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9x04 “Slumber Party” // 11x11 “Into the Mystic”
11x16 “Safe House” // 11x21 “All in the Family”
The Loss of Free Will or “Why I Will Always Be Bitter about the Lack of Payoff in the S11 Finale Judging from the Seasons Long Set Up”

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A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

Fair warning ahead, this may turn into a bit of a rant on how I still feel bitter about the lack of payoff we got in S11 finale based on the amount of for foreshadowing and set up that has been done over seasons - even though I did love that Dean, through his humanity was strong enough to make the Darkness change her ways, her very nature and in that regard managed to save the world. Still, I am disappointed still how Dabb done away with what imo has been built up over a long time. Basically what especially Robbie Thompson as a writer laid down in his episodes from S9 onwards and especially in the episodes featuring Oz in some fashion were paving the way for how imo S11 originally was meant to end: with Dean after taking back his free will being send to the Empty with Amara (this is a very short explanation for a way more complex scenario which I am not in the mood to type down here now as I have talked about those a few times before in depth already ;))

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Hey! So back before season 4 started and the cast was going around doing interviews and cons and things, there was one interview (couldn't find it but I'm sure you remember) where they made a big deal about "You're going to see [Iain] unwrapped". And then when the season started they were saying the show would have more sexual content, the most we've seen of that was Mackelena. Do you think anything is going to happen in or after the framework? Or at all?

Hi Anon!

Yes, I know the interview, and they said with Iain “This young man as you’ve never seen him before,” And yes, at the time we thought at the time it meant more sexy times.  But now, I don’t think we’ll see much if any before we close out the season….the one possibility I have on my radar is Fitzsimmons after being reunited, especially if its setting up a final moments of the season Baby Bomb.

The Sexier feel is they show a little bit more ‘skin’ every now and then most notably with AIDA and Daisy.  While Mackelena have had the big ‘sexy times’ scene.  

AOS has never been a big show on the Romance front, we typically only saw sexy times with a couple to show “hey look they are a couple now.” 

And since we have a TON of real estate to cover and a short time in the Framework I don’t think we’ll see much in there either…any we do get will be from Fitzsimmons in Jemma getting him to remember who he is.   Maybe Philinda if they are indeed together in there like Robo Coulson said.

Now the comment in regards to Iain…I do think there was more to that (but no we won’t see him half dressed).  What we are seeing right now is everything they teased at Comic Con started to come to pass in the B and now likely C arcs.  Fitzsimmons backstory, seeing them as a couple, Mace’s Backstory…again these were the arcs they set up at the end of Season 3 and had mapped out.  Meaning that quote is a tip to we will get to see Iain stretching his legs a bit.  We’ve already gotten to see the Scary as all get out Robo Fitz in action (that was certainly Iain as we’ve never seen him before)…and we don’t know how AIDA;s have effected Fitz as well. The other aspect is the Fitz in the Framework will be dressed very differently than real world Fitz, we’ve already seen that lovely suit on him.  And that alone is seeing him as we never have before.  


8x17 ”Goodbye Stranger” // 11x23 “Alpha and Omega”

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

In S11 it was the first time that Castiel’s and Sam’s arcs were aligned and mirroring or relating to one another and not just Dean’s and Castiel’s arcs. Castiel saying “yes” to Lucifer in this regard could be considered something like a stepping stone to get to the season’s ending, where Toni Bevell waits for Sam (and Dean) in the bunker to bring them in. The entire set up of the european MoL in the season finale as this big organisation pulling the strings, but keeping to themselves and their studies reminds a lot of how Heaven used to steer clear of human life for the most part. The way that Toni from an unkown “elder” gets the order to bring the Winchesters in to “teach them a lesson”, which I suppose one could consider brainwashing into the right behaviour as the MOL want it, reminded me of Naomi trying to reprogramm Cas and when failing to have Castiel kill Dean telling him that “she fixed him”, which I think is probably what the MOL think they do too with bringing the Winchesters in: Fixing them, making them play along the rules. Following all these small parallels it seems clear that the MoL are set up as the antagonist so far. They seem to be the human equivalent for the Winchesters what Naomi was for Heaven. In any case I am curious where this aligment of stories for Sam and Cas will lead. I suppose it makes room for the possibility for them to get to know each other better.

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I didn't mind Operation Mongoose....but whenever its like an "angsty Henry" situation, that's Jared's acting at its worst. I just wonder if they are going to focus on wrapping up most of the show, since we know some cast members are leaving at the end of S6, OR if they'll spend it like the S5 finale, which was more setting up for the next season.

They’re using those 2 new people to set up next season if there is now, so…

As far as wrapping up storylines, that’s very obvious in what they’re doing right now. Emma just got engaged, she’s getting married. There’s the Reginas showdown happening next episode, so maybe that’s finally a wrap on the whole Regina version of Shaggy’s “It wasn’t me”.

