season 6 part two

Always Mine - Chapter 6


A/N: Here is chapter 6! It is part two of episode 4 from season 7. I just want to thank everyone who has shown this story love and support as well as showing me support. It truly means the world to me!

Rick ran right past Negan and Katherine into the house. Katherine’s’ heart was racing. She was hoping Carl didn’t actually kill one of Negan’s men. That would just mean Negan would retaliate and no one wanted that.

“Your people sure are fucking stupid.” Negan hissed as he pulled her along into the house. When they walked in, they saw Carl pointing a gun at three of Negan’s men.

“Carl, Carl, put it down.” Rick pleaded. Carl glared.

“No. He’s taking all of our medicine. They said only half our stuff.”

“Of fucking course. Oh-ho. Really, Kid?”

Carl glared at him. He noticed for the first time Katherine was there. He saw the way Negan had her wrist in his grasp and he clenched the gun harder.

“You should let her go and leave before you find out how dangerous we all are.”

Katherine’s eyes widened. Did he really just threaten Negan? She knew Carl was just trying to help and protect everyone but all he was doing was putting them in more danger.

“Well, pardon me, young man. Excuse the shit out of my fucking French, but…did you just threaten me?” Katherine swallowed hard . “Look, I get threatening Davey here, but I can’t have it. Not him, not me.”

With a burst of andrenaline out of fear of her brother getting hurt, Katherine pulled her wrist out of Negan’s grasp. She ran over to stand next to her father, missing the way Negan scowled.

“Carl, Carl look at me.” Carl locked eyes with his sister. “Just put it down.” The two siblings kept their eyes locked on each other. Carl’s hand had slightly loosened when Negan suddenly grabbed Katherine’s wrist again and tugged her backwards. She winced at the grip on her wrist.

“Don’t be fucking rude, Katherine.” Katherine saw the angry look in his eyes. It had suddenly hit her that she had broken the rule he had given her before they came to Alexandria. Him using her full name confirmed and the look in his eyes told her she was in big trouble.

“We are having a conversation. Now, boy, where  the fuck were we? Oh, yea. Your giant, man-sized balls. No fucking threatening us. Listen, I fucking like you, so I don’t want to go hard proving a point here. You don’t fucking want that. I said half your shit, and half is what I say it is. I’m serious. Fuck, do you want me to prove how serious ? Again?”

Carl looked at his father who was giving him a pleading look. His eyes flicked over to his sister who was giving him the same look.

“Please,” she mouthed silently. Carl exhaled sharply before lowering the gun. Rick immediately took it from him with  a sigh.

“You know, Rick this whole thing reminds me that you have a lot of fucking guns. There’s all the guns you took from my outpost when you wasted all my fucking people with a shit-ton of your own guns, and I’m bettin’ there’s even more, which adds up to an absolute fuck-ton of guns. An as this little emotional outburst just made crystal fucking clear. I can’t allow that. They’re all mine now.”

Katherine’s eyes widened as Negan continued. “So tell me, Rick, where the fuck are my guns?”

Rick lowered his gaze to the ground before turning around and leaving the house. Negan looked at Davey.

“Davey, have the future serial killer here show you where her fucking room is. Pack up all her clothes and put them in my truck.” Davey nodded as Negan pulled her out of the house.

She wanted so badly to argue and say she could pack her own things, not that she wanted to, but she knew Negan was mad at her and she didn’t want to add onto it.

She stayed silent as they stopped in front of the garage where they kept all of the food and weapons. She saw Olivia already standing there.

“I…figured you were coming.”

“Show him where the guns are, Olivia.” Olivia nodded as she stepped back.

“The armory’s inside.”

“You run the show in here,” Negan asked, pulling Katherine around to his front and letting go of her wrist in favor of wrapping his arm around her waist. Rick scowled slightly.

“I-I just keep track of it all, the rations, the guns.” Negan nodded.

“Good. Smart. Don’t let me fucking stop you. Take her out, boys. Show ‘em the goods.” Negan’s men all walked inside, Olivia following. Rick moved to follow but Negan stopped him.

“Wait, wait, wait. While they’re at it, I just want to point out to you that I’m not fucking taking a scrap of your food. Slim pickin’s in here. And I can’t be the only one to notice that you got a fucking fat girl in charge of keeping track of rations, can I?” Katherine couldn’t help but scoff at the way he described Olivia. “Either way, you starve to death, I don’t get shit, so for now, you get to keep all the food. How ‘bout that?”

Rick looked up from the ground.

