season finale set up

Things are simple here. The season 1 finale set up Bughead and Varchie endgame. If they even think about changing that, while doing epic character assassination (Betty’s especially) and making Archie even more hateable, they might as well do a new season 1. Because Riverdale’s season 1 and B*rchie don’t get along. By making B*rchie happen, you destroy: Betty’s character, Jarchie and Beronica’s friendship, the core four, ratings, the big fandom they have, critics’s good eye. And they said they wanted a solid Beronica friendship “no boy” getting between them, last time I checked Archie is a boy. They don’t want anything to mess with the core four. And if RAS meant what he said that Betty’s is his favorite character, then he wouldn’t make her retract to Archie.
I have said this before and I’ll say it again, Archie has a platonic jealousy. He is used to Archie and Betty, and Archie and Jughead not Archie and Betty/Jughead. So he is probably missing Betty, that’s all. With the story they are writing, Archie having a platonic jealousy fits more. I mean, why play the soulmates card and say you want Archie to settle if you are doing the opposite. I’m just saying that if they value their characters and the story they have told so far, they are not going to do anything stupid.

So you know how Lincoln was introduced in season 2, but then nothing really romantic happened with him and Daisy until season 3. Could that happen with Robbie in season 5?? Like boy portals on to the scene and bam! Quakerider?!

a zutara parallel i rarely see discussed is that, at the beginning of the series, neither zuko nor katara are skilled in their elements; katara can’t even catch a fish, while iroh is still teaching zuko the basics. but by the end of the series, they are both esteemed masters in their own right through tumultuous work and perseverance

One thing is for sure Tumblr, the Once Upon A Time musical is EVERYTHING.

Snow and Charming At Their Most Disney

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas absolutely kill it in their opening song, especially when they’re not quite sure why they’re singing, but they know they sound damn good. “I think it’s huge for us,” Dallas told reporters about having a duet with Goodwin that will now live in the Disney universe forever, following an early screening of the episode. “And what we particularly loved about our number, that it felt, out of all the numbers in the show, that it was the most Disney-esque feeling.”  "In our humble opinion,“ Goodwin added.

A Most Badass Lana Parrilla
Showrunner Eddy Kitsis described the Evil Queen’s song as "Rocky Horror meets David Bowie,” and that’s really all you need to know. It’s incredible.

The Perfect Wedding
Or at least as close to it as a drama series can get. ­­There’s danger lurking in the very near future, but when is there not? Emma and Hook get their moment, and it does not disappoint.“And they’re registered at Pottery Barn,” Kitsis joked. “They need towels.”

Music That Makes Sense, Story-Wise
“We wanted it to move the story forward,” showrunner Adam Horowitz said. “ We wanted to have an episode that was important to the series and was narratively moving forward, and each song was about the narrative. It was about telling the story so it wasn’t just kind of a lark episode or a very special episode. We wanted it to be part of the show.”

A Musical Enchanted Forest
Could you imagine David and Mary Margaret singing? Goodwin couldn’t either. “I felt that being in fairytale land meant that because we could be a bit more stylized, yeah, we could really dig our elbows in… I don’t know how we would have done that in Storybrooke. Mary Margaret would have been like, "Don't—listen, don't…"But then again, there are a couple of Storybrooke surprises in store, and everything ties neatly together.

A Cliffhanger!
OK, it’s hard to love a cliffhanger, but the end of the musical episode is quite the set up for the season (series?) finale, so hold onto your hats for the final battle! Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.
Supergirl EP Talks the Return of Superman... and the Coming of Zod
Andrew Kreisberg discusses Rhea's wrath, Supergirl's season finale, Mon'El's evolution, the return of Superman and the coming of Zod.

Supergirl” is about to learn that Hell hath no fury like a Queen of Daxam scorned. After Rhea ventured across the galaxy to reunite with her son Mon-El and bring him home, he chose to stay with Kara over his own family. Mon-El’s father, Lar Gand supported his son’s decision, a siding which ultimately led to Rhea killing him. A vengeful Rhea has now set her sights on Kara, Mon-El and Earth, and woe be to whomever stands in her way.

