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Once Upon a Time: Colin O'Donoghue Teases Hook and Emma's Happy Ending

There are plenty of heartfelt love stories on Once Upon a Time, but none of them quite compare to that of Captain Hook and Emma Swan. They may be in a predicament at the moment, but not even Gideon can come between true love. While the future of the show is still uncertain, we have hope that these two will find their way back to each other in the end. POPSUGAR had the opportunity to talk with Colin O'Donoghue, who was promoting his new film Carrie Pilby, and he reflected on how far his fan-favorite character has come over the years, what it’s like working with Jennifer Morrison, and what he thinks Hook’s happy ending might look like.

POPSUGAR: Hook has changed a lot over the past few seasons. What do you think is his most admirable quality?
Colin O'Donoghue: I mean, he’s a different character now. It’s probably that he’s redeemed himself and is trying to be the best person that he can be, which is a difficult thing to do, to overcome those demons for the better of not just himself, but for the better of the woman he loves and her family. However, I did love playing the villainous Hook. It’s always fun to get to play the bad guy.

PS: Hook and Emma are definitely one of the most beloved romances on the show. What is the best part about working with Jennifer Morrison?
CO: I’m lucky that Jen and I have got a fantastic relationship. We get on so well and it makes it easy to translate that into the characters. Jen is friendly with my family and my wife and all of that is very important. Sometimes when you come onto a show, you don’t know if that’s going to work or if the chemistry is going to be there, and we just have a laugh. That’s the most important thing is to enjoy what you do. We’re at ease working with each other, because if you have tension with someone, that translates on screen. Luckily, on Once Upon a Time, we get along so well, so it works.

PS: I know the show hasn’t been renewed for another season yet, but what do you think Hook’s happily ever after would look like?
CO: Hook’s happily ever after would just be getting an evening or night where both he and Emma can sit down and maybe have dinner or watch TV or have a glass of wine, because in Storybrooke, they literally never get a chance to do anything. As soon as anything slows down, you guarantee Grumpy is going to come running around the corner saying that some sort of curse is coming or there’s a giant snowman attacking the town. I think his happily ever after would just be a week’s worth of peace and quiet where they can be normal people. Maybe we’ll get to see that in the second half! That would be good.



A Masterpost of Patsy Mount’s Iconic Looks™: Series 3

Miss Patience Mount is one of the most stylish ladies on Call the Midwife, and she has such a look™. Everything she wears is just iconic, and I felt compelled to make a masterpost of her looks, starting with season 3. If you click on the pictures, there’s captions 

*please excuse the bad quality of the pics, I am horrible at screenshotting*

  • “Next season we’re not going to have a speedster” as the Big Bad, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed at a PaleyFest panel for the show and fellow CW super series Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow on Saturday. (x)
  • “With Savitar, we know who he is, and we’ve been planning this for a while,” said Kreisberg. “The first two seasons were about having fun with his powers, and this season for Barry [Gustin] is really about the pitfalls of having powers, and that’s the story we wanted to tell. That’s why Savitar was the perfect villain for that story.” (x)
  • Meanwhile, in Episode 19, titled “The Once and Future Flash,” “Barry decides that the only way he can find out what he needs to know is in the future,” Kreisberg previewed. (x)
  • We have Abra Kadabra coming up in an episode, played by David Dastmalchian. He’s a long time comic book villain of the Flash, and we finally got him onto the show, and we’re really excited about that,” Kreisberg said. “There’s a lot of fun stuff coming up, and a lot of comic book nods, but we tend not to specifically adapt a specific comic book, or specific comic book storyline.” (x)
  • “He [Abra Kadabra]  knows who Savitar is. It becomes a moral conundrum to Barry and the team” as to whether to let Abra Kadabra go in order to obtain answers. The EP added that there’s a “great” Barry/Iris scene that tackles the question: “Can you be a hero if you do one bad thing for the greater good?” (x)
  • Flash fans, Grant Gustin feels your frustration with the Scarlet Speedster. “I agree most of the time as a viewer and a fan with the backlash that Barry receives,” Gustin admitted, noting that fear has been dictating the character’s decisions more than ever this season. (x)
  • Candice Patton would love to put on a leather superhero costume, but at the same time, “I love that she provides this very human quality to this very super show,” the Flash actress shared. “I think she’s extraordinarily important to Barry’s superhero narrative.” (x)
  • About the musical crossover : “It’s like a gimmick episode,” said Kreisberg. “The person who did those episodes the best was Joss Whedon [with Buffy the Vampire Slayer]. You think of ‘Hush’ or 'The Body’ or 'Once More, With Feeling.’ The best thing about those episodes were that they didn’t stop the ongoing narrative of the season. Those episodes really spoke to what the characters were going through.”“We set it up so that, on Supergirl and The Flash, both Barry and Kara [Melissa Benoist] would be at a romantic crossroads,” he added. “They’re at the same place, essentially, so they can go on this journey together to get back the love they think they lost or not.”(x)

