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It was hot it the gymnasium, like a lobster being boiled hot, but you needed to be there to support Derek.

It was his last basketball game of the season and you had attended all games prior to this one, even if he didn’t know it. He did. You just didn’t know it. He watched you between halves and dedicated every basket to you. It was an endless cycle which your mutual friends were sick of.

“Will you quit staring at him? Its like you think he’ll disappear into a hole in the ground if you look away” Stiles loudly said to you, drawing the attention of others.

“Shut up Stiles, he might hear you!” You quickly replied

Before you and Stiles could go any further Scott piped in, “He isn’t wrong though Y/n, we’ve been here nearly an hour and you haven’t looked away from him once!”

“Well im sorry, I can’t help that this intelligent, beautiful, stunning, athletic man is running around in shorts which may I add make his butt look amaz- is it me or did it just get even hotter in here?” You explained whilst tying your hair up into a simple yet cute ponytail.

Derek just happened to glance at you at that very moment, and boy was he glad he did.

Standing there mesmerised by your movements, he didn’t realise he was holding the game up.

Whispering to you, Stiles said, “I think your god is staring at you”

“What? No he isn’t, he doesn’t even know i exist!” You exclaimed.

“Just look over there!” Scott said pointing towards a figure in the middle of the court.

At that moment Derek’s eyes connected with yours and he nervously smiled at you. You returned his smile and waved. What you and Derek didn’t know was that, that was the start of a lovely friendship which later turns into the most beautiful relationship.

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You know how sometimes in Medical Dramas, one character gets in trouble for not saving a rich person who donated a lot to the hospital? How likely is that to happen in real life?

Heyderr! Okay, so personally, I have not been involved in the parts of hospitals where this might happen. I’m a lowly paramedic. If intelligence and income rises as you go higher up in the hospital, there is a very good reason they have me work not just from the ground floor, but actually down the hill and outside.

Theoretically, donors are treated like any other patient in the hospital. But I also absolutely know, for a fact, that this is not the case. Money, especially Money-money, is taken seriously, and typically only get seasoned attendings and/or someone they have hand-picked, or is hand-picked for them.

I know this because I’ve been told to pick someone up in my critical care ambulance, who was able to walk, because we send this guy the best ambulance, period.

I have also been to stupendously swanky floors of stupendously swanky hospitals where these people are likely to be treated, which just oh my freaking gods oozes money in a way that makes me really uncomfortable. Like, think special chefs and wood paneled walls and a literal chandelier in the waiting room. (I have even heard, and seen photos of, a super-swanky, wood-paneled ambulance, just for swanky-people transfers. Hand to dog.)

Hey, whatever. That medical center also has its own charity where they just…. Pay for things. Like, oh, you’re impoverished and your son has a massive TBI? Your ridiculous hospital bill is covered. Just…. Covered. No insurance, no fighting. Your kid gets care, and it’s paid for. I’ve seen some jaw-dropping amounts simply charged to “charity”. No questions asked. It’s made my heart swell with pride.

There are two sides to every coin, and that’s only if it’s a very simple coin.

As to your actual question: people die. Even donors. If someone screws up, of course they’ll get yelled at, and patients’ families yell about pretty much everything, especially at either end of the income scale (personal experience).

But people also get terminal illnesses, or pneumonia, or hit by a bus, or what have you. And doctors are still doctors, and nobody works miracles. So if a donor dies, that’s a problem for the hospital, but the emphasis is more “shit, this guy’s dead, now we don’t know about funding for X” than it is “shit oh my gods YOU KILLED MONEYBAGS”, unless the doc in question actually did kill Moneybags.

Ya feel me?

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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It's all about money actually. Zayn doesn't get paid to attend the Tommy Hilfiger show because Tommy assumes he will attend the show as Gigi's guest. So he didn't go. Last time in NYFW Zayn was exclusive to Tom Ford show. If a celebrity attends a show exclusively for one show only during one fashion season (Not attending any other show in that city, that season) They get paid 3 times more than they normally would. So Zayn chose to get paid more instead of attending her show.

oh hiii there!

I’m assuming you’re referring to this here post, where I chalked up his non-appearance at the TommyxGigith fashion to the fact it was probs not negotiated. And yeah, you’re right, celebrity attendance at fashion shows is a really lucrative thing - celebrities can make upwards of six figures for it.

I can understand wanting to get those Business Hoe dollars, especially since Zigi is not a romantic relationship, and is in fact purely a business.  Whether Zayn’s reasoning was based on getting those Business Hoe dollars, or whether it was based on a pure lack of a negotiated concession, the point is that he didn’t attend either time, and likely spent the evening scrapbooking in his underwear while watching “Sister Wives” instead. 

realizing there won’t be a NCT life season with Dream team…

A Dream of Honeyed Words and Perfumed Winds [Friday, February 3rd at 7:30 PM Server]

Love Is on the Way

While the Nearly Departed prepare for the evening’s festivities, merchants throughout Mar'at will be available for early birds. Their wares will vary, running from fragrant flowers and sweet treats to alluring finery and loyal companions. However, on all of them, deals to last the coming season and then some will be made.

