reedemable things in tfp

• Mrs Hudson cleaning while listening to Iron Maiden;

• Mrs H “Would you like a cup of tea?” MH “Thank you.” Mrs H “The kettle’s over there”;

• Mycroft secretely watching romantic movies;

• Mycroft’s umbrella aka sword aka gun;

• Moriarty’s entrance;

• Moriarty being sexy as hell;

• Mycroft “You’re a Christmas present” Moriarty “How do you want me?”;

• Louise Brealey’s performance;

• Sherlock telling Lestrade to look after Mycroft;

•  “Thanks, Greg.”;

• (talking about Sherlock) “He’s a great man, sir.” Lestrade “No, he’s better than that. He’s a good one.”;


Hi I know we are all in a shitty place right now after this fuckery of a season finale but I still believe in johnlock and tjlc. I know this fandom posts amazing and brilliant meta and that’s why I’m coming to you b/c I don’t know who else to turn to. So I’m hoping you all can shed some light on this w/ anyone who’ll listen b/c I’m not giving up.

I refuse to believe that this is it. I’m still bitter af about how they left us queer baited but I have a theory. You may recognize this as a 5 year old theory but I think we are reliving Reichenbach in real time. “I’m a fake” Mofftiss completely fucked us over w/ loose ends and plot holes which we all believed made this season surreal. “The papers were right all along” they kept insisting johnlock wasn’t the story they wanted to tell but look at everything we came up w/ throughout the past three years it’s all obvious that they’re in love and it’s the way the narrative should go we aren’t making this up! “It’s my note” they leave us in disbelief that this is it. This is what we’re getting and there’s nothing we can do to save johnlock from being explicit. Like John couldn’t save Sherlock from the fall. Don’t you see? We as the fandom are John. We believe in the amazing genius that is Mofftiss (Sherlock). Guys they’re playing w/ our heads “can’t you see what’s going on?!”

We are begging them for one more miracle “don’t be dead” don’t let this ambiguity be the reality. So we relive Reichenbach all over again waiting for Mofftiss to return w/ s5 and show us how it was really done. What really happened. We truly are the fandom that waited and it’ll be painful but we can pull through. We’ve done it once and we’ll do it again.

The game is never over.

“I would tell you that I love you even if Eurus didn’t say there was a bomb in your flat.”