You know I wish I could say ‘Well at least they come back and we will finally get to see them’ but that’s seriously not the way I feel about this. Not with cheap teasers like that. Not 6 days before the comeback. Not in the middle of their Japan dome tour. Not a week after PSY’s album release. Not with any promo or media play. Other artists get a month before, but for iKON the company doesn’t even seem to try. iKON is a group of 7 boys and instead of posting concept pics or video teaser for each member so everyone gets to know them, they put out an low quality teaser pic again. And not just that, they also only get low quality video clips on yg’s Instagram instead of a real trailer. This gives me flashbacks to their comeback. It seems rushed, a bad timing & super cheap so far. I’m mad because their QUALITY MUSIC doesn’t deserve to be promoted cheap like this. I know they will do well, I know they won’t disappoint musically wise BUT they deserve better, their music and iKONICs deserve better. You know I wouldn’t be mad if this was the first time they got treated like this but this happens all the time. I’m more shocked when they actually get quality stuff. The season greetings quality have been going downhill for a while. The second half of the Japan tour looked cheap af! And now instead of putting in the money and planning out the comeback and Japan dome tour a bit better, they plan to release new songs just in the middle of the Japan dome tour. What means that the boys will perform the old songs at the first Japan dome tour concert AGAIN. They’ve been touring for almost 2 years with only one album. iKON brings in the money and the company doesn’t spend it on them. Na, instead they keep releasing merch and bad quality dvds so they can milk the money out of them. I know we should have more patience and wait for Monday to see if the mv’s are good or if yge will maybe release video teasers in the next few days. But I’m just tired of it tbh. I keep hoping and hoping for better and more. I know the boys have grown a lot but the company seems to be in their way to show that growth to the world. But whatever, this is just me ranting about how I feel about the cb so far and iKON’s place in the company in general. Honestly, I will take everything back if yge proves they actually care for the boys and show us some quality soon.


1x08 // 2x08 (Bad quality I apologize)

Alec Lightwood went from “I’m following all the orders and I’m marrying someone I don’t want to marry so my family name is restored and I can be in charge” to “Orders don’t mean a damn thing when it gets in the way of what and who I love” within one season. Bless his character development.

I watched the Steven Bomb

So I watched the last four episodes of the upcoming Steven Bomb and I have to say, it’s actually pretty good. Let me go episode by episode of the Bomb past Lion 4 (which was pretty bad). 

Doug Out:

This is an example of a filler episode that’s actually good. People might think I’m anti filler because I made this post, but I’m not really anti filler as much as I’m anti boring episodes and this one wasn’t boring. It’s got good atmosphere, an entertaining story, some actual suspense, and gives character development to a character that didn’t have any before. You could say they retconned Doug’s personality a bit, before he seemed very snobby but now is a bit of a goof, but I’m fine with that. It’s a good thing that Connie’s parents aren’t as unlikable as they were in Fusion Cuisine. The episode also has a ending that will come into play later in the bomb. Though if I had one minor complaint about this episode, it’s that it pretends that Steven Universe has been exciting lately, which is pretty delusional. 

The Good Lars: 

This is definitely a filler episode, but I didn’t mind it as much as I thought I would. It told a decent slice of life episode that featured good character development for Lars and Sadie. One thing that I liked about the episode was that it wasn’t a Larsadie episode, it was Lars and Sadie episode. Though there was some Larsadie stuff like a line where it seems Lars is going to say he loves Sadie to which I went “Aw! The show thinks I give a crap. How cute.” This episode did probably benefit from bar lowering both by Season 4′s drop in quality and the previous Larsadie venture, but I would say it was decent. It at least felt like an old SU episode while many of the bad episodes of season 4 felt like they came from a different show. A show that didn’t care if it was entertaining and didn’t respect its audience. 

