season 6 the office

I just finished watching the episode where Jim and Pam get married and honestly I think I’m gonna throw up. I can’t stop crying. It’s hard to believe a stupid fucking tv show and a stupid fictional couple can fill me with so much happiness 😭😭😭 when he cuts his tie because her veil is torn 😭 how fucking happy and nervous they look in the entire niagara footage like wtf stop smiling so much you idiots 😭 when he says his plan A was to marry her a long long time ago. Pretty much the day he met her 😭😭😭 fuck you ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭


Indy Battle of the Seasons: Snatch Game (x)

Quentin Lance in season 6

St. Walker’s hospital, Doctor Pressnall’s office

Doctor Pressnall: Hello, Quentin, how can I help you?
Quentin: It’s complicated, I’m not sure…
Doctor Pressnall: Just tell me your story, and I’ll do everything in my power to provide the best possible therapy program.
Quentin: (sighs) I’ve used to have two beautiful, smart daughters and a beloved wife. I was perfectly happy living my ordinary life, even despite being a cop in a city where we get shot for living. Then my younger daugther… died. But six years later it turned out that she didn’t die for real… And she returned. As a masked vigilante, calling herself Canary. But then she died… for real.  (sobs) Then my elder daughter took on her mantle and carried on with this craziness… becoming the Black Canary. Some time later my younger daughter, Sara, was miraculously resurrected…
Doctor Pressnall: Excuse me, what?
Quentin: (grimly) Brought back to life. With all do respect, Doctor, you’re only a minor character, you don’t know what this universe is fully capable of. Listen to the rest of the story. Shortly after Sara got back she hopped on a time travel ship and left.To save the timeline or some other crap. And then I lost Laurel. Forever. She was murdered by that shunhavbitsh Damien Darhk. (starts crying)
(Doctor Pressnall is temporarily out of words)
Quentin: (pulls himself together) And now I really don’t know what to do… Laurel is back but it’s not my Laurel. She just looks  like her… But she’s from another Earth. She calls herself Black Siren… Please, Doctor, is there any form of therapy that could help me? I’ve got an impression as if the universe truly hated me.
Doctor Pressnall: Quentin… I’m afraid that there is no effective therapy for organic writing [tm]

Overall I’m looking forward to see Katie Cassidy in “Arrow” again, as Black Siren, but my heart already bleeds for poor Quentin, who most likely will meet someone who looks like his beloved daughter, but it’s not her. :( The universe is not quite done yet with Lance and wants to make him suffer even more… Because apparently killing off his two daughters three times wasn’t enough. Add to this Paul Blackthorne’s acting… I-need-a-tissue-already. :’(

Jaime and his siblings:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> (Season 4)<p/><b>Jaime:</b> "No more outbursts."<p/><b>Tyrion:</b> "Okay."<p/><b>Tyrion, during the trial:</b> "I WISH I HAD ENOUGH POISON FOR THE PACK OF YOU!!"<p/><b>Jaime:</b> (stares into the camera like "The Office")<p/><b></b> (Season 6)<p/><b>Jaime:</b> (comes back) "Hey Cersei I got Riverrun sorted out-"<p/><b>Jaime:</b> (sees Kings Landing in smoke, sees Cersei on the Throne)<p/><b>Jaime:</b> (worriedly stares into the camera like "The Office")<p/></p><p/></p>