season 6 of bmw

so gmw writers ain’t shit i didn’t even watch the episode yet but “i loved angela because i thought that i was supposed to,” like i guess season 5, 6, and 7 of bmw didn’t happen when angela was by his side when his dad died and when he was struggling w alcoholism….shit i see that they’re continuing to use the only black main character in bmw history as a plot device all the while continuing to erase her character like it’s cute it’s real cute

“Topanga’s behaviour when Maya got an A but Riley got a D was not funny and reminded me of the unfunny treatment Amy and Alan gave Eric in season 6 and 7 of BMW. Topanga could’ve easily built up Maya and Riley without making “jokes"about a new daughter. Even Auggie pointed out her behaviour was inappropriate towards him. Topanga needs to show more consideration to her REAL daughter”

The aspect that made Season 5, 6 (where Rachel comes in) and 7 of BMW the best ones, was the group of friends that Cory, Shawn and Topanga created. Whenever I re-watch BMW, I always start from season 5, because from them onwards, the series just got better and better. The storylies were wider and there were many sub-plots involving everyone in their group of friends. 

I want Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas, Zay and Smackle to become as close as Cory’s friends were/are. I want more storylies involving Lucas, Farkle and Zay, I want more interaction between Smackle with Maya and Riley, or Smackle and Zay. I want Zay and Maya to become the perfect brotp. I need Lucas and Riley too have non-romantic plots, and let them keep building their friendship and make it stronger. 

Gosh, just remebering the late seasons of BMW, makes me wish that GMW moves to Freeform. So many things the kids can while in high school, without pissing off Disney channel’s viewers parents. 

But if you haven’t watched BMW and you are not in the mood to start with the very first season, just go into Season 5 or maybe Season 4 and enjoy the show. Trust me, you will enjoy it as much as if you started from Season 1, episode 1. 

  • Eric (Santa): Ohhhh, Tommy! I remember you! I gave you the truck.
  • Tommy: Yeah and I came to give it back.
  • Eric (Santa): But why? What's wrong with it?
  • Tommy: Nothing. It's what I wanted.
  • Eric (Santa): Well then, what's the problem?
  • Tommy: I didn't really believe you were Santa, but all my friends came back with stuff. So now that I know you're really him, I was wondering if I could give this back and ask for something else instead.
  • Eric (Santa): Of course you can, Tommy - anything you want.
  • Tommy: Really!?
  • Eric (Santa): Yeah - that's why I'm here. What do you need, Tommy? What can I do for you?
  • Tommy: Do you think I can have parents for Christmas?
The Fiancee Game/The Couples Game

Okay so I got a decent amount of asks that went a long the lines of “What if Lucas and Maya don’t know any answers for each other but Riley and Lucas do? Are they going to show Rucas is more compatible?” So I’m going to try to cover this here.

I know the show isn’t BMW, but they do use a lot of callbacks and parallels sometimes. So back in Season 6 of BMW (episode: “Getting Hitched”), Topanga and Cory decide play a game that Topanga got called The Fiancee Game. They need another pair to play against so Rachel and Eric volunteer. Rachel and Eric are roommates and just friends (although Eric would clearly like to be more).  Topanga and Cory are so certain that they’re going to win the game against them (”We’ve been together 17 years, we’ll kick your butt!”). But they end up not getting any questions right (meanwhile Rachel and Eric do really well). This causes Topanga to be concerned and decide they need to take a step forward in their relationship to strengthen it (i.e. move in together). It starts off pretty bad, as they both discover each other’s less appealing habits. But later Topanga overhears Cory praying for his friends, family, and Topanga. And she watches him, she realizes it doesn’t matter that they lost the Fiancee Game. She knows they love each other and are going to be together.

Meanwhile, Eric, seeing how well him and Rachel did, laments to Cory later, “You saw how in sync me and Rachel were! It’s obvious to me that we were meant to be together!”. He also talks about the unspoken competition he has going with Jack regarding Rachel. Later, we  get a scene of Rachel comforting Jack as he grieves over Chet (who recently died). Then there’s some tension and they finally kiss. Eric walks in (they don’t notice), looks heart broken, and then leaves.

I’m not saying GMNY is going to completely parallel this, but it’s not the first time they’ve brought up the Eric/Rachel/Jack triangle in this show (see Semi Formal).  Mostly, I think the parallel is important because even if they did have Riley appear to know Lucas more than Maya does, that doesn’t mean the show is reverting to back to romantic Rucas.

But tbh, Yarby is totally winning the Couples Game :)


In Jexica, we got that flashback of Corpanga doing their “1, 2, 3!” trick. As far as I know, this is NOT a common gag between them, so I found the choice of the flashback interesting. So I looked up the episode and DAMN. Writers are starting to get SUUUUUPER high key with these Shawngela references.

So in Season 6 of BMW, Shawn and Angela break up. They’re having problems, Angela gets really worked up and Shawn, thinking he doesn’t deserve anything good in life, pushes Angela away. Like a lot. In “Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caufield”, Shawn is encouraged by Cory (and Feeny) to read his poetry, but Shawn can’t finish, so Cory finished reading it out loud for him (even though Shawn doesn’t want him to). This poem is a love poem about Angela, it turns out, and Angela, overhearing this, SLAPS Shawn and walks away. Topanga and Cory attempt to rectify the situation with Shawn and Angela respectively, but both Shawn and Angela tell their friends that they have to keep their (mutual) feelings for each other secret. Fast forward two episodes to “Santa’s Little Helpers”, where Cory and Topanga accidentally invite Shawn AND Angela to Cory’s family Christmas celebration, and cue the referenced Corpanga moment in Jexica.

