season 4 reunion

I feel like no one has really mentioned this, but Pidge has really changed since Matt came back. She back to being a little sister now. Showing Matt everything she’s done, being excited just to have him around and have him be proud of her. Before, though the paladins have become her family, she was having sleepless nights and breakdowns. Not being able to act like the kid she is. Though it doesn’t seem like much I definitely think her overall attitude has changed a lot. She isn’t one to show negative emotion but she is comparatively happier.


“I know you’ve been living like the Pope of Zombietown for the past two years, but it’s slim pickings out here in the cheap seats.”

Are you trying to tell me that shiro and Matt holt spent 6 months together on a ship in space and didn’t become besties??? Matt calls him ‘sir’ and goes in for a handshake when they’re reunited? ?? You’re telling me that shiro spent months in close quarters with this lovable science dork and didn’t fall in love with him?? ¿? ?