CBR: Lena has always struggled with being a Luthor. How will Jack’s death impact her?

Andrew Kreisberg: Lena has lost a lot in her life. It’s always interesting to me that the heroes and villains of comic book stories tend to have the same backstory. They just go in a different direction. You look at Kara and everything that she’s lost — she lost her birth planet, her birth parents and world. She lost her adopted father. And yet that brought her closer to the people that she loves and helped mold her into the hero she is. Then you look at Lena, who has lost her father, she’s lost her brother. Now, she’s lost Jake. Even Lena said that she starts to worry about what’s going to happen to her when she loses too much.

She’s actually in a very vulnerable place right now, which makes her perfect prey for Rhea, who is going to come in and become a bit of a mother figure for her. At this time, that’s the very thing Lena wants with her own mom. We’ve been building up to this emotional place for the two of them.

In her anger, Rhea killed her husband and stated she is not finished with Earth. What is her endgame? At this point, is it all about her son, Mon-El?

I don’t want to give too much away because it’s part of the surprise coming in the next few episodes. Her plans definitely include Kara, Mon-El and Lena. She has a master plan. She’s very bright, very dangerous and she’s very ruthless. Rhea is used to getting what she wants. She’s going to set the table for the last few episodes to enact her master plan. What exactly she wants from all those people – you have to tune in to find out.

Kara must team up with Maggie to save Alex from a “Saw”-like trap in tonight’s episode. What does that allow you to explore in terms of these relationships?

We’ve always wanted to do a Kara/Maggie episode. When we were sitting down to think of it, we realized that the thing they obviously had in common is they both love Alex. We thought it was an interesting dynamic. It started from a place of, “Who gets to make the decisions about someone? Is it their family, or is it their girlfriend/boyfriend or husband? Who has a bigger say?” We also really liked the different perspective of what a cop would think of a superhero. We’ve always been a fan of “Gotham Central” and that ground’s-eye point of view of what superheroes do for a living. The more we talked about it, the story started to form. What does Maggie do to stop crime versus what does Kara do to stop crime? Throw Alex’s kidnapping into the mix and then they see very different ways with which they attack it even though they are both doing whatever they are doing because they love Alex and they want to get her back. It was a great way to deepen the bond between Maggie and Kara. For us, it’s a little bit of a departure episode. There are very little visual effects in it. It’s this great moral dilemma. As you watch the episode, what is Kara willing to do to get Alex back?

What else can you tease about the finale and what it sets up for season three?

We have amazing guest stars in the finale. We are bringing back people we’ve had all season. We have Calista Flockhart coming back. In the last two episodes, we have Lynda Carter returning as the President, Sharon Leal is coming back as M’gann. Obviously, there’s Tyler as Superman. These are some of the biggest episodes we’ve ever done. We’re so proud of Teri Hatcher, and so amazed she’s on our show and killing it as Rhea. There is a feature film quality finale, with huge guest stars, stunts and visual effects. We will get a glimpse of the Season 3 villain in the finale, which we’re also excited about.
'Arrow' Boss Teases Explosive Finale Showdown
Arrow is heading for the end — metaphorically speaking, of course. While The CW super series has already been renewed for a sixth season, the upcoming fifth season finale will close a big chapter i…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tease about the finale?

WENDY MERICLE: I would say that it’s very much in the same vein as what we’ve been doing so far this season. The ending is going to be very personal to Oliver. It is going to be the showdown between him and Adrian Chase that we’ve all been waiting for. We’re very excited about it because I think Josh and Stephen have just brought this amazing, cool dynamic to those two roles. Not surprisingly, Adrian is going to continue to be several steps ahead of Oliver, but I think Oliver has got his number. So the finale will be full of some pretty big surprises. I think Oliver’s finally going to find a way to do what he’s been trying to do all season and put the past behind him.