Are you My Dad/ I am My Mom: 

These two episodes are pretty good, not as good as some other big episodes like Jailbreak and Earthlings, but still pretty good. These episodes had a great mystery element to it, and pretty good payoff. There’s a reveal that I feel was brilliant. I unfortunately saw it coming because I saw somebody theorize it in a Tumblr post. For some reason, the person who posted about this was pissed off about it, but I completely disagree. I felt like the reveal was a very good use of continuity. The writing for the bomb overall is pretty strong. These episodes introduce two new gems, Aquamarine and Topaz. I do enjoy their personalities, well I enjoy Aquamarine personality since Topaz is just a voiceless henchgem. I was worried they were going to be Peridot and Jasper 2.0, but they’re really not. I wasn’t really the biggest fans of their designs at first, and I’m still not, but their designs did grow on me a little while watching these episodes. What makes these episodes worth it was the ending. I’m not spoiling anything, but it makes certain that Season 5 will at least be more interesting than Season 4. 

Overall I would say that Season 4 ended strong despite being the weakest season of Steven Universe. I’m glad I was able to see these episodes and I’m definitely going to make a Mellow Frames on Doug Out, Are you My Dad, and I am My Mom. I’m probably going to make a list of my least favorite to favorite episodes of Season 4 shortly after these episodes officially air. I will admit that the list will be mostly negative, but hey, that’s what Season 4 has been like. I do think the show will bounce back in Season 5. 

illstealyourhouse  asked:

Hello! So I’ve never done any prompts/headcanons/theories before so this is all new to me but I had this thought pop into my head and I just had to tell someone, someone who knew what I was talking about/might enjoy it. So anyway here goes: so in episode one season one, where Allura tells the paladins the qualities of the lions and pilots Lance doesn’t allow her to continue on when she gets to him. Langst if we take Lance’s insecurities and the theory that he may have been bullied in the past(1)

or like Iverson, where he is put down/compared to people all the time, he’s come to hear a lot of bad things about himself that when Allura gets to him he instantly thinks that she’s going to say something bad or potentially puts him down and so he instantly cuts her off with his flirtations. which is what is expected of his supposed “personality” mask so instead of him having to deal with his insecurities or self-esteem issues, he blindsides it and pushes the conversation away completely(2)

Anyway that was my theory and I hope it makes some sense? Thank you for your time!!!! :D I love your writing and theories by the way, you’re one of my favourite blogs!! (3)

I love this so much.

Season 19 Renewal

As Season 18 went on, and I kept getting disappointed, all I could think was, “do the old writers and the cast also think the quality of the show is declining, or do they think everything is fine?”

Guess we have our answer.

The fact Rick Eid is leaving after just one season tells me that we were right all along. He was a bad fit for this show. Forget the scheduling mess, partly caused by the inability to produce episodes on time. He tried to turn SVU into a generic cop show, which is actually why I think he might be a good fit for Chicago PD. SVU was never generic. It’s an institution, and it was always about the characters, as much as it was about the cases,  as well as teaching the audience some sorely needed lessons.

Season 18 and its Struggles

In Season 18, the show lost track of that message. It’s not enough for Liv to sprout platitudes and give us Hallmark moments every week. A certain sensitivity and nuance is required, if you want to tackle SVU cases. Rick Eid lacked that sensitivity (if some episodes displayed it, it was because of the old SVU writers, in my opinion), and he couldn’t find that nuance. That’s why he effectively rewrote the same episode so many times. Rich white powerful man assaults rich white pretty lady. She is unreliable (or a liar, or a criminal, or it’s somehow her fault), and he is troubled. That’s it. We watched a variation of that, literally 13 times this season (I counted).