“What do you want me to say?”

“I don’t know, Rick. How about a fucking thank you. You think that might be in order? Or is that to much to fucking ask?! What do you think Kitty Kat, is that to much to ask?” Negan laughed not even bothering to wait for Katherine’s answer, not that she would give one. “Ohh. I know we started off on the wrong foot, but what can I fucking say? You forced my hand, Rick. But it’s like I’ve been trying to tell you, I’m a very reasonable fucking man as long as you cooperate. Are you cooperating?”

“What’s it look like?”

“Oh-ho-ho. I know what it fucking looks like. But what I really want to know is if we’re gonna find all the guns back there or if maybe you got a few fucking just waitin’ for their moment…just like my Lucille.”

Katherine’s eyes moved down to the bloody bat that her father was still holding. She zoned out while a memory hit her.

Henry! You can’t do that silly.”

The little boy laughed as Katherine helped him pick up all his food off the table.

But why Ms. Katherine?”

Katherine giggled and put the plate back on the table with the food now cleaned up.

Because the table isn’t hungry, but you are so eat your lunch.” She tickled his side, making him squeal with laughter. Katherine laughed as a knock sounded on the daycare door. Standing up, she wiped her hands off before walking over and opening it.

She smiled seeing a middle aged woman standing there.

Hi, can I help you?”

She noticed the hospital gown on the woman. It wasn’t abnormal for patients to come down and visit. Some times spending time with the children made them feel better.

I’m um, I’m looking for Katherine?”

“That’s me.” She took notice how the woman’s eyes widened slightly and looked her over. Katherine squrimed slightly, a little uncomfortable. She felt like the woman was sizing her up. She cleared her throat and gave a small smile. “Can I help you with anything?”

“You don’t happen to know a Negan, do you?”

Katherine furrowed her eyebrows slightly as she nodded.

I do. He’s my boyfriend. May I ask why?”

The woman’s eyes sarted to water as she gave a bitter smile.

It’s nice to meet, you Katherine. I’m Lucille. Negan’s wife.”

Katherine remembered that day like it was yesterday. She had felt like someone had punched her in the chest. Her and Negan had been together for almost two months at that point and she had felt so stupid for not realizing Negan was married. There were times when they would be at her apartment and he would get a call before immediately leaving. Sure she’d always ask him where had to run off to but he would always tell her it was work related or he would kiss her and take her to bed before she could even ask more questions. He was a master manipulator.

He knew just what to do to get what he wanted.

“You know what today is, Rick? Today is a fucking banner say. Yes, it is. I think this little arrangement we have is gonna work out just fine.”

Katherine stood by Negan’s side, watching as his men walked back and forth, their arms loaded with all their guns. She watched as Daryl walked past them. He looked so broken and in return, it broke Katherine’s heart. She had never seen Daryl this way before.

“Hold up.” Negan said, taking a a hand gun out of one of his men’s arms. “Let’s see if you’ve been taking good fucking care of my guns.” He cocked the gun and pointed it at Daryl. Katherine’s heart started to pound in her chest. She was relieved when he let Daryl pass, instead raising his arm and shooting a window.

She let out a silent sigh of relief.

“Feels good. Sounds good! Oh, I do believe Lucille’s getting’ a little jealous. What between these guns and my little Kitty Kat over here.” He pulled Katherine to him. Katherine and her father kept their eyes on each other, not wanting to feed into Negan’s games.

They continued to watch as all the guns were loaded in the truck. They all turned their heads when they heard muffle crying. Arat was pushing Olivia out of the garage.

“Arat, we don’t do that unless they do somethin’ to fucking deserve it.” Arat stopped and handed him over the notebook that Olivia kept inventory in.

“Yeah, we went throught the inventory. Guns in the armory, guns they had around the walls, they’re short. Glock 9 and a .22 Bobcat.”

Negan’s face turned serious as he looked up at Olivia.

“Is that true?”

“We had some people leave town. Those guns probably went with them.” Rick quickly said, trying to difuse the situation.

“So Olivia sucks at her job. Is that what you’re fucking sayin’?”

Rick quickly shook his head.

“No. No, I’m not sayin’ that.”

“There should be a full fucking accounting here, right? Top to bottom. Am I right?

“No. I mean yes. The inventory is correct.”

“Good. But not so good, too. You see, what’s in here…isn’t fucking there. You’re two handguns short. Do you know where they are?”