Don’t Go It Alone!

Starting the seventh of February, love will be in the air, and the Nearly Departed are pleased to bring you their first silent auction celebrating the season! Throughout the night, attendants are invited to place bids on some of the best performers the Departed can offer. The winner of each auction gains the companionship of their favored performer for the duration of the Love is in the Air festivities.

Who Are the Departed

The Nearly Departed is a multiracial organization that employs many different types of performers. Our Blade- and Blazekin are daredevils who have taken their mastery over weaponry and flames to a new height. Our Serpent- and Sirenkin are dancers and singers who stand ready to spellbind any audience with their every motion and word. Our Spiderkin are storytellers who delve equally in legend and lore to spin tales of heroism and horror. Our participating Departed are as follows:

  • Eilari Phoenixheart, Female Elven Sirenkin
  • Melyssine Treesong, Female Elven Serpentkin
  • Kaitheros, Male Undead Elven Blazekin
  • Renaeri Ravendusk, Female Elven Bladekin
  • Ygrava the Lost, Female Undead Spiderkin
  • Lujurina, Female Troll Blazekin
  • Naleeria the Tempest, Female Orcish Serpentkin
  • Sophos D'Cathra, Male Elven Spiderkin
  • Thilisa Tenda'stiri,  Female Elven Sirenkin
  • Vyghana Two-Strikes, Female Orcish Bladekin

What To Expect

Your companion will take you on two dates while Love is in the Air is ongoing. Make sure to choose your companion carefully, as these dates will be personalized affairs where you get to know them as much as they you. At the conclusion of Love is in the Air, they will meet you once more to exchange a gift with you that will reflect their impressions during the holiday.

What Not To Expect

Your companion is exactly that: a companion. They are not required to provide you with a long-term relationship outlasting Love is in the Air, nor are they required to provide you with physical intimacy. What becomes of the rapport you have built with them is completely at their discretion past the expectations above.

How to Participate

Bidding on each performer begins at a hundred gold. To bid, beckon a member of the Underbelly over and tell them your current maximum bid for the performer you want to win over. All the auctions will be taking place at the same time, so you may bid on more than one, but you may only win once.

Twice, the Underbelly will announce all of the currently leading bids. Each time, the leading bid will be twenty gold above the closest. Thus, if one attendant bid five hundred gold, and the closest bid three hundred, the currently leading bid would be three hundred and twenty gold.

After the second announcement, if you are bidding on more than one performer, please also tell the Underbelly your priority regarding which you would like to win the most. That way, if you have outbid the competition in more than one auction, you will win the one you are most interested in, while the closest bid will win the others.

Dueling: The Ways of Weapons and Words

Competition as a means to stand a cut above the rest is part natural inclination and part valorous tradition. To celebrate, there will be two skirmishes this night, one of body and one of mind. The victor of the former will be awarded the title of Harbinger, whereas the victor of the latter will be awarded the title of Herald. Both, as well as their runners-up, will be given their choice of the relevant spoils in that order. A third participant, the best sportsman as judged by the audience, will receive the remaining prize.

How to Participate

Both Ways will begin in the same manner. Contestants will be paired off in a grand melee of opening duels and losers will be eliminated till only two remain. Both final duels will receive their own time slot.

For the Way of Weapons, we will be using the standard PvP Dueling System with a set of green gear the Enforcers will provide for the contestants. For this reason, please preemptively inform Auorora or Melyssine out-of-character of your intent to participate. You must use a Damage Specialization. After a duel ends, any injuries can be privately discussed between both victor and loser. This is consent-based, so please be in complete agreement.

For the Way of Words, judges provided by Tattered Banners and The Implicit Collective will determine the most witty contestant from each opening duel. Think of this as a comedic roast of your opponent: the intent is not for personal attacks, but a healthy dose of self-deprecation as you verbally spar them. The final duel will be heavily swayed by audience favor.

Art by Auorora

ok but i have this headcanon where jack doesn’t really have a celly like all his other teammates do?? like instead of dancing or fist pumping or hitting the walls he points to where he knows the cameras are after each goal he makes. sometimes he’ll point up to one of the boxes, but for most of his first season it’s towards the camera. people speculate that he’s got a girl somewhere out there and he’s dedicating every one of his goals to her. they’re half right, but he doesn’t care to ever divulge who he’s pointing to. bitty loves having this small thing all to himself. only him and the SMH know that it’s jack’s way of saying to bits “that was for you, did you see it?” it never gets old, having jack dedicate his points and hard work to him and he cherishes every last minute of it. they eventually come out to the public after jack’s first stanley cup win in his third season and when bitty attends the first game after the fact, he sits in the front row. instead of pointing towards the camera or one of the boxes, jack skates right up to where bitty is sitting and points directly at him. bitty blows him a kiss and the picture makes the news the next day