Me whenever they show Daenerys in season 7 trailers:


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It's clear Jon doesn't mean Starks and Targaryens. You think a little snippet about a short period in such a long history would be on D&D's radar to the point of having Jon make note of it? Something that's not even mentioned in the main story? 'Fighting together against a common enemy for centuries' wouldn't even fit in with that excerpt. And I'd think he would mean WWs as the enemy. They'd been gone long before Targaryens even existed. Those two families had little in common in the past.

Hi anon,

Is it clear? Not to me or a lot of other people who instantly thought he was talking about the Starks and Targaryens. 

The Targaryens rules Westeros for 300 years, so yes, the use of the word centuries would be applicable. Being as how the Starks were loyal to the Targaryens the whole time. 

Also, and I cannot believe I forgot this (I’m almost embarrassed) Maester Aemon [Targaryen] was a man of the Night’s Watch and while he didn’t fight, I’m sure he worked along many Starks, at least two from the current series. So, yes, their families have been united against a common enemy. 

OMG!!! This conversation will be a prelude for Jon and Dany talk about MAESTER AEMON!!!!!! 

Thank you anon for jogging my memory. Much oblige. 


For everyone saying that Jonerys is the ‘Jon Snow is dead’ of season 7, I just want to ask why you think that? Obviously on this website we’re all very into all of the leaks and what is happening on set, but is it that obvious to all of the casual fans? HBO hasn’t really done much to promote it-we haven’t gotten any of it in the trailers, other than that one line that could very well be Jon talking to Dany (squee) but others might not pick up on that. I think we tend to forget in this community that casual fans might not be thinking about it as much as we are-yes, there are websites that theorize about it but HBO has been pretty silent on it, when they were very vocal about Jon Snow being dead last year.

Okay. This wasn’t planned. I met a friend that day and hours before I saw in Instagram that Emilia Clarke was in the ice skate that sets every year in my city. I told my friend about it and we decided to go there, but it was too late and she probably leaves. Hours later, we met a few friends and then my brother called me and told me that the GoT crew were in a party near the place I was. I didn’t think about it and I went there with a friend. We waited, my friend left me, but I didn’t care bc I met the few people that were there too, waiting and having a cold bc the temperature was freezing. I saw Jerome (a.k.a Bronn) and I was fangirling too much. A few minutes later I saw Emilia Clarke leaving the bar with her friends. I wish I could asked her for a photo, but she was running and her friends were around her like in a protective mood ‘til they entered in the car.

Hours later, it was like 3 a.m, the security guard told us that Nikolaj was leaving and if we want to take a photo with him, we should ask gently. When he leaves the bar, everyone went to him, some of them were shouting it near to him for photo in a creepy mood and others were pushing me. When they “leave’ him alone I went to him and asked for a photo (imagine me, fangirling, with my voice and hands trembling) he smiled and he placed with me, with his arms around my hip. One of the persons I met took the photo with my phone, but in the moment that the photo was taken, my phone turn off. I turn on again and the photo wasn’t there and I felt my world and tears falling down.

Luckily, I saw that the car that was going to take him to the hotel didn’t leave and the back door was open, so the woman who I met and me ran over there and I saw Nikolaj again.

I was crying and I was desperate for a photo, so I asked him if he could take another photo with me bc my phone died. He laughed saying ‘yes yes of course’ and HE GET OUT THE CAR TO TAKE THE PHOTO. I mean. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW AWESOME WAS THAT?! He could have said no, go to the hotel and relax, but he placed himself next to me and take another photo that takes the woman who went with me (with her phone).

I repeated a lots of thank you and when he leaves, the only things that I did was thanking the woman for taking the photo with her phone; cry, called my mom saying that I was next to Jamie Lannister, one of my crush in the serie; and sent the photo to all of my friends fangirling too much.

Hours later we saw Peter Dinklage leaving the bar, but the security guard told us to be quiet and that we shouldn’t go after him. He was surrounded by the security guards that went with him to the car. It’s okay, I couldn’t get a photo with Tyrion, but I was able to see him and that’s amazing.

When I return home around 4:30 a.m, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe everything that happened to me that night. It began in a normal evening where I met a friend and it ended in one of the best nights in my life.

Now, six months later, I still remember that exactly moment where Nikolaj get my love, admiration and respect, and a smile appears in my face.