Katherine swallowed hard. She said a silent prayer that Olivia did in fact know where they are so this mess could get cleared up as quick as possible because the look on Negan’s face right now, was scaring her. It was the same look he had the night he killed two of her friends.

“No. I…”

Negan sighed and looked at Rick.

“That’s disappointing, Rick. I thought that we had a fucking understanding. But this…well, this shows that someone’s not on board and I can’t have that.”

He turned to Olivia and stepped closer to her.

“I don’t enjoy killing women. Men, I can waste them all the live long. But at the end of the day, Olivia, my dear this was your responsibility.” Olivia whimpered and Katherine’s heart was once again racing.

'He can’t kill her’ she thought. This was the one thing she had been hoping they would avoid and now because some idiot took two guns without anyone knowing, Olivia’s life was in danger. Katherine could kill whoever did it.

“Look, we can work this out,” Rick said, stepping forward.

“Oh, yes, we can. And I’m going to, right fucking now.” Olivia whimpered again as more tears fell from her eyes. Katherine’s heart broke. Olivia was one of the sweetest people she knew. She didn’t deserve to die for someone elses screw up.

“This was your job, and you screwed up. Keeping track of guns? That shit is fucking life and death.” Negan turned to Rick.

“You go find those fucking guns for me, Rick. I’ll be keeping Olivia here company. Arat, grab her.” Arat grabbed Olivia by the arm while Negan grabbed Katherine’s wrist again and pulled her along.

“You can’t kill her.” Negan looked down at Katherine. They were outside while Olivia was inside making lemonade for them, Arat standing guard.

They had been away from her father for almost ten minutes and they had yet to find the guns. She knew Negan was serious about killing Olivia if he didn’t get those guns and she didn’t want that. She didn’t want anymore of her friends or family to die.

“Not only can I, Kitty Kat, I fucking will if necessary.”

Katherine shook her head and stepped towards him.

“Negan, please. They’ve already lost so many people. P-please don’t.”

Negan looked at her, his intense gaze making her squrim slightly.

“And why should I fucking do what you ask? You disobeyed me today.”

Katherine swallowed the lump in her throat.

“I-I was just trying to help back there. I didn’t mean to break your rules. I-I’m sorry.”

Negan smirked and pulled her into his chest. One arm wrapped tightly around her waist while his other hand gripped her chin and lifted her gaze to meet his.

“Your friends need to learn. They need to learn that I am fucking in charge now and there are consequences for their stupid mistakes.” Katherine held in her tears as best as she could.

“Please Negan. Please don’t kill her.” She didn’t want to say what she was about to, but what else was there to do? “I-I’ll do anything.” She been hoping to never get into this situation but now here they were and she was prepared to do anything he wanted in order to keep her friends and family alive.

Negan’s smirk grew into a full toothy grin. His tongue poked out between his teeth as he spoke.

“Is that fucking so?” Katherine tried not to tense. She slowly nodded. “Ya know, I remember you saying that when I was gonna have your daddy chop your little future serial killer brother’s arm off and I didn’t fucking take you up on it. But now I think I will. So, what do you fucking got for me, Doll? And it better be fucking good.”

“W-whatever you want.”

Negan smirked. Those words were music to his ears. He let for of her chin in favor of cupping her cheek. Katherine felt him rub her cheek with his thumb. She would have found it nice if hadn’t been for their history. He bent down close so Katherine could feel his breath hitting her lips.

“You’ll do anything?”

Katherine hesitantly nodded, not liking the look in his eyes. But there was no turning back now. She was doing this for Olivia and everyone else in Alexandria. Sherry’s words came back to her.

A happy Negan means nobody gets hurt.”

Negan got closer to her, their noses bumping into each other.

“I’ve been thinking about getting another wife.” Katherine felt her heart stop. In reality, she should have known that would probably be what he wanted. But it still took her off guard. “And I think my Kitty Kat would be perfect for it. You already know what I like, what I don’t fucking like. You’d be the perfect wife, Doll.” He gave her a villainous grin.  “Yea, yea I fucking like that idea. I’ll spare your little friend if you agree to join me in holy matrimony.”

In truth, she didn’t want to be his wife. She didn’t even want to be near him. But she also didn’t want Olivia to die. And who knows, she’d probably make him more angry if she refused. She then thought about what her friends and family would think. Surely they’d understand she did it to keep them all safe.

“Tick-tock Kitty Kat. The offer only stands for two more minutes.”

Katherine took a deep breath, willing herself not to cry.


Negan grinned.

“Good fucking choice, Doll. Consider your friend spared.”