The T*rump episode alone perfectly demonstrates why Eid was a bad choice for SVU. The casual way in which Ice-T said it wasn’t one of their best, even though the (then) current showrunner had written it, that said it all. Showing women as liars is not what SVU is about, for me. Nor is it about showing rapists as sympathetic, or troubled figures, or innocent. Both can (and should) be done in moderation, in an individual episode or two, for the sake of a twist (or even realism, sometimes), but not all the time.  

Problem is, Rick Eid clearly didn’t know what else to do. What else to write. He didn’t know how to expand into non-rape cases, he didn’t know how to send the right message (and sometimes he’d even send the wrong message entirely), and (most curious of all) he didn’t know how to properly work the courtroom angle, despite the fact he’s apparently a lawyer, and the trial scenes increased tremendously in screentime. This season, despite its faults, could have given us a strong, take-charge Barba. If nothing else. Instead, he turned Barba into an afterthought who wouldn’t prosecute a single perp unless Liv told him to.

Season 18 and the Characters

This entire season, it felt like neither Rick Eid nor the other new writers ever watched the previous seasons. They totally misused Carisi, Rollins and Barba. They altered long-established portrayals. They changed these characters into generic cardboard cutouts, eliminating everything that made them unique (yet again, that’s another sight Eid might have better luck with Chicago PD). I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve written about this many times, most recently (and extensively) here.

I mean, I remain baffled by that one interview, when Eid kept saying “the Carisi character” and “the Barba character,” like he had never watched his own show and he had zero emotional connection to his “own” characters. Which was obviously true, as it turns out. He never connected to any of them, except maybe Liv.

Season 18 and Liv

Which brings me to this. To me, it’s clear that another showrunner change would have to be okayed by Mariska (if not demanded by her). This season had some very strong Olivia moments, but overall it was not the best for her, in my view. The focus was on Liv, but what she was actually doing, it wasn’t always something I could root for. I didn’t like that feeling.

It’s one thing if she does something that’s supposed to be questionable (like Season 17’s Black Lives Matter episode, and the way she instinctively wanted to stand by her fellow cops at first) or “flawed,” but it’s another thing to have her badgering witnesses and victims alike into testifying, for an entire season. Or telling Barba how to prosecute his own cases. Or thinking she can’t have a personal life and a child at the same time.

That’s not who Liv is, to me. I hope we can find that Liv again. And I’d like to think Mariska agrees. The fact she wanted (or at least she agreed to) a new showrunner despite the fact this season was “all about her” is a good sign. She’s the star, and she’s the reason most people watch, but she is also self-aware, and she must have known how Liv was coming off, at times. She must still want the best for Liv, like we all do, and I’m happy to know that.

Season 18 and Sonny

Lastly, when it comes to Sonny, I just hope we can find the old Sonny too. The one with the personality, and the whole bunch of sisters, and the niece who drools on him. The Sonny who is fantastic undercover, and has great instincts, and uses his affability to nail perps during interrogations, and thinks outside the box to solve a case (actually that last part is still there, even in S18, thank God). The Sonny who is empathetic and hilarious and quirky and interested in medicine and photography and Möbius strips. The Sonny who came into his own, and turned into a confident and experienced and badass detective. The Sonny who has some darkness inside him, but doesn’t let it turn him into yet another violent cop. The Sonny who is real, and has real relationships with his friends and colleagues, and isn’t just “Cop Number 1”, only there to deliver exposition.

Peter deserves better, much like all the actors. It’s a shame to have this great cast, and this rich history, and fail to utilize either of them properly.

In Conclusion

I’ve said it many times. SVU has had terrible seasons before, but it has always bounced back. So I hope we can all just all pretend Season 18 never happened, even though that may not be eas…

Wait, that’s very easy, actually, because literally not a single thing happened in season 18. All the characters are pretty much where they were at the end of S17, except Fin, who is an almost-Sergeant, and has an offscreen twitter-grandchild.

