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Eurus wearing a shorter version of her prison outfit when playing John’s Therapist: “Elsa”

So you know how Lincoln was introduced in season 2, but then nothing really romantic happened with him and Daisy until season 3. Could that happen with Robbie in season 5?? Like boy portals on to the scene and bam! Quakerider?!

a zutara parallel i rarely see discussed is that, at the beginning of the series, neither zuko nor katara are skilled in their elements; katara can’t even catch a fish, while iroh is still teaching zuko the basics. but by the end of the series, they are both esteemed masters in their own right through tumultuous work and perseverance

Steven Universe Podcast Episode 9 Recap

Steven Universe podcast episode 9, hosted by McKenzie Atwood, is called “Steven Selects: Episode 1: Jailbreak.” It’s the first of an eight-part series of spotlights on fan favorite episodes. The guests are Matt Burnett, Ben Levin, Jeff Liu, Joe Johnston, and Rebecca Sugar. The official description:

“Steven Universe writers Ben Levin and Matt Burnett give an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at this fan favorite, and pivotal episode that revealed Garnet is a fusion! They share what went into the writing to capture the emotion of the moment, what had to be cut at the last minute to make the story work, which came first - the Garnet fusion reveal or the Peridot arc, and what they thought about the fan reaction when the episode finally aired. Plus, storyboard artists Jeff Liu and Joe Johnston answer your questions. And creator Rebecca Sugar makes a surprise appearance to weigh in on ‘Jailbreak.’”


First, Matt and Ben come on.

They described the process of writing the first season finale, comparing it to the mid-season finale of “Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem.” They had to set up earlier episodes to make sure they have the payoff in “The Return/Jailbreak.” Peridot’s arc was important to make sure it feels rewarding when Peridot shows up, and Jasper’s arrival was a big deal too.

This was also the Cluster and Yellow Diamond’s first mention, but the writers Matt and Ben were already writing stuff about the Cluster for future episodes, so they were able to work that into earlier episodes.

Matt and Ben had written this before anything had aired, and “Jailbreak” was this huge turning point for audience participation, media coverage, and growing the fan base.

McKenzie discusses how Garnet’s Fusion reveal was the big deal with the episode, but pointed out Matt and Ben went right to the Peridot arc as an important aspect. She wanted to know whether the Peridot arc or the Garnet reveal was up first in the planning stages, but they explain that they were never really two separate stories. It’s all been intertwined intentionally, organically.

Obviously Garnet was always planned to be a Fusion, but they did have alternate ideas of how it would be revealed! They had one early idea about Steven finding her components hanging out in the Temple, with this thought that Garnet didn’t have a room there–it would be separate rooms for Ruby and for Sapphire. Initially they even thought about one of them being injured and needing fusion to be together all the time and help the injured one, but that was very early concepts. The idea of them being in love was established super early.

McKenzie said speculation was high and one being injured was actually a fan theory. But Matt and Ben said their relationship was enough. They think it’s hilarious when there are fan theories that mirror their development of the stories sometimes.

McKenzie asked if they’d seen the payoff of fans discussing Garnet being a Fusion, and they said they totally watched reaction videos and loved seeing a fan fall out of his chair. McKenzie said the “Steven Reacts” video was based on that fan video. (I’m assuming they’re talking about Fuzzy.)

They point out some of the places where Garnet’s fusion status was hinted at and wondered whether fans would know right away what they were leading to when Steven wakes up in a jail cell and meets Ruby. They admit the audience is really savvy, and they are sometimes surprised that the reveals can be so satisfying even though some people are having doubts about whether they are REALLY revealing something. They are not sure sometimes what will be a surprise or what audiences will guess ahead of time. They were so glad “Jailbreak” had the payoff it did.

McKenzie says Joe Johnston talked about changes from the outline for the episode, and wanted Matt and Ben to discuss those in more detail. They talk about the importance of the song to the episode, how it’s a centerpiece, so they stripped out Steven and Ruby running around to find Sapphire to cut to the plot faster. (It used to have more plot involved in finding her.) The emotional core was more important, Ruby’s distress without Sapphire.

Initially also Peridot fell with the ship too, and they didn’t have to have a separate confrontation with Peridot because they changed it to have her use an escape pod instead so they could just deal with Jasper crawling out of the wreckage and becoming a threat again. They said that decision made the episode cleaner.

