugh, please release me from this hell. Of course having a strong female character was too progressive for a yuribait show, you just had to make her have insecurities about her normal-sized boobs (vs everyone’s ginormous) and dedicate 25 entire minutes to show that she’s actually a real girly girl that likes pie. Ugh. And I didn’t even mention how stupid the “Izetta’s secret might be revealed” plot element was. That was some garbage writing if I ever saw one. Most of what I’ve read after dropping it seems to indicate it was the best choice

3gatsu no Lion: I’m confused with this show. The production values make it very attractive to watch. There is a harsh and interesting story and character drama happening. Episode 5 was particularly great, and some of the storytelling devices are implemented brilliantly. But for some reason I can’t bring myself to care? I don’t know. The more I see the three sisters, the more the scenes with them bore me to death. I found the idea of watching episode 6 terribly not-compelling so I decided to put it in the back burner and wait out. Maybe I’m just incompatible with this mangaka (I really hate HachiKuro). People seem to be loving it, so maybe I’ll give it another shot at a later date.

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru: This was my biggest disappointment of the season because episode 2 was so good. It tickled all my rekijo bones in the best way. But then it just… nothing ever happened? Also the way all the sword boys gush about how much they love the (invisible but obviously audience-proxy) “Master” is way too transparent and took me out of whatever little interesting character dynamics might be going on. What could be an interesting theme –the swordboys having regrets about not protecting their past owners and being tempted to fix it- is wasted in a “it’s okay, I have a new master now!”. Even with my fujoshi goggles there was little of interest because the boys were so infatuated with the Master I couldn’t even enjoy any of it. Held out until episode 9 and just couldn’t be arsed for more. Maybe the more serious ufotable show will be better?

Nanbaka: I don’t know what went wrong with this mangaka that suddenly decided to turn a perfectly fine comedy into a Very Serious battle shonen thing? Especially mid-arc? The New Year tournament had revitalized the show, I was having a load of fun with it, but then it suddenly turned all dark and serious and nonsensical? The only thing tempting me to go back for the last three episodes is Hajime, he’s a champ. But yeah, the shift in tone was too drastic and kind of spoiled the show for me because I was loving it exactly as it was. It didn’t need the drama. Some people seem to be liking the new direction but ehhhh… idk. If I have time.

The worst:

17. DAYS: It was hard to choose which of these two was gonna be the poop prize winner, but in the end, given how much I struggled to even sit through the last couple of episodes, I guess DAYS takes it. Honestly seldom have I seen a show so infuriatingly ruined by “protagonist no jutsu” i.e. things just happen because a dude is the main character. Kimishita scored three completely bananas goals in that game (bless his heart I love him), but Tsukushi gets all the credit for earning the free kicks and second balls and shit and he’s the one credited as the “hero” of the game. It’s amazing that such an insufferable protagonist is part of a show with an otherwise endearing supporting cast. Now will my love for Mizuki and Kimishita be enough to pull me into watching season 2? Tune in some time next year to find out! (spoiler: most likely no unless it comes out on a boring season)

16.Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: I called this show the winner of the “Showed its cards too early Award” since episode one, but boy I didn’t expect it to continue doing the exact same thing over and over through its entire run. At some point it became a very unsurprising formula of showing a character’s tragic backstory at the start of the episode to fabricate last minute sympathy to make up for lack of proper characterization, only to have the character in question murdered in increasingly distasteful ways. I always knew best girl Top Speed wasn’t long for this world, but the way they handled it was gratuitously vicious. Couple that with a barrage of villains, none of which were remotely compelling or had any interesting motivations, a poor man’s Kyubey, a protagonist that is even more infuriatingly passive than Madoka herself (at least in this aspect, MahoIku surpassed its intellectual mother), and a resolution that basically says this whole thing served no purpose whatsoever and you’re left with just a feeling that you could’ve done something better with your life. I never expected grandeur from this show, and in fact I guess it turned out to be about as bad as I could’ve expected it to be, but that doesn’t really erase how terribly dissatisfying the ending was. I guess that’s one weakness that Dark Magical Girl shows have yet to overcome. 

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Normally a “the meh” section would be here, but I dropped all those shows for lack of entertainment and time, so we’re skipping straight to

The okay

(I liked these shows but none of them changed my life and I was severely tempted to drop them at least once)

15.Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: I have rather complicated feelings about this show. The writing has improved immensely since the second half of S1 and they’re doing a fascinating job at working the different shades of moral grey. Mika’s sick relationship with Orga continues to keep me on my toes. But with only 12 episodes left I’m still not entirely sure of where this is going, and most importantly, it stinks of tragedy and there seems to be a general lack of joy in both characters and story, so I always go to watch it with little enthusiasm and maybe a bit of anxiety.

