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Disclaimer first - I'm not negative or angry + very pleased will all the lovely TFW we are getting and one thing I'm disappointed in - Is it just me or is Dean/Cas independent! relationship kinda gone-ish, 80% of all the emotional talks are always on TFW as a whole, never just Dean/Cas, even if Sam isnt there. Dean isn't ever refering to Cas in any emotional way singularly anymore (your OUR best, best friend WE've ever had, glad he cares about US, WE dont leave family behind etcetc) and cas too

Yeah, the big declarations have been all like that but having seen the whole “I love all of you” thing, I feel like they’ve been building up to actually have a family first, which is something I guess is way more important as a long term investment.

Something I’m always coming back to is that horrible isolation of Carver era. Well, I’m currently watching season 7 and at that part where they’ve now finally lost everything and it’s just Sam and Dean and not even the car. Like, Hallucifer and hunting and the Leviathan problem are literally the only constants they have from their old lives. Wow. :P

Carver era sort of puts a bit more of a fragile shell around them by giving Cas back, making Crowley a frenemy, and at least has some outside people like Charlie and Kevin even if they get killed off, but then also the wayward daughters characters who survive it, so there are at least some people to hold them accountable… During that time Cas is their only main constant family and even then terrible stuff is always happening to him and he’s always leaving, so he’s not really around except for little hints of what might be, and Cas picks up so much trauma from that too… 

I don’t know, looking at it from as outside a perspective as I can manage, I think with Mary back, and Cas MEANT to be a member of the family but needing serious integration into the family unit (12x03 with that little conversation showing Mary and Cas are struggling with the exact same thing) the show has to actually believably glue these people back together, and even Sam and Dean have huge splits that have barely been addressed (like Dean apologised for the ridiculous “sam hit a dog” grudge they started Carver era with in like, 11x11, I think? Which means they’d been actually on good terms for like maybe 12 episodes when Mary comes back :P) never mind Cas’s ocean of trauma and Mary being dropped among them out of the blue.

There’s been a real theme of teamwork this season in the big confrontation fights - 12x06, 12x07, 12x10 and 12x12 definitely all had teamwork fights taking down one big enemy together, and I may be forgetting some stuff but it’s more than enough for a pattern that they want to show the characters working together as a large and well-functioning unit - and within that, good dynamics, which they’re still working on especially for Mary, who (as we suspected she would) has only really SOLIDLY bonded with Cas because they’re both outsiders - Dean and Sam fight okay with her by their side but they need to work on interpersonal stuff (and I LOVED the shot this episode of Mary and Dean back to back with a wall between them).

To my eyes the TFW (and Mary) dynamic is clearly top priority and really important for the story they want to tell, and I’m loving the fragile way this family is being built and the exploration of the dynamics (now we’re getting later in the season I’ve seen people comment that Mary and Sam got a bad deal, but honestly for the first like 6 episodes of the season I was contemplating devoting my blog entirely to their drama and just forgetting Dean and Cas completely because I was so into what was going on there, and find it really weird people weren’t picking up on that because I thought all the subtext about Azazel coming between them was brilliant use of the characters and it just all suddenly paid off and I probably yelled louder about a Yellow Eyed demon showing up than I did about the whole “I love you” nonsense. :P There’s a part of my soul which is always going to be seasons 1-2 of Supernatural all on their own >.>)

But I think there’s still a ton of DeanCas this season, just underneath the main message they’re pushing, all the stuff like Dean and Cas just being prioritised when it comes to stuff like of course when the season starts Cas urgently gets back to Dean immediately and the story starts with them together. Of course Sam waits with Lily Sunder while Dean rushes off to help Cas. Of course Dean gets all weird and pissy about Cas working with Crowley and Sam like has nothing to do with this, at all. Of course when they get out of prison Dean is phoning Cas urgently to come get them, and sits in the back of the car with him. Of course he’s the one having the angry feud about caring too much vs being reckless after Cas invites his cosmic consequences. Of course when Cas is dying Dean is the one who rushes over to check on him and subtly all through that sequence is the one with the most focus on ALL the reaction shots, and the centre of the drama. 