Then came Jeff Liu and Joe Johnston’s part of the show, taking Q&A.

Question: How do they make sure the audience understands the continuity without repeating the background in every episode?

Answer: Sometimes they do recap some things, but usually they just trust the audience to keep up. They like to insert non-plot stuff too, and then some with stories that aren’t about “exciting Gem stuff” but still have small bits that contribute. Each episode also has its own arc. They can be enjoyed individually.

Question: Do storyboarders get to choose which characters and arcs they work on?

Answer: No, generally. Everyone kind of got what was thrown at them, and they later noticed some board artists had better connections with the characters. Lamar always got the Onion episodes, for instance. Their strengths are played to. Jeff and Joe got a lot of action-storyboarding episodes.

Question: There was a scene cut from “Jailbreak,” what was it?

Answer: Just some parts and pieces between Ruby and Steven trying to find Sapphire at the beginning. Rebecca was actually upset that he was okay with tossing them because she liked the drawings a lot. He stays unattached to the boards in the early stages so he can let stuff go for the benefit of the episode.

Rebecca arrived here. McKenzie asks her to talk about the cut scene too.

Rebecca says it was mostly Ruby/Steven stuff running around in the ship, some more frustrated exchanges between them, and Joe didn’t care that his stuff was getting chopped up even though Rebecca liked its “subtle acting” that had been figured out. She was impressed that he was okay with that though. They retooled it in a small way and it was important to getting it tight for an episode being the right length.

Next week’s episode will address “Storm in the Room.”

Highlights of my Quakerider-focused re-watch of Season 4 Finale

This episode was glorious Quakerider gold! <3

- Robbie giving shy eyes, looking down at the ground when he spots Daisy approaching him after he killed a bunch of LMD’s

- Like seriously, he looks so nervous to see Daisy again after being gone for so long, but is trying to act all suave and cool

- Yes, I just killed a bunch of robots I’m a badass motherf– Oh shit, bae is here! Be natural, dude!

- Was that a quick checking-out look, Mr. Reyes?

- Hold up! Ms. Johnson, were you just checking him out, too? (I mean, the way he was sitting on that car, who wouldn’t?)

- The little smirk Daisy has when her boyfriend Robbie whips and burns the LMDaisy

- Daisy just being like “Never say ‘you cannot stop me’ because then my fiery boyfriend will take you out”


- As @theravennest pointed out, they did mash Daisy and Robbie’s themes-ish together and it is glorious!!

- “I missed it didn’t, I? You two together, and we missed it. Damn!” Coulson <333 He ships them, too!

- Just Daisy saying “Robbie” and Robbie saying “Daisy” <3

- Robbie smiling at Daisy like she is the light of his life! ;w; (boy has it bad)

- “But I’m here now. And that’s good.”

- “That is good”

- Excuse me while I lie on the floor and cry about that wonderful exchange ;w;

- Sexual. Tension. Could cut that shit with a knife.

- Honestly, those shy lookaways. I see you, too!

- Robbie “Can’t keep my eyes off Daisy” Reyes

- He’s holding the walkie talkie for her!! So she can do her job! Cuteness overload!!

- Bonus: What is personal space? Non-existent between these two.

- Again, Robbie is looking at Daisy like she is an angel on Earth, a beautiful crying goddess. Boy, can you not! My heart! <3

- Robbie trusting Daisy so much to look after Gabe (which I am all sure we knew she would do anyway but still!)

- Daisy's so sweet, little smile

- Robbie taking one last look at Daisy (take a photo it lasts longer!)

- Ah! Memories to the little head nod he gives her in the prison episode!

And that’s that…

Ugh, it was so Quakerider good! At least, I feel better after this finale than the one for the Ghost Rider arc. I really hope Robbie can come back in season 5. The heart eyes between him and Daisy were off the charts, like what even? I mean, he has Coulson’s approval to date his daughter so.. Please let this not be the end for Robbie Reyes in AoS or the MCU! 

