season gr8 more like season gr8s on my nerves

but am i supposed to think it’s kinda gross and bullshit that it’s like

“oh look! the winchesters go to metatron for help and trust him and get him involved (which oop actually directly fucking leads him to enacting his plan of vengeance~ ‘cause srsly, if they had just left him alone, that would’ve been it and he’d’ve never even known he had an opportunity for revenge or what was going on at all) and everything works out gr8 for them. and wat? cas trusting metatron and working with him? lolkay, but then cas must be manipulated and betrayed and have his grace forcibly removed against his will in order to hurt his home and family whom he was only trying to fix and protect and then he must also be blamed for that next season by the angels, lulz!”

and that it’s also like

“oh look. cas finally fucking breaks free of naomi’s brainwashing and mind control and obvs doesn’t trust her because, y'know. she fucking brainwashed and tortured him and took away his free will and forced him to do whatever she commanded. and wat? dean being all 'hold up, let’s listen to what she has to say~’ to cas in the finale and wanting to hear her out and naomi actually being right and dean actually being right and it turning out that cas should’ve actually listened and trusted the person who, y'know. FUCKING BRAINWASHED AND TORTURED HIM?!? 'kay!”

not to mention

“oh look. cas gets beaten by the person who brainwashed him and took away his free will in order to, y'know. find the thing that gave him back his free will again. and then crowley shoots him and sticks his hand in his stomach to find the tablet and then rips it out of him. 'cause y'know. he hid the tablet there 'cause he never wanted to stop touching the thing that gave him his free will back. and then wat? cas must apologize for all of this happening and is blamed for it because ~he didn’t trust dean~? who doesn’t even fucking accept his apology? lolkay!”


“oh hey look. cas goes grocery shopping after dean yells at him and tells him they don’t need his help. in order to attempt to alleviate dean’s anger with him and prove his ~worth again. then freaks out when they don’t have any pie. because the point is to please dean and lessen his anger with him. and not having pie will only increase dean’s anger with him and show how useless he is. also then later he echoes dean’s earlier sentiments about how all he’s ever done is fail. yippee.”



lol but can i just say forever annoyed at how people don’t think cas had legit reasons not to trust dean with the tablet or that he should’ve trusted him with it and also just all of dean’s bullshit in 8x22 about the whole thing ‘cause seriously. cas legit had no fucking reasons to trust dean–a guy who has repeatedly expressed his hatred of angels, who at that point in time was working on a way to trap all the demons in hell, and who thinks cas hates the angels and can’t even tell that cas loves them because they are his family–with a tablet that can not only trap all the angels in heaven too but likely contained information on how to control and/or kill them all. and that’s not even going into how, despite the show’s complete refusal to acknowledge it, cas has plenty of reasons not to trust dean just on the basis of how many times dean has betrayed his trust alone.

lol just to rant about this too because i srsly fucking cannot with all the “omg dean’s so much better now he’s changed he’s not treating cas as bad” comments

because, well, for one thing he is still treating cas like shit and he’s still ordering him around and belittling him and making fun of him, and he’s never actually apologized for any of his actions at all, and he’s pretty much blamed everything that’s happened and how bad he feels on cas

but! ignoring that



because the problem is not with cas

it is with DEAN

he’s treated sam like complete fucking shit this season because sam ~let him down and ~failed him and didn’t look for him while he was in purgatory and because sam wants to go off and have a life of his own and exist independently outside of his relationship with dean and dean’s told him that nope sam just thinks he wants that but he doesn’t and he fucking did something to manipulate sam AWHILE ago but didn’t utilize it until the last ep and when he was confronted about it, he only justified himself

even the way dean treats benny and his relationship with him is completely fucked because dean’s basically… romanticized/idealized it and put benny on a pedestal because oh benny’s ~never let him down y'know LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HAS


benny will eventually do something to “let dean down” one day and then dean will turn against him and treat him like shit (whilst fully expecting benny to stay/be his friend/not leave him or whatever and just take it) (that is if it’s not some action “deserving” of death in dean’s opinion) just like he has with everyone else who ~let him down~

