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If Iron Fist ever gets a season two

First off, kick Scott Buck out of the showrunner role. Also, if we can fire him from the Inhumans show, that’d be great.

Second, hire Gareth Evans (director of the Raid series) as the new showrunner.

Third, get the fight choreographers from the Raid series to take over the fight choreography on the show. Add Tony Jaa just in case. Also, take notes from Daredevil and keep the camera steady during the fight scenes. If the actors aren’t good enough at fighting to the point that you need shaky cam…

Fourth, drill Finn, Jessica, and anyone else who is going to be involved in the fighting scenes. Like, boot camp the fuck out of the cast. If Julie Estelle, who had NO martial arts experience before “The Raid 2”, can learn Pencak Silat just in time to film her fight scenes for the movie, then the cast can improve their fight choreography for season two.

Fifth, introduce Shang-Chi for the sole purpose of building him up for his own show (like the Punisher). If you want to court the controversy with the Asian-American community, you don’t have to punish Finn or anyone else involved with the show for it. Just greenlight a show featuring one of Marvel’s Asian heroes, that’s more than enough of an apology.

Sixth, less boardroom politics, more strange, mystical martial arts stuff. Delve into the Hand mythos, that was more interesting than what was going on at Rand enterprises.

Seventh, add Misty Knight

Eighth, add Luke Cage…albeit in a recurring or guest role since he has to do season two of his own show.

Ninth, write Danny and the whole show in the style as the movies. Yeah, I know the Netflix side of the MCU is more grounded and Danny is definitely the most lighthearted of the Defenders but his show should not be as grounded as it was. Iron Fist has a fucking glowing fist of power, was trained in some ancient mythical city, and he’s a billionaire kid. His show should feel more like Agents of SHIELD or Arrow, not a poor man’s Daredevil. Not saying the grounded style is bad, it’s just Iron Fist isn’t a hero that should be grounded.

Tenth, give Danny a sense of reflection about his own privilege and the fact that he’s a white guy with powers from Asia. If you want to combat the white savior trope, have Danny at least recognize these things about himself and never have him talk over the Asian characters (like Colleen) about being Asian. I like that Colleen did call him out on some things but Danny himself should recognize that he’s a white savior. Have him LEARN from this.

Eleventh, add more Asian characters to the main cast. Upgrade Madame Gao, Lei Kung and add Shang-Chi and Blindspot. Throw Amadeus Cho in there too. Point is, Colleen should NOT be the only Asian character in a show that features mystical, Asian stuff. I’ll even accept creating an original Asian character.

Orphan Black creator promises more flashbacks in final season

Last season of Orphan Black saw everything coming full circle. Through the heavy use of flashbacks, characters galore were brought back from the dead, including the clone that set Sarah off on her journey — Beth Childs. According to show co-creator Graeme Manson, you can expect the flashbacks to continue in the fifth and final season, which kicks off June 10 on BBC America. And that’s just one of the juicy teases he shared with us about the clone drama’s final run of episodes. Read on for more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So are we going to be meeting any new clones this season or is this more about wrapping up the story for the sestras we have?
GRAEME MANSON: Well, I think that the heart of the story is wrapping up our sisters, and we really felt that Tatiana [Maslany] has played, I think, 116 characters since this show started. So, we’re like, let’s concentrate on those 116 and then wrap that up, and then perhaps there might be a little squeak of room for one more clone.

You do have a few new characters though. What can you say about them?
Well, we have scaled our conspiracy. We are at the top of the pyramid ready to punch it in the eye. We met at the end of the last season our big bad— who’s sort of at the top of Neolution — P.T. Westmoreland. This is a man that we have believed has been dead for a hundred years or something. Lo and behold we are introduced to him at the end of the last season as actually still alive. This would make him the oldest man in the world and the most evil man in the world. This is part of what we do each year is we pick a new branch of science to kind of hang our story around and this year we’re looking at the science of prolongevity, which is quite timely.