Obviously, there’s going to be a very physical showdown between Oliver and Prometheus, but can you talk about the emotional showdown?
It’s been such a fun thing to play, such an interesting dynamic to play, especially with respect to Oliver Queen, who is very physical and is a guy who can definitely throw a punch. There will absolutely be fisticuffs. In surprising ways, a lot of the battle will be done in ways that we’ve never done on the show before, which we’re very excited about. But emotionally, Chase has been trying to prove to the world and to Oliver that he is not a hero, he’s a killer. He’s going to pull out one final, big whammo at the end that is going to really leave Oliver reeling and raise a lot of questions. I think Oliver is going to come down on the right side of that question, but not without a lot of risk and a lot of potential heartache.

Will there be death in the finale?
We might lose some people.

How will wrapping up the flashback story dovetail into the present-day storytelling?
We are very excited about that part. We’ve managed to hopefully stick the landing on it in a cool way that allows us to see both some of the moments right before we first met Oliver in the pilot, where he launched that flaming arrow and it lit up the signal fire, and also maybe just a little bit after as well, some of the more emotional moments that we never got to see in the pilot. While that’s happening, we have the opportunity to see the island in the flashback, and we might see a little bit of it in present-day as well.

There are a number of familiar faces returning. What can you tease?
The impetus behind bringing all these people back is this is the end of the first five seasons, the end of this chapter of Oliver’s story, and it’s just fun to have everyone come back. What I can tell you about in terms of motive and story is Chase has been Oliver’s most formidable enemy so far, and he’s going to need some people help him take Chase down.

Prometheus has done everything he can to destroy Oliver’s life, making the Green Arrow public enemy No. 1. Can Oliver come back from this?
That’s one of the things we wanted to do was bring him to his lowest point this year. He’s going to have to, in some ways, let go of all of this, and let go of the past. Really the answer to that question will be in the premiere of season 6, which is how is he going to start rebuilding and what is his new legacy going to look like? He’s going to have to start rebuilding, because Chase has left pretty much everything in tatters.

What can you say for the rest of Team Arrow’s role in the finale?
Well, it’s definitely going to be an all-hands-on-deck situation. Everyone is going to have to do something to help put Chase to bed finally. Everyone’s going to have a huge emotional stake in it, everyone is going to have a very big role to play. Specifically, in respect to our original Team Green Arrow, both Felicity and Dig will play crucial pieces, as well as Slade Wilson — those are the three that are going to have a lot to do with how to get in and out of this situation and how we finally put Chase where he belongs.

You’ve mentioned before that the finale will be about Oliver’s family, but not in the way we’re thinking, and you’ve also said the finale would be explosive. Can you expand on that?
Not without giving away too much. I would stand by both of those things, and I would definitely say that I can expand on the family part in a sense that it’s going to speak to legacy. There’s no way to talk about the end of these five chapters without evoking the Queen family in some way, shape, or form, and really there’s no way in the flashback to sync up with the pilot, which is what we’re going to be doing, without evoking them as well. In that respect, I can tell you a little bit that’s where that comment came from. As for the second one, it’s going to be a big kaboom. That’s as far as I’ll go with that one.

How does the finale set up next season?
We’re going to go out on a big cliffhanger, so that part is definitely going to be helping us galvanize the premiere. Because we’re closing such a big chapter, I think there are going to be some really new and exciting questions. What we’re really trying to do is set up a new dynamic in season 6. That will speak in so many different ways — on the ground level, we’re going to be rethinking how we tell stories because the flashbacks aren’t going to be what they were. We don’t have to service that backstory in the same way that we had to, so the way the show is written and broken is malleable at this point. By the same token, where all the characters are is an opportunity to redefine and for everybody to look back, reflect, and then start to look forward about where they want to go and where do they have the most impact in our lives? How are they going to be the best heroes they can be?

What do you think will be the biggest questions for fans coming out of the finale?
I don’t think I can safely answer that question without giving away the cliffhanger. [Laughs.]

