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I just saw a post saying that if you like Matt more than you like Lance you’re automatically racist and just

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The receding monsoon marks the beginning of the long Indian Festive season. Different gods are worshipped in different festivals. The season begins with the festival of Lord Ganesh, the deeply loved elephant headed god. It is celebrated for ten long days, with the idols being immersed in the sea on the last day. Herewith some of the images I have captured on the recently concluded Ganesh Festivals with my Leica X2.  Each of the frames appears so real that it will open a dialogue with you on the rich Indian culture. The moods & moments are captured in a span of a few hours on the immersion day.  

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Considering it took 2 seasons for us to get to see Magnus initiate a kiss do you think it'll be season 4 before we get to hear him initiate a "I love you." So far it's always been Alec saying it first with Magnus responding to it.

I don’t think so, Anon. I’m pretty sure Magnus will say the L-word again before s2 ends. ;)

The 8 Sabbats

SAMHAIN: October 31st, the beginning and therefore the end of the pagan new year. The time when the Goddess returns as the crone or the wise one

YULE: December 21st, the time when the days begin to lengthen and the re-birth of the sun is celebrated

IMBOLG: February 2nd, The time when the first buds are seen on the trees: the return of the Goddess as the maiden.

OESTARA: March 21st. The time when day and night are equal. A time of balance and of throwing out the old and taking on the new.

BELTANE: May 1st, The time when the marriage of the Goddess and the Gd is celebrated. The Goddess becomes the Mother and the God returns to reign beside her

LITHA: June 21st, The height of the sun king’s power, when the days begin to shorten again

LAMMAS: August 1st, the time when the first harvest is brought in, the feast of the sacrificial God

MADRON: September 21st again day and night are equal and again this is a time of balance This is the height of the harvest and a time of returning things to the way they should be

Important June Dates for Aphrodite and Persephone

Hello, my lunar lovelies! I just wanted to give you a quick heads up and reminder on some important dates coming up! They arent necessarily linked to Aphrodite and Persephone, but for me they are and could possibly be for others so I figured it couldn’t hurt to make a post.

Wednesday, June 21st is the Summer Solstice where we say hello to the Summer season! Also some Aphrodite worshipers and devotees like to celebrate Aphrodite’s biggest festival, Aphrodisia, on this day. For me, it just feels right since I heavily associate Aphrodite with Summer so celebrating the two together just works. Theres plenty you can do to celebrate (ill make a seperate post about it) but whether you’re honoring Aphrodite or just welcoming the Summer season, I encourage you to spend some time outside admiring the beauty around you.

Friday, June 23rd is the New Moon in Cancer. As ive said in a previous post the New Moon is a perfect time to give thanks and honor Persephone. And at the same time you can ask her for guidance in whatever new project, adventure, or journey you are setting out on. This New Moon being in Cancer is perfect for any type of emotional work, getting connected to your intuition, healing, and anything involving your inner child.

You guys will have to let me know if I’ve done a good job here. I strayed from the request a lot and I always struggle with Male!Reader fics. Could do with some more practice really. Luckily Thor is a big beautiful puppy who loves everyone so that helps. If anyone wants a second part to this, I’d be more than happy to do one. Thank you to @spicyveganfun for the request. Hope you enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Could you write a Thor x male! Reader fix where the reader is a witch of earth and is interested in Thor and likewise in the case of Thor so he tries to woe the reader by taking him to Asgard to show him the mystic temples and feel free to add a little spiciness(ignore how corny I am) like you did the last Thor x male reader.

‘The Mystery of the Missing’

The newspaper hit the table with a smack. Thor raised an eyebrow at the face on the front cover, the sepia tones complimenting whoever it belonged to.
“He seems a fine gentleman,” Thor commented folding his arms. So much for a quiet, uneventful breakfast. He’d not intended to stay long at the Tower upon his decision to visit several months ago, but every time he thought about returning to Asgard, something had come up. No doubt this newspaper article would be another something.

“He’s missing,” Steve explained as he leaned back onto the edge of the table. He watched as Thor examined the newspaper more carefully.

A world-renowned doctor of ancient civilisations was reported missing yesterday by the group of locals he was travelling with. After having lost his footing and slipped into a previously unseen underground cavern, a rescue attempt was mounted. The cavern yielded several artefacts from what are thought to be ancient cults, but unfortunately, no sign of Dr (Y/l/n). After a spate of inexplicable natural disasters occurred around the same time in nearby towns, locals have begun to speculate that the missing doctor has been possessed by ‘El Diablo’, the Devil, which they believe also explains his disappearance. The US continue to work with local authorities in the hopes of finding out the archaeologist’s fate.

“Of what consequence is this?”
Inexplicable events?” Steve smirked, pointing to the respective paragraph. “Isn’t that sort of our MO?” Thor shrugged.
“It could be nothing more than legend, strung by the local peoples.”
“I’d be inclined to agree,” his companion smiled, “if I wasn’t sitting in front of one such legend myself. Suit up; we’re investigating it anyway.”

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Every time I see someone bad-mouth any guy in the balloon squad after only one clip of them I remember how everyone just forgave the penetrators for their entire two seasons of shitty behavior and worship them 🙄


Yo man white dudes … they can do anything … and get away with it cos they’re boys that have been misunderstood bc poor boys probz have a tragic backstory like

ya’ll are so transparent lmao.

Idk guys, I really don’t get all the hate for Mon El. Of course it’s anyone’s right to dislike a character, I’m not even arguing that. I’m just saying that at least for me, I can agree that Mon El started out as kind of an ass, but by the end of the season, he worshipped the ground Kara walked on. He became a better person for her, and because of her. And Kara didn’t change who she was for him at all. Isn’t that a good thing? For people to learn from their mistakes, and become better?

Greetings Fannibals! So this is my contribution to the HannibalOdyssey Fest. It is a fantasy map of the place where we spend so much of our time. I present to you

The Land of Fannibals Map

So basically you can see where you live based on which area of the fandom you spend most of you time in. Are you a writer of angsty fics, then you make your home in Fic Forest near the Cliff of Tears. Are you a maker of Gifs and Edits, then Mirror Lake is your home. Or are you a wandering minstrel that travels the entire length of the island. The cannimals and I live in the Adoraburbs of the Prairie D’Art near to the foot of Crack Mountain.

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So, we finished Season One of American Gods earlier and episode eight was great. It was, some might say, godly. There was Easter, there was Bilquis, there was Anansi’s voice further burying itself into our brain in the hopes that we will worship it in the same manner we worship Liam Neeson’s voice. BUT WE HAVE A QUESTION! One of our hopes for Season Two is that Technical Boy dies. Death to Technical Boy via Bilquis. SAY IT LOUDER FOR THOSE SITTING IN THE BACK. But we’re wondering, can a God like Technical Boy even die with the constant worship he is receiving? Yes? No? Tell us now.

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