What is the mission for the clones this season as we’re heading towards the big finale?
I think this season is really about freedom. It’s the final season and the clone sisters have to be all-in. Cosima is all-in to find a cure, to find her own cure, and the cure for the sisters. Sarah’s all-in, fighting and scrapping for everybody’s freedom. Helena’s all-in because she’s eight and a half months pregnant when we start. So if you take some stakes like that, it’s a very high-stakes season and it revolves around Helena’s pregnancy. It also revolves around Kira — we’re really going to get to the bottom of Sarah’s daughter this year. So, it’s a year with a lot of the usual Orphan Black hijinks, but also, it’s a very, very, very important year for the relationship and the bonding and the freedom to move forward for the sisters.

You really humanized Rachel for us over the past few seasons by showing us her backstory, but then just when we want to like her, you have her start stabbing people. Is the Rachel vs. Sarah dynamic back in full effect for season 5?
Sarah’s arch nemesis Rachel is back right in front of her, and this happens really early in the season. But I will say that Rachel has a surprising character arc this season, despite the fact that she is the big bad and that she really wrestles to finally get the sisters under her thumb at the start of the season, where Rachel ends up is really not where you might think.

You all did a great job last season of bringing back a lot of people we had not seen in a long time — obviously with Beth but a lot of old faces as well through flashbacks and what have you. Any surprises like that we can expect in season 5?
We really enjoyed opening that can of worms last year. It’s not easy, but it’s really a great thing for the fans to be able to go back into a flashback and learn something new about these characters that we spent so many seasons with now. So, we sort of pressed ahead with something similar this year. We figured in our final season what you really want to do is you want to take a look at these girls, and maybe just sort of ask how far have they come, where were they before?

So, we took a few episodes these seasons to create some character-focused episodes — so Cosima, Sarah, Rachel, Helena, Alison, they each sort of get their own character-focused episode, and those episodes are going to use flashbacks to open up their backstory, and tell us something new about these girls that we think we know so well.



As the Spring 2017 anime season kicks off, it’s time to take a moment to say goodbye to the shows that aired in the Winter season. Lots of great stories came to an end this season. May new seasons be announced for some, and may rewatch value remain for the rest.

Emily Fields: the rundown

Season 1: 

Emily is characterized as a young talented athlete with a promising future in swimming all the while questioning her sexuality who turned into a confident strong woman who sometimes faces slumps but bounces back and trusts her heart. Always the loyal one. In this season we see her begin to question followed by confirming her sexuality and being more confident in it. I’ll always be an Emaya fan, got to respect a first love with so much chemistry. Although I did feel in the beginning that Maya sort of pressured her into coming out at certain points, I feel like when that moment came it was great. I’m glad she told her dad first, I love how she always had the daddy’s little girl dynamic. Even though Pam is my favorite PLL mom, I was irked when she didn’t initially accept her daughter but I was like yaaaas when she stood up for her against Paige’s dad. Which brings me to Paige in the first Paily encounter. I’ve disliked Paige from the beginning I can’t like someone who attempts to drown someone I like so much. Emily I’ll chalk that little fling to being young and naive. Worst season for Emily fashion wise but character wise, fantastic.

Season 2:

Emily decided to give Samara a chance which I think would have been a good relationship had it not been for A ruining things prematurely. ANYWHO, how creeptastic was the fashion show. Other than that, A really worked hard to not only keep her in Rosewood, but ruin her future as well. I’ve said from the beginning that Emily and Hanna get physically hurt worse, hate it or love it its my opinion and thats how I feel(Ali excluded, only speaking of the core four). Once Emily got the all clear from her mother to stay in Rosewood, A decides to replace her muscle rub with HGH leading to an ulcer. That was wild. Bravo for Maya coming back, I think they would still be together had she not got killed. I’m glad that at the end of the day they knew how they felt about each other, regardless of the tragedy that would soon follow, more cool dad points for Wayne Fields for helping her search when Maya went missing. Again I hate that at a point in this season the parents took Dr. Sullivan’s crap advice and made them split up for a short time but all the girls played up a great set up to catch A. Granted, once again, Emily was physically harmed. Then the whole almost died due to being locked in the barn thing, if it wasn’t for Ali she would’ve been done-zo at 16. Mona was def off her rocker at that point.