And the little things like of course Dean phones Cas here, asks him to stay for breakfast there, is the one to hand him a beer and pat his shoulder, holds on just that much longer when he and Sam haul Cas to his feet (which I think is the perfect 1 tiny moment to demonstrate the whole thing of Dean just caring that little bit more even though Sam and Cas easily and happily could consider each other family at this point)

It’s like… Even when they’re not strictly telling us a story ABOUT Dean and Cas alone there’s just a little bit extra something going on between them, constantly, like, they just drift next to each other, or end up paying way more attention to each other? Like Dean at the diner in 12x12, Cas’s presence and the Mandy thing ends up this itch he has to scratch, he can’t stop bringing it up - weirdness between Dean and Cas derails the conversation repeatedly, and from both Cas and Mary’s POV we see Dean almost, like, fixated on Cas’s presence, while he’s all brotherly and annoying to Sam vying for attention complaining about the wifi, Dean just snores at him and goes back to I think just trying to get a rise out of Cas. 

I wouldn’t say any of this is really doing anything with them because the emotional arc right now is Family and creating a plausible version of Supernatural where it’s not two lonely angry brothers and sometimes people who help them and peripheral people they love but don’t, like… function in this way. Not in this whole promised dynamic of how that group exorcism went down in 12x06, or how Sam and Mary and Dean took on a Prince of Hell to save Cas (and even Crowley proved he has his own strange seat at this table there)… But they’re certainly keeping a sort of ongoing feeling there, that there’s just something extra about how Dean feels about Cas, and as usual, with 12x10 especially, the story about angels and romantic love is repeated and used between Dean and Cas, like, that’s all still there… I don’t know, every time something ridiculously small happens like Cas shows up and Dean rotates his entire body to face him on instinct, I’m like, yeah, we’re still existing in a story where Destiel is a presence


Stargate SG-1 meme: eight episodes (8/8) | 7x21-22 Lost City

Daniel: “Why wouldn’t we want to gain access to the greatest repository of knowledge in the known universe, once and for all finding the lost city of the Ancients, and use their technology to save the entire galaxy from the evil oppression of the Goa'uld?“

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: it’s 2015. why hasn’t a gilmore girls movie been made yet? season 7 was a clusterfuck of shitty writing and i weep for the lost opportunities and will forever be bitter about it. at this point i think i’m fated to go to my grave without the answers i so desperately need. do luke and lorelai ever get married? how did everyone deal with richard’s death? emily demanded to go first! where the fuck did rory go after the campaign was over? DID SHE AND JESS REUNITE? HAS PARIS FINALLY TAKEN OVER THE WORLD? IS LANE STILL IN STARS HOLLOW? VERONICA MARS FANS GOT A MOVIE AFTER THEIR CRAP ENDING, SO WHY CAN’T WE? GOD DAMN IT, WHAT ARE THE FINAL FOUR WORDS, AMY?

OK Tho...

This turned out to be a full review. I write my thoughts in real time so if you have contentions and feel the need to post them read the entire post because I may have addressed your issues near the end. Spoilers. Obviously. And be warned this is pretty anti-Damon and anti-Delena.

1. I am four minutes and eleven seconds into this episode of The Vampire Diaries and Stefan tells Damon, “It’s not your fault. You’re getting a pass. Everyone understands.” And the show thinks it’s being so self-reflexive and smart by making Damon point out that their understanding is generous considering that he nearly killed everyone and stabbed “your pregnant girlfriend in the chest” as if pointing out the lack of consequences makes up for the fact that there is a lack of consequences.

2. So basically, Julian turned Mystic Falls into the set of the Fast and the Furious. OK.

3. More griping between Bonnie and Matt about Damon nearly killing them all. I like how no one has PTSD over the amount of times Damon has almost murdered them (because it’s been more than once).

4. Matt and Bonnie “matching” on and then Bonnie giving Matt advice on his profile picture, like is Bonnie just giving love/sex/relationship advice to everyone now? Also Matt and Bonnie would’ve been much preferable to Bonenzo (at least the way I would’ve written that relationship).

5. So Stefan and Caroline are on the phone while Caroline is setting up for her baby shower and Stefan is taking Damon around the new MF that Julian created (AKA Fast and the Furious: Mystic Falls Style) and Stefan isn’t going to be at the show but tells Caroline that he’ll get Alaric the baby book she made him pick out when he was drunk and then he promises her to stay in one piece and then Damon tells Stefan he’s whipped and I’m like … … if Stefan was whipped, Stefan would BE at the baby shower. Stefan would be reading up on baby books. Like Stefan is minimally engaged in Caroline’s life AT BEST.

