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Sarah Shahi is a revelation. She plays Shaw with deliberate and hard-edged dedication, and constantly pushes the boundaries of the show’s previous standards to elevate Shaw to new and groundbreaking heights.

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I really want Lucy to say Jessica is the only one in the world for Wyatt, and then I want him to prove her wrong. 

Happy 32nd Birthday, LeBron!

Mike turned 32 in February 1995, a month before he came back to basketball.

He didn’t win any of the trophies above until he was 33 (in 1996), so LeBron has a chance to take “the lead” this season.

After that…well, Mike won 2 more Season MVPs, 3 Titles, and 3 Finals MVPs. I doubt LeBron will manage to put together a similar run.


2x10 Scream Quenns Drain the Swamp Reviews.

Apparently Dr. Holt (John Stamos) and Hester (Lea Michele) are now filthy rich serial killers who hunt tourists on Blood Island, which sounds like it has Season 3 written all over it. C’mon, who wouldn’t watch some insane, Ryan Murphy-fied version of “The Most Dangerous Game” meets “And Then There Were None”? We would totally be there for that. One-hundred percent down. for. it. screenertv

Hester was this season’s MVP. Whereas many of the first season’s characters didn’t progress much in the second season, Hester really came into her own. Her psychotic behavior, such as forcing a man who believed he was a vampire to OD on blood, brought a dark absurdity to the proceedings.   And while her romance with Dr. Holt came out of nowhere, the duo’s interactions were a nice diversion from the Meanie stuff. And Lea Michele obviously had a ton of fun playing the millennial Hannibal Lecter, and her joy was infectious. Hiddenremote

I don’t know what is it about acting like a raging psychopath, but it makes Lea Michele look good. geeksofdoom

John Stamos has killer chemistry with just about everyone in the cast, but I particularly liked his work with Lea Michele. Hester’s unhinged murderphilia paired perfectly with Brock’s own barely-concealed homicidal impulses. tvfanatic

Runner-up for most satisfying: Hester and Brock having successfully absconded to Blood Island, where they were free to murder as many shipwrecked tourists as their evil little hearts desired. Honestly, it was a perfect ending for those two – I’d have hated to see them die, and it wouldn’t have made any sense at all for them to stick around back at the hospital with the rest of the group. tvfanatic

in the end it’s the devious Hester who snags the hot doctor, and the two seem kind of perfect for one another. Season 2 really let Michele play up the crazy angle. screenrant

Lea Michele could potentially save the show thanks to her amazing performance as Hester, the show’s resident sociopath. (OK, there’s more than one resident sociopath on Scream Queens — but Michele’s character is a standout.)  Bustle

If and when Scream Queens does return for Season 3, showrunners would be wise to listen to the critics and viewers who think the plot should place Hester front and center. Bustle

10 epic moments  - popcitylife

1. Hester’s promise to Brock Holt.

“I will always be there for you. And I will always let you attack my crack. Even when I’ve had a really large meal and I’m unsure of what you might encounter up there.’  

5. “OR ELSE.”

Hester: “You kill her during the surgery OR ELSE.”
Brock: “Or else what?”
Hester: “Oh, you heard me – or else.”
Brock: “I know, I know. Or else what?”
Hester: “…Or else.”

Let’s see a cool Blood Island or TV/movie studio theme next season! popcitylife