Season 3:

The summer they spent apart doing their own thing seemed to work the least in her favor, due to her not knowing how to grieve properly. I find it odd that the new A came for her first by the whole drugging and placing her at Ali’s grave. This is the season where Paily officially kicked off and although I’m not a fan, they had their share of good moments. When Nate came to town I knew something was fishy. I still to this day don’t know why Maya’s family didn’t give her information about funeral arrangements etc considering they were together but I digress. I wasn’t entirely surprised when he came unhinged and almost killed her but damn “the lady killer” episode was one of my favorite summer finales.

Season 4:

Only thing that really happened to her individually was her taking her mom’s pills and ‘’someone’’ calling social services. Emision had a nice little reunion though. Mama Fields struggled by almost getting ran over in her own living room, it broke my heart watching her break down in the hotel.

Season 5:

I knew she’d be too quick to welcome Alison back and then she was lashing out at everyone else who thought otherwise. Then Ali started disappointing her and then she started accusing her of being A. I feel like most of this season everything she did was Ali related. Paige punked out and left. Then when Ali was found innocent via the liars, she felt like she owed her an apology. I think Ali could chop her arm off and shed still forgive her. 

Season 6:

Once out of the dollhouse, she fell right back into the whole dating anyone who walks past her by starting something with Sara Harvey, even though she was a complete stranger that you invite to live with you. I think she should’ve focused less on helping her and more on helping the other girls then she wouldn’t have felt so blindsided by Cece revealing that Sara was red coat(she deserved to be hit btw). Five years forward she comes out the least successful with practically nothing going for herself and the worst of it all is that Wayne Fields is dead. Out of all the PLL dad and they kill Emily’s dad, not Hanna’s piece of shit dad who doesn’t support her or Byron who cheats but somehow manages to divorce and get his wife back or Peter who has secret kids, they kill WAYNE. damn them. I wasn’t going to touch on the whole eggs thing because I knew AD would find a way to f that up. If my eggs were destroyed I’d have plenty more things to say.

Season 7:

I dont hate the whole Sabrina thing and if Emison wasn’t endgame I’d want them to work it out. I don’t know why she feels so compelled to let Paige know everything but whatevs. Although it’s kind of rude of me to say but I’m glad she hit Noel when he was coming at her and Hanna, even though he ended up falling and getting his head chopped off. Emily is once again there for Ali, and regardless of if the baby is Emily’s, I have the sneaking suspicion that she’s going to help her raise the baby.

Fave moments so far:

Her coming out


“You don’t have a monopoly on pain, Spencer”

“So Meredith is our alibi? see you in jail”


When she found out about her dad’s heart condition after he saved her at the school.

Her showdown with Sydney

Season 4 when her highlights were poppin’

What I want for her in the final 10 episodes:

Her to finally be happy with one person as opposed to bouncing from girl to girl,  how emission evolves, the aftermath of AD and the liars friendship afterwards.

Sebastian Aho #1

Requested by Anon: Hello! Could you write something about Sebastian Aho being v v shy and he has a major crush on the reader so he seeks help from some teammates and he tries to flirt and he kinda stumbles over his words and stutters and gets v embarrassed except the reader finds it adorable

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1819

Author’s Notes: Sorry this took so long to get up! I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed writing it so I hope you do too! <3

Originally posted by nhl-canes

The end of the season party was just kicking off. You were lucky that throughout the year you became close friends with all the families and girlfriends of the Carolina Hurricanes team. That’s why you were invited to this celebration. One of your close friends Chloe (who just happened to be dating Justin Faulk) was standing next to you making conversation. You weren’t really paying attention because a certain young Finnish player wearing a suit and tie walked in. “So what do you think?” Chloe asked. You turned to her and gave her a quizzical look, “Umm sorry what?” you tried to cover yourself. She just looked at you and laughed, “You heard nothing I just said, did you.” You sheepishly shook your head. “I’m sorry, I just got distracted,” you lamely defended yourself. Once again Chloe rolled her eyes at you, “You got distracted because you’ve been staring at the door for the past ten minutes waiting for Sebe to walk in,” she said as she looked over at the door and saw him, “ahhh and so he has arrived. When are you going to make a move?” She questioned you. 