6. I’m tired of the show acting like Stefan is completely ineffectual and Damon is the brains of the operation and that if Damon was out of the stone first, then Julian wouldn’t have taken over Mystic Falls when history has show than Damon does nothing but make a situation worse while Stefan knows how to compromise and forge alliances and create delicate peaces. Like STOP IT.

7. Since when did Damon EVER care about Mystic Falls? Him getting angry that Julian took it over makes absolutely no sense; what would make sense is Damon being mad indignant that Julian is the alpha male. Julian who is BASICALLY KLAUS.

8. I love how BOTH of Caroline’s exes are at her baby shower but Stefan isn’t.

9. I swear to God if Damon kills this black man…


11. Bonnie is fucking OOC this episode.

12. I think it’s sweet that when Stefan talks about hallucinating his hell he says the only constant was Caroline and then you see him talking to her about him having a nightmare about Damon but the way they’re navigating each other is still very friendly. If this were a couple and Stefan woke up from a nightmare as intense as the one he had was supposed to be, Caroline should be sitting next to him, touching his forehead, stroking his hair, when he goes to get a drink she should be at his back, her arms around him, like physicality is a big part of being in a relationship and they don’t act like they’re in love romantically, they act like they’re the best of friends.

13. It really fucking bothers me that Stefan’s pain is all about Damon.

14. Like even when Stefan throws a glass at the wall thinking Damon’s there and Caroline is yelling “Enough! It’s not real!” if this is the “madly in love” “better than SE” relationship the show says it is, then Caroline should be rushing to Stefan, hands on his face, “look into my eyes, it’s not real” and he should be holding on to those words.

15. And the show is really trying to push how much Stefan needs Caroline and I would honestly buy it if the actions were as passionate as his words or if his delivery was as passionate as what he’s saying. Damon’s ghost is tormenting Stefan so he tries to burn Damon’s actual body and Caroline is there like “you love your brother and I know you’d rather die than let him go” but everything is so calm and so muted, Stefan’s mental disintegration is very quiet and very monotone, Caroline doesn’t even look very concerned about his psychological fracture, like if Stefan was going crazy, MAKE HIM GO CRAZY and if Caroline was the only thing keeping him together, show some conviction. Give me some Peeta and Katniss shit.

16. I didn’t realize I missed Tyler until I saw Tyler.

17. Damon and his “my girl” shit annoys me. Elena is more than just your girl.

18. At least Caroline finally put her hands on Stefan’s face even though that lasted like a second. Fuck. Was that so HARD?

19. I am so sick of hearing how Elena held Damon back from being a monster when he was killing Whitmores while they were together, when he killed Aaron and kidnapped Jeremy and emotionally tortured Katherine while they were in their on again and off again phases. Damon was ALWAYS Damon, the only difference is the show decided to act like he wasn’t when he was with her.

20. Yes, Stefan. Your life WOULD be better if Damon wasn’t in it.

21. Bonnie being all I’m not going to let my friends die and we’ll stop the vampire huntress so they’ll live you mean there’s never a moment when Bonnie is just TIRED? The amount of times she’s DIED for these people, there isn’t a part of her that’s like you know what, I’m taking a break? Even Buffy had her moments of I’m not doing this anymore!

22. I also don’t understand why Bonnie is so pressed about Nora or Mary-Louise whichever heretic she has this weird fixation with for absolutely no reason. I think it’s Nora. I remember the ship name being Bonora.

23. Did the police have a search warrant for Matt’s truck or nah?

24. I’m laughing because they’re playing The Album Leaf during Alaric and Caroline’s moment and when I was a hardass Steroline shipper I used the SAME song in one of my best Steroline vids and I feel some type of way.

25. I’m pissed that Stefan’s job is to make Damon feel better but when the hell has Damon done that for Stefan? When has Stefan really got to unload on Damon and Damon be the shoulder to Stefan’s vulnerability? Like I’m done with how one-sided Defan is.

26. I would be excited about Matt being a sort of antagonist in the ff if he wasn’t also saving Caroline’s life at the same time, like my Matt Donovan would be DARK.

Eh. This episode was aiight.