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That feeling when you start a new show after having your heart and soul torn apart by the last one and you can already feel yourself getting obsessed and you’re just like ‘oh no am i really going to do this to myself again’ but then jumping into the future grave of your feelings whole heartedly like

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Cockles when it wasn't cockles yet...

It gives me all the feels to think of the first day Jensen met Misha, because the unsuspecting man didn’t know the turn his life was going to take.

Who could have told him that the strange, gorgeous man getting so into character he looked like a weirdo, and who liked to wear dorky sweater was going to change his life. That man, he didn’t bother to befriend the first months and whose name he didn’t care to learn became one of his best friends and certainly more.

That first day, in the set of supernatural season four, seven years ago an angel didn’t just came to Dean Winchester but to Jensen as well. On that first episode of season four, a thunderstorm called Misha Collins took us all by surprise and change our lives too~

Dean, You're Kind of A Dick

Cas turns to Dean over dinner and says, “You know I didn’t like you very much when I first met you.”

Dean wants to do a spit take, but he doesn’t have anything to spit out. His beer is a few inches away and he considers picking it up and taking a swig just to spit it out. “What? What the fuck does that even mean?”

“You didn’t like me either.”

“But you rescued me from hell!”

“I had to. It was decreed by heaven.”


“You were so whiny, Dean.”

“I went to hell. I tortured souls in hell!”

“Yes, Dean. We know. We all know.”

“Well—but—you were an asshole! And you were loud.”

“And you shot me and stabbed me and then cried a lot.”

“I never cried in front of you.”

“But I watch you constantly, Dean. I had to watch you cry.”

“I probably cry just as much now.”

“But now I think you’re cute,” Cas says, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to Dean’s cheek. “You’re adorable.”

Dean blushes and turns his face away from Cas. “I think I liked it better when you were complaining about me.”

“Want to talk about the time you slept with Anna? That was horrible. I was starting to like you and you did that and I didn’t like you again.”

Dean groans and covers his face with his hands. “This is the worst date ever.”

Cas takes Dean’s hands in his own and kisses his fingers. “But I love you now. It didn’t take a lot for me to love you. You just annoyed me.”

“You annoyed me too,” Dean says, letting Cas kiss his knuckles. “You still annoy me. You snore.”

“And you hog the blankets.” Cas smiles at Dean affectionately.

Dean tries to scowl, but finds that he can’t. “Let’s say we settle tab and go home.”

“I love that plan.”

Dean pays and Cas takes his hand as they leave.