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The biggest lesson I’ve learned from Jessa is: the only way to experience closeness with someone is if you are your authentic self. Which she so often isn’t and which is why she finds herself so detached. Which she finds to be cool or has for a long time. But it’s really not serving her anymore.
—  Jemima Kirke (x)

Inside The Americans Season 5 | First Look | FX


Rob James Collier and Ed Speleers about Thomas and Jimmy’s relationship.
Season 5 interviews  (Rob: left  | Ed: right)

  • Jenni: What do you think your favorite memory will be at this company? Jemima.
  • JEMIMA: My best day was the day that I experienced what it’s like to be picked up [in the air] by Adam Driver. [Laughter.]
  • LENA: I like it too. Adam Driver cradled me like a motherf-cking baby for, like, eight takes, and I won’t lie, it felt good.
  • JEMIMA: You know the big thing that you jump over in gymnastics?
  • JENNI: The vault.
  • JEMIMA: That’s Adam Driver. [Laughter.] Like, you can just run and jump on it. It doesn’t move, and it supports you fully.
What a Season 6 Renewal Means For Arrow
Of all the shows The CW renewed today during their presentation at the Television Critics [...]


Of course this is not remotely a surprise, but it’s nice to have it announced earlier.  The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow were also renewed. LOT was on the bubble, but given that it’s part of the DC four night line up, and that the CW doesn’t give a flying flip about ratings, I wasn’t that worried.

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of articles, but this one peeked my interest. Here’s why:

“The series will also likely have a new face when it returns in season 6; the members of the original Team Arrow have been scattered to the four winds this season, but seem to be playing a bigger and bigger role as the season wears on. Meanwhile, the new recruits will likely not be all gone when the show returns next season.”

So, the good news is it sounds like Original Team Arrow will be getting an increased focus as the season continues. Hallelujah. However, THIS is what really had me interested:

“Meanwhile, the new recruits will likely not be all gone when the show returns next season.”

I think I’ve theorized about this before, but I can’t remember which post. Either way, I’ll just theorize again. The sudden influx of new cast members has been… odd. Don’t get me wrong. Arrow always introduces new characters - that’s just part of the show. But normally it’s only one or two at a time, especially in terms of the team. The introduction of Rory, Wild Dog, Evelyn and Curtis has been a major focus of 5A. Such a large focus that three original Arrow cast members have been benched to make room: Felicity, Thea and Lance. There’s also Billy, Susan, the new DA Adrian Chase and, of course, Prometheus. That’s a lot of additions.

My theory (that I can’t remember where I posted before) is… I wonder if this is like Grey’s Anatomy Season 6? 

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My thoughts on Season 6.

You know what I love the most about season 6 of Codename: Kids Next Door?

Is the fact that after watching the last episode, Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S., and you already know everything that´s behind the story, you watch the season again with a new perspective.

You see the mystery was not what the characters and you thought it was. Now, you understand every move. And it´s like watching a whole different episode.

Also, you can predict when does the sector V knew their leader was leaving to the GKND mission, but what I also love about this, is that even if they know he´s leaving, they don´t know the details or another things behind it. So you can spot when they realize something new, or put some pieces together in the puzzle (really notably in Operation: T.R.E.A.T.Y.).

(Sector V didn´t knew Chad was a KND member until numbuh infinity told them, and numbuh infinity didn´t knew the treaty was a trap, but Chad did. Numbuh 5 knew about teen operatives, but she didn´t knew there was something higher, and probably didn´t told her friends about Maurice, until after TREATY. And even Chad didn´t knew the GKND plan, like numbuh infinity….. Numbuh 362 knew they wanted Nigel, but she thought it was the Splinter Cell, Sector V probably knew the Splinter Cell was not real, it was a cover for something, but weren´t sure of what was about, even teen operatives knew there was higher people in the organization, but didn´t knew they were choosing someone). So I think it´s great that not everyone knows everything. And during this season, you see each carácter figuing out different stuff and having different ideas. Some know more tan others, but those others know less tan some of them. The point of view on season 6 was on Nigel Uno´s, but everyone had an interesting view (Including Chad and each member of sector V).

So it´s really clever for a cartoon artist to make a joke inside an episode that after rewatching it, and understanding the backgorund and spoilers, it´s funnier, but A WHOLE PLOT?! That´s true amazingly GENIOUS writting!!! And even still give you intense feelings on the way they delivered it!


Good things come to those who wait.. like this Parenthood panel from last June’s ATX TV festival that has finally been uploaded to Youtube! The 18-minute video features Jason Katims, EP David Hudgins, Lauren Graham, Peter Krause and Ray Romano.

There’s a scene between Regina and Mary Margaret and Mary Margaret says, ‘What about all the parties that we used to have?’ And [Regina says], ‘Yeah, your father danced with you all the time. He chose to dance with you over me,’ and Regina pretty much sat in a corner watching everyone else have a grand old time and Regina’s never danced at a ball. So, we’re going to see her first experience in this and who actually teaches her the moves,” Lana continued. “It’s really light-hearted. She doesn’t know how to dance, and David – Prince Charming – is going to show her how to dance, and so there’s a really sweet scene between David, Regina and Mary Margaret.

Lana Parrilla on a scene from 5x02.

This is going to get me all teary eyed no doubt - I love that there is going to be a touching moment between these three.