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Double-team (SugaMon x Reader)

A/N: I can never come up with titles for shit…and I hope you like it, anon! I kind of went all out with this because it was something new and exciting for me to write :p Hopefully I went “rough” enough for you xD (Also, I’m tagging @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff because she was flipping out yesterday when I sent her snippets to read xD)

Pairing: SugaMon (Namjoon and Yoongi) x Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 3,405

Warnings: Teasing, oral, threesome, etc.

Like any Friday night for a seasoned college student, you kick off the weekend at a random frat party with a round of shots. The liquor burns your throat on the way down, and within minutes warmth blooms on your skin—muscles loosening and a smile playing at your lips. Your female friend leaves your side as soon as she catches sight of a cute boy, and you allow her to go, opting to stay away from the crowded main area of the party. Instead you grab a solo cup full of (spiked) punch and weasel your way into the kitchen, peaking your head through the backdoor when you hear laughter.

Immediately a male with dark brown hair spots you, his eyes crinkling friendlily as he smiles and motions towards the bonfire their group is seated around.

“Hey!” he says, causing the other males attention to turn to you as well. “Care to join us? We need some female company.”

“And I promise we don’t bite,” another male adds in, his plush smile reassuring, and you can’t help but nod. These guys don’t seem too bad—in fact, they don’t seem like frat boys at all—so with a sense of ease you start forward and wiggle your way into their circle. Soon enough you find yourself comfortably seated between a tale male with faded blond hair, and shorter male with shaggy gray hair. The taller one flashes you a smile, and your eyes instantly spot his cuter than hell dimples.

“There Namjoon goes—his dimples getting him all the ladies yet again,” a younger looking boy with black hair mumbles, and at spotting the confusion that creases your face the silver haired male on your other side sighs and gently pats your knee.

“Let’s do introductions guys—before she loses her head.”

“Oh, right,” the dimpled man blinks, dark eyes locking with yours. “I’m Namjoon.”

“Taehyung!” a boy across the circle yells happily, box-like smile flashing you all of his teeth, and the brown haired male beside him sighs—clearly upset at Taehyung having randomly called his name instead of continuing in any kind of orderly fashion. However, immediately he perks up, flashing you the same tender smile he’d shown you just a minute before.

“I’m Jin.”

“I’m Jungkook,” the dark haired boy beside him continues, and the rest follow suit.



“Yoongi,” the male beside you finishes, your eyes meeting, and it’s at that moment that you realize his hand is still warmly resting on your knee. However, Yoongi doesn’t remove it right away, taking a few seconds to gently rub his thumb over your skin, fingertips pressing into your flesh softly. Entranced, you stare at him, unable to look away until his hand finally slips from your knee, swooping down to casually grab his drink on the ground as if nothing had happened.

To you something had just happened, but not wanting to overthink the situation you brush it off, turning your attention to the other boys when Jimin continues the conversation they’d been having before you’d arrived.

Surprisingly, you get along with them all fairly well for having just met them. They’re easygoing and inclusive, making it easy for you to seamlessly blend in with their gossiping and storytelling. And the more you laugh the quicker time flies by, your empty drink cup forgotten about at your feet as you simply enjoy all of their company.

However…you notice that unlike with the others, the two men on either side of you seem to be a little less into having good fun, and a little more into slyly brushing their hands against the skin on your forearm or on your bare knee. Of course, you say nothing, thinking that perhaps the two are touchy people—and it’s not like you mind too much anyway, you always enjoy a little intimate contact, but…as the night goes on their hands only become more daring—sliding higher up your thigh, gliding across the tiny strip of skin that had been revealed on your back thanks to your shirt riding up. And each other their touches only causes your heart to beat harder, both confusion and excitement thrumming in your veins.

“Oh,” you gasp, shivering as Namjoon’s hand slides under your shirt, casually gliding upward against your now goose-bump ridden skin. Seeing you shiver, Hoseok looks over at you, eyebrows scrunched in concern.