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So, what do you think about Shiro and the Black Lion?

did you want me to write a 3000 word essay about this? because i did and here it is

You know how Voltron seasons are short? like only 13 episodes? but if you add S1 and S2 together you get one standard season of television, i.e. 26 episodes - so in a way you can think of S1 and S2 as one long season, split in two. then you get an overarching ‘big bad’ for the season (Zarkon) with an overarching antagonistic storyline (Zarkon trying to retrieve the Black Lion/Voltron) that reaches a narrative low-point at the midseason (i.e. the end of S1, when we find out that Zarkon was the original Black Paladin and can still take control of the Black Lion) and builds to a climax towards the end of the season (i.e. the latter half of S2, when Zarkon becomes obsessed with retrieving the Lion, to the point of irrationality) and is then resolved in a dramatic fashion in the season finale (in 2x13, when Zarkon goes Full Extra and battles Voltron in a giant Voltron cosplay mecha suit, and Shiro steals back the black bayard and unlocks Voltron’s flaming sword to defeat Zarkon). And then the big bad of the first season (Zarkon) is left dead/out of commission - but the final scene sets up the big bad for the next season (i.e. Lotor - who, if we follow this structure, will be the main antagonist for S3 and S4).

Well… if you consider S1 and S2 as two halves of one full-length season, what you get is a strong through storyline about Shiro and the Black Lion that revolves around Shiro’s insecurities about his role as Paladin, his growing bond with the Black Lion, and their joint quest to retrieve the black bayard.

The first half of the season (S1) focuses on Shiro’s trauma and PTSD - and then the second half of the story arc (S2) reveals that the Black Lion is also traumatised by her experiences with Zarkon. She was betrayed and used and taken over and controlled - much like Shiro. Only by understanding the Black Lion’s trauma can Shiro understand her; and through this understanding, they are able to help and heal each other.

And when you consider it this way, you get a season that starts with Shiro being told his bayard - his Paladin weapon, and his symbolic and literal link with his Lion - is missing. You get a mid-season reveal that the ‘lost’ bayard is actually still with the original Black Paladin - Zarkon. And then you get the storyline’s climax and resolution, when Shiro unlocks the Black Lion’s wing powers and phases through Zarkon to retrieve the bayard. By the end of the full-length season, the initial problem posed to the characters has been solved: the bayard, once missing, has been retrieved; the Black Lion is back to full capacity, and her Paladin can access her powers and weapons using the bayard. However, and new problem is created: Shiro is missing. That becomes the jumping-off point for the next season’s narrative arc.

(more under the cut)

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I mean, I know I should probably be freaking out over who’s gonna die and shit, but I’m over here just flipping out over what the state of everyone’s relationships will be when all the shit hits the fan. 

Will Mary realize that she’s hunting just to distract from her own guilt over her deal with Azazel and give her sons some fucking hugs?

Will there be time for Dean and Cas to actually use their words and work through whatever the fuck happened to Cas and why Cas is doing the exact opposite of what Dean had said about them being better together?  D:


What could have been done better

I have a lot of problems with season 4. Here they are.

The biggest issue, for me, was lack of a proper set up to Keith’s Marmora training. This could have worked as a plotline, and from a character perspective, I absolutely understand why he felt he wasn’t necessary to the team. It definitely makes sense in relation to his characterization. But from a plot standpoint? This has NEVER come up before. We were never told he’d been training with the Blade, we were never shown that it conflicted with being a paladin. Has he been doing it since season 2? When did this start? What if Shiro hadn’t come back? It raises more questions than it provides answers, and to me, it felt like a cheap tactic to manufacture inorganic drama as a way to drive Keith away from the team in just a single episode.

This gets even worse when you consider how we’ve JUST been getting used to the new team dynamic, and now it’s being switched up again, in a way that negates the impact of season 3. How has Lance proven he’s capable of being Shiro’s right hand man? Why is Shiro now able to pilot Black again, when he wasn’t a mere two episodes prior? What was the point of showing Keith becoming a better leader as season 3 progressed, or having Lance support him?

Now, I feel this is something that could TOTALLY have worked - Keith leaving to join the Blade - but only after we had a full season of the new dynamic, and with proper foreshadowing of this development. We got two full seasons of the old dynamic, and to me, the new one deserved just as much attention, in order to have the true emotional payoff of Keith’s departure.