Arrow 5x16 - Checkmate - What we Know What we Hope

What we know

Extended Promo


OLIVER SEEKS THE TRUTH — Oliver (Stephen Amell) gets closer to the truth about Prometheus. Meanwhile, Helix refuses to continue helping Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) until she does a favor for them.


Cast (from IMDB)


Beth Schwartz & Sarah Tarkoff

They never co-wrote episodes together. So let’s take a look at one at the time

Beth Schwartz

This is a long list: 1x08  “Vendetta”; 1x13  “Betrayal”; 1x15  “Dodger”; 1x20  “Home Invasion”; 2x02  “Identity”; 2x06  “Keep Your Enemies Closer”; 2x11  “Blind Spot”; 2x14  “Time of Death”; 2x20  “Seeing Red”; 3x03  “Corto Maltese”; 3x07  “Draw Back Your Bow”; 3x12 “Uprising”; 3x16 “The Offer”; 3x21  “Al Sah-him” (Story by); 4x01  “Green Arrow” (Story by); 4x06  “Lost Souls”; 4x12  “Unchained”; 4x19  “Canary Cry”; 5x02  “The Recruits”; 5x09  “What We Leave Behind”; 

Really Beth, 3x21 was YOUR Story? Really?

Originally posted by thearrowgifs

Sarah Tarkoff

Cowrote 4x10  “Blood Debts”; 5x05  “Human Target”; 5x11  "Second Chances”.

The list is a bit all over the place but, it’s Beth Schwartz, so no surprises there. Nice episodes not much Olicity but not anti neither.

What we expect

The stills give me a two story vibe like I never saw before on the show but, at the sametime, I can’t help but feel that Oliver and Felicity are stepping on the same path.

Oliver steps into Talia’s mini-LoA (or is she rebuilding LoA?) lair, finds and talks to Talia; Felicity steps into Helix lair, finds and works with Alena.

The parallel is screaming at me. Maybe Oliver is reinitiating contact with Talia (the one that turned him into a monster) as Felicity is initiating contact with Alena (the one that “will” turn Felicity into a “monster”).

Originally posted by smoakyarrow

It’s important to remember that Talia never told Oliver she was Talia al-Ghul. Will Oliver find out on this episode? Maybe. The LoA vibe could be enough for him to at least suspect a connection exists. If this happens in this episode it will be Oliver’s shock #1

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

A seemingly forthcoming Talia tells Oliver that Prometheus calls himself Adrian Chase. Oliver’s shock #2

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I believe Oliver will understand Adrian Chase has been playing him. But he won’t know the real extent of Adrian grand scheme.

Originally posted by xangelusnex

It also strikes me odd that Talia says “calls himself Adrian Chase”. Can it be that he’s not really Adrian Chase?

Originally posted by gameraboy

Will Oliver confront Adrian? Will Adrian walk up to Oliver? Not sure, but they will face each other, masks off, for the first time, and Prometheus tells it straight: both him and Oliver are playing a game, and he’s 10 moves ahead of Oliver who doesn’t even know what game they are playing. I add that Oliver didn’t even know he was playing a game.

He also drops the fact he has taken Susan hostage.

Oliver’s reaction:

My reaction:

Paraphrasing a Reedit guy (fanboys do understand current Oliver better than I do) Oliver has been “gaga” over Susan for weeks/months, having her in this situation because of him will make Oliver’s head spin and, taking GA attire (even with all the ACU and SCPD after him), he goes out to find her. That’s what I see from the promo. No matter how I feel as an Oliciter I do understand Oliver has to go after Susan, not only because she is his GF (Oh God… help me… I’m feeling sick) but, more importantly, he’s the hero.

Meanwhile, under Oliver’s radar, Felicity is getting entangled with Helix. Helix she sees as something that helps, a group of people like her.

I don’t know how this is going to play out exactly but I wish that the help Felicity asks Helix and that they use to push her on to do something for them in exchange, is Susan related (read Oliver related).