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14.Girlish Number:  This one turned out way better than I expected it to be, although perhaps for different reasons than most. Usually when I hatewatch something, it’s for the pleasant schadenfreude I get out of seeing something continue to fail miserably week after week (see Sailor Moon Crystal or Mayoiga). In that sense, I wasn’t hatewatching Girlish Number but boy was I getting schadenfreude about seeing the exploitative producer go on a downwards spiral and the shitty LN anime adaptation turning up a complete failure. But because this was the source of my enjoyment, the finale was, to say the least, dissatisfying. If the show had ended with Chitose getting a proper comeuppance and landing different jobs (in non-shitty-LN-anime) that forced her to climb her way back up instead of trying to have  sudden fabricated popularity, while Kuzu got his ass fired that would’ve been cool. But the “Oh I ended loving this production” ending was ehhhh. It felt the show ended going milquetoast on its criticism of the industry. Criticized the seiyuu idol units but still had the seiyuu sing the OP and ED criticized the cheap swimsuit fanservice but still had a swimsuit episode etc. I mean they went really damn hard on the industry, so it was weird and a little frustrating that they didn’t go the whole way, given how they’d already guaranteed to lose the buying audience anyway.

13.Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari: It’s hard to explain what went wrong with this one because, if you asked me, I’d say I really liked it overall. But the key problem is perhaps that I adored the first two episodes so deeply and then somewhere in the middle it kind of floundered and went in a different direction than what I expected –which isn’t inherently bad, mind you- but it’s weird that there’s so little actual udon in the show when they’re in the title. The finale was good in idea, but I feel it failed to make the emotional landing, and that they capped it off to be a sort of commercial for Kagawa prefecture was just… weird. So uh, it was a good show but definitely didn’t live up to the promise of the first few episodes.

12.Uta no Prince-sama Legend Star:  For me, this and Magikyun are basically tied, because, although I have more love for Utapri due to how long it’s been around and how I’ve grown so endeared to the characters, I can’t say Magikyun did anything worse or better. But anyway Utapri! Revolutions had me losing a little of my love for the franchise, but Legend Star was really great! The music improved drastically and we got some truly neat character arcs. The Otoya arc was surprisingly good. It’s sad to see they’ve fully committed to shitty CG dancing though ): But oh well, the Quartet Night song was great and there’s even more anime coming because Broccoli does like printing money after all. Almost forgot to mention it, but Haruka is hardly relevant this season and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I’ll also say I didn’t particularly miss her.

11.Magic-Kyun Renaissance:  I’ll say this about Magikyun, it was less dumb than I expected given the title. I mean it was super dumb, but it could’ve been dumber. It was also a lot of fun, had neat visuals and surprisingly good songs? I feel it could’ve ended in episode 9 because it doesn’t feel like the new resolution in ep 13 actually added anything of note to the story or the characters, but it was okay. It’s harmless dumb entertainment and that’s what I wanted it to be. 

The good

10.Flip Flappers:  It’s always great to see passion projects like this, even if they don’t always stick the landing. In the gayest anime season, FliFla gave us a lesbian visual spectacle that was among the best animated experiences of the year. While narratively it blooped a little in the last third and became a weird Eva-ish nightmare, it sorta kinda worked out at the end, although definitely didn’t live up to its initial dreamy potential. And it was very lesbian, although I feel it was lowkey creepy lesbian since Papika is somehow an adult??? I think they explained some things too much and left others glaringly unexplained. Some weird things happened in that production that hindered its potential, but it’s still a fascinating series to look at, even if you don’t dig the character dynamics (which are adorable but in the end didn’t do much for me). Could’ve done with 100% less creepy robot though     

9.Classicaloid: I’d call Classicaloid the Bungo Stray Dogs (season 1) of the Fall because while it wasn’t what I wanted or expected, it managed to grow on me. I was on the edge of dropping it because the wacky one-note humor wasn’t working for me at all, but with the introduction of Schubert and the slow drip of answers to our questions of what is even happening in this show, it became notoriously more fun. Definitely the strongest moments of the show are when we get to see the Classicaloids having flash backs to their past lives (the episode about Beethoven and his loss of hearing was particularly brilliant) and while I still mostly have no idea of where this is going at all, they’ve definitely got me hooked wanting to know what Bach is even planning.

8.Drifters: This might have gone even higher up the ranks if not for all the homophobic and sexist jokes ugh. But I guess it’s a testament to how entertaining it is that I watched it all through and would still watch the upcoming second season (or maybe it’s a testament to what a good job it did in tickling my very specific rekijo bone). The characterization of Nobunaga in particular is absolutely brilliant, and the little nuances in the interactions between characters of different time periods are fantastic. Cool action sequences and interesting strategizing and politicking. But I reckon this isn’t something that’s gonna sway the non-history buffs. Also ew the sexist and homophobic jokes. The show has great comedy without that, please don’t be so gross Hirano.

