Elementary: Aidan Quinn on Directing an Episode of the CBS Drama
Plus: Watch an exclusive clip from his directorial debut.

Good clip. Gotta admit, my JoanLocky heart does love it when Sherly gets all protective of J-Dub. The interview is worth a read too. 


Why make your TV directing debut now?
I’ve been asking since year one.  They saw how successful Lucy [Liu] was in doing it, so they couldn’t say no to me anymore!

What excited you about directing?
Directing takes everything you have. When you’re directing there is nothing that will not be called up on to use. Lucy gave me some very good advice: Make sure I was well rested and in very good shape before I started preproduction, because it is exhausting. And it is! Particularly for a beginner.

I honestly liked the episode, I saw that Susan might not be THAT bad (although we now she’s not “the one”). I also liked Billy, in the first episode I thought he was weird and too quiet but in 5x09 he was a little more okay. I liked Thea-Rene thing (but Roy must come back) and of course Rory is my favorite. The only thing that I disliked about the episode is Laurel coming back. Even if it’s a flashpoint thing, or if it’s Black Siren or whoever she is, the show has disappointed me! Laurel is not one of my favorite characters. But I do not hate her either. It’s just that the writers said, and promised, that Laurel IS dead. That she won’t come back from the dead. And now she’s standing there saying “Hi Ollie”. (Don’t let me start talking about how much I hate it when the call him “Ollie”. He is not Ollie anymore. He is Oliver)

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sometimes, someone in arrow has an actual, real-lifelike reaction to the impossible things that happen in this show and I’m sitting here, blinking, saying to myself… wow, reality check. paul is right this IS insane.

think about it. what these dudes do is utterly bonkers. its so out there. they get hurt and roll with it like its nothing, but its not. they push their bodies like its nothing but its not. they fly off rooftops ffs.

and paul is the normal person having a normal person reaction.

now here is where they lose me: how is ‘you can be a vigilante and you can be married to me but you can’t do both’ supposed to change any of the things that paul was worried, rightfully, about? they can break up and they will stilll love each other, still worry. how is it supposed to keep curtis safe?  i dont get why end this conversation in this note, what is it supposed to mean, other than, you know, ‘character now has to make a choice’? cause, yeah, he has to remove the conflict, but the conflict originated from such real issues. why end it in a strange note? isn’t there a better way to do this?