My hopes in all this are not very high. I do think this episode is pivotal on setting up the rest of the Season:

- Oliver finally finds out who his opponent is. Trouble is the opponent has him in deep trouble already

Originally posted by cuong205a

- Felicity takes on her dark path

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

- Susan is in trouble.  Prometheus has her all tied up but I don’t think things are as violent as they seem as Josh Segarra stated there’s going to be some kind of relationship developing and EWR will feel betrayed by Oliver (probably a hint to EWR going to align herself with Prometheus)

Originally posted by pilou-pilouuu

- I think Diggle with the rest of the Team will to busy out with Oliver getting EWR and protecting GA from ACU and SCPD. He will probably be too busy to notice Felicity working with Helix.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

- A guy on Reedit posted that we will find out in this episode that Felicity joined Helix because of Oliver. Pretty much everything they show us on the show is Oliver/Arrow related, it’s his story. Granted they do a backstory on every character on the Team but Felicity already had hers, every thing they show from Felicity will connect to Oliver one way or the other. So this, for me is no spoiler, besides it really doesn’t tell us anything, did she join Helix to keep away from Oliver? Did she joined Helix to help Oliver? Did she join Helix to protect herself from Oliver? It’s just “joining Helix because of Oliver” which really doesn’t tell us anything. The fact it’s a Reedit guy and that he was unhappy about it makes me think she joins to help Oliver, but this is just a theory not more than that.

- Lexa on interview said Talia is going to ask something of Oliver (something different from what she asked in the past). I’m hoping we can get both Oliver and Felicity in a situation where the ones that made / are making them “monsters” will ask something that they won’t want to do. That would be “walking in the same steps” in present time. Maybe they would decide to deal with it together

Originally posted by cybertronicvagrant

Last thought’s

- I’m totally prepared for Felicity dark arc

Originally posted by gurl

- I’m totally unprepared to watch Oliver going out to save EWR

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

- I’m totally prepared for Prometheus to take EWR mask off. Her all act needs to stop, Oliver needs to see who is the real EWR. Telling him is not enough, clearly he needs to see it. 

Sidenote: How is it Stephen can’t see that? He’s no troll, why can’t he see that? What did the writers do that isn’t translating on the show?

SideSideNote: See Oliver, wouldn’t it be much better if EWR had just lost her job and cut all ties to you? Maybe she would be safe now.

- I’m totally unprepared for Oliver to be okay with Felicity joining Helix, but I’m guessing he will. They told us Oliver wouldn’t react as we expect, I’m guessing he’s going to be okay with it.

Originally posted by allreactions

I’m not thrilled about the episode but I think it’s going to be interesting to watch. A lot of build up to upcoming episodes, and major plotlines finally moving forward. No more episodes just to fill in the Season, all major plotlines will be in play.

Originally posted by vh1

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fic: Meet Me Under the Spotlight

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3200
Characters: Steve/Natasha, mentions of the ensemble
Summary: The celebrity social media au no one asked for.

A/N: This started off as just an article I was writing that was supposed to be a snippet in a fic I’ve wanted to write for a while, but I had so much fun that I expanded upon it. I’ve always been a fan of those social media edits circulating Tumblr, and after I’d read a few fics that incorporated texting and social media, I’ve always wanted to try it out. So, here it is! You can also consider it a preview for the celebrity au I’m probably still planning to write.

(Also, this is very raw; as in, I sort of skimmed it for errors, because I’m leaving in a bit. But I’ll come back to it for editing when I can take my time.)

Read On: [ ao3 ]

‘Marvelous’ Cast Talks Shocking Season Finale and What Next Season Could Hold

June 1, 2017. 11:32 AM PST

It’s been a week since the Season 3 finale of ‘Marvelous’ aired and fans are still in hysterics over the state of their beloved heroes.

(Spoiler alerts below!)

Season 3′s Episode 22, “How the Mighty Fall” left Scarlet Witch held captive and under experimentation at the hands of a mysterious scientist, with Winter Soldier and Falcon quite literally at each other’s throats on how to find her. Hulk has disappeared, Thor’s powers have been seemingly sealed away for good. And just as the Captain has come to realize that Black Widow’s betrayal had ultimately been for his protection, he’s too late: Hawkeye is in a coma, and Widow’s memories have been erased.

