season eight

spinolsen  asked:

So is season eight the final season? It sounds that way and I don't like it!

Season Eight will in fact be the final season of Our Fair City.  We planned out our length and arc early on, and while it has been tough sticking to our guns (we love this world and our characters), we think you’ll be really excited to see how the series wraps up.

Never fear though—HartLife NFP isn’t going anywhere.  We are already in the midst of preparing for our next flagship serial, which we’ll start releasing after Our Fair City is concluded. 

Episode 8X1: The One After I Do

The One Where Ross…

*told people Monica was pregnant without confirming with her or getting her permission

*switches tables at the wedding (electing not to sit next to his sister and best friend, the bride and groom) just so he can hit on a pretty girl 

*tells Mona it was misleading of her to hold her place card upside down so he couldn’t see what number table she was at and thus be able to hit on her more easily

*still sits at the kids’ table even though it would be so easy to switch back to his actual table 

*is waaay too quick to defend the fact that he wasn’t farting 

*tells Mona, “Yes, I am sweet,” when she says he’s sweet, instead of accepting the compliment graciously 

*can’t even remember a cute, smart child’s name, because clearly he has more important things on his mind, like hooking up with a woman he met an hour ago

*acts disgusted and ungracious about having to dance with an overweight girl

*literally screeches, “No, I’m the nice one!” when Mona expresses interest (that she has every right to express) in Joey 


JB: [The show] became a bit more of an ensemble at that point. Did you enjoy working with Robert and Annabeth as much as you did with Gillian Anderson?

DD: It was very different, because Gillian and I were like a mom-and-pop store. We made the business, you know? And at that point we were trying to hand it over to the kids while still being part of it. It’s kind of a difficult thing for the writers to do, to make Mulder and Scully part of an ensemble…

Impact, Dec 2004