(also lmfao because ofc DEAN’S never let people down except how oh wait he feels SO terrible for letting cas down that he oh yeah justifies himself the entire time and blames everything on cas and then when it even appears that cas might be upset at him, dean’s like FUCK YOU I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO FEEL LIKE SHIT FOR FAILING YOU even though oop been treating everyone else like shit for failing him the entire season and how ofc dean’s ~redemption~ is handed to him on a silver platter and he’s told that he has nothing to feel bad about and that he shouldn’t at all…)

lol anyway~

dean even basically says this in the last episode with the whole “thnx for not giving up on me” “DON’T GIVE ME A REASON TO” convo that happened

so yeah


dean really has not changed at all

just because his behavior toward cas is not as super overtly terrible and abusive as it was in s7, does not mean he’s actually better

and lol while i’m sure the writers are incredibly inept and they actually probably mean for his relationship with cas to come across that way

yeah, it doesn’t actually make any sense because if dean were really better, if he’d really changed, then his relationships with everyone else would be better as well and they aren’t

lol impromptu rant about the whole “talk to me” scene because of that response to that photoset i made oop



cas already said in the beginning of the fucking episode that he didn’t want to go back to heaven

what does dean try to get him to do

go back to heaven

and he isn’t even upfront about it either

he’s like ~omg cas i rly care about you i’m glad ur back i ttly am……………. but like don’t you think that’s kinda weird?????????????


and then dean is like go to heaven

and cas says no

and what does dean do


and still continues to press cas on going to heaven

until cas fucking has to yell at dean that he said no and only then does dean take his no as answer

although lulz because he still really doesn’t take that as an answer because then he’s like


also i can’t even take dean’s “concern” for cas seriously with him wanting to go to heaven because to me it feels way more like he’s interested in the ~mystery~ of how cas came back than cas himself

and i’ve said this 209843092384984 times before but wowowowow how amazing that omg dean wants to talk and cas then tells him shit that he’s been saying since 7x17

and like wow yeah 930485094385 points to you, dean, for finally fucking “listening” (although lulz still have not seen any proof that he actually heard what cas said yet) even though the show’s acting like this is the first time anything’s been said so you can look like st dean without having to put any effort into anything or redeem yourself or own up to your shitty “past” behavior

lol i didn’t see the very beginning of the end of the last (and by last i legit mean the ep that just aired–8x16) but i saw the end of it and i’m assuming that dean was praying to cas and just. no.

no. i fucking hate this. this is bullshit.

when the fuck is the show ever going to acknowledge how fucking horribly dean has treated cas. ugh, fuck off, you have no fucking right to ask anything of him.

not to mention how lulz cas is most likely getting brainwashed in heaven right now but lulz it’s just always about your problems, isn’t it, dean. or maybe that got mentioned at the beginning i don’t even care.

also dean bawwing about anything. the show trying to make me feel sorry for dean. AHAHAHAHAHA. no.

i feel even LESS sympathy for dean and him bawwing about sam than i do for elena bawwing about jeremy. OOP.

also as i only watched the last five minutes to see the preview for the next ep, i’ll just say. …meg’s hair looked gr8. that’s it. that’s the only comment i’ve got. oop.

oh except for how i was totally right about lucifer’s crypt containing the angel tablet.

also too lazy to upload the gif so just pretend that one i use of littlefinger is right here, ‘kay.

DEAN: I tried so damn hard to get us the hell out of there.

DEAN: You know, I could have pulled him out. I just don’t understand why he didn’t try harder.

DEAN: Yeah, but why do I feel like crap?

DEAN: Purgatory. I told you I would get you out. We were there! It was like you just gave up. It’s like you didn’t believe we could do it. I mean, you kept saying that you didn’t think it would work. Did you not trust me?

DEAN: I did everything I could to get you out - everything! I did not leave you.

DEAN: Look, I don’t need to feel like hell for failing you, okay? For failing you like I’ve failed every other godforsaken thing that I care about! I don’t need it!

…those are a lot of fucking I’s and me’s.

No, but rly. I cannot with this bullshit.

Even when Dean is apparently feeling “oh so guilty,” he still refuses to actually take responsibility for his actions. Not once does what Cas went through or what he’s going through now or how he was/is feeling factor into the equation at all. It is all about Dean. It is all about what he went through. It is all about what he’s feeling. He makes the entire situation about himself.

Also just with this part specifically:

DEAN: You didn’t get out. So whose fault was it?