So let’s just start over, huh?


well, you all know i am an Avid Supporter of minority report, selfie, and superstore… so if you have ever wanted to watch any of these but didn’t have the means to, look no further. i have finally updated my files so that i have all of these shows in glorious 1080p. if you would like to watch any of these, please send me an ask not on anon or send me a message and tell me which of these you want!

minority report: sci-fi drama starring meagan good, stark sands, li jun li, wilmer valderrama, nick zano, and laura regan

  • one season (10 episodes)
  • there are two pilots! the one labeled MR_OG_PILOT is the pilot that was released before the show officially premiered. i would suggest watching it after you’ve finished the series since there are some small and also some major changes they made.
  • the original pilot is currently only 720p, sorry about that!
  • if you download the episodes, there are subtitles for all episodes besides the original pilot. (i use vlc, and they work perfectly with it.)

selfie: romantic comedy starring karen gillan, john cho, da'vine joy randolph, and david harewood

  • one season (13 episodes)
  • there are also two pilots for this. i actually accidentally deleted the one that was aired on abc since i only had bad quality of that. if you’d like to see that one, let me know, and i can send you a separate streaming link! the one in my drive is the one that was aired on hulu / before the series premiere.
  • i unfortunately don’t have subtitles for this included, but if you need help trying to find subtitles, i can try to help! 

superstore: workplace comedy starring america ferrera, ben feldman, nichole bloom, nico santos, colton dunn, lauren ash, and mark mckinney

  • going into season 3 (currently 33 episodes)
  • if you download these episodes, there are subtitles as well. 
  • 2x00 is an episode that was made to air during the olympics. when watching, keep in mind that this happens sometime within season 1 before the season 1 finale. 

please let me know if any links are broken or if any subtitles aren’t working for minority report or superstore! and also like tell me if you watch them and tell me your thoughts! :)

Gotham Finale in a Nutshell:

I apologise for the absolutely horrific quality, really, it is bad… but I just had to! 

So… sorry, sorry, not completely sorry. 

Also, I strongly recommend Jon Klassen’s book (I Want My Hat Back), it’s one of the most… interesting children’s books I’ve ever read. And one of my favourites, too. Go read!

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YOI AU where everything is the same except they all wear female skating outfits because let's be real, female skating outfits are one million times better than most (not all) male outfits. Plus, I just want to see all of the characters wear traditionally female attire ;)

I’d move more traditionally female attire in the movie / season two!!

a concept: victor in sara’s outfit

The Extra The Series

Thailand // 2016 // 12 episodes

The series revolves around a group of rookie actors trying to make it in the entertainment industry. The links for the BL storyline (Joey & Pawin) are below.

I’m not 100% sure these include all of their scenes but it’s what I could find with subtitles. Also, episode 12 ends with “To be continued” so I’m guessing there will be a second season.

The Magic’s in the Craftsmanship: On the Stories Told in Season 12

The Road So Far made the point crystal clear: Season 12 was about telling stories. Its first moments featured that exchange from 12x06:

Sam: Did you know people tell stories about us?
Dean: Yeah. Apparently we’re a little bit legendary.

It was a season of pictures being painted and stories being told. Stories about what it means to be family, about what it meant to be home. Stories of conflict from one’s past - stories about what future one hoped to bring into the world.

Fragments of these stories were known by the characters themselves - only the audience given the opportunity to witness the entire expanse. Some with considerable effect while others – others left us wanting Metatron to bust into the writers’ room to give lessons on pacing and structure and character development to certain individuals.

Originally posted by helpimanspnfan

Ramiel told us that the magic of the Lance of Michael was in the craftsmanship. In quite literally a collection of letters carved with the utmost intention - not unlike the letters arranged on a transcript’s pages. When Season 12 was focused - when the details it introduced revealed their importance - like the Lance of Michael, they were truly magical in their craftsmanship. 

Like Dean losing the things that mattered most to him — his identity of being Mary’s son, Sam’s brother and Cas’s best friend fading no matter how hard he clung on in that bathroom mirror.

Like Dean moving from internalizing his anger, disappointment and grief throughout the season - to putting it into words for those he loved.

Like the brothers’ faith and trust in one another finally coming to the place we have long desired - where they believe in one another without having to constantly be at one another’s side.

Like that profound bond between Dean and Cas deepening more and more - despite the distances between them, despite the reasons for separation forced upon them. Because it is now canon that Cas counts the hours since he’s last seen Dean. It is now canon that Dean gives something deeply personal of himself for Cas to carry with him when they are apart.

While others feel like a failed spell - the ingredients may be present, but there’s something lacking in the execution. Too often, pictures would be painted and stories would be told - only to be undone, ignored or deserted.

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