“Negan!” Negan looked over Katherine’s shoulder to see Arat standing there.

“What?” He stood up straight while Katherine looked down at the ground.

“They found something.”

Katherine’s eyes widened as she choked on a sob. It would be her luck that they find the guns right after she just agreed to be one of Negan’s wives.

Negan smirked.

“Good.” He looked down at Katherine, seeing a tear run down her cheek. He had just got two more guns and a new wife. This day was turning out to be better than he thought. “Let’s go get our guns, Kitty Kat then we can go home and I can go over the rules and shit for being my wife.”

Katherine sniffled as Negan wrapped his arm around her shoulder’s and they made their way back out to the truck.

After getting the guns back and making sure everything was loaded, they all headed back towards the front gates.

“Hell of a place you got here, Rick.”

Rick nodded, looking at Katherine who hadn’t said anything since they found the guns. In fact she hadn’t even looked at him since then. He immediately thought Negan had done something to her but there was no way Negan was going to let him ask her about it.

Seeing something out of the corner of his eye, he looked behind Negan. He saw Michonne standing in the abandoned shack that was just inside Alexandria’s walls. Clearing his throat, he looked back at the man in front of him.

“Give me a second.”

Negan looked him over and gave a small smirk.


Rick sighed.

“Please, can you just…give me a second?”

Negan didn’t say anything which Rick took as a yes. Katherine didn’t look up as her father walked away. She was to filled with shame and embarrasment to even look at him right now.

“What do you think? Should we tell your daddy about our fucking union or do you think he’s had enough for one day?” Negan chuckled. Katherine bit her tongue, not wanting to lash out at him. She just settled for shaking her head. “Yea you’re probably right. Fuck, we wouldn’t wanna add any more wrinkles to that face now would we?”

Katherine felt so sick to her stomach. She kept her eyes closed and tuned everything out in an effort to keep the contents of her stomach where they were. She had hid from this man for almost a year. She had never wanted to see or be with him again, yet she had just agreed to become his wife. If she had waited a few more minutes, she wouldn’t have even had to answer because they would have found the guns. But now there was no turning back. Now that she had agreed, she knew Negan wouldn’t let her back out.

She hadn’t realized how long she had zoned out for until Negan squeezed her shoulder. Snapping out of it, she heard him laughing.

“Jesus, even in the fucking apocalypse you still space out?” Negan shook his head. “Say goodbye to your fucking daddy, Doll. We’re going.” She looked up at him as he unwound his arm from her waist. She immediately took the opportunity to run to her father. Rick immediately wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

“I love you.” She whispered, squeezing him tight. Rick squeezed back just as tight.

“I love you too. I’m gonna get you out of there, okay. I promise.” Katherine nodded, more tears falling. She heard a throat clear and a hand on her arm, pulling her out of her dad’s grip.

“Well wasn’t that fucking sweet. But we gotta get going, Rick. I’ve got plans to make.” He smirked down at Katherine who glared at him. He just laughed and led her over to the truck they rode in on. Katherine got in and sat in her seat as Negan walked back over to her father to grab Lucille.

She watched as he said something to him before walking back to the truck. Once he was in, he looked at Davey who was in the drivers seat.

“Let’s go Davey. I’ve got a wedding plan.”

Katherine closed her eyes as the truck roared to life and they started driving back towards The Sanctuary. She didn’t know what to expect now that she had agreed to be Negan’s wife. Would it actually help her to keep him from killing her friends and family? What if she did something to piss him off and he attacked her friends and family for revenge.

The only thing she did know, is that she had just agreed to marry Negan and now her life was never going to be the same.


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One Year-Part Two

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Originally posted by scottisbae

Summary: (Y/N) moves to Paris with your family leaving her best friend behind. What happens when she comes back?

Liam Dunbar x Reader, Brett Talbot x Reader

Tags: @sebass-stanfan

Part One, Part Three, Part Four

If you see this then it’s yours and any character from teen wolf thoughts

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The Walking Dead part two

Note: I hope you enjoy this one! it has a little more about the readers background, The reader a dark secret that she doesn’t want the group knowing. Things between the reader and Daryl will pick up in the next one!!

warning: Violence, blood

part one

Originally posted by darkdeirdre

You woke up with your head feeling fuzzy. You raised your arm to touch the lump that had grown on the back of your head. It would die down soon, you thought. You looked to the side and saw a glass of water which you guzzled down in one gulp. Rick and Daryl must have taken you back to their community. Shit, you were out cold when they brought you here, you would have to be sneaky in order to find a way out.