From how Dean tells it, it seems that Cas was the one at fault and not him. At least, yeah, from how Dean tells it. Because Cas is the one who let go. Cas is the one who didn’t try hard enough. Cas is the one who gave up. Cas is the one who didn’t believe. Cas is the one who didn’t think it would work. Cas is the one who didn’t trust him.

Seriously, despite however much Dean claims feeling guilt for what happened, he still blames Cas for it. (ETA: And not only does Dean end up blaming Cas for not getting out of Purgatory, he also basically blames him for the “guilt” he’s feeling too.)

So yeah, I rly can’t with this bullshit. (Also, hey thnx for making it worse, show, by having absolutely everyone–including Cas, himself–comfort Dean and make him feel better about himself and tell him how he doesn’t have to feel guilty about anything at all ever.)

ETA: Just to add/reiterate because srsly. Dean says he feels guilt for what happened and that he’s the one at fault but he does not show this and his actions do not actually reflect this. He shows no true guilt. He shows no remorse. He does not own up to anything or even entertains the possibility that he might just actually have something to really feel guilty about. He does not apologize to Cas for anything. He doesn’t even feel bad for Cas, just for himself. He is so adamant in not accepting responsibility that he continues to justify himself throughout the episode and insists that if anyone’s truly at fault for what happened, it’s Cas. Not him. Just srsly. The entirety of the thing is all about Dean and his feelings and they completely override any empathy for Cas.

lol i keep thinking about this rn though and like:

BALTHAZAR: Of course. Um, right away. Right away. Uh, but what do you want me to do about Dean?
CASTIEL: (turns away) Nothing. I’ll handle him myself.
BALTHAZAR: Castiel? Are you alright?


DEAN: Look, man, I – I hate those flying-ass monkeys just as much as you do, but –
CASTIEL: [forcefully] Dean! I said no!
DEAN: Talk to me.

and then

CASTIEL: First Sam and Dean, and now this. I’m doing my best in impossible circumstances. My friends, they abandon me, plot against me. It’s difficult to understand.
BALTHAZAR: Well you’ve - you’ve always got little old me.


CASTIEL: Dean, I… When I was… bad… and I had all those things – the… the leviathans… writhing inside me… I caused a lot of suffering on earth, but I devastated Heaven. I vaporized thousands of my own kind, and I – I – I can’t go back.
DEAN: ‘Cause if you do, the angels will kill you.
CASTIEL: Because if I see what Heaven’s become – what I – [sighs] what I made of it… I’m afraid I might kill myself.

lol like i srsly don’t get it?????????? and like, dean still does nothing to offer cas comfort???????

and even when he’s all like ~talk to me, the moment that instigates it is dean wanting cas to do something and cas saying no and dean like laughing and basically not taking his no for an answer and trying to get him to do what he wants and cas still being like NO???????? like that’s the moment????????? like that cas said no to him twice is actually what causes dean to be like ~wats going on w/u~ though???????????????????

and okay, i’m sure it was supposed to read as ~but omg why don’t you want to go to heaven so much~ but i rly can’t take that seriously because. srsly. dean wouldn’t fucking take cas’s no’s for an answer, and he ALREADY knew beforehand that cas didn’t want to go to heaven, and yet yeah he still tried to push him into doing it?????????????? and plus cas has already been telling dean what he told him since 7x17?????????? and dean’s even used what cas did (although not in heaven because lulz dean doesn’t give a shit about that because he doesn’t give a shit about heaven) to try and guilt trip him into doing what dean wants????????????????

and just, rly. are the writers even trying??????????????????? and why are people falling for it??????????????????????

lol srsly i still can’t believe that basically the entire fucking storyline for 8x07 was about baww poor dean’s guilt issues and how the show invented a way for dean to’ve failed cas where it turns out that oh no he rly didn’t~ just so he could feel better about himself while still never legitimately acknowledging how dean has failed cas before and given up on him and not even tried to save him and how shit he’s treated cas let alone have him apologize for any of that while oh yeah cas is still suffering the consequences of HIS actions though while we again never fucking acknowledge what drove him to that point in the first place and how with cas’s ~you couldn’t’ve saved me~ bullshit he’s simultaneously saying it’s okay that dean didn’t save him because he was the only person who could save himself while trying to save dean from his own guilt self esteem issues that lulz only dean can solve by himself. also by ‘can’t believe’ i mean i fully expected bullshit like this to happen.

jfc srsly it doesn’t fucking matter who let go of whom because dean is fucking choosing to leave cas in purgatory by letting everyone think he’s dead so no one can get him out. also i don’t fucking understand all these like “omg cas ur rly alive121!” fics because srsly ffs dean is acting way too fucking shady for something as simple as oh yeah no he rly thought cas was dead~ to be going on. and i s2g if the show actually goes in that direction i am d o n e. not here for baww poor st dean bullshit.