In addition, they should have given us glimpses of his life with the Blade during episodes 2-5. If the point (I’m assuming) is to show him feeling out of touch with their mindset, slowly being brainwashed into that self-sacrificial way of thinking…why couldn’t we have seen that? Why were we instead subjected to an entire filler episode about the Coalition, one that could have been placed at amy point in the series? Finally - and this is just opinion, but I feel obligated to include it - why wasn’t Keith’s absence felt more by the team during episodes 2-6? Why did they all simply continue as if nothing had changed? We know Keith means a lot to them, but they failed to really SHOW that, and I have to say, it bothered me.

Moving on, my second big gripe is about episodes 5 and 6. Bringing Zarkon back to full health (or apparent full health) so quickly was a poor decision. The final two episodes followed the exact same formula as the season 2 finale: gather the forces to launch a big attack on the Galra. It was the exact same plotline, with several details altered. I felt like I’d already seen it, only last time, it was better. A show like this can’t sustain itself on simply doing the same thing over and over again. Because of its nature - introducing the final villain so quickly and not giving an exact number on the Galra - it could, potentially, go on forever, with infinite Galra fleets to destroy and infinite planets to save, infinite times Zarkon can be hurt and infinite times Haggar can revive him. Well, this is only the second time, and I’m already sick of it. Which brings me to the final point: Lotor.

In season 3, he was set up to be an absolute genius. Charismatic, a great talker, able to play people like a fiddle. He was a personal villain for a personal season; after the grandeur of the season 2 finale, it felt right to have such a character-driven villain in such a character-driven season. I wanted that for the WHOLE season. I wanted to see him get the best of the paladins in the finale in a ground battle - or even a mecha battle, it doesn’t matter. I wanted it to be him versus them, with no one else. And i wanted him to win.

But they’ve depowered him, fodderized him, essentially. He’s been declawed, and far too quickly. How can I see him as a threat when he was so easily overtaken? Or, if this was where they wanted to go, why not build him up for the whole season, and show how he falls next season? Why bring Zarkon back? All it does is complicate things and pull Lotor’s plot out from under him. He wasn’t given his true villain arc, and I’m disappointed.

Now, I do think this season will make more sense in context with what comes next. I think the Lotor plot will end up being amazing, eventually, but I’m severely disappointed in how it’s been set up. I think Keith’s eventual return to the team will be amazing, but, again, I’m disappointed in the set-up. And, hopefully, they’ll figure out something new to do with the villains that isn’t just “spawn infinite Galra cruisers and keep pumping Zarkon with quintessence”, because, honestly, that would make me go insane.


“The Battle” by @theriverscribe
Prismacolor pens, Sharpie (and colored pencils)
Inktober:  Urban Fantasy:  Day 20

He was shattered
into pieces
by pain
A body
with no soul.
A soul
tortured in Hell.
And the man
he had been
before the two
were torn apart.
A wall
kept them divided.
And when it fell,
The Battle began.

Things are simple here. The season 1 finale set up Bughead and Varchie endgame. If they even think about changing that, while doing epic character assassination (Betty’s especially) and making Archie even more hateable, they might as well do a new season 1. Because Riverdale’s season 1 and B*rchie don’t get along. By making B*rchie happen, you destroy: Betty’s character, Jarchie and Beronica’s friendship, the core four, ratings, the big fandom they have, critics’s good eye. And they said they wanted a solid Beronica friendship “no boy” getting between them, last time I checked Archie is a boy. They don’t want anything to mess with the core four. And if RAS meant what he said that Betty’s is his favorite character, then he wouldn’t make her retract to Archie.
I have said this before and I’ll say it again, Archie has a platonic jealousy. He is used to Archie and Betty, and Archie and Jughead not Archie and Betty/Jughead. So he is probably missing Betty, that’s all. With the story they are writing, Archie having a platonic jealousy fits more. I mean, why play the soulmates card and say you want Archie to settle if you are doing the opposite. I’m just saying that if they value their characters and the story they have told so far, they are not going to do anything stupid.

One thing is for sure Tumblr, the Once Upon A Time musical is EVERYTHING.

Snow and Charming At Their Most Disney

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas absolutely kill it in their opening song, especially when they’re not quite sure why they’re singing, but they know they sound damn good. “I think it’s huge for us,” Dallas told reporters about having a duet with Goodwin that will now live in the Disney universe forever, following an early screening of the episode. “And what we particularly loved about our number, that it felt, out of all the numbers in the show, that it was the most Disney-esque feeling.”  "In our humble opinion,“ Goodwin added.

