Prison Break Season 5 Comic-Con Sneak Peek

The villain this year is the result of Oliver’s actions in S1

 Stephen Amell to Extra at SDCC 2016

I am very excited with S5 and the bits we heard during Comic Con. I have been thinking about it and I have a theory I want to share…Bear with me…

It was revealed during the Arrow panel that Oliver will be going up against a new archer adversary named Prometheus — they said he is a new character, not the DC Comics character created by Grant Morrison. 

[FYI: In Justice League: Cry for Justice, Prometheus unleashes a global crime wave, destroys cities, defeats the league, tears off Roy Harper’s arm and finally dies at the hands of the Green Arrow]

EP Wendy Mericle said that Prometheus “is somebody Oliver unwittingly created in Season 1 when he was a killer in a hood…This guy is going to be collateral damage who lost someone to the Hood and [has] spent the last several years training and plotting for revenge. He will be a true dark mirror to Oliver Queen.” x

My initial theory about  Prometheus is that he is a relative of Scott Morgan…Maybe his son!  

Who is Scott Morgan?

Here is his story…And why I consider him “collateral damage”…

Scott Morgan was mentioned on Arrow episode 1x06 “Legacies” …. Personally, I think is no coincidence that the title of 5x01 is “Legacy”.

In episode 1x06, Oliver said that Scott Morgan was business man that ran the water and power services in the Glades . Also that Morgan’s company had the evil practice of jacking up the prices when people could not pay and shutting them down even in the dead of winter…

We only see the character on pictures and headlines in the lair’s computer….A total bastard!

Later in the episode Diggle convinces Oliver to postpose his hunt and help the city capture a gang of bank robbers: The Royal Flush Gang (big DC comics’ characters]… In the episode the leader of this family gang was one of 1,500 former Queen Consolidated employees who never received a severance package thanks to a loophole in his Union contract. Oliver feels guilty and tries to solve the issue pacifically but it did not end well…

This episode was a big Robert Queen episode too…Worth watching it again…

Scott Morgan’s name is not mentioned again during episode 1x06, but his character makes an appearance in the digital comic Arrow (2012) #2 where we finally see “The Hood”asking him  (not nicely) to turn the company’s daily wattage logs over to the Energy Commission and the police within six hours. 

However, evil Scott acted quickly and rushed to the plant, getting an employee to put all of the records on to a hard drive and ran away, but was stopped in his tracks by The Hood. 

The Hood shot an arrow at Scott, but it was caught by his bodyguard, a former Israeli military. 

Then the bodyguard fought The Hood, only to be beaten aside.  Right on cue, explosives, which were set in the plant, detonated. Scott survived the explosion, but The Hood appeared to be killed.x

The next night, Scott met with Moira Queen and Malcolm (?). He told his story, but he was promptly shot dead. 
We see here how sweet Moira was so deep on this sh*t…

Scott Morgan dies because of the Hood’s actions and his mom’s.
I think Moira is coming back in this season. I heard Stephen mentioned her twice in different Comic Con panels….I can’t wait to see her back…

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Exclusive Clip: Major Crimes Has to Solve a Death in Venice Before It Ruins the Tourist Trade

It’s another week and another case for the Major Crimes squad tonight when Downton Abbey star Julian Ovenden, who played Charles Blake on the PBS drama, joins the cast as a smug but dashing British reporter with an unshakable faith in his own abilities.

Episode six begins when an English couple, who are celebrating their second honeymoon following the husband’s four-year battle with cancer, are reliving their honeymoon by driving down the California coast, and when they get to Venice, a guy tries to snatch her purse and the husband fights the guy off and gets shot to death.

The Venice Beach robbery puts L.A.’s $20 billion dollar tourist industry at risk when the English journalist tries riding their tragedy to a career high.

In an earlier interview, executive producer James Duff told, “He turns it into a cause célèbre because of guns in America. So this foreign journalist is saying this could never happen anywhere else, and there is the threat that England might put Los Angeles on its watch list for tourists, which is bad.”

Watch the video as Ovenden’s character tries to insinuate that there have been several armed robberies and witnesses have claimed to see a gun, but Lieutenant Provenza (G.W. Bailey) puts him in his place, saying, “If you interviewed every single victim then you know the answer to that is none.”

The reporter goes on, “Just because no one saw a gun doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.  Are you searching for a suspect? Is there a manhunt in progress?”

To which Sharon (Mary McDonnell) responds that not even Scotland Yard can search for an unknown suspect, adding, “The registered owner is being brought downtown as we speak.”

Reporter: “Is he considered to be a person of interest?”

Provenza: “Maybe even a suspect.”

At which point they are interrupted by the arrival of said person, whose unexpected presence makes one of the funny moments in the case. Check it out.

The Creators of Once Upon a Time Just Revealed a Whole Lot About Season 6
By Maggie Pehanick

During the panel, you hinted not to trust Hades. Can you elaborate on that?

AH: What we were talking about, to be perfectly clear, isn’t that Robin’s not dead. It’s that Hades said he obliterated Robin’s soul, and for us, our attitude is, well, you know, a good and pure soul like Robin’s, could that really just be obliterated and destroyed? Or is that just something that a horrible villain like Hades said?

EK: When I said “I chose to believe in hope” [during the panel], what I meant was I believe that Robin Hood, his soul moved on as we saw Cora’s did. So if we saw someone who is as awful as Cora can redeem herself and move on, someone as noble as Robin Hood should move on, and Hades saying that, to me, I feel like is, I don’t buy it. And we’re going to explore that.


Nerd HQ 2016: A Conversation with Stephen Amell [Sunday Edition]