“but omg dean didn’t rly let go that was jimmy not cas and cas sacrificed himself anyway~ plus it was actually benny who let go and there’s a perfectly logical explanation for what happened srsly121!”

wow ignoring all the massive amounts of denial, none of that even matters anyway because by the very nature of letting everyone believe cas is dead, dean is choosing to leave cas in purgatory. like he and sam could be working together to get cas out. or dean could’ve at least told samandriel there’s a chance he’s still alive so the angels could try to get cas out. but nope he’s letting everyone think cas is dead when he only ~saw enough~

also srsly “i saw enough” is not actually seeing enough especially considering “w o w cas walks into a lake and oh look trenchcoat so i guess that means he’s dead bye peace out” when yeah wasn’t so dead was he. also srsly with how fucking shady dean is acting it seems much more likely he left cas in purgatory and doesn’t want anyone to find out thus letting everyone think he’s dead.

why do people think that dean was so gr8 to cas in season 8 though.

like, yeah, dean looks for cas in purgatory, but so what? dean spent pretty much all of s6 and s7 emotionally, verbally, and even physically abusing cas and he never genuinely apologized for it at all and he was never held accountable for his actions by the narrative. dean looking for cas in purgatory wasn’t even the show trying to redeem him for how horribly he’s treated cas or make up for it because that would involve the show acknowledging that dean ever wronged cas in the first place. which it hasn’t. that storyline was just there to erase from everyone’s minds how awful dean is. (which i guess gj to the writers because they sure accomplished that well.)

and like “oh dean says he won’t leave purgatory without cas!” okay, but that’s precisely what happened anyway? dean got out of purgatory and he never tried to get cas out at all. he created a false memory that made him even more culpable because it showed that cas was still alive. he let everyone else believe that cas was dead thus sabotaging anyone else’s efforts to get him out. (and if samandriel hadn’t presumably told naomi, who still went to purgatory anyway despite dean’s implication that cas died, cas would still fucking be there.)

and then when cas did get out of purgatory, dean’s reaction to that and the whole situation was to yell at cas, refuse to listen to him when he wanted to talk about what happened because he thought cas had legitimate reasons to be upset and angry with him, refuse to accept any responsibility for what happened, blame cas for everything, and refuse to accept feeling bad about it.

pretty much the entirety of 8x08 was dean controlling cas and verbally abusing him. even cas could tell that dean was trying to manipulate him in that episode. cas literally had to shout “i said no” at dean because he wouldn’t respect cas saying no the first time. dean was still confused about cas’s suicidal thoughts despite cas repeatedly expressing similar sentiments to him since 7x17 and even in the last fucking episode before this one. oh, and not to mention how in a prior episode dean had samandriel standing in front of him basically saying that there are still angels out there who care about cas yet has never told cas this information at all. which, js, could be helpful to cas given that his suicidal thoughts are linked to the guilt he feels for hurting his family.

dean was dismissive and mocking of cas helping people and his attempts to be a hunter in 8x10. he was basically using cas as both a substitute for sam and way to get back at him. “cas, any time now” — dean to cas, who was cowering on the floor in the middle of a panic attack. after cas disappeared at the end of the episode, what exactly did dean do to find him and help him? oh right. nothing. and not only that but in 8x16 he was praying for cas to help him.

