season 8 over everything

You know spn writers are irredeemable biased bastards (who hate cas and purposefuly sabotage him) when even in a show about lucifer (you guys should watch it, trust me all their characters are awesome)

amenediel (the oldest angel, the one who did all he could to please his dad, obey him (spoiler alert) made some mistakes, lost his wings/powers, had big selfesteem issues for a long time because he thought lucifer was the most loved and he’s always overlooked no matter how much he tries to do his best (which parallels cas in a way)

Gave him the validation that he was the favorite, that all his pain and efforts weren’t in vain, that his father loved him (and their lucifer isn’t that bad, like yeah he’s a tad whiny and selfish and no one denies it but he’s trying to do better)

But the excuse for writers we have on spn just made sure that cas would be sidelined., that his whole arc searching for his dad, desperate for his guidance when he first had complete free will on 620 abd the world was resting on his shoulders , rebelled and suffered endlessly for the humans and saved the whole world on his own on 622 was completely ignored

turned into chuck alluding that he was tired of bringing back cas and he only did it for him to serve as the winchesters’s slave

and then when lucifer pocessed him he didn’t even react, he didn’t care, he didn’t try to save him, then had a heart to heart moment with him (cas was there trapped in his own body) who did nothing but throw tantrum over tantrum and whine and cause mayhem “just because he wants to” “ just because he was petty and jealous others got his daddy’s attention” and called him his favorite, and even after that he still whines and whines through the next season and is a major pain in the ass with no character at all for 8 damn seasons over cas who just sacrificed everything for him

as fox lucifer perfectly put it “that’s the biggest bird the writers ever flipped at cas”