season 4 will be my end

But, like

what if the season ends with an emphasis on true friendship? Like one that’s intersectional and based on learning more about each other and where you stand. We’re starting to see where Even and the balloon boys went wrong, and even how Sana and Jamilla differentiate in their interactions with non-muslims. I think Sana’s season will end with her finding a balance. Yeah, she’ll have Muslim friends but she’ll still have non-Muslim friends too (just not bad ones). Yousana may not be endgame, but Sana could end up with a whole group of people that’ll stand by her and her religious rights (her family, Noora, Isak, Even) and isn’t that a bit more important that some boy? You can have your ‘happy ending’ w/o being in a romantic relationship…

Thoughts on Praimfaya

Now that I’ve finally absorbed that incredible season finale, I wanted to get my thoughts together about where I think Blarke will have ended up.


We all saw it coming that she was going to be left on earth (mainly due to that complete giveaway of a promo), but actually seeing it on screen was so heartbreaking and exciting at the same time. Weirdly enough, I actually spoke to my friend about Clarke becoming some kind of motherly figure in S5 (because how amazing would it have been if Bellarke had slept together before praimfaya and Clarke had found out she was pregnant???), but I never saw that genius nightblood idea coming. 

I get the feeling from the way that Clarke spoke at the end of the finale that she is more settled with herself. Over the seasons, we have seen her struggle with this inner battle she’s been having- all the conversations with Bellamy and Abby about being a “good” person etc.- and I feel like the years alone on earth with this mysterious nightblood girl will have caused Clarke to find peace within herself, and understand who she is as a person- and I expect taking on a motherly/sisterly role has really contributed to that. But, from the small snippet of her life on earth that we’ve seen, I am certain she still holds feelings for Bellamy- that much is clear from the goodbye conversation they shared- and the way she tries to talk to him everyday- I mean, they’re really laying Clarke’s feelings on thick.


For starters, I 100% think Bellamy will have moved on from losing Clarke. Unfortunately.  It’s not that he won’t miss her- of course he will- but Bellamy’s the type of person who relies on others to help heal him, which we have seen countless times over the seasons. Usually this person is Clarke, but I feel he will have breached out to someone else, seeing as he thinks she’s dead. If they hadn’t made it distinctly clear that he thought she was dead, and had left him with some hope that she might have survived, I don’t think he would have been able to move past that, but the way they made it distinctly clear he thinks she’s gone, suggests some kind of new romantic involvement. Now, the question is- will it be Echo or Raven? I personally really dislike Echo’s character, but out of the two I would prefer it to be Echo who Bellamy is involved with.


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SPN Survey thingy

@melissaj616 tagged me to do this thing (why can’t I tag you?)

1. What season did you start watching Supernatural? I have been around since the Pilot.

2. Who was the first character you fell in love with? Dean had me at easy tiger.

3. Who was a character that you hated at first but grew to love? I don’t know if I hated him but Sam annoyed me to no end at first. I found him whiny and an overgrown selfish child. I do however love him with all of my heart now and I am so proud of the man he became.

4. Which character would you most want to be in a long-term relationship with? Dean - he showed he is loyal and loving when he was with Cassie and Lisa. I know many fanfics portray him as jealous and hard to be around and even though he sure as hell comes with bagage and going to bed scared he will get killed on a hunt - I don’t think he is the type that will doubt you or make you doubt him. He will make you feel loved and safe.

5. If you could go on just one date with one character, which one would you choose? Does one date mean I only get the one cause if so I can’t chose Dean. If one means first of many then hell yes Dean!

6. What would you do on the date? Don’t know. Drive in movie, star gazing, something playful and fun maybe.

7. Which character would you most want to be like? Rowena is badass. 

8. Which character would you most like to see brought back from the dead? Bobby! Still not over that one and Cas (but thanks to Padalecki’s blabbermouth I am sure that will happen lol)

9. Which character would you most like to punch? Ketch - only I’d kick him in the balls.

10. Who is your absolute favorite character? Dean (I feel like I got a studder here lol)

11. Which “Big Bad” do you think was the worst? I hated the leviathans but I am also getting a tad tired of Lucifer. Can’t we be done with that guy soon?!

12. Which character are you most like? Hmm I think I am a good mix of Dean, Charlie and Donna. I’d let you figure out which is which.

13. What death hit you the hardest? Bobby! Anytime they killed Cas and he didn’t wake up within a few minutes. I am hating saying goodbye to Crowley especially with the way Mark S seem to be dealing with it. I hate if there is any bad blood there. 