You slowly rose from the mattress on the floor and silently moved throughout the house, noticing no one was inside. You snatched a cereal bar from the counter and shoved it in your pocket for the road. You weren’t leaving just yet though, you needed to check the place out. You stealthily made your way around the place these people called home. You saw they were running short on supplies, but their armoury was full, they had more guns thnt people, you assumed by the amount of people you saw walking around the place. When you were done scoping the area out you went to look for Rick.

You entered all the houses you came across but didn’t find Rick. You internally congratulated yourself when you finally entered one house that had Ricks shoes and blue shirt laying on the sofa. You snooped around downstairs first, taking anything that you thought your group might need. Then, you waited on the stairs for Rick to wake up. Time had passed and you pulled out the cereal bar you found earlier. As soon as you bit into the snack a voice came from behind you.

“What are you doing in our house?”

The voice was soft, young. You only turned your head a tiny bit and you saw a boy standing in the doorframe holding a gun to you.

“Well, I’m eating a cereal bar while waiting for your dad to wake up” You said as you continued to chew the food.

“How did you know he was my dad?” the boy asked, gun still pointing at you.

“I didn’t” you smiled at him. “Be a lamb and go wake him up for me”

You turned back around and finished off the rest of your bar when the front door slammed open, Daryl, followed by an Asian looking man, came running up the stairs, guns held directly at you. At that moment, Rick, his son and some lady came from above you.

“It’s alright” Rick said to Daryl and the other man, making them lower their guns.

“We need to talk Rick” You said, shoving the wrapper in your pocket.

You all sat around a table discussing trade deals and negotiations. You found out that the Asian guy was Glenn, and he had a wife called Maggie. There was also Carl, who was Ricks son and Michonne, ricks girlfriend.

“I had a quick look around earlier, noticed you guys are running low on supplies” you said, leaning back in your chair.

“That’s cause you messed with our truck yesterday” Daryl said

“Look, we got off to a bad start, you guys didn’t look good, and that was a wrong assumption on my part” you replied, indirectly apologising for stealing the truck.

“How come you didn’t just leave this morning. You said you wanted to talk” Rick brought the conversation back on topic.

“Back at my place, we got lots of food” you said. “And you guys look like you could use some help with that”

“Do you grow?” Maggie asked you, curiosity on her face.

“We grow, we scavenge, we have a well, and we trade”

“You trade? So, there’s others out there?”

You smiled at how innocent these people were, they had no clue about anything. You didn’t know if this would be a good thing, or a bad thing.

“Guys, your world is about to turn upside down” you smiled at them.

You’ve been walking with the group for miles now. Rick and the rest of the group wanted to know more about trading of the supplies. You had finally gotten up the long part of the hill and the hard part was now over, now it was flat land.

“This place is isolated” Rick said.

You looked around at the miles and miles of trees that surrounded the area you were in, he was right. It was best to keep yourself isolated nowadays. It was safer.

“Here we are” you said as you approached tall wooden fences.

“Hey! Stop!”

You looked up to see two people on guard above the wall. You heard the clicks of guns behind you and you turned to see everyone had raised their weapons up.

“Woah guys, you don’t need-” you were cut off.

“(Y/n)! Who are these people?”

“Dave, John, it’s okay. They just wanna see Gregory” you put your hand up to them to stop them from throwing the spears down at Ricks group.

“They aren’t coming in with those” Dave nodded his head at the weapons.

“Rick, put the guns down” You turned to the group.

“I aint leaving these outside” he growled.

“Just lower them. Come on, I trusted you guys, why don’t you trust me?”

Rick hesitated before lowering his gun, the rest followed.

The men opened the gates and you all walked in. You could hear the gasps from the group as they saw the house on the hill.

“Welcome to hilltop!” you said, walking backwards and opening your arms out to the place.

“Damn” you heard Daryl mutter and you smirked at him.

You showed them around your groups small village-like place and once you reached the house you were greeted by your brother.

“Hey Paul!” you said, giving him a quick hug.

“Gregory won’t be happy” you brother said, looking Ricks group up and down.

“What do you mean?” Rick asked. “He won’t be happy about what?”

“You’re dirty” You and your brother said simultaneously.

The group looked between themselves and then you spoke. “Where are my manners? This is my brother Paul. Everyone calls him Jesus though, I’m sure you can see why” you laughed as your brother shot you an amused look. He had hair that dropped just below his shoulder and a beard that actually made him look like Jesus Christ. The group cracked a smile as you said that and your brother walked away, leaving you alone with the group again.

