season one makes me happy

so if bnha’s season 3 has been confirmed …. does that mean we’re actually going to get the big bakushima moment animated possibly pretty soon ????

ty bones i owe you my life

3rd season for Free!

That means…
they still have chance to legitimize a gay relationship

even though i’m sure most of us have lost hope by now, I’m holding onto the idea that they could’ve seen Yuri on Ice!!’s success and decided to try something similar as a result. 

That’s LITERALLY my only hope.

the difference between s1 alec and s2 alec is like day and night can you believe love can turn a man so closed off and so unhappy into a man who’s proud to show every ounce of love he’s got with the widest smile on his face

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: It Had to Be You

When Harry Met Sally festive Captain Swan AU

It’s holiday season and this makes me hella happy - I’ve got some festive one shots to share with you all throughout the month, because why not eh? Starting today with a little When Harry Met Sally AU. It’s my favourite non-holiday holiday film, because it isn’t about Christmas, but there’s a generous sprinkling of festivity.


It Had to Be You

Emma was sitting alone in her apartment on New Year’s Eve, telling herself that she was having fun. Who needed mandatory merriment at overpriced bars or overcrowded house parties? At home she could celebrate the season with her feet up, a pop tart in one hand and a cinnamon liqueur-laced hot chocolate in another.

And if a certain best friend of hers was notable by his absence, well that was for the best really. He’d only find all that pressure to kiss someone at midnight confusing.

“Happy New Year!” everyone had cried out when the clock struck midnight. And they immediately were surrounded by a sea of couples making out like tomorrow hadn’t just come.

She caught Killian’s eye, expecting to see her own bemusement reflected back at her. But his gaze was soft and intense and full of inexplicable longing. Her eyes widened and she bit her lip, as she stared back at him. He looked like he wanted to kiss her desperately, like she meant the world to him, like he maybe even l-

But she couldn’t think like that, they couldn’t have that. She hadn’t even realised that she had moved closer to him until she came to her senses. She jerked back and it broke whatever spell Killian was under.

“Happy New Year,” they said together, throwing their arms around each other, laughing at their own awkwardness. He sighed into her embrace and she clutched him tighter. They could be together like this forever, she didn’t need more than friendship as long as she had him in her life.

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THE 100 II Season one - Graphic Book

“Survival isn’t who you are. It’s who you become.”

The only thing I don’t like about season 3...

Is under cut for spoilery reasons

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Wishing my oldest and dearest tumblr friend @takadasaiko a very happy birthday.  You deserve to have the happiest of days today.  Enjoy it with those you love and care about it.  Stuff yourself with turkey and too much pie (but hope there is a birthday cake somewhere for you).  And know no matter you’ll always have a friend in me.  I hope you have a very happy birthday (or maybe a Bobolicious one - if that wasn’t a word before now it is).

So after kk-sis posted this list of the web extras for Detentionaire, I wanted to look them all up on YouTube. Thankfully they all were there (if…varying in quality) so here’s a masterlist for anyone else interested. 

Obviously they’re all also on the Teletoon website but region-blocked to Canada.

Descriptions mostly copied from kk-sis’s list.

alsooooo….if you don’t watch Detentionaire….some of these shorter videos might help you decide if/that you want to…..just saying~

(I’m also saying the Tina ones are especially good for this purpose, if mildly spoilery. They do make more sense with the episodes as context, but they do well at hinting at the show’s overarching plotlines.)

(Just also saying)

anonymous asked:

No matter what happens for the rest of the season, seeing VM so happy and not emotionally drained like during the last Olympic season makes me so happy and no one is going to be able to take that away from them.

Preach 👏🏻it 👏🏻anon👏🏻

Good thought ❤