And you’ll have to wait three whole months to see what happens next.

Upset? Yeah, so are we.

And we made sure that ‘Marvelous’ co-stars Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff were aware of this when Access Entertainment! caught up with them in the AE! lounge.

Keep reading

So I think it’s worth some postmortem statements.

I was absolutely wrong about the level of the cast departures.  That was my lack of imagination that they would choose to let go of so many people.  I would talk to my friends in the industry and they agreed with me that there was no way in the world a show as relatively conservative as Once was going to do that.  In particular this firm belief caused me to disbelieve reporting out of Deadline and TV Line in March that said the only people Once was seeking to bring back were Lana, Robert, Colin and Jen.

I was wrong.  I think there are good reasons why I was wrong and I would still probably make the same judgement again about another show.  I simply had a failure of imagination.  Once Upon a Time did something crazy.  How I feel about the crazy is kind of irrelevant.

I’m going to be blunt here.  It’s very very clear that they didn’t make this choice because “everyone’s contracts were up”.  That was always nonsense.  It’s still nonsense.  The fact that more than one of the departing cast said they would have loved to continue is evidence enough of that beyond that having all their contracts up at the same time is several different layers of nonsense.  That’s not how the industry works.  That said it’s a good time to remember that actor’s contracts are for 1 year with an option of being picked up for a X number of years.  In some cases they allowed the exit (not uncommon), and in some cases they simply didn’t pick up the option (Jared, Emilie and Bex).  Do not be fooled into thinking the number of cast departures meant that rumor was true.  It was not and reading the exit interviews will make that clear.

I was 100% wrong about Robert Carlyle.  In my defense everyone was.  And I mean everyone.  I don’t know what happened there except that I wonder if Bobby is just so quiet that no one heard anything from his camp and lots of people made assumptions.

I was also 100% wrong about Rebecca Mader and Jared Gilmore.  In those cases I think the answer is both my larger lack of imagination that they would do something as radical as they did and my willingness to believe clues said in meet and greets at cons in March and April.  I don’t think the people who were in those meet and greets were malicious or lying.  I think they like me wanted to believe them and it was a case of confirmation bias.  

Jen is an interesting case.  In that I should have stuck to my gut.  My gut told me she was out and not just in a limited way since February but my confidence was shaken and my hedging was really a case of self doubt.  For the record and I know my friends disagree with me on this… I don’t think people should count on her appearing in more than the one episode she’s confirmed.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she did more towards the end of the season but don’t get your hopes up.  I say this as a Doctor Who fan where there were several instances of actors highly identified with the role who declined to come back because at that point in their career they were attempting to distance themselves from those parts.

Now I’m going to be blunt here.  I’m not the only one who was wrong about things but there are people in this fandom who will never admit to how wrong they were.  They either didn’t say what they thought publicly or lied and then claimed to have been right on technicalities.  I continue to urge people to be critical consumers of information.  I always labeled and discussed why I thought things and called them rumors when they were rumors.  There is some serious obfuscation going on.

The one thing I was right about and I think that is a lesson is that the show was very obviously renewed sometime over the winter.  The ratings while closer to the bubble than I’d have liked always said it would be renewed.  Trust the ratings.  Look at outside observers like the TV Grim Reaper.  Fans are terrible at interpreting ratings.  Fans have either a bias for or against renewal.  They don’t realize the GA doesn’t watch the show the way they do.  They think the people they talk to about the show are representative of the GA (“Well my mother is GA… and she says…”).  And fans do not look at the show’s ratings in context with the rest of the network.  This is going to be particularly important during season 7.  There will be people in fandom who actively want the new chapter to fail.