“Y/N? You cold?”

“Yeah,” you lie flawlessly, maneuvering your way out of Namjoon’s daring touches as you stand to your feet. You glance over your shoulder at him and immediately see the playfulness dancing in his eyes, his pink lips threatening to pull into a smug grin.

“I think I’ll head inside for a few minutes.”

You get one step away before Namjoon’s voice pipes up.

“I’ll go with you, I need another drink,” he says, waving around his empty cup. You flash him a quizzically look, to which he winks at, and you both head inside.

“What’s your deal, huh?” you ask once you’re both alone, crossing your arms and watching Namjoon as he raids the frat boy’s liquor stash and pours himself a shot. Humming, he flawlessly downs the alcohol and then moseys over to you, backing you into the counter and licking his lips as his face leans down to yours.

“Have I been overstepping my boundaries?” he asks quietly, voice rough, and you try to act like your mouth doesn’t water at the dominance he’s suddenly exerting over you. His eyes are filled with lust, dimples prominent on his grinning face as his thumbs gently caress your wrists, igniting a fire under his touch.

You realize where this is going—where is has been going for a while now—and you aren’t about to deny yourself the handsome, playful boy in front of you.

“I believe you have been overstepping your boundaries,” you whisper back, attitude shifting into something a little less friendly as you look up Namjoon through your eyelashes, biting your bottom lip between your teeth. “But I haven’t put I stop to it, have I?”

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ドラマ『弱虫ペダル season2』の壮行会でした!

皆さんと楽しい時間を過ごせて良かった〜^ ^ 

#ドラペダ をよろしくお願い致します(°▽°)!

was Drama『Yowamushi Pedal season 2』kick-off party!
Everyone who came! Thank you very much!

It was great to have a fun time with everyone~^^

By all means, from now on
please support #dorapeda(°▽°)!

HTGAWM Finale: Jack Falahee Teases Connor’s ‘Tragic’ Arc and a Killer Reveal

By: Rebecca Iannucci / February 23 2017

You may want to pour yourself a little more wine and pop some extra popcorn ahead of tonight’s How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 finale.Over the course of two hours, the ABC drama has a lot of ground to cover, the most pressing issue being the identity of Wes’ killer. And if the final moments of last week’s episode are to be taken at face value, Connor had some role in Wes’ demise — even if he was trying to save the poor kid.Ahead of the season ender (which kicks off at 9/8c), TVLine spoke with Jack Falahee about Connor’s unfortunate visit to Annalise’s house, his unsteady relationship with Oliver and whether Connor really is as indifferent to Wes’ death as he seems.

TVLINE | We saw last week that Connor was at Annalise’s house on the night of the fire, and he may have been involved with Wes’ death somehow. How soon into the finale will we get context for Connor’s role that night?

About halfway through [the first hour], that will be addressed or potentially resolved. Also, people have really been throwing around “involvement with Wes’ death.” But I would throw it out there that maybe, if we reframe this, he’s involved with Wes’ resurrection. He is doing CPR, you know?

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‘The Fosters’ EP Unpacks That Heart-Stopping Finale And Dishes On Season 5

Can you breathe? Because we can’t. That terrifying season 4 finale cliffhanger of The Fosters has us reaching for a paper bag.

Callie (Maia Mitchell) took Christina’s place and is now stuck calling Diamond’s pimp Russell “Daddy” and counting the seconds until he gets as violent with her as he has with some of his other ladies. All the while, the lifeline Callie threw herself — getting her cop mom Stef to track her phone — went out the window (literally) when she placed it into Russell’s bag and he proceeded to hand the bag off to someone else. Meanwhile, Jesus now knows about Emma’s abortion… and that both Brandon and Mariana were keeping it a secret.

It’s a lot to digest. Thankfully, while one hand holds that paper bag, the other was able to dial executive producer Peter Paige to get some answers about what’s to come in season 5.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Callie’s in quite the pickle! Is there anything you can you tease about how she’ll get out of it?