As we all know, Shawn and Angela don’t make it to the end of the series as a couple, and barely keep in touch by the time Angela reappears in Girl Meets World. There’s a reason for this.

In “I Love You, Donna Karan” and “Chasing Angela”, a two parter about how Shawn and Angela finally come together and start their relationship, it’s super duper rocky. We all know about the purse from GMPluto, but it extends further from the short blurb we get from Shawn about how it was Angela’s. Shawn finds this purse and becomes convinced that this girl is his soulmate, if he could find her. Cory finds out its Angela and, being a good friend, tells Shawn. Shawn doesn’t believe him. He and Angela have been sort of dating/courting each other, but Shawn doesn’t believe that Angela is the One because he thinks he would have picked up on it by now after a week or two of flirting/dating. Cory then puts a ton of energy into convincing Shawn to go for it, encouraging him to look into Angela’s eyes (which, when Shawn does, he immediately melts), and even goes as far as to set up their first big date as a couple. Shawn is an absolute mess in between—Angela at one point tells him that they couldn’t possibly understand relationships when Shawn tries to DTR the first time, and then Shawn crashes her date with some guy named Ted chasing him off just to ask her out again.

The big date that Cory sets up puts Corpanga at a table across from Shawngela, and they spend half their date comparing their blooming flirtationship to Corpanga’s established three or four year relationship. Shawn wonders out loud to Angela if they can be like Corpanga, and thus starts the ideal vs. real relationship comparison. The funny part about Shawngela conceptualizing Corpanga’s relationship at that point? They’re having a huge blowout argument because Cory makes a big deal about every little happening in their relationship and Topanga isn’t ready to act like an old married couple yet. They’re literally fighting because they love each other so much they want to appreciate every moment 😂 they have different ways of doing it, but they end up reconciling by the end of the meal and making out, startling the waiter.

It’s important that they chose the “Santa’s Little Helper” moment because they’re asking the audience to go back to that episode as a refresher. Angela and Shawn were great together, but in season 6 they prove that they idealized their relationship and never learned how to communicate properly, so their fight in Poetic License leads to Angela and Shawn confiding their feelings to other people that AREN’T each other, and when they ARE given the chance to confront each other, they lie about their feelings: Shawn says he wrote the poem when he and Angela were still dating (but Topanga bought him the journal it’s written in after they broke up), and Angela tells him that it’s good that he doesn’t feel that way anymore because she doesn’t either. Angela and Shawn have so many opportunities to communicate and talk it out, and show that they can talk about it with their best friends, but they can’t do it with each other, and because of it their relationship falls apart.

So, to sum up:
• Cory meddles and creates Shawngela
• Shawngela has delusions of grandeur about being destined like Corpanga
• Shawngela has trouble communicating when they have a problem with each other
• Shawngela break up because they can never meet each other halfway

In comparison:
• Maya steps back/pushes Riley to flirt with Lucas, creating Rilucas
• Rilucas has delusions of grandeur about being fairytale
• Rilucas has trouble communicating when they have problems with each other (GMNew World, GMSoL, GMSemi Formal, GMHS…)
• …see where I’m going with this?

While Shawngela and Rilucas are not the perfect comparison (mostly because they aren’t MADE to be, because we don’t want to repeat the past, we want to fix it!), they have shared a lot of parallels when it comes to the theme that eeeeeveryone has been talking about… you guessed it! EXPECTATIONS VERSUS REALITY.

Angela and Shawn’s relationship into GMW is important as well. They haven’t talked in FOREVER. They had a pretty good foundation for a friendship because of their relationship, but also because of their relationship, they hurt each other so bad that they couldn’t bear to keep up with one another while nursing their own wounds and not wanting the hurt the other further.

Riley makes a huge deal about always wanting to have Lucas to talk to and worrying that breaking up means they can’t stay friends (GMTexas2). It’s unsurprising she reaches this conclusion, knowing what she knows about Shawn’s one failed relationship and how he, too, thought his relationship would be a similar Corpanga success story only to have it go down in flames.

Part of the missed opportunities? Shawn and Angela never got to reconcile into their friendship and appreciate that and utilize it when they needed it, and it’s why after all those years Angela finally tracks Shawn down to ask for his friendly opinion because he was the only one who would understand. Rilucas CAN have that post-breakup friendship because, unlike Shawngela, they have a MUCH stronger foundation built (Lucas has been Riley’s “buddy” after all! 😂 (she calls him that like three different times in S1 when she tries to flirt with him, just in case you guys didn’t pick up on that)) and they do WANT to keep each other in their lives.

As much as Shawngela might have wanted to, their pride got in the way and they never really got to have the friendship they both could have benefitted from. Rilucas can make that happen. They can fix the Shawngela problems by agreeing to be better by being separate without hurting the other. Shawngela let their FEELINGS tear apart their FRIENDSHIP and their GROWTH, and allowed themselves to hurt the other because their feelings get too out of hand and they’re hurting.

I believe that Rilucas can save that friendship that Shawngela never got to have. They can fix the past by choosing not to repeat it. Angela is going to teach a very important lesson indeed.