You opened the big doors that led to the main entrance of the mansion. Everything inside was classy and in place, nothing looked dirty, except Ricks group.

“Gregory!” you shouted out.

The group was looking around and admiring the place when the wooden doors that led to the main office creaked open. Gregory stood behind them.

“(Y/n)!” he pulled you into a hug. “Who do you have here?” Gregory gave the group a worried look as their dirty shoes were ruining the carpet.

“This is Rick. He’s from a similar community to us- Alexandria” you said, taking a step back to let Rick and the group introduce themselves.

“I was hoping we could talk. Looks like you could use some weapons, we have it. And you have food” Rick said.

“How about you get cleaned up first”

The whole room froze as Gregory said that. You could feel the tension that grew between Ricks group and him.

“We’re good, thank you” Rick forced a smile.

“No really. It’s hard to keep this place clean-”

“Gregory” you interrupted. “Don’t be anal”

You heard Daryl laugh but you ignored it, tying to act like you didn’t hear.  “It’ll be quick, they just wanna talk trade”

“Fine. But only one person, I don’t want my office getting dirty” Gregory said as he eyed the now slightly dirty carpet in the main hall.

“Maggie?” Rick asked, “You wanna go in there?”

Maggie hesitated for a moment and then nodded her head, following Gregory inside.

You were waiting for about 15 minutes when you leaned back on the wall and watched Ricks group. They were all staring into space, all of them had the same look of trauma in their eyes, they had probably been through so much.
Your eyes involuntarily gazed over to Daryl. He wasn’t the type of guy you’d usually go for. He was dirty, his hair was matted and he looked like he hadn’t changed clothes in ages. But despite that, you couldn’t help but take a liking to him. You liked the way his blue eyes were prominent against his tanned face, he carried a gruff look which you weirdly liked and the thin layer of sweat over his muscles made you like him more. And he was quiet and you liked that, he had an element of mystery to him, like the layers of a Russian doll. You would make it your mission to uncover those layers.

You suddenly blinked out of thought when you realised Daryl was now staring right at you. You had been staring at him for a while now, but you were so deep in thought you never saw him looking back at you. You quickly darted your eyes to the floor and you could feel your cheeks heat up. What the hell was going on with you? you asked yourself. Why where you acting shy? You shook your head and ran a hand over your face.

“They’re taking long in there” you said to the group, just before the wooden doors opened once again and Gregory walked out, followed by Maggie.

“So?” Rick immediately stood up and so did the rest of the group.

“We give some of our weapons, they give some of their food” Maggie smiled.

The rest of the group had smiles on their faces at the thought of having food at Alexandria. You smiled as well and then you walked the group outside. You were ready to walk the group back home when the wooden gates opened, four men from your group entering.

“Where’s Gregory?” Bob asked you. He looked scared.

“He’s inside-”

“I’m here” you were cut off by Gregory who was now walking out the house.

“Boss, it wasn’t enough” he said.

“What do you mean it wasn’t enough? Did you tell them that was all we could find?” Gregory had lowered his voice now. Shit, the saviours weren’t happy.

“I did, and Negan wanted me to deliver a message” Bob placed his hand on Gregory’s shoulder and you knew what was about to happen. He lifted his arm and sunk a knife into Gregory’s stomach, blood immediately soaking his white shirt.

Your eyes grew wide and you watched everything in slow motion. Rick went for Bob, and Daryl quickly ran to Rick’s defence as one of your other group members went to attack him. You stood still and wandered which side to help. You wanted Rick’s group to trust you but your loyalty was meant to be with the Hilltop. You looked at Rick who was being helped by the lady called Michonne, and then you looked to Daryl. He was on the floor, one of your men’s hands was wrapped around his throat. Your legs moved before you could even think about what you were doing. You ran as fast as you could and you jumped forward, tackling the man who was on Daryl. You both rolled around on the floor and you were throwing punches left, right and centre. That was until the man was able to get on top of you and shove your shoulders into the ground.

“Where is your loyalty?” he shouted at you.

You struggled under his grip, refusing to answer him. His fingers were digging into you when you heard the slice of knife on skin. You froze as blood started trickling onto your face and neck, getting in your mouth. You pushed him off you, his body now limp as he lay dead on the floor, his throat slit. You looked to your left and saw Daryl standing there, the knife in his hand and anger on his face.

“You alright?” he asked, helping you up.