Look, she’s in an impossible situation, but it’s not the first time she’s faced one of those. She’s a bright and empowered young woman and anything can happen.

EW: Is Diamond going to pick a side? Because I feel like the best way for Callie to get out of this mess would be for Diamond to turn and protect her.

I will say this: Diamond’s allegiances are still in question.

EW: Will she be back for season 5? For how long?

PP: She is in season 5, but I’m not telling you [how long].

EW: Is there a world in which Callie can be in a steady situation and not putting her nose in all kinds of drama?

The situation that Callie gets herself in in the finale becomes a real watershed moment for her and is really life-changing and forces her to look at her life in a way that she just has never quite done. That sets up her journey for all of season 5.

EW: How is Jude going to react to what Callie’s done?

PP: At a certain point, you’ve gotta stop going to the hardware store looking for milk. He knows who his sister is. And he’s got his own fish to fry, quite frankly. By the end of the premiere, Jude has his own fish to fry.

EW: Which kind of fish? More drugs? Sex?

Neither of those things, so I will leave you to wonder. But he does, in fact, put himself engaged in a difficult pursuit. … There’s also some Jude-Noah stuff, the continued development of their relationship.

EW: Talk about the choices made around the Jesus-Emma abortion story.

It was very important to us to do a story where a young woman gets an abortion and feels fine about it and knows it was the right choice for her. The ensuing drama around it is not around that question, it’s around who gets told and when. It’s around the commodification of information and how much it means to us to be included in big decisions. It’s really been about that for us and continues to be. And in the finale, it’s all hitting the fan, but it’s still even in Jesus’ fury; he’s not mad at what Emma did, he’s mad that he wasn’t told.

EW: Do you think there was even a way for her to consult him in the first place?

PP: I don’t. He had a meltdown because there was pepperoni on his pizza. I don’t mean to make light of it — he has a traumatic brain injury, which I think Noah [Centineo] is doing such an extraordinary job of portraying. He was literally not in his right head, and it takes time. And sometimes you never fully get your impulse control back. I just don’t think it was something she could add to his wheelbarrow. It was already pretty heavy and pretty full. I very much understand why she did what she did. And I understand why he’s upset that it happened. That’s the thing about life sometimes: It doesn’t matter how well-intentioned everyone is, people still get hurt sometimes.

EW: Are there going to be further repercussions for Mariana and her Twitter handle?

The dust from that has certainly not settled yet, for sure.

EW: Other than his role in the Jesus storyline, Brandon didn’t have much to do in these last few episodes. It feels a little like he’s on reset mode, so what can we expect from him next season?

I think he is on reset. Last season in the finale, Brandon had the moment of crisis, the moment of looking at his choices and having to decide what kind of person he intends to be, and this season has been that a little for him. He’s been a little retreated, he’s been a little bit pulled into his shell trying to figure out how to navigate the choices he’s made. That feels very true and very real, and season 5 is sort of about him poking his neck out of his shell again.

EW: Is that going to involve figuring out his school situation or the music therapist love interest who was introduced this season?

PP: Both those conversations are very present.

EW: Will the kids ever allow the grownups to leave the Anchor Beach board meeting?

PP: They’re not going to do so particularly willingly.

EW: So no time jump?

PP: Every one of those stories are in a moment of utter and complete crisis, so we are literally coming back three seconds after the finale ends.

EW: Nick’s dad is involved in that school story — are we going to see him return to the show?

PP: At some point we might.

EW: There was no AJ in the finale. Is he still going to be around much in season 5?

PP: We’ll see AJ again. Now that he’s not in a romantic relationship with Callie, we will see less of him for sure, but he’s still present in our world and there’s still stuff to be resolved and questions that we find quite interesting for him.

EW: What’s the state of Callie and Aaron?

Moving ahead, there’s some exploration of, what are Callie and Aaron doing? What are they sniffing around? What is that going to turn into?

EW: Final thoughts on what to expect next season?

PP: Season 5 is a little bit of a reset to our family, our home, and the sort of simpler and brighter and happier times that our family really needs.

The Fosters season 5 kicks off on July 11 at 8 p.m. on Freeform.



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