14. What season finale hit you the hardest? 1 scared the crap out of me! And the blood bath that was 12 is still haunting me.

15. What are your ten all-time favorite episodes? Not fair!! - In no paticular order and ask me tomorrow and a few might have gotten switched out 1) Baby, 2) What is and never should be, 3) Regarding Dean, 4) In My Time of Dying, 5) Lazarus Rising 6) Dark Side of the Moon 7) As Time Goes By 8) Soul Survivor 9)Pilot 10) Red Meat

16. What’s been your favorite season? I really liked 11 even with it’s rapey Amara moments, aside from that probably season 4

17. Who is your favorite angel? Cas! If I can’t pick him it is a toss up between Gabriel and Balthazar

18. Who’s your favorite demon? Crowley but if I can’t say him Abbadon (oh wait Dean was demon so Dean lol)

19. Who’s your favorite evil character? Is Crowley and Rowena really evil? If not Abbadon or maybe Cain but also not sure I’d call him evil.

20. Do you have any Supernatural ships? Lots. Destiel, Deonna and Saileen mostly but loved Dean with Jo as well. I don’t mind him with Lisa but long term it couldn’t work. Megstiel. Sam/Jess. Bobby/Jody urgh and some I forget I am sure.

21. Who’s your favorite supporting actor? Rob Benedict - cause Rob is the cutest!

22. What’s your favorite quote from the show? Accidents don’t happen accidentally comes to mind. But a shit load!

23. If you could cast one famous actor in an episode of SPN, who would you chose? Don’t know if she is all that famous but I would love to see Danneel on the show - maybe as a human impala. 

24. If you could write your own episode, what kind of creature would you like to see included? meh who cares. Lots of brotherly moments. A shirtless scene for Dean and some kick ass fighting with the silent communication thing they do.

25. Who’s your favorite girl that Dean’s hooked up with? Any but Anna. I hate her with a passion. Always did. Oh and Layla was annoying but the sexscene was hot. Lisa probably - if I had to chose. 

26. Who’s your favorite girl that Sam’s hooked up with? Jess

27. What are some of your favorite convention moments? Can’t pick one. 

28. If you were going to guest star (or be a recurring guest star) on SPN, how would you want your character described? The character that my LwR actress plays. A badass angel named Amber (who hooks up with Dean :P)

29. What do you hope to see in the next season? Not too much of the alt reality thing. Seen that stuff kill shows before. 

30.-40. If you had to choose…

Bobby or John? Bobby. 

Bela or Ruby? Bela.

Jess or Madison? Jess

Jo or Lisa? urgh both for different reasons. 

Charlie or Kevin? Charlie. 

Balthazar or Ash? Balthazar. Mostly cause Sebastian rocks!

Cas or Crowley? Cas.

Ben or Claire? Weehee my made up ship. But Claire I guess. 

Jody or Donna? Both for different reasons.

Cas or Crowley? Still gonna go with my blue eyed angel.

Sam or Dean? Dean

Not gonna tag anyone. Do it if you feel like it y’all!

farewell s4 | hello hiatus

It’s really a bittersweet feeling that season 4 has ended. Now I have to get used to not having to wait for Wednesday. As much as I wanted to get to the finale already, and get it over with for the year, I finally realize that I sort of still want to look forward again to those Wednesdays.

But all in all, it was an interesting journey of a season. Some things I liked and some things I didn’t. But the end half of the season, all those episodes at the end of season 4 progressed better and in a compelling way. The Finale, I was hesitant at first that I would like it at all so I didn’t have high expectations but I am actually impressed and ended up loving the finale. It was a lot different than from the other season’s finales (except for when in s1 they all got captured by Mt Weather people in the end, and in general s1 will still be my most favorite)

I am sad that we lost a lot of amazing characters that could have been given a better chance. But as frustrating as that is, my disappointment isn’t going to bring those characters back to the show.

On the other hand, I think I will have more time during the hiatus to create edits and do some new things here on tumblr. I don’t have the pressure every week to start making new stuff while I still didn’t finish my previous edits because of the hype of the new oncoming episode anymore. And that is a good thing. I like taking my time on edits and creations rather than rushing to have stuff out as fast as possible. Because trust me I have a lot of unfinished gifsets and moodboards and what not still sitting around in my WIP folder on my computer and I need to get back and finish them.