I really dislike Henry, and I’m a fan of him being off screen. I think the show changed drastically because of things that were written for him. 

This Is Us’s disappointing finale nevertheless sets up a potentially interesting season 2
Jack Pearson contemplates something that could Change! His! Life! Forever! When I fretted in my review of the first season of This Is Us that the show would run out of things to do or say once it revealed the answer to its biggest mystery — how did Jack Pearson, paterfamilias of the Pearson clan, die? Read more

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I'm also crossing my fingers that this wouldn't be about Henry. The past season finales are awful because of him. Also since they are setting up for a possible season reboot (if it were true), here's hoping it wouldn't be centered on him.

Hope springs eternal.

I’m starting to reassess my earlier thoughts that the BF might be the big bad at the end of the season.

This would be the perfect ending to Season 11, just hear me out!!!!

So I have been giving this a lot of thought because since episode one so much has happened and there is still so much that is going to happen. There are so many story lines, tons of guest actors coming back, GOD; so how the hell are they gonna end it. Well we of course know its gonna be the ultimate cliffhanger, but I have an idea that would be fantastic so let me set the final minute of the season finale up for you!

Its the the ultimate battle:

God vs. Amara:

While Dean and Sam are battling Lucifer who is no longer occupying Castiel’s vessel.

Crowley and Castiel are helping in anyway they can

Then when it looks like all hope is lost and the good guys are gonna lose this motherfucker just walks on in like

and goes “What did I miss?” Then smiles and wiggles his eyebrows!!!!

Originally posted by sixwinqs

I’m just saying that would be one hell of an awesome season finale and great cliff hanger!!!!!!!

Last hurrah

Okay, now that I’ve cooled down I can finally form words under the utter bafflement and disgust my body is shivering with. 

I know I said this in the past, but this time I’m done with TVD. I’m not going back and I was a fool for thinking I could stick to it with even the smallest grain of salt. 

I never set any real expectations but think about it, what is different now than being disappointed in the previous seasons? Answer: Bamon was legitimately SET UP TO HAPPEN in the finale. Honest to god what was even the point of setting up all that character development and relationship growth and Damon bringing her fucking flowers for if Bamon wasn’t even a possibility???

What. the actual. fuck. is wrong with you writers.

I’m going to be real here, if it involved two white people I firmly believe they would have happened seasons ago. I need one of these idiots that work in television to explain to me what it is about interracial couples that’s so fucking “unrelatable” or “wouldn’t get many ratings”, because who the fuck can relate to black people amiright?? 

I’m sick of Bonnie being seen as “platonic” and “asexual” and treated like shit and I’m so fucking sick of the way television treats interracial couples and just PoC in general. And once I create my own show I’m going to do everything in my power to avoid this injustice.

I’ll still be here for my Bamily and check the tags of Bamon goodness but I no longer want anything to do with TVD unless the unlikely chance that Bamon actually got together.

And I don’t usually do this but please American Bamily, we need to truly stand together this time. Do not give them any ratings tonight. Show them how they can’t get away with bullshitting us.

The Flash Finale:

*Ties up loose ends, expresses the main character’s emotions, explores a comic canon relationship subtly and healthily, sets up for next season, does fucking FLASHPOINT*

Arrow Finale:

*The villain’s motivations remain unknown, Felicity saves the city and later the world, the words ‘the original gangsters’ is said, olicity is all that remains in the end*

Ten Things Arrow Setup In The Season Finale For Season Four

I recently read claims that Arrow didn’t bother setting up season four because they were so preoccupied with Oliver and Felicity (Olicity). I’m going to have to call bullshit on that. More like, FANS are so occupied with Oliver and Felicity that they missed a LOT!

Let’s see what this Olicity fangirl picked up on for season four

What Arrow show runners set up for season 4 in the finale.

1)      Coast City present Oliver & Felicity; Coast City flashback Oliver

2)      Damien Darkh and HIVE.

3)      John Diggle heading team Arrow in Oliver’s absence and finally suiting up.

4)      Felicity Smoak as sole owner of Palmer Technologies.

5)      Oliver drops “Arrow” and takes on another name. Don’t think Green Arrow yet.

6)      Malcolm Merlyn is now the Demon Ra’s Al Ghul. Leader of a League of Assassins

7)      Tatsu and Nyssa both survived season 3. Lots of possibilities there.

8)      Quentin Lance is back aiding Team Arrow. Albeit a bit more subtle.

9)      Oliver and Diggle have a collapsed trust that will bleed over to season 4.

10)   Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak officially became Arrow’s power couple.

I’ve just listed 10 things Arrow show runners have setup for Season 4. Yet Olicity is all people are discussing. Thank you! We’re honored.

Now, I could have listed more - but I don’t have to. I’m just a fangirl and romance and Olicity is all I care about or pay attention to.