season 4 rp

                  Vikings; The Great Army sentence meme!

❛ That is my knife ❜
❛ You are crazy! ❜
❛ Father gave me this knife! ❜
❛ I will kill ___  with it. I will kill ___ with ___ knife ❜
❛ That’s enough! ❜
❛ Give it to me!  ❜
❛ We have important decisions to make ❜
❛ As usual you must tell us how to behave! ❜
❛ I wish ____  was here ❜
❛ Hopefully he will be home soon ❜
❛ I’m listening.  Say something .. interesting
❛ That is the message that he wanted me to bring to you ❜
❛ There he is .. the voice of reason. I hate reason ❜
❛ How do we overcome that when we have never attempted anything like that before? ❜
❛ We raise a great army. An army bigger than ever before ❜
❛ In the name of our dead father. In the name of ____  the greatest hero of our country. And in the name of ____ . We declare war on the whole world ❜
❛ When we return,  ___ and I, and our brothers. We will have to avenge our father’s death ❜
❛ You will not be welcomed for what you did to all of us, and I would have to kill you ❜
❛ Will you come with us? ❜
❛ I also have a reason to stay here ❜
❛ I know what your father would have wanted me to do ❜
❛ I do not trust him ❜
❛ You should look to improve your own security ❜
❛ If the Gods don’t protect me, then who can? ❜
❛ It’s good that we have met, ___, we need ambitious men ❜
❛ I still have a bone to pick with you ❜
❛ Why were you silent when I demanded justice from ___ ❜
❛ We have different memories of Mother ❜
❛ He/She had eyes only for you, and for ___. To me she/he was cold and distant ❜
❛ So you feel sorry for yourself? Poor, little ___ ❜
❛ I’m telling you the truth. I have a very good reason not to feel so angry with ___ ❜
❛ What kind of a son are you? ❜
❛ What does it matter what your ___ did to you? He/She was still your ___ ❜
❛ Are you just really sad she can’t breastfeed you anymore? ❜
❛ Whoever would have thought that you two are brothers? ❜
❛ I promise you, we are already well prepared for any incursions into our kingdom ❜
❛ I am not sure you realize the scale of their possible retribution ❜
❛ We are fully prepared ❜
❛ I have no wish or need to be allied to such a degenerate monarch ❜
❛ As for you, ___ , you may enjoy the aridities of heaven without my discomforting presence, and that of every woman whose only crime was a desire to be free ❜
❛ I know what I have to do ❜
❛ Us?  You are no longer a part of us, ___. ❜
❛ What is ‘us’ ___  is changing. Only you won’t accept it ❜
❛ Too much bad blood, ___ ❜
❛ Once a betrayer, always a betrayer ❜
❛ You came back to us. Thank God. Truly, thank God ❜
❛ You will have to be free in order to marry one of us ❜
❛ I can see that you are bored already ❜
❛ One day, you may be King. I hope so with all my heart ❜
❛ You need to drink more wine ❜
❛ Now, you keep saying you understand. But you obviously don’t ❜
❛ Don’t ever let yourself be influenced by other people. Specially people like me. Always have your own thoughts and act on them ❜

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Gonna enjoy my life here in Nola. It’s definitely my fav season of the year. Some people call it national show your boobies day here in the Big Easy. 😁

Well let’s party!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Sentence Starters

“I don’t get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous.”
“She enjoys riding dirty and being a straight up mother fucking dick pig.”
“Tired ass showgirl.”
“I feel like a beautiful flamingo.”
“It’s not really a funky chicken, it’s more like a chicken that smells funky.”
“Her favorite saying was ‘you pussy mouthed motherfucker!’”
“We’re all shitting our pants a little bit.”
“I don’t want to scratch anybody’s eyes out. I just want to scratch my way to the top.”
“How am I supposed to wear something so goddamned ugly?”
“Gurl, look how fucking orange you look.”
“She reminded me of my Grandma at Christmas after too much eggnog with the karaoke microphone.”
“Is that wrong english?”
“You’ve been throwing dust and shade.”
“She’s been playing the victim and I’m pretty much over it.”
“You’re a silicone maniac!”
“I’m walking Tupperware, girl.”
“My look tonight is ‘rich white bitch’, and my attitude tonight is so over it.”
“I was gonna come out in assless chaps but they’re at the cleaners.”
“When you threw that cape off it was on!”
“How do you tuck your junk?”
“Long story short, the season of the fish smells like trout.”
“Making the world a fruitier place– one cocktail at a time.”
“I am the definition of fishy glamour.”
“Now on to the grand high bitch herself.”
“You’re so full of shit the toilet’s jealous.”
“Got a head for business and a body for sin.”
“It smells like a Kardashian sex tape.”
“Have I been italian this whole time?”
“That’s your orgasm? –Have you ever had one?”
“I’m serving up mariachi realness.”
“Hell yeah I like more ass!”
“You gotta sissy that walk.”
“I think I killed Judy Garland.”
“Everybody loves puppets!”
“By God there had better not be any bullshit!”
“Boy from the crotch down she’s a star.”
“If I’m guilty of anything…it’s of being fierce.”
“Ya’ll need to go and fuck, ya know what I’m saying?”
“I don’t even know what a Rolodex is!”
“It’s nine inches and fully functional.”
“I’m a fucking libra.”
“It was nothing to gag over.”
“Check out the size of that sack.”
“I looked like a lesbian Jonas Brother.”
“He wants some chicken leg.”
“This is all just hot glue and desperation.”
“That’s because you want to fuck her.”
“Don’t wear bacon.”
“The world’s most glamorous trash queen.”
“Milk? I’m heavy cream.”
“I got bills to pay. I have dogs to put through college!”
“So somewhere between Star Wars and Buckingham Palace?”
“I call it my little rolodex of hate.”
“This is the motherfucking Olympics, girl.”
“Have you ever partied like a drag queen?”
“My puss is very large and in charge.”

Lyndsy Fonseca Gif Hunt #13

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So,basically the villains are the ones who show their cleavage ?
—  My dad,after I tried explaining once upon a time to him along with a few photos

anonymous asked:

Cooper’s gnome became the Blacklist’s mischievous angel after that little run in with Ressler. Now he watches over the fandom, wishing us all a Happy Season 4. If you get this, you’ve made the gnome smile, so pass it on. Make the gnome happier still, by anonymously sending this on to 5 fellow fans to wish them a Happy Season 4 too.

Son of a….I’ll make that gnome smile…just you watch…