“blah blah blah, dean saying i need you~” like, wow, cool. but dean said that because he was trying not to die. (plus the entire basis of their relationship is dean’s wants and his needs coming first and cas’s not even factoring into the equation at all. so, yeah, why am i supposed to be impressed with this, even ignoring the context.)

i’ll just let this vid speak for 8x22:

and, well, these gifs:

and then in the finale when cas comes to dean for help, dean immediately says no. (like he always does.) oh, and. “you did a lot of damage up there. you think they’re just gonna let that slide.“ despite how dean has had an angel stand in front of him and tell him that there are still angels out there who care about cas.

dean was seriously horrible to cas in season 8 and i do not understand what the hell people are talking about when they think he wasn’t or why i’m even supposed to care about any nice moments (or more like supposedly “nice” moments that actually aren’t nice at all) when there is so much more of dean being awful to cas.

lol but remember how cas and crowley were trying to find and get to purgatory and how the info on how to do that was in a campbell journal all along and how crowley was working with the campbells for like a year at least

remember how even that doesn’t actually matter because hey! it turns out there’s actually a backdoor from hell into purgatory!

y'know what’s really stupid is that pretty much nothing changed with dean’s fake memory vs what actually happened though. i mean, the only thing that really changed was cas being the one to ~let go. except no. wait. because that’s what happened in dean’s fake memory too as cas just wasn’t ~trying hard enough.

and srsly like. ohnoes! cas let go! but that’s it. like that’s dean’s memory. in both cases. like not even anything with the leviathans being literally right the fuck there or cas being grievously injured and on the brink of death or anything else. just cas ~letting go~ but apparently that and the fact that cas wasn’t “trying hard enough” were, well, enough for dean to not look for him. but like that’s totes okay, dean! you don’t have anything to feel bad about! you don’t have to feel guilty about not looking for cas at all! especially as you haven’t spent the last 6 fucking episodes bitching and moaning at sam and guilt tripping him for doing the exact same thing. OH WAIT! (oh and not to mention how srsly gr8 of the show to not even let cas be angry about that at all. ugh.)

seriously. it’s fucking bullshit that dean shouldn’t feel guilty for that. in EITHER memory he did not see enough to justify him telling/letting everyone else believe that cas was dead. like honestly, i guess thank fuck he at least told samandriel that cas had been sent to purgatory with him (while still letting him believe he died lulz) because i’m assuming naomi used that information to look there for him and eventually pull him out. otherwise, he’d probably still be there. so like thnx for that, i guess! /sarcasm

ugh, and it’s seriously such fucking bullshit that cas hating himself so much that he actually chose to stay in purgatory in order to punish himself for what he did was turned into a storyline about comforting dean and everyone reassuring him that he has nothing to feel guilty for whatsoever and helping him with his self-esteem/worth issues. like seriously. what the fuck. how do you make what should be about what cas was going through almost entirely about dean? like how is that even possible?

but the most moronic thing out all of that is how during cas’s one big moment. his one big scene where he actually gets to talk about himself and what he was going through. dean doesn’t say anything. he doesn’t say anything to comfort cas. or tell him that he shouldn’t’ve felt that way in purgatory, or now, even. the entire fucking episode, everyone was telling dean that he shouldn’t feel so guilty and that he shouldn’t be as hard on himself. and yet when it comes to cas, when he has this moment where he’s doing and saying exactly what dean was to himself the entire episode, dean doesn’t do anything. (although lulz, maybe that’s because according to the show, dean legit has absolutely nothing to feel guilty for while omg cas was godstiel he’s the worst121!eleventy and any wrongdoings done to him before or after are negated because he was wrongwrongwrong.)

…okay, and actually, y'know what? the actual most moronic thing is how even the scene where cas says what was going on with him was only said in order to basically reconfirm that dean has nothing to feel guilty for and to make him feel better because it was cas’s own issues that kept him in purgatory and basically everything is, once again, about dean. super fantastic~

hahaha omg i was just thinking about this though and like

“omg the angels manipulating cas etc~”

lol but remember that one time when dean erased lisa and ben’s memory of him without their consent

and also remember how in the last episode, dean manipulated sam out of the way by making him think amelia needed him

and how he didn’t just change out amelia’s number recently but AWHILE ago

and how when he was confronted about it, he didn’t even apologize or anything and was just like LOOKS LIKE I MADE THE RIGHT CALL

lol remember

no but rly

lol but i was just thinking about this and like:

DEAN: Look, I don’t need to feel like hell for failing you, okay? For failing you like I’ve failed every other godforsaken thing that I care about! I don’t need it!

meanwhile everyone else:

GARTH: I let all that stuff go with the help of my yogi, my Sega Genesis. And you should, too. You can’t change the past, amigo.


SAM: I know you [tried to get him out.] […] You did everything you could. If you let it, this is gonna keep messing with you. You got to walk past it.


