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ok but let’s be real for a second: the people in the 100 talk so much shit about bellamy and clarke and blame them so much but without those two they’d all have died a long time ago. who else is gonna lead them? kane? abby? when they got to earth (beginning of season 2) they were clueless!! they knew nothing!!! the only reason everyone on the show is still alive is because of clarke and bellamy

Yeah (Y/N), when are you and Alex having hot angry sex?

Intro: You are the actress who plays Njæla on History Vikings. After the season finale of season 5B, you and the cast are at Comic Con. Fans ask about shocking events, romantic developments and try to squeeze out some teasers for season 6. At the beginning of season 5, you and Alex started to date in secret. Your castmates suspect something but both of you have denied any gossip. That until there is asked a very spicy question…

I watched Comic Con panels all day instead of learning… Worth it? Probably. Going to regret it tomorrow? Probably.

( Making up because i am having to deal with writersblock for Óhræddr pt. 3 #perfectionist)

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“Alex how could you have killed Lagertha?!” A girl screamed hard through the microphone. You laughed and laid your hand in a comforting matter on Katheryns, who sat at your right. She pouted and lifted her shoulders as she was applauded. It was your third time at Comic Con but everytime it excited you more. You had just rolled a killer season and had received such good feedback from all the fans, Micheal was truly a genius.

“She killed his mother and I think that it was justified with her death. Ivar kept his promise.” Alex answered honestly as he was applauded too.

“And now will Bjorn make one.” Alexander said darkly in the mic and you wooed with the audience. The girl nodded in thanks and the next person walked to the microphone.

“Hi, what’s your name?” The panel lady asked and you took the oppertunity to look around the room. The Viking fans were awesome, they had dressed like a viking and made all these wonderfull things like shields and fake axes. It was something that inspired you allot, but also laid pressure on your shoulders.

“Hi, my name is Emily and I want to say that I love everyone of you and you have created a beautiful show.” The girl with the long brown hair said as people voiced their agreement with clapping and shouting.

“My favorite character is Njæla and so my question is for (Y/N).” She continued and you leaned forward to rest your elbows on the table.

“Thank you.” You answered as a blush crept on your face. You still weren’t used to the media attention and ‘fans’ that commented on everything you did. Luckily for you, you barely got critiques.

“My question is: we all know that Njæla and Ivar are not the best friends but Njæla does care about him. She showed that in begin season 4 and she was also supportive to him after Sigurd’s death while everyone else was angry. Does Njæla have any feelings for Ivar and will this perhaps develop towards hot angry sex?” Emily asked a bit shy at the end and the whole room laughed. You laughed with them but couldn’t help but start to become a little red. You could feel the eyes of the unknowing fans on you but also the eyes of your suspicious castmates.

You laughed again nervously after the room became silent and eyed Alex who sat at your left, he looked down but bit on his lip to stop grinning. He took a deep breath and looked up to you, mischief in his eyes, clear as daylight before he leaned forward to answer your question. You clung on the mic with dear life for you were afraid of what Alex would say. Lets say that you knew him too good to answer with someting decent.

“I will answer Andersen.” You said as you raised your and to stop him and the panel laughed.

“Eh…” You started, desperately searching for the right words.

“Yeah (Y/N), when are you and Alex having hot angry sex?” Jordan asked from next to Alexander. He replaced your characters names with your own on purpose, the audience didn’t noticed but you did. His eyes glimmered with mischief too and Marco and Alexander tried to hold down their laugh. You bit on your lip, a new wave of blood flowing to your cheeks.

“Are you encouraging your wife to cheat on you?” You asked smugly in response before you faced Emily.

“I think that Njæla got her hands full with Ubbe and that even though everything that happens between them she still loves him. So no, I don’t think that she will switch brothers.” You said and leaned down in your chair, trying to calm yourself.

“You can’t know that for sure, I mean, we should ask Micheal Hirst about that.” Alex suddenly peeped up next to you. You were shocked by his sudden answer.

“I mean, their is clearly sexual tension between them.” Alex elaborated as innocent as possible. That jerk… Fine, you thought, he wants to play, lets play.

“Is there something that you are not telling me, boneless?” You asked innocently and yet daring with raised eyebrows as the whole audience screamed in excitement. Ales’s eyes glimmered dangerously, his tongue licked his lip slowly and you coul’dn’t help but look at them. Fangirls in the audience seemed to die at his little gesture and screamed loudly. Oh how you wanted to kiss him.

“I will say nothing.” Alex said and leaned back, losing your dangerous game. You sighed relieved but quietly as the audience wooed. Underneath the table Alex’s hand found yours.

“Let’s go to the next question.” The panel lady said and a new person walked up to the mic. You looked as Alex leaned forward towards your ear.

“Can i still take that offer of hot angry sex?” He whispered and you laughed. Alexander and Jordan pointing at you while they whispered something too. Josefin and Ida looked a little confused until also Alexander whispered something to them. You didn’t mind anymore as you stared in Alex’s blue eyes.

“Perhaps.” You whispered back, earning a grin from him.

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Thank you for all your hardwork over the past few months!! You're all amazing. I'm just curious about one thing and I'm not sure if you've answered this already but, how often does The Omegaverse Project & The B-Boy Omergaverse volumes come out? Or is it pretty much whenever the publishers decide to?

the omegaverse project - every month for 6 months/season. though this month is the last month for season 3. if a new season starts back up, then season 4 should begin towards the end of this year.

bboy omegaverse - every other month. volume 5 mid-april, volume 6 mid-june (yeah, ikr)…

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honestly I hate all this petty su discourse like I did not watch over 50 episodes of season 1 for people to think that slow plot progression/off model character designs/goofy, not at all serious episodes were things that JUST started happening lmao

tbh i feel you? 

Season 1A is something I love and it has TONS of foreshadowing like OMG TONS like WOW but the show was just starting

The first seriousness we had was Ocean and Mirror gem and that was the beginning of season 1B… 


40 DAYS OF MY FAVORITE MFU EPISODES- DAY 33:      The Summit-Five Affair (S4 E1)

The beginning of season four immediately sets up a very different tone from the previous seasons. The Summit-Five Affair is an angsty, conspiracy-embroidered episode that makes me sit on the edge of my seat throughout. I want to hug the boys so bad seeing all those horrible things they’ve been through. But this is also the episode that once again showcases how strong the bond between Napoleon and Illya is. Their complete trust and devotion for each other and the sweet ending make this an absolute favorite episode of mine.

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Can you believe that at the beginning of season 2 of Supergirl we were all worried that Superman would take over the show. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahHhhahhHAHAHAHAHAHAHhHHHHhahahahaHahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ha ha

Fucking Mon-El


TOP 10 TV SHIPS  03. Luke and Lorelai

“I don’t think I ever really loved anyone. Until Luke.”