The sad thing about the hiatus is that most of The 100 fam around here will also not be around as much on Tumblr ( alot of people will be on queue and will be back from time to time but not as active ) so it’s going to get a lot more quieter on here. The only thing that will keep this fandom alive are the conventions coming up with the cast of the 100. And a few interviews here and there.

Hiatuses in between episodes during a season are really hard to get through because it’s like stopping what you are doing for no random reason.

But a hiatus between one season and another is actually not too bad and is easier to get through and surprisingly goes by fast. 

I can’t wait for season five. 

May We Meet Again

Okay real talk. I’m worried about how well things are going with my three tv shows right now.

1) Yeah, The 100 season 4 just ended, and Bellarke was separated for 6 years… But the finale was Bellarke focused. I’ve never been more confident in them and their love and the future of this show. They had the best hug in the history of this show, and it was initiated by Bellamy. Clarke confirmed once again that she has seen Bellamy for who he is since the very beginning, even if she didn’t like him at first. They flirted over grammar (that’s my kind of flirting). Bellamy wiped her sweaty hair away for no reason except that he couldn’t resist touching her face. Bellamy used his head, just like Clarke asked him to. Bellamy held out hope for her when all hope looked lost (and she did save them!). Bellamy chose to live so her death was not in vain. And lastly, Clarke talked on the radio with Bellamy for 2199 days without response because he kept her sane and gave her hope. Not to mention all of the other wonderful things that happened with the other characters (Murphy so in love, Raven saving their asses yet again, Monty and Murphy bonding over a common interest to save their people, Emori being wonderful and getting to go to space, Harper also being wonderful, Raven and Bellamy talking about Clarke, etc.) I’m sad we have 8 months but wow, it is so worth the pain.

2) The Robron reveal went almost exactly as I wanted. Robert was vulnerable and raw. He didn’t try to argue his way back in, but instead told Aaron multiple times that he didn’t deserve this life. Robert took full responsibility for what happened, and when he told Aaron about how he was struggling and what drove him to do it, he was not trying to make excuses or blame Aaron; rather, he wanted Aaron to understand the headspace he was in. Robert really didn’t want to keep anymore secrets. He confirmed that he didn’t mean the bullshit he said to get Rebecca to sleep with him (thank god), and he said that him cheating had nothing to do with him being bisexual (which was crucial to me!!!) Honestly, they handled it so much better than I was expecting, and all I want now is for Robert and Aaron to both go to counseling. And for them to find out Rebecca is keeping the baby so there really are no more secrets.

3) Sana and Isak are studying tomorrow, which means she may finally have someone to talk to!! Or she and Even will talk. I could be wrong, but I think things are finally looking up again for Sana. And wow I’m so thankful because I need my girl to be happy. She does not deserve this kind of suffering.

ew and what the fuck was up with demi moore’s lil thing with lucious @ the end of the episode that was so fucking nasty….when she’s calling him DWIGHT like cookie doesn’t even call him dwight who tf are you to call him dwight…n kissing his hand n shit like that was fucking GROSS !!! GET AWAY !!! cookie should’ve punched her straight in the boob n I swear to god if in season 4 lucious wakes up n fucking conjures up some fake memory with demi moore n is like ‘ah yes my white wife I am andre 2.0″ I’m going to flip shit.

Season finale...

I just watched the last episode and Im still sobbing like an idiot…This show makes me sit on the edge  of my chair the whole episode, and when Bellamy decided to close the door and leave Clarke behind my heart broke in million pieces.. I hate them apart, they are not whole… and one more thing, am I the only one that wanted Bell to cry his eyeballs out when he realised that she is gone ( forever for all that he knows)

Its a good ending of a season, but im heartbroken and I cant put into words why

All my wlw tv show ships

(For the few anons who asked 😘 )

Rachel Berry & Quinn Fabray “Faberry” (Glee / non canon)

Brittany S. Pierce & Santana Lopez “Brittana” (Glee / canon / from beginning till the end of the show)

Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught “Wayhaught” (Wynonna Earp / canon / still ongoing)

Cosima Niehaus & Delphine Cormier “Cophine” (Orphan Black / canon / still ongoing)

Clarke Griffin & Commander Lexa “Clexa” (The 100 / canon / started season 2, ended season 3)

Bea Smith & Allie Novak “Ballie” (Wentworth / canon / started and ended season 4)

Callie Torres & Arizona Robbins “Calzona” (Grey’s Anatomy / canon / started season 5, ended season 12)

