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twig-the-cat asked:

I really haven't been paying much attention on the stuff with the possibility of season four, is there any new news on where it would be at if it is truest happening?

I think you’re asking what the setting would be? 

I haven’t heard anything. They’ve been very tightlipped to avoid any hints that would spoil the finale for people. 

I’m expecting we’ll hear some more details following Saturday night’s airing in the US. 

Ivana Fyordorov by Jymaru

Ivana Fyordorov, aka Autumn, is one of the Season Four, the leaders of OFA’s main branches. Ivana is a tech specialist. In Kichawi form, her ability is Lead Manipulation - both in the form of “lead” (bullets “eat lead” and lead “Pb”) and “lead” (leading “lead into battle”, detective lead “a lead to solving the crime”, and actual leads “the dog is on a lead”). She builds the mechs, and pilots any that Qannik doesn’t dibs first. Her elite force includes tech geniuses such as Jack, powerhouses such as Annie, Max, Slayer, and EJ, as well as Conrad, Ven, and Eddie

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But I don’t think he wanted to be that man any more. The man that forgets everything. The man that didn’t try and save everyone. The man that kept leaving Clara behind. He wanted to be who he was before. So he gave himself a reminder.  He picked a face that would remind him of Donna. Because she doesn’t remember. She can’t. And it killed him inside knowing she couldn’t. That it was impossible to.

And another thing about Donna remembering. Alfred told Ten that Donna was a better person knowing the Doctor. That after she forgot, she was back to the way she was before. Rude and obnoxious and selfish and not knowing how important she was. And the Doctor knew that had happened to him. Before he regenerated into Eleven, he tried. He tried so hard to be a good person. He put maximum effort into doing that. But after he regenerated, he forgot. He got selfish. And careless. And made a huge mess. And hated it. He hated that and couldn’t change it. So he had to remind himself of Donna and how she couldn’t remember and what it did to her. He was telling himself, Remember Donna and what forgetting did to her. Don’t let that happen to me any more. Remember. Remember how important and clever and special you are. And remember how forgetting made my selfish and careless. And stop that. Remember her and be better.

But if that was his sole aim, he could have picked anybody from his travels with Donna. So why this man? Simple. He was a reminder of what a good influence Donna was on him. Remember what she said, when the fires were burning?

Ten was going to let the town just burn. After all, he couldn’t stop it, could he? Otherwise, those rock aliens would take over, thus killing humanity. So he was going to leave. But Donna, wonderful, beautiful, special, brave, important Donna, wouldn’t hear that. She knew he couldn’t save everyone.

She knew it was killing him inside. So she begged him to just save someone. So he did. He saved the man Capauldi looks like and his family.

So this face has two messages. One: don’t forget. Two: no matter how hopeless, you can still save somebody. You aren’t a killer. You can always save somebody. As long as the Doctor remembers where he got his face, he’ll remember Donna and the lessons she taught him.

Which is part of what makes the premier so heartbreaking. Because he did both. He forgot.How to fly the Tardis, who Clara was, everything he went through, but most importantly, where his face came from.

And he killed. He didn’t have to. The clock robot did need to be stopped, but not the way he was. Not with the Doctor pushing him out the door, not with him being a murderer.

By the time the Doctor does remember where his face comes from, he’s going to be heartbroken. Because he let everyone down. But most important, and most saddening, he let down Donna. And because of him, she won’t even be able to remember who he is to be disappointed in him.