season five: spoilers


‘I learned that the best defense to have is good friends by your side.
So what do you say friends, shall we see it through?’

Raise your hand if you feel physically, mentally and emotionally attacked by Layden scenes 

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There’s always another way. (requested by @iaimto-misbehave)

  • Me: So what do you think of Dark Matter?
  • My Date: It's really unrealistic, to be honest. I don't really like it.
  • Me: *looks at breadsticks in disgust*
  • Me: You know what. I can't even stuff those breadsticks in my purse. They're tainted. They're tainted because they were here to hear that crap that you just said. My mom says I have to go home now 'cause she heard what just came out of your mouth. Good night.
I cannot help but compare Dark Matter to Firefly

One reminds me of Simon
Two reminds me of River and Zoë and also kinda Mal
Three reminds me of Jayne
Five reminds me of Kaylee
Six reminds me of Wash
And I absolutely love it because I’ve been craving something like Firefly for so long