Arizona Robbins & Eliza Minnick “Elizona”  (Grey’s Anatomy / canon / started season 13, still ongoing)

Laura Hollis & Carmilla Karnstein “Hollstein” (Carmilla / canon / from beginning till the end of show)

Ashley Davies & Spencer Carlin “Spashley” (South Of Nowhere / canon / from beginning till end of show)

Piper Chapman & Alex Vause “Vauseman” (Orange is the New Black / canon / still ongoing)

Poussey Washington & Brook Soso “Pousoso” (Orange is the New Black / canon / started season 3, ended season 4)

Nomi Marks & Amanita Caplan “Nomanita” (Sense8 / canon / still ongoing)

Sophie Webster & Sian Powers “Siophie” (Coronation Street / canon / started season 50, ended season 52)

Willow Rosenberg & Tara Maclay “Tillow” (Buffy The Vampire Slayer / canon / started season 4, ended season 6)

Buffy Summers & Faith Lehane “Fuffy” (Buffy The Vampire Slayer / non canon)

Emily Fitch & Naomi Campbell “Naomily” (Skins UK / canon / season 3&4 + Skins Fire )

Bo Dennis & Lauren Lewis “Doccubus” (Lost Girl / canon / from beginning till end of show) 

Rose Solano & Luisa Alver “Roisa” (Jane The Virgin / canon / still ongoing)

Alex Danvers & Maggie Sawyer “Sanvers” (Supergirl / canon / started season 2, still ongoing)

Kara Danvers & Lena Luthor “Supercorp” (Supergirl / non canon)

Gail Peck & Holly Stewart “Golly” (Rookie Blue / canon / started season 4, ended season 5)

Myka Bering & Helena “H.G” Wells “Bering and Wells” (Warehouse 13 / non canon)

Shane McCutcheon & Carmen De La Pica Morales “Sharmen” (The L Word / canon / started season 2, ended season 3)

Bette Porter & Tina Kennard “Tibette”  (The L Word / canon / from beginning till end of show)

Alice Pieszecki & Dana Fairbanks “Dalice” (The L Word / canon / started season 2, ended season 3)

Alice Pieszecki & Tasha Williams “Talice” (The L Word / canon / started season 4 till end of show)

Helena Peabody & Dylan Moreland “Dylena” (The L Word / canon / started season 3, ended season 3 - back together season 6 till end of show)

Emma Swan & Regina Mills “Swanqueen” (Once Upon A Time / non canon)

Jane Rizzoli & Maura isles “Rizzles” (Rizzoli & Isles / non canon)

Amy Raudenfeld & Karma Ashcroft “Karmy” (Faking It / non canon)

Amy Raudenfeld & Reagan (last name unknown) “Reamy” (Faking It / canon / started season 2, ended season 2)

Samantha Groves “Root” & Sameen Shaw “Shoot” (Person of Interest / canon / started season 1, ended season 5)

Tara Chambler & Denise Cloyd “Denara” (The Walking Dead / canon / started season 6, ended season 6)

Jane Tanchingco & Althea Guevarra “Jathea” (The Rich Man’s Daughter / canon/ from beginning till end of show)

Silvia Castro Leon & Pepa Miranda Ramos “Pepsi” (Los Hombres De Paco / canon / started season 5, ended season 8)

Emma Trakarsky & Izzy Silva  (You, Me, Her / canon / still ongoing)

Brenna Carver & Greer Danville “Grenna” (Chasing Life / canon / started season 1, ended season 2)

Paige Michalchuk & Alex Nunez “Palex” (Degrassi / canon / started season 5, ended season 7)

Fiona Coyne & Imogen Moreno “Fimogen” (Degrassi / canon / started season 11, ended season 12)

Tori Vega & Jade West “Jori” (Victorious / non canon)

Kim Daniels & Maria “Sugar” Sweet  (Sugar Rush / non canon)

Kim Daniels & Saint (last name unknown) (Sugar Rush / canon / started season 2 till end of show)

Emily Fields & Maya St Germain “Emaya” (Pretty Little Liars / canon / started season 1, ended season 2)

Emily Fields & Paige McCullers “Paily” (Pretty Little Liars / canon / started season 1, ended season 5)

Jenny Hartmann & Emma Muller “Jemma” (Hand aufs Herz / canon / started season 2 till end of show)

Jasmin Flemming & Anni Brehme “Jasanni” (Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten / canon / can’t figure out the seasons)

Riley Matthews & Maya Hart “Rilaya” (Girl Meets World / non canon)

Sansa Stark & Margaery Tyrell “Sansaery” (Game of Thrones / non-canon)

Okay so my sister and I were discussing this mess last night and then we ended up seriously considering a theory I have seen come up a few times but now I’m gonna walk you through it

Here it is: 

It’s all a lie – Yousef lied Mikael lied. They are lying.