A Most Badass Lana Parrilla
Showrunner Eddy Kitsis described the Evil Queen’s song as "Rocky Horror meets David Bowie,” and that’s really all you need to know. It’s incredible.

The Perfect Wedding
Or at least as close to it as a drama series can get. ­­There’s danger lurking in the very near future, but when is there not? Emma and Hook get their moment, and it does not disappoint.“And they’re registered at Pottery Barn,” Kitsis joked. “They need towels.”

Music That Makes Sense, Story-Wise
“We wanted it to move the story forward,” showrunner Adam Horowitz said. “ We wanted to have an episode that was important to the series and was narratively moving forward, and each song was about the narrative. It was about telling the story so it wasn’t just kind of a lark episode or a very special episode. We wanted it to be part of the show.”

A Musical Enchanted Forest
Could you imagine David and Mary Margaret singing? Goodwin couldn’t either. “I felt that being in fairytale land meant that because we could be a bit more stylized, yeah, we could really dig our elbows in… I don’t know how we would have done that in Storybrooke. Mary Margaret would have been like, "Don't—listen, don't…"But then again, there are a couple of Storybrooke surprises in store, and everything ties neatly together.

A Cliffhanger!
OK, it’s hard to love a cliffhanger, but the end of the musical episode is quite the set up for the season (series?) finale, so hold onto your hats for the final battle! Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.
Supergirl EP Talks the Return of Superman... and the Coming of Zod
Andrew Kreisberg discusses Rhea's wrath, Supergirl's season finale, Mon'El's evolution, the return of Superman and the coming of Zod.

Supergirl” is about to learn that Hell hath no fury like a Queen of Daxam scorned. After Rhea ventured across the galaxy to reunite with her son Mon-El and bring him home, he chose to stay with Kara over his own family. Mon-El’s father, Lar Gand supported his son’s decision, a siding which ultimately led to Rhea killing him. A vengeful Rhea has now set her sights on Kara, Mon-El and Earth, and woe be to whomever stands in her way.

CBR: Lena has always struggled with being a Luthor. How will Jack’s death impact her?

Andrew Kreisberg: Lena has lost a lot in her life. It’s always interesting to me that the heroes and villains of comic book stories tend to have the same backstory. They just go in a different direction. You look at Kara and everything that she’s lost — she lost her birth planet, her birth parents and world. She lost her adopted father. And yet that brought her closer to the people that she loves and helped mold her into the hero she is. Then you look at Lena, who has lost her father, she’s lost her brother. Now, she’s lost Jake. Even Lena said that she starts to worry about what’s going to happen to her when she loses too much.

She’s actually in a very vulnerable place right now, which makes her perfect prey for Rhea, who is going to come in and become a bit of a mother figure for her. At this time, that’s the very thing Lena wants with her own mom. We’ve been building up to this emotional place for the two of them.

In her anger, Rhea killed her husband and stated she is not finished with Earth. What is her endgame? At this point, is it all about her son, Mon-El?

I don’t want to give too much away because it’s part of the surprise coming in the next few episodes. Her plans definitely include Kara, Mon-El and Lena. She has a master plan. She’s very bright, very dangerous and she’s very ruthless. Rhea is used to getting what she wants. She’s going to set the table for the last few episodes to enact her master plan. What exactly she wants from all those people – you have to tune in to find out.

Kara must team up with Maggie to save Alex from a “Saw”-like trap in tonight’s episode. What does that allow you to explore in terms of these relationships?

We’ve always wanted to do a Kara/Maggie episode. When we were sitting down to think of it, we realized that the thing they obviously had in common is they both love Alex. We thought it was an interesting dynamic. It started from a place of, “Who gets to make the decisions about someone? Is it their family, or is it their girlfriend/boyfriend or husband? Who has a bigger say?” We also really liked the different perspective of what a cop would think of a superhero. We’ve always been a fan of “Gotham Central” and that ground’s-eye point of view of what superheroes do for a living. The more we talked about it, the story started to form. What does Maggie do to stop crime versus what does Kara do to stop crime? Throw Alex’s kidnapping into the mix and then they see very different ways with which they attack it even though they are both doing whatever they are doing because they love Alex and they want to get her back. It was a great way to deepen the bond between Maggie and Kara. For us, it’s a little bit of a departure episode. There are very little visual effects in it. It’s this great moral dilemma. As you watch the episode, what is Kara willing to do to get Alex back?

