season 5 deleted scene

Shameless 7x05

-I have to give credit to Debbie she’s really trying with Fiona’s extra push but she really does want the best for her daughter. Still dislike her character so strongly but she wants a good life for her daughter, she just doesn’t know how to go about it correctly. 

-Carl is doing great. He really wants military school. Why wasn’t there a conversation during this episode between him and Ian about it. Sigh. 

-Fiona is so annoying. She is going about this own life thing the wrong way. I think she’s very lost, still upset about Sean, and is trying to step away from her siblings but she’s been taking care of them, she is their guardian and she needs them. Her behavior toward them is annoying and her behavior toward V is also annoying. 

-I’m really confused at how the writers are handling Ian with trans issues. Poor writing over there. And who decided to try and recreate the signature gallavich club scene with Ian and Trevor? Please. Same camera angles, hand placement, seriously? Seriously? Only things I liked about Ian tonight were him and Kev talking, him calling out Fiona, and his little chats with his ambulance partner. 

-Also remember when Ian interacted with Svetlana and loved little Yev so much and now it’s like he doesn’t care at all? 

-Once again I feel like V and Svet are excluding Kev. The women adopted each other’s children and Kevin really couldn’t but like it feels like he’s just there and they don’t care about him. I’m over it. 

-Liam needs more lines. 

-I’m really worried about Lip. I think he should go back to school or try to. 

-Didn’t Mickey have to give up his parental rights or something? How did this go about ya know like the adoption was weirdly rushed. Mickey had potential to be a good father and the writers could’ve always improved that but Mick warming up to Yev was such a struggle because of how he was conceived, but that was always brushed over by the writers like it wasn’t a big deal. 

-I had to sit through a whole Fiona Tinder fuck scene but back in season 5 the gallavich sex scene got deleted. hmmmm. 

-I don’t care about Frank why does he have scenes please stop