Yousef said that Even kissed Mikael which caused Mikael to be distant and Even to hate himself..

Well tell me Yousef

If Mikael is so ashamed, then why does he bring up Evens name? and why is he laughing when he does?

and why are you Yousef looking so mad and sad and guilty?

Why does Yousef have a pride flag next to his message to Sana?

Why does he say Mikael is super religious when he clearly isn’t that religious because he drinks

why does Elias declare Yousef as the “most Muslim person he knows”

Why was the Even thing big enough to impact Yousef so much but not Mikael?

Why does Yousef avoid the fight and send Sana off into it alone?

Why does he go and kiss the first girl he sees after witnessing the fight with Even and his new crew?

I think you know where I’m going with this: Yousef is questioning his sexuality and is ashamed of it. Him and Even kissed which caused a lot of disaster with Even and when it was threatened to come out to everyone and the balloon boys Mikael took the fall for Yousef. Mikael stepped up and pretended it was him that Even kissed.

What could possibly hint that Mikael would do something like that for Yousef?

Remember that youtube video where they went to Mikaels job interview and Yousef took Mikael aside and they had a secret conversation?

this wasn’t there for no reason. This was almost foreshadowing that Yousef and Mikael have secrets, they have each others backs. They share a special connection.

Now this is what we’re thinking. Did Yousef see Even and panic? Did he see that the truth could come out right in front of everyone? Was he frightened?
Remember we saw him go up to Elias and looking outside.

What if…what if Yousef somehow started the fight to avoid the truth…to make sure nothing slipped about what actually happened and that’s why when it did start he ran off sent Sana out to stop it and kissed the first girl in sight…proving he is straight.

Also he kisses Noora similar to how Isak kissed Emma

The girls hands wrapped around their necks while they have their hands by their sides. Both boys wearing snapbacks backwards and standing on the same side.

I know this seems far fetched but maybe this is the twist we have been waiting for.

The trailer is reversed – this season is reversed and as we saw Friday night, it is the roles that are truly reversed. Just like I’ve been saying Mikael and Yousef are reversed this whole time.

Is Yousef truly the Mikael in this story and Mikael is the Yousef?

Omg if Julie does this my mind is literally going to be blown apart.

(Side note: to clarify I am not saying this is going to happen - it’s a theory, nor do I personally believe this will happen. I have just had this theory been addressed with me by multiple people (including my irl sister) and I wanted to outline why this theory is actually totally plausible and could be done and actually hinted in the show already….Do I think Julie will go down this route? no but could she? hell yeah.)


Apart from the opening theme and the songs performed at the end of each episode, Twin Peaks season 3′s first music cue occurs when Bobby Briggs sees Laura Palmer’s portrait. The song played is Laura’s Theme.

Steven’s Mental Health in Season 4...

…and why he didn’t save the Rubies, unbubble Bismuth, or confront his feelings about Jasper.

Because there is a reason, brought to light by the events of I Am My Mom, and it fits rather well with Steven’s character as of late.

Throughout Mindful, he doesn’t want to think about what he’s gone through because his personal trauma from it is just too great. But then it all comes crashing down at the end, and he forces himself to confront it, right?

Well no, actually. At the end of the episode, Stevonnie just lands in the field and smiles at the sky. At the time, I criticized this for being a quick resolution, but now I realize that that was never a resolution at all: It was just Steven burying his emotional problems even deeper so that not even Stevonnie could be affected by them.

That’s why he doesn’t immediately go to make amends with Bismuth or Jasper or Eyeball: The traumatic stress he associates with their encounters override any sense of empathy he has towards them, and he subconsciously tries to forget so he doesn’t feel that guilt and can just go back to the way things were before (much like a certain singing Diamond he’s heard so much about…)

I think that once Steven’s mental state improves, he’ll consciously try to make amends.

Take a look at the next time Steven’s issues came to a boil, Steven’s Dream: This time, all it takes is a simple question from Steven and a panicked outburst from Garnet to drive Steven into an angry rant about “everyone lying” to him. The problems from Mindful were still eating away at Steven, he probably just didn’t realize it because he was pretty much avoiding those thoughts altogether, and for a while, it was working.