CASTIEL: Nothing you could have done would have saved me, because I didn’t want to be saved. […] You can’t save everyone, my friend… though, you try.

and then lulz let’s take a look at dean in the season:

DEAN: You should have looked for me when I was in Purgatory. […] Everything you’ve ever done since you climbed into my ride has been to deceive me. […] Shut up! Mistakes? Well, let’s go through some of Sammy’s greatest hits. Drinking demon blood, check. Being in cahoots with Ruby. Not telling me that you lost your soul. Or how about running around with Samuel for a whole year, letting me think that you were dead while you’re doing all kinds of crazy. […] He left me to rot in Purgatory! […] Cas let me down. You let me down.


DEAN: Every relationship I have ever had has gone to crap at some point. But the one thing I can say about Benny – he has never let me down.

so everyone comforts dean about him having “failed everyone” (but omg not rly! says the show) and his guilt issues and everything while dean treats everyone else like shit for having failed him


I know you started out this season with the goal of bringing the brothers to a more mature and healthy relationship. Do you think you’ve accomplished that, or is there more work to be done between them next season, as far as you’re concerned?
I think it’s always an ongoing process. I hope that we’ve reached that point already in the way they talk to each other and such. It’s sort of bringing the boys there and then maintaining that level of maturity. To be completely frank, they’re brothers, so they wouldn’t be brothers if they didn’t occasionally slip into great levels of immaturity … Each brother came in with this new-found sense of self. It was a chore getting the other brother to understand that they had changed in some ways and that needed to be respected. They might not have been happy about it, but if you love somebody, then you accept their changes as well.

What the hell are you talking about? How can you even say it’s a process? Like, what process?

The only things you had happen were:

  • Dean treating Sam like complete fucking shit for ten episodes straight because he didn’t look for him while he was in Purgatory–even though Sam had no idea where he was or what had happened or if he was even still alive and how they promised each other the next time something like that happened, they’d move on with their lives–and because Sam actually did move on and get a normal life and was happy with it and enjoyed it.
  • Dean refusing to allow Sam even the idea of leaving and telling him that, no, Sam just thinks he wants that but he really doesn’t and Dean knows what’s ~best.
  • Dean switching out Amelia’s number in Sam’s phone for his own in case he ever needed to manipulate him. Like, that wasn’t just some spur of the moment thing he did to save Benny’s life; no, that was something he did to keep in his back pocket in case he ever needed to control Sam.
  • Dean apologizing for his atrocious behavior by… oh right. Not.
  • Except for how he did “apologize” for the whole phone thing but not until after he’d already shown zero fucking remorse for his actions and justified himself and said he’d made the right move.
  • Not to mention how Dean’s “apology” was to blame Sam for what he did and tell him that if only he’d done something differently, Dean never would’ve had to manipulate and hurt him.
  • Sam being completely untrusting of Dean’s judgement of Benny and Benny, himself, even though Sam’s been the one more often than not to believe in the good of monsters and that they can change and that they can resist their nature.

Then, to top it all off, you “resolved” all of their issues with each other by pretty much not resolving, or even addressing, them at all and by instead sweeping everything under the rug and having Sam'n'Dean just suddenly be cool with each other again and wanting to be with each other. Something, which btw, they could only achieve through sacrificing and cutting all ties with the only other relationships in their lives because they couldn’t accept said relationships or parts of each other and how they’d changed.

No, but really. What fucking process. There is no process. There is no natural progression on the show and there has not been for a long fucking time now. The only thing you’ve done is the same thing all the other seasons have done: Sam'n'Dean have problems. Sam'n'Dean have issues. Sam'n'Dean break up because of said issues and problems. Sam'n'Dean are suddenly back together again after an episode of separation because of reasons even though said problems and issues were never actually addressed or resolved at all.

Like, seriously though. It’d almost be funny how their relationship is summed up by this gif at this point:

Also, hey, bonus points for how Sam'n'Dean are soulmates, legacies, yet how the entire arc of the first five fucking seasons of the show–where it should’ve ended–was supposed to be that you can fight destiny and you can fight fate and you can have free will.

(Ohmygod, I seriously can’t though. Good thing to know you’re delusional enough to actually believe you’ve changed anything. Like, this seriously. This totes puts my faith in you, show.)