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7.ALL OUT!!: It had a bit of a slow start, but once it started picking up with the practice matches and developing the team, it’s just gotten exponentially better! Especially since the addition of the coach. DAYS could learn a thing or two about how it isn’t necessary to make the inexperienced main character the sudden “hero” of the team to make for a compelling sports story. That said I still do not understand about 75% of how rugby works at all, but the endearing cast and the passionate games make up for it. Also the horrible hair. Definitely looking forward to where these kids will go in the second half.

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The excellent

6.Fune wo Amu: This is a case of me one-sidedly having expectations that a show can’t live up to and thus I don’t enjoy it as much as I could. Which is no fault of the show itself and it is in fact one of the best anime of the season (arguably the year). It does fail on the entertainment department, but compensates with beautiful craftsmanship and a wonderful portrayal of human feelings and relationships. While it wounded up being Very Heterosexual (and the main couple develops in a rather cold and questionable manner, but hey, the wife wasn’t forced to give up her dreams to become a housewife. A+ for progress! ) the portrayal of Majime’s camaraderie with Nishioka (and Nishioka’s very great relationship with his gf!) was really the heart of the show, and just for that it’s absolutely worth the watch.

5.Natsume Yuujinchou Go: I think it’s rather telling to the quality of the season overall that Natsume Yuujinchou somehow fell just slightly above the middle of the pack. I do feel this season of Natsume was weaker than the previous ones, but to be honest I can’t quite pinpoint why. Maybe it didn’t feel like we reached a new milestone in Natsume’s development or in learning about Reiko –in fact, it feels we learned conspicuously little about Reiko this season-, although the final episode and the Touko episode were notable highlights. With a sixth season already in the works, I have little else to say other than, even when it’s not in top form, this is still among the best one could ever hope to get from anime

4.Bungo Stray Dogs 2: Remember how season 1 was good but not what I wanted it to be? Well, season 2 wasn’t exactly what I’d originally hope BSD would be about but it sure as fuck was fantastic! Starting with the flashback episodes to Dazai’s time in the Port Mafia and the story of Oda Sakunosuke, to the introduction of the American writers and the follow-up with Kyouka and Atsushi’s arcs as well as Akutagawa (!!!!) it was a genuinely amazing season that completely justifies watching the first one even if you weren’t entirely convinced about it at first. My only gripe is the lack of Kunikida, but this season showed that Dazai is the lynchpin of this series and he fulfills that role to perfection. I loved loved loved this season and I hope we get more of this series.

3.Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: While it floundered a little in the second cour (seriously I was happy Shigechi died, he was an awful character), it picked itself right back up in the third and the battle against Kira –who is an astonishingly amazing villain- was just week after week of blood-pumping excitement and fun. Not every episode was perfect, but the package as a whole is fantastic. At moments it felt more like Kishibe Rohan’s Bizarre Adventure, but even that was okay because every member of the cast was so great. You can see the passion David Production has for this franchise, and I’m hoping they’ll continue adapting it. While Joseph is still Best JoJo, I think part 4, with its incredibly strong cast and creative set up might be my favorite arc so far.

2.Haikyuu 3: vicky’s probably gonna hate me for this but If I’m honest, the Shiratorizawa match wasn’t my favorite in the manga. I love the development Tsukki got through it and I commend Furudate for how brilliantly he’s been working in making these characters grow in such satisfying ways. But Shiratorizawa, and Ushijima specially, is the epitome of OP rival and that’s something that’s never really worked for me. It felt like the Rakuzan game in Kurobas, there were moments in which it felt that it just never ended. And I was worried about how they were going to work it into ten episodes. I think it’s a testament to the anime team that they managed to make it not actually feel like 10 episodes, and that they’ve made this one of the most exciting matches to watch in all of Haikyuu. It was truly spectacular and I can’t wait for S4


1.Yuri!!! on ICE: Joke’s on you, this was a Yuri on Ice post all along!! Even if my conflicted feelings about the ending had been sourer and heavier, I would have no doubt that this is the best show of the season (and the year). It’s taken me a while, but after having chewed on my feelings for a couple of days (while fighting the denialists with all my might) I’m even more confident about it. I don’t even know what more praise I can rain on this beautiful, beautiful show that has literally saved me so many times during this really difficult trimester and I am ever so grateful to its creators for giving us such a beautiful gift in such dark times. Now please end our suffering and confirm a season 2, because just like Victor and Yuuri can’t live without each other (canon!) I can’t live without them anymore ;—;

What a strong season this was! A high note to end an otherwise shitty year! Thanks everyone for following this nonsense blog and I hope this new year brings us all more beautiful anime (and less menstrual cramps for me). Winter shows I’m watching premiere literally today so I’ll skip the “anticipation” rundown and go straight to my watchlist in a couple of weeks.  As always, I’ll be happy to hear which were your favorite and least favorite shows of the season, but I know y’all never answer to my questions ;—-;