“I’m fine” you grunted, out of breath. You hated that Daryl had to save you, you never relied on anyone and you didn’t like that feeling.

You looked around and saw Bob was dead on the floor as well.

“Guys stop!” your brother shouted. “This is madness, Rick put your gun down!”

You looked at Rick who had his gun aimed at Layla, she held up a spear at him as well. Rick lowered his gun and eventually she did too. Then, your brother looked to you.

“Take them back (y/n)” he said. You clearly saw the disappointment in his face at what you’d done.

“Let’s not act like these guys were the best thing that’s happened to us. They were a constant danger to us, and today they showed that” You shouted to everyone, pointing at Gregory who was now being carried into the house by the nurses. You then turned to you brother.

“I’m done here Paul. I’m done with the never-ending threats from Negan! He’s killing more and more of you every day. And you might be next, so tell him I’m dead!” you shouted.

“(Y/n)” he said, hurt in his voice.

“I’m going back with Rick. At least they don’t have to deal with this shit.”

“What shit?” Rick interrupted.

“I’ll explain on the way” you replied. You walked over to your brother and hugged him. “Be safe” you said,

“Are you being serious? You can’t leave, they won’t believe me” he whispered, not wanting Rick’s group to hear.

“I’m done with everyone risking their lives for me. Just tell them I was bit by a walker and you burnt my body. Just focus on getting their supplies, not protecting me”

“What if-”

“What if nothing. They won’t find me with Ricks group. He won’t take me back Paul, I promise” You brought your brother in for a tighter hug before you pulled away and walked off to Ricks group.

“What was that about?” Daryl asked as you all walked out of the Hilltop gates.

“Just saying goodbye” you smiled.

He grunted in response and you carried on walking. How the hell where you gonna tell them about Negan, the man who would make their lives even more of a living hell.

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Madamislander’s X-Files Rewatch: Season 6; episode 22 and Season 7: Episodes 1 and 2

Happy Sunday! Below are the descriptions for this week’s episodes! We have the finale of season 6 followed by the two-part premiere of season 7 to watch this week so if you’d like to join in on the re-watch, message one of us as we’ll add you to our chat group. We generally watch on weeknights at 5:30 p.m. EST. 

Episode 22: Biogenesis (Original airdate: May 16, 1999)

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Mulder believes metallic objects discovered on the coast of West Africa are proof of the extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth. He falls mentally ill under the apparent influence of the artifact while Scully goes to Africa for answers.

Season 7; Episode 1: The Sixth Extinction (originial airdate: November 7, 1999)

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Scully works to find the meaning of the symbols on the spaceship beached in Africa. At Mulder’s behest, Skinner finds Kritschgau and together they try to understand what is causing Mulder’s frenetic brain activity before it is too late.

Episode 2: The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati (Original airdate: November 14, 1999)

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Scully searches for Mulder after the Cigarette Smoking Man takes him from the hospital for unknown purposes. An unconscious Mulder dreams of a better life away from his mission and the X-Files. But perhaps he is being led astray.

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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Finale Title Teases Climactic [Spoiler]
Once Upon a Time there was a rematch. Executive producer Adam Horowitz on Tuesday released the titles of the ABC drama’s two-part (season or series?) finale, which hints at a
By Vlada Gelman

“The two-part finale airs the week after the show’s musical episode, which features songs sung by stars Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Rebecca Mader, Colin O’Donoghue, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas and others.” 

Not sure what I am looking forward to more, the musical episode or the finale. I mean its Hook singing or Hook proposing…choices.

