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Why “planned” Srydia is the best joke in Teen Wolf

I can’t with Srydia shippers and their logic. They happily claim that Srydia was planed since s1. Ok, we all know it’s a bullshit for countless reasons, but let’s agree for a moment, because it’s hilarious.

First of all, even if a ship is planned since the first ep… excuse me but so fucking what??? I can plan to be the first human on Mars, and guess what? It won’t happen because I wasted years on shit instead of fucking learning and preparing. The same way like Teen Wolf writers fucked up and wasted 5 seasons for everything BUT developing romantic Srydia. Plans sometimes suck. If they suck, you change them or you abandon them. If you blindly follow your plan that sucks, then have fun, just don’t cry in the end.

And now tell me HOW THE FUCK Srydia was planned since s1 if they HAD TO fucked up for it: well developed relationships (Marrish, Stalia, Sciles, Malydia), kill main ship (Scira), fuck Srydia friendship, send Kira to desert assholes, screw Mieciu and Lydia character’s development, make Lydia a whiny crybaby reptilian, make Stiles a FUCKBOY, sidelined main fucking hero, sidelined Parrish and the hellhound, sidelined Malia and not giving a FUCK about her feelings, create some supper duper main plot that makes zero sense that is only an excuse to developed Srydia, fill everything with fanservice and FUCK UP CANON AND FIVE SEASONS??? You want to tell me it was planned since the beginning? *cackling*

Secondly…erm… I don’t know how to say it.. but… ships planned for 5 seasons look like Srydia…? Forced shit? :D Ugly kisses? :D Crybabies? :D Things that make you want to splash bleach into your eyes? :D No talks about feelings, just some imaginary shit? :D Things that lasted for 5 seconds? :D Things that make no sense? :D Basically, a FANFICTION? :D You want to tell me this was planned for five years? :D By professional writers and producers? :D

My salty antistydia fam, it’s a win-win situation for us. If Srydia was not planned, it means it’s just an ugly fanservice that fucked up everything, because idiots aka producers and writers decided to pamper one fandom in the last season. If it was planned – LOL, it’s the most horrible planned ship in tv history and people who will want to be writers will learn from it how to NOT plan and developed ships.

i was tagged by @starryprince for this playlist challenge!! thank you for tagging me!!

these are the first 10 shuffled songs on my phone! (i actually dont have any songs downloaded so i just used the spotify playlist a friend made me LOL !!)

1. Float - Pacific Air

2. Ugly Cherries - PWR BTTM

3. Lover of Mine - Beach House

4. Season 2 Episode 3 - Glass Animals

5. Sad Dream - Sky Ferreira

6. Heart Tattoo - Joyce Manor

7. Tungs - The Frights

8. Two Fingers - Jake Bugg

9. Edward 40hands - Mom Jeans.

10. Bad Habits - FIDLAR

i tag @voltr0-n @wlwvoltron @spacegaylra and @bisharpshooter as well as anyone else who feels like doing it !! (dont feel obligated though/sorry if you have done this already LOL!!)

UshiTsuki’s Advent Calendar 2016

Hiiii! Here we go again with a new UshiTsuki Project! This time a little longer than a simple week! I’m talkin about the first Ushijima Wakatoshi x Tsukishima Kei Advent Calendar!

So! The dates, obiously from the 1st December until the 25th December.

As the first week all types of submissions, in any languages, are welcome (fic, art, fanmixes, graphics, aestetich etc).  And for any questions, feel free to use the ask box.

Tag your post with #ushitsuki advent calendar in the first five tags :D

- Prompts -

IMPORTANT: Like the last week, the prompts can be used as you wish! ^O^

DAY 1 - December 1st || Snow

DAY 2 - December 2nd ||  Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling. - Edna Ferber

DAY 3 - December 3rd || The Grinch

DAY 4 - December 4th || Christmas Cookies

DAY 5 - December 5th || Ugly sweaters

DAY 6 - December 6th || Mistletoe

DAY 7 - December 7th || I don’t want a lot for Christmas, There’s just one thing I need -  Mariah Carey

DAY 8 - December 8th || Christmas Tree

DAY 9 - December 9th || “I’m cold…”

DAY 10 - December 10th || The perfect gift

DAY 11 - December 11th || Santa Claus

DAY 12 - December 12th || Do you wanna build a snowman? - Frozen

DAY 13 - December 13th || Movie

DAY 14 - December 14th || Put the kids on bed

DAY 15 - December 15th || Skating Ring

DAY 16 - December 16th || Last-minute gift

DAY 17 - December 17th || Fireplace

DAY 18 - December 18th || I am a veteran of the War on Christmas. I am just emerging from a battlefield strewn with dead trees and torn shreds of brightly colored wrapping paper. - Henry Rollins

DAY 19 - December 19th || Michael Bublé

DAY 20 - December 20th || Jingle Bells

DAY 21 - December 21th || Candle light

DAY 22 - December 22th || Far apart

DAY 23 - December 23th || Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip. - Gary Allan

DAY 24 - December 24th || Midnight

DAY 25 - December 25th || FREE PROMPT!


“Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you have made or dark images you hold about yourself.
They remember your beauty when you feel ugly;
your wholeness when you are broken;
your innocence when you feel guilty;
and your purpose when you are confused.”

- Alan Cohen

*Scream Whispers CARYL*

Thoughts about a Carol/Daryl reunion and Carol's and Daryl's emotions

Sorry I’m a bit of a downer in this post.  Feel free to ignore it if you wish to only think happy caryl thoughts :)

Both Carol and Daryl have been through hell these past few days (weeks at the most). 

I very much doubt that Carol is thinking about jumping about Daryl’s bones when she’s still dealing with the guilt of having killed Karen and David (supposedly), processing seeing the prison destroyed (a home and community that she helped build and hold together these past few months) and guilt she may feel about Lizzie having killed Mika and having to kill Lizzie herself.

I also doubt that Daryl would have romance or sex on his mind and would want to jump Carol’s bones the second that he saw her.  He’s still processing seeing Hershel’s head hacked off, losing the prison (which we know he feels responsible for, unfairly being hard on himself), feeling responsible for Beth’s disappearance (and likely feeling horrible thinking about what might be happening to her right now), and probably feeling guilty about having been with a group of murderers and rapists before seeing Rick and co.

Of course I think that Daryl and Carol are going to be so relieved and happy to see each other and to know that they each survived (as they each probably assumed that the other was dead).  But given everything that’s happened, I think the emotions they’d be feeling are much more complex than simply being happy to see each other and wanting to bump uglies.

I do think there is going to be a good deal of comfort/angst between Carol and Daryl in season 5….which would make me happy/kill me with angsty feels