So, Steven goes to Korea, Greg gets kidnapped, and now Steven has a whole new set of things to be guilty over. No matter how justified his actions might have been, Steven’s biggest character flaw is his guilt complex, so he inherently feels responsibility for what happened. (And this isn’t recent, we saw a glimpse of it in Message Received when he blamed himself for Peridot’s supposed betrayal)

However, in the episode Steven’s just too busy worrying about his dad to hear “Oh Steven we’re so sorry” and he rushes them into space. They run into the Rubies and Steven does say “We’ll pick them up on the way back” but pay attention to his tone of voice: It doesn’t sound like he’s saying “Oh no they’re out here we have to save them,” he’s saying “Yeah yeah those guys yeah let’s get back to work and save dad okay” because Steven wasn’t exactly in the best emotional state at the time. I can completely understand his subconscious just NOT wanting to think about the Rubies at all because the events of Bubbled leaving a lingering negative connotation.

After Steven gets back, he’s forced to confront his demons yet again in Storm in the Room, but hey! Everything’s fine in the end because Greg got pizza and it’s all smiles…

Until we get to Lion 4 and he’s right back in the thick of an existential crisis. Sure, he gets a talk with Greg and this is resolved in the end…but is it?

Because by the end of that very week, Steven is giving himself up to be executed in his mother’s place. And all it took was a small mistake he made long ago, and a scenario in which there were no other immediate options.

So, to answer the question of why Steven supposedly let others suffer throughout season 4, it’s because he is suffering himself. He’s been wallowing in it all season, and he hasn’t done anything substantial about it because in his mind that’ll just make things worse and make himself a burden to others. I mean, look at what happened every time his true feelings rose to the surface:

- Mindful Education: Connie almost fell to her death.

- Steven’s Dream: Greg got kidnapped.

These were things that were resolved in the immediate, sure, but long-term? Steven doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, and he’s been indirectly led to believe that by confronting his problems, he’ll just cause others harm.

So we get to I Am My Mom, and he’s given a way out: Sure, he *thinks* he’s doing it to save the Earth and his friends, but subconsciously he’s doing it because it’s his ticket out of the mess he’s been stuck living in for the past four seasons.

The takeaway I get from Season 4 is that Steven’s emotional issues are much bigger than anyone could suspect, and that a million “Sorry’s,” “It’s not your fault’s,” fusion therapy sessions, and sweet words & smiles can only help him so far.

This isn’t the season of Steven letting people suffer for no reason; It’s the season of Steven suffering himself without anyone taking enough notice to do anything, to the point where he inadvertently lets people suffer out of his own desire to not make things worse.

“Don’t worry,” Greg & the Gems probably told themselves after Bubbled, Mindful Education, and the Zoo arc, “Steven’s fine now. See? He’s happy, he must be fine. We told him it was alright, he must be fine. If there was something wrong, we would know about it. He’s doing fine.”

Well he wasn’t.

Costuming F*#kery

Guys guys guys guys guys!!! (Tinfoil Hattery below!)

I just picked up the Blu Ray for Season 4 and I was watching some of the extras at the end of disk 2. Specifically, I was watching Mark’s video diary, Final Scenes.

Look at what he is wearing in this video diary!! 

(Sorry for the poor quality, my good TV is in the shop.)

That is a grey suit. White stripe. PURPLE TIE. I know it’s hard to tell in these photos, but it’s the purple tie from TAB!! And the same exact suit.

The tie.

The striped pants.

He’s wearing it again here, a few minutes later in the video diary, when he shows us Eurus’s cell.

 He also does a lovely Hannibal Lecter impression here. Can you believe this guy?? 

The thing is, this exact suit and tie combo does not appear anywhere in TFP, or anywhere else in the season. (I looked. Maybe I missed it, if anyone cares to look.)

He’s wearing the suit in the TFP scene in his home, but the tie is different. It’s maroon. (hard to tell by the photo, but check it out yourself if you like.)

So why is he wearing the TAB suit/tie on set for Season 4??

  • Reasonable explanation or conspiracy?
  • Did they merely change ties or did they re-shoot some previous scenes where he was wearing that suit and tie?

Tagging tinfoil hatters.



remember when sabrina posted this… yeah I still agree with her. and still don’t believe all that ‘you’re wearing my clothes’ 'maya turned into riley’ bullshit