okay listen, many people are having doubts about stalia and i am here to change that. there’s two parts to season 6, right? we have a and we have b. just because stalia isn’t back together 6a does not mean they won’t be back together 6b. they haven’t even started filming 6b so it is safe to assume that NO ONE knows what the end ship is except jeff and the other writers. just because jeff let slip that piece of script for 6a doesn’t mean shit. jeff has known to be a troll. holland had also been known to be a troll, except she makes it seem more real because all she talks about is styd!a and it isn’t even canon. if they were REALLY going to be together, stiles and lydia, they would have already. they would have inevitably gotten together after the kiss, the very toxic af kiss, but they didn’t. why? lydia wasn’t interested! what changes that now? cause listen, when lydia wants something, she doesn’t wait around ??? she shows how she feels and goes for it and marrish is a great example of this. despite the fact that they really haven’t gotten around to telling each other is one thing, but their chemistry is on point! plus, lydia went after jordan time and time again, no questions asked. why? because she LIKES HIM. stiles? she’s disregarded time and time again and honestly the fact that some people still claim that she’s “now ready to love stiles” is bs. for one: have you ever even been in love? lmao. like you’re never ready for that shit and even if you are, what makes you think that anyways? lydia has dated and slept with, mind you, quite a few men and has never seemed at all like she’s interested in stiles. if she was, why waste her time with all the others? why did the doctors use aiden in the beginning to get her back if she didn’t like him? it doesn’t make sense. not to mention the fact that ever since season one, that first episode, everyone wanted someone to date stiles. they brought in cora, erica, and a few other girls who he was obviously interested in and i’m just saying but if he really loved lydia, he never would have gone after any of them, and yes, he went after all of them. did you know erica had originally been created as stiles’ love interest? yeup! and here’s the kicker….if jackson had not left, lydia and him would STILL be together. and then here comes malia. this coyote not only anchors stiles so he can read again, but she also pulls the nogitsune out of him. amazing, right? she didn’t even have to BE there to bring him back, and yet she did. what irks me is people will call malia a slut for the eichen scene and all because “they didn’t know each other very well” and “his first time should have been with lydia!!” wrong, wrong, wrong. listen, lydia has actually had sex with guys she barely knew. revisit s3 and you’ll see that. but she’s PRAISED for it and yeah, all the power to her, but malia is shit on for it like ??? they didn’t even have sex ??? lmao ok and as for his first time with lydia, give me a break. stiles was willing to have sex with anyone that walked his path and only when he meets malia does this shit even come up, which let me remind you, they didn’t even have sex till s4 and tho they don’t out right and say it, it IS heavily implied. excuse i sent a little off topic, but the point is, don’t give up. shelley was probably uncomfortable about talking about stalia because of all the unnecessary hate she’s received for it. leave the woman alone jfc, she’s only doing her job. dylan is 100% backing up stalia so at this point, if anything happens that isn’t stalia, it’s probably ooc for the show anyways. just like he whole “still likes her” bit. totally out of character, completely inappropriate, and honestly pointless. i have hopes for stalia and i hope jeff does the right thing. don’t make stdia canon, please. don’t throw away all that development for a ship that is too cliche, and quite frankly, boring. stalia deserves better. if stalia has to end, don’t end it because of it. alright, i’m done by e




And now we have Part 2 of the Crossover Event.  This episode of New Girl has us backtracking a bit to a few hours before Jess meets Det. Jake Peralta (guest star Andy Samberg), and then carries on from there.  This episode is jam-packed with guest stars, fun entertainment, and plenty of laughs.  So without further ado, here’s everything you can expect from “Homecoming”.

The loftmates head to New York because Schmidt believes he is being honored at his high school.  Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems, which sends Schmidt into a Greenday-filled sadness.  While trying to cheer Schmidt up, Schmidt’s mom (guest star Nora Dunn) and Cece face off, trying to prove who takes better care of Schmidt.

When Jess is then sent out on an errand, she gets in crazy situation after crazy situation, which leads her to meet Det. Jake Peralta when he needs to commandeer her car.  Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as planned, and in turn leads her to Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct where she meets Gina Linetti (guest star Chelsea Peretti) and Capt. Raymond Holt (guest star Andre Braugher).  

In the midst of all of this, Nick and Winston make a mistake when claiming they are ‘men of means’, and have to scramble to make subway fare.  Watching Winston and Nick try to make money by impressing fellow subway-riders, including Det. Charles Boyle (guest star Joe Lo Truglio), may have been the funniest part of the episode, in my opinion.  

Here are a few things to look forward to in the second part of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine/New Girl Crossover:

  • Jess reminiscing about the last time she was in New York
  • Nick and Winston showcasing their ‘talents’
  • A call-back to season 1 Jess
  • Schmidt having the last laugh thanks to Cece
  • An impromptu run-in with an old friend

Don’t miss the all-new special “Homecoming” crossover episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, Oct. 11 (8:31-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Is Finn playing two parts?

In this interview with E!, Ryan was being asked about the Scream Queens premiere, but he goes off-topic for a bit and talks about finding Finn Wittrock before Freak Show and helping launch his career. Then Ryan says “last year he was such a sensation on Horror Story, and bringing him back this year having him do two parts–not one, but two“.

So what does this mean? Is he referring to the fact that season 6 will likely be taking place this spring, hence Finn will be doing two parts this calendar year? If so, does that mean Finn is confirmed for season 6? Or is Ryan talking about two parts that Finn will be doing in Hotel?