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Lost Without You

Lost Without You by cloudyjenn
Rating: T
Word Count 16,600
Summary: The last time Dean saw Castiel, he promised Dean he would hold off the attack of archangels. That was four years ago. Now, just when Dean thinks he’s been given a second chance, a demon and Castiel’s memory loss threaten to keep them apart for good.

Once upon a time, an angel saved the Righteous Man from Hell. This story was written in those early days: before Lucifer, before Raphael, before leviathans and purgatory, before the Men of Letters and the Darkness. Yet the core characterizations of Dean and Cas are still there, which is what makes this simple case fic truly delightful. Drawn like sailors to a siren’s song, the Winchesters show up to investigate a series of suspicious deaths and instead find Cas with amnesia. An angel with too much heart and a man who refuses to let anyone make sacrifices for him, while giving of himself until nothing is left - sound familiar? 

I strongly encourage you to read some of the first wave Destiel authors. A few are still active in fandom and some have been moving their work from LJ to AO3, where I found this gem. Sure there are elements that canon and time have left behind, yet sweet fics like this remind me of where these characters came from and why I love them so much. 

If you enjoyed the fic, please drop by the archive (AO3) and let the author know with your comments and/or kudos!

Thoughts on the Cophine 360° spin scene

This is a ramble of mine (you’ve been warned).

This is probably also going to be ALL wrong.

In fact, I know it’s going to be wrong.

Why? Because the creativity of directors and writers have infinite number of ways to show infinite number of story lines. That’s the beauty of art in all its forms.

But I want to post this possibility JUST in case that it happens. I’ve thought a lot about that 360° spin scene that Evelyne mentioned at Paleyfest 2017.

Of course just the mention of the “beautiful scene” has sent the Cophine shippers into in-depth speculations, “WHAT SCENE WILL IT BE?!”.

Both Graeme and John mentioned that season 5 will focus on the Cophine relationship, as it is a center/core of the OB story. 

And now we have this:

(full confession, I will use any excuse to post this scene)

Some fans immediately commented, “The camera is swinging! Is this THE 360° spin scene?!”

Perhaps. If we get a full wrap around of the intense hunger lust action (#HungryDelphine), I’m good with that (oh Evelyne, you do these scenes so, so, sooooo well). For me, this is a flashback scene to S01E10, the filler between where we left Cophine at S1 and where we picked up with them in S2.

Thinking more of what’s been said and what we’ve seen thus far, considering things from a photographer perspective, seeing this flashback, and knowing the magic OB crew can string together multiple shots: I had a creative filmography idea. I wonder if the 360° spin scene will be about telling the story of Cophine’s love for each other through the seasons. Something beautiful would be to shoot Cophine in love for each other at different points of the story and mesh it all into one scene. Like the camera spins around them and we see them change from season 1 (this scene) to season 2 (in the lab maybe?) to season 3 (”I came back for you” or “give your sisters all my love”) to season 4 (reunion at the yurt) to season 5 (unknown future scene, yes could be their wedding). Piece together a full tribute to their endearing love despite all the obstacles they encountered; showing that no matter the circumstances, they never stopped loving each other. We witness the evolution of Cophine in one scene.

Again, I’m 110% certain that this theory of the 360° spin scene will be wrong.

But what I’m seeing thus far with Cophine season 5 releases: OB is making it right. OB is honouring their love. 

Oh gawd, please let this alone be right.

Guys I canNOT wait for the bellarke reunion in Season 5 it’s gonna be so good because first their expressions are gonna be priceless I mean I can’t even physically fathom what Bellamy’s face will look like and then they’re gonna be standing yards apart just staring at each other for a full minute just soaking in the fact that the other is there and this is not a dream this is really happening before they break into a sprint towards each other while the “I See You” track starts playing and their hug is gonna be like their first one back in season 2 but this time they boTH CRASH INTO EACH OTHER AND THEY’RE GONNA BE CRYING AND LAUGHING AND CLINGING ONTO THE OTHER SO TIGHT AND THEY CAN’T EVEN FORMULATE THOSE WORDS LEFT UNSPOKEN SO LONG AGO THEY’RE JUST SO HAPPY ALL THEY CAN DO IS LAUGH AND CRY AND GRIP TIGHTER OMG IT’S GONNA BE AMAZING


Klaus & Hayley (+Hope) | Blinded [+4x02]

Coulson: This thing in you … Is it as desperate to destroy AIDA as we are?

Robbie: Yes.

Coulson: Great. Then we should–

Robbie: Hold up. I’m going to go see Gabe first.

Coulson: Wait, what?

Robbie: Yeah, I’ve been gone for, what? Months, now? And not one of you were trying to figure out how to come rescue me.

Coulson: Yeah, well… we were busy… with things…

Robbie: Sure. Anyway, so I am just going to go pop over to L.A. real quick to hug my little brother and let him know I am, in fact, alive, and then I’ll come save all your asses, like I always do.


Robbie, puts on shades: Reyes out!

If there are a part that I love about of the Cophine reunion in season four is this one.
The way that they look at each other in the distance. Their faces in shock says everything.
At first I had the thought that Delphine knew about that Cosima was alive (The eye implant theory) But now, looking at Delphine with that shock in her face I can’t say the same. Cosima already had the spot on that Delphine could be alive thanks to Kristal.

But Delphine? Alone and wounded in a freaky island, inside of the womb of the beast, working for the enemy like a prisioner…
What could she knows? I have the idea of her being haunted by the memories, by the nightmare of Cosima’s death not knowing that her chérie is still alive.

This sounds like a freaking fanfic but the true is that Delphine was back to life in the moment that she saw her love again in that campament.

And…   I can’t with my heart …