And here is where I throw my hat over the wall about a few things.  We’ve been told that there will be new identities and a new setting: Seattle.  But we’ve also been told that we haven’t seen the last of Storybrooke it just wont be the home base.  I … think there is a fairly good chance that we’ll see Storybrooke a lot like we saw it in season 3.  Very little in the first half of the season and I think there is a very good chance they’ll return later in the season.  The season 6 final had Henry describe Storybrooke as home multiple times.  That final was building into season 7.  But the set up interviews want us to invest in a radical change so they’ve got no interest in assuring us of continuity.  

I also think that we’re going to see a fair bit of the former main cast depending on their work availability.  5-8 episodes in some cases would be my guess.  I think there are strong indications that Jared, Ginny, and Josh have all been contracted for recurring episodes already.  But again, the strategy is clearly to sell the change and a new entry point for viewers so they’ve got no interest right now in selling continuity when they want to sell us on the change.  That said, do not expect the plot to revolve around characters who aren’t there.  Down that path lays disappointment.  I urge you to take them at their word that they’re telling a different story now.

I still love that Brooklyn Nine Nine did a whole season of Boyle pining for Rosa that absolutely no one wanted just as the set-up for a single joke in the season finale and after they delivered the punchline they never revisited his crush on her again

anonymous asked:

Do you think there's a strong chance the Rogues will form next season? I don't see why else Rosa, Sam and, presumably, Len would return this close to the finale unless it was to set up for season four, and not doing it would be a foolish move. (Most of the news article about the s4 villain have said they would like the rogues and polls have said they want rogues), but I don't want to get my hopes up only to be let down again. What's your opinion about what's happening next season?

Well, I was gonna be like “if they ever form into a collective it’s unlikely it’ll be anything like the one in the comics due to the death of Captain Cold and the differences in formant and–” etc, but then the summary for The Flash 3x22 says that Barry turns to Captain Cold for help so… I don’t even know, dude.

We know they’re not doing a speedster as the main villain for S4 (thank god) but they do have other options from the comics to pull on (e.g., DeVoe). But they know there’s a push for Rogues content and they must know that we like recurring villains sometimes, like seeing our evil faves again. Mardon has a decent fan following after all, right? And there’s so much more they could do with Bivolo’s powers than we’ve seen. I’d personally kill to see Shawna again and Lisa, but yeah they also have a good thing going with Rosa and Sam so…

I think it’s possible or even plausible that they’d go with the Rogues as the major villains in S4, or at least have them show up again a few times and weave them into a continuing plot (especially Sam and Rosa, tbh, since we saw them in 2024 and know their powers will develop. But I’m holding out hope for more of a lot of them).

I do maintain though that we might not ever see them as “the Rogues” in any truly cohesive way, not like they are in the comics. It would be hard to set that up on TV, having them all working together. We might see it, I won’t say it’s impossible. We’ve seen shorter lived team-ups of 2 or 3 ‘Rogues’ at a time so far though, and I think that might continue to be the case. Or it might be the case that, for instance, Sam and Rosa won’t work with Len (if he’s back alive), so that there are conflicts between villains and not just with the Flash. Actually, I’d sort of kill to see that happen, but who knows. 

It’s also likely we’ll see more of Grodd causing problems at some point in the future, because it’s Grodd. He lives to mess with Barry’s life tbh.

So… they might not be the ‘big bad’ and we might not see them as a ‘unit’, but I do suspect we’ll see more of some of them, moving forward.

Kim Raver will reprise her role as Dr. Teddy Altman on Grey’s Anatomy this fall.

Although Raver will not be back full-time, she will appear in a guest arc during Season 14, Deadline reports. The exact number of episodes in which she’ll appear has not been released.

Teddy left Grey Sloan in Season 8 after her good friend and military buddy Owen (Kevin McKidd) fired her so that she’d be able to pursue her dream job at MEDCOM. Raver hasn’t appeared in Grey’s Anatomy since, but the Season 13 finale set up her return when Teddy helped identify Owen’s missing sister Megan overseas. Teddy then made sure that Megan would be transferred to Grey Sloan, so it’s likely she’ll accompany Megan on the long journey back to Seattle.