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pineappleoracle  asked:

i love all your ocs pls do tell about the new ones?

I tell u about one the i really got into developing and AAAAAH

Fansk is known as the Space Pirate/Fashion Queen and also Coran’s Auntie. She was close friends with Coran’s Mother who is dubbed as Dazzling Mova by her and they were part of the same band. her species design is based on spiders, their ‘hair’ on their heads isn’t actually hair but web silk, which is hella tough. They species are known for having this special ability if skilled enough singing, the frequency charges quintessence power. So like bards and Fansk is the Ultimate BARD.

She is deadly and a Fashion Icon, her whole crew are dressed to kill (really influenced Coran in that area ;>). If they’re going down, they’re gonna go down in STYLE!

she demands to be called Auntie by the gang when Coran introduces them to her.

@sashavelour had the most inspirational lipsync the entire season (my face is still cracked)! And definitely one of the most gag worthy performances in @rupaulsdragrace herstory. All hail the queen of season 9! I get so emotional!

still thinking about this and I think I will be for a while 💚