What else can you tease about the finale and what it sets up for season three?

We have amazing guest stars in the finale. We are bringing back people we’ve had all season. We have Calista Flockhart coming back. In the last two episodes, we have Lynda Carter returning as the President, Sharon Leal is coming back as M’gann. Obviously, there’s Tyler as Superman. These are some of the biggest episodes we’ve ever done. We’re so proud of Teri Hatcher, and so amazed she’s on our show and killing it as Rhea. There is a feature film quality finale, with huge guest stars, stunts and visual effects. We will get a glimpse of the Season 3 villain in the finale, which we’re also excited about.

anonymous asked:

It kind of makes me sad that the response towards season 7 is near-universally negative when Colin and Adam are really enthusiastic about it and trying really hard to get the fandom excited too.

Hi Anon

I’ve said this before, I wish the returning cast and crew the best of luck with this new season. I may not be planning to watch now, but if they avoid my deal breakers, I will likely watch next summer (at least the Emma, Hook, CS stuff). I just have zero interest in anything they have announced at this point in time.

And I can completely understand that Colin and Adam are excited for the new season and want people to be excited. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to know their job is lasting another year.

But here’s the thing Adam is going to have to deal with - he’s lost the trust of a good portion of the audience. I recently read an interesting comment about screenwriting that when an audience goes into the theater the expectation is that the movie will deliver on everything it promised in the end. And quite simply A&E didn’t deliver on what they promised both on screen and in interviews.

Take the “CS adventure” promise - when Adam said this fans weren’t thinking about their two minute marriage. They were thinking about the season 3 finale and that we were getting another story line akin to that. They were thinking about 6x03 when CS had been working together on a mini adventure. When he said “CS adventure” fans weren’t thinking of a ten second duet - they were thinking of every CS adventure that had come before and expecting the same.

When they said the wish world was the chance to see what Emma’s life would be like if she hadn’t been the savior, fans assumed it would be the chance to see what Emma’s life would have truly been like. Fans did not expect it to be a hatchet job on Emma, Snow, Charming, and Hook’s characterization in service of the EQ’s fantasy.

When Regina murdered Snow and Charming in the wish world and claimed that it didn’t matter because it wasn’t real fans expected anything having to do with the wish world to stay unreal. They did not expect A&E to change the rules in the next episode and make Regina’s dead boyfriend real.

When David wished for the EQ to get what she deserved, fans expected the mass murdering rapist to get what she truly deserved and I for one do not think a happy ending with the wish world version of Robin was what she deserved.

When A&E spent the first hour of the season finale setting up Hook to return to Emma and retracing their beanstalk adventure, fans expected that story to pay off in some way and it didn’t.

When Emma was transported to the wish world fans expected to see Killian just as frantic to get to her as he was in 5x01 and 6x08, they did not expect to see him sitting around because Regina’s handling it. Since when does Killian Jones trust anyone with Emma’s life/fate?

When they promised us the “year of Snowing” pretty sure fans didn’t expect them to be sleeping for half of it. And honestly, knowing that GG and JD were leaving, they were criminally underutilized this season. This should have been the year of Snowing, not the year of double Regina.

A&E have spent six seasons telling us that the final happy ending would be Emma Swan’s and even that is a broken promise. Emma Swan’s happy ending was contingent on her true loves and from what we can tell they will once again be separated. A&E should have wrapped up Emma’s story in its entirety. If they wanted to start a new chapter with Henry fine. But why drag Killian into the new curse? Why not keep him and Emma in flashbacks showing what happened to Henry? Or have him reunite with Henry when he makes his way back to the EF? There are numerous ways to utilize Kilian and the others without destroying the promised happy ending for Emma. But instead all I’m seeing is wash, rinse, repeat of a season that didn’t capture my interest.

So yeah, A&E are facing a tough sell. They have lost audience trust. They have lost 2/3rds of their cast. They have lost their main couple. They have underestimated just how central Emma was to the show and how much the audience related to her.  They may be excited about the new season, but they have done nothing to convince the audience to share their excitement.


WESTWORLD | 1.07 | Maeve Millay

At first, I thought you and the others were gods. Then I realized you’re just men.