season 4 teasers


Ok. So, I just wanna talk about this for a second. For anyone who doesnt know, this is from the teaser for season 4. It should be on this hellsite somewhere if you wanna watch it, or you can find it on youtube.

Now, if you haven’t seen season 3 yet, you should probably stop reading this, cause I’m gonna mention a few spoilers. There probably not going to be terribly large spoilers, but spoilers all the same. If you’ve seen season 3 or you dont care about spoilers, then read on.

Okay, so… I was watching the teaser and I didn’t think much of this scene at first. But upon seeing it again something seemed odd. In this scene (in case you haven’t seen it or don’t remember it) Lotor is chasing after something and desperately trying to hit it with his sword. This is significant because, so far when Lotor has fought anyone, he’s calm and cool. Hell, so far Lotor seems to be someone who never seems to loose his calm exterior and always seems to be in control. He does crack sometimes, but not like this. In this scene he’s clearly upset. In fact, I’d go as far as to say he’s in a panic. I mean, look at the look on his face in the last shot. Whatever it is he’s desperate to wound/kill it and he needs to do it before it can get away.
Okay. So Lotor is trying to hit something and he’s freaking out. “What’s your point Star?” You might find yourself asking.
Well, take a look at the shots again. Look at who’s in them. Acxa, Zethrid, and Ezor are in the shot with Lotor, but not Narti. In case you aren’t sure who Narti is, she’s the blind mute one. The one with the cat.
Alright so, if you’ve seen episode 7 of season 3, you know that there’s a strong chance that that cat is in fact Haggar’s. When he got sick she treated him with quintessence, apparently making him immortal or something similar.
“But Star,” you ask, “what does this have to do with anything?”
I’m glad you asked!
If you’ve seen season 3, then you remember the episode where Haggar sent someone too spy on Lotor because she doesnt trust him. He’s obviously caught because Lotor’s not an idiot. He confronts Haggar about it, throwing the cybornetic arm of her spy at her. Now I don’t know about you, but to me the whole thing felt odd. Haggar is normally at least a little bit sneakier then that. The whole thing sort of plays off as a simple filler scene simply put there too show that Lotor is playing by his own rules and Haggar isn’t having it and doesn’t trust him. But I think Haggar is a little smarter then that. She’s been the brains behind Zarkon for ten thousand years after all.
If you can’t tell where I’m going with this, let me explain. I’d say the cat (or possibly Narti herself) is there to spy for Haggar. I’d say he realizes this in that moment, perhaps after something large about his plans has been exposed, and in a fit of panic and anger tries to kill it (or Narti). Even the way it’s framed. The camera is placed between Acxa and Zethrid, like the person or whatever Lotor is attcking is standing in formation with the three other girls. That would make the scene from Narti’s point of view. Specifically, this is what she would be seeing (except it would have to be the cat seeing it because she doesn’t have eyes but that’s not the point). Both Zethrid and Ezor seem to be in a state of shock. Acxa just seems to be stepping out of his way.
So I guess what I’m saying is that, next season, if anyone turns put to be a traitor amongst Lotor’s group, it’s the cat/ Narti.
Thank you for your time.


they’ve already released a season 4 teaser there are tears in my eyes

Vld crew: gives us a bunch of trailers and material to keep us busy until season 3

Vld crew: releases a season 4 teaser right after season 3 comes out

Vld crew: gives us four seasons in less than a year and a half

Vld crew: decides to make shorter seasons but only because they want to release them closer together so we don’t have to wait for too long


In episode 6, when Lance went to talk to Keith, he referred to him as their leader. Thing is, “Shiro” had already come back. Regardless of whether or not this is the real Shiro (definitely not, but they don’t know that), Lance still views Keith as the leader instead of Shiro.

We saw a hint of it in the season 4 teaser, but when Keith and Shiro start to disagree about the direction the team’s going to take, I’m betting the others are going to be taking sides. And if we can garner anything from all the Klance moments in season 3, there’s a really good chance Lance will be backing Keith.


Aaaand finally the trailer! Gee, I wonder how near a heart attack you lot got by casually “checking in” to see if there’s any change to the SKAM homepage and then finding THE TEASERRRR! (I was deprived of that near heart attack experience cause I’m dumb and saw Julie Andems instagram post first. Heh.)

The teaser is spellbinding! The reversed tune sounds awesome, and Sana’s final (first?) gaze into the camera? Chillllllz! I wonder, with what it shows us in the teaser, whether Sana will turn out to be one big Heisenberg of Nissen, the one in the back who pulls all the strings, makes the puppets dance, do all her dirty work for her (whatever that dirty work is), while she sits back, fingers stapled together, enjoying world (Nissen) domination? Needless to say I AM EXCITE!

I AM NOT VERY EXCITE about this being the last season of SKAM, though.  That came as a blow and a shock, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one.

I mean, I hope there’s a good reason, and there probably is. Or they quit while at the top, securing SKAM to be rememered as a through and through quality show. I dunno. Andem mentiones in her IG update that SKAM has been a 24 hour job. Maybe she’s burned out, maybe it’s something else. Either way I am determined to ENJOY THE SHIT out of this fourth and final gift, and I hope all of you guys will as well. 

See you Monday! <3