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And that’s just how season 3 shattered my heart. Wow thanks.

If there are a part that I love about of the Cophine reunion in season four is this one.
The way that they look at each other in the distance. Their faces in shock says everything.
At first I had the thought that Delphine knew about that Cosima was alive (The eye implant theory) But now, looking at Delphine with that shock in her face I can’t say the same. Cosima already had the spot on that Delphine could be alive thanks to Kristal.

But Delphine? Alone and wounded in a freaky island, inside of the womb of the beast, working for the enemy like a prisioner…
What could she knows? I have the idea of her being haunted by the memories, by the nightmare of Cosima’s death not knowing that her chérie is still alive.

This sounds like a freaking fanfic but the true is that Delphine was back to life in the moment that she saw her love again in that campament.

And…   I can’t with my heart …

Lost Without You

Lost Without You by cloudyjenn
Rating: T
Word Count 16,600
Summary: The last time Dean saw Castiel, he promised Dean he would hold off the attack of archangels. That was four years ago. Now, just when Dean thinks he’s been given a second chance, a demon and Castiel’s memory loss threaten to keep them apart for good.

Once upon a time, an angel saved the Righteous Man from Hell. This story was written in those early days: before Lucifer, before Raphael, before leviathans and purgatory, before the Men of Letters and the Darkness. Yet the core characterizations of Dean and Cas are still there, which is what makes this simple case fic truly delightful. Drawn like sailors to a siren’s song, the Winchesters show up to investigate a series of suspicious deaths and instead find Cas with amnesia. An angel with too much heart and a man who refuses to let anyone make sacrifices for him, while giving of himself until nothing is left - sound familiar? 

I strongly encourage you to read some of the first wave Destiel authors. A few are still active in fandom and some have been moving their work from LJ to AO3, where I found this gem. Sure there are elements that canon and time have left behind, yet sweet fics like this remind me of where these characters came from and why I love them so much. 

If you enjoyed the fic, please drop by the archive (AO3) and let the author know with your comments and/or kudos!


Klaus & Hayley (+Hope) | Blinded [+4x02]

Do you know what I really want to see in season 4? The Raven/Abby reunion. Like, Raven doesn’t know if Abby is alive or not (Abby could have asked Clarke for Raven) and I imagine Abby walking in a room Raven is already in and there is a pause, Raven just staring at Abby for a moment before she runs to her, hugs her tight and god bless their friendship.


The 100 | Season 4 Teaser Trailer (Clexa Reunion)

Made by Scodders (Youtube)

Reunion Long Waiting

Hope was so excited hearing that her father was coming home after five long years without him, and though she stayed with Mary most of the time. Hope was very nervous what would her father think of her? Would he like her?. So many thoughts filtered her small mind. She never forgot him and was glad that her mother talked about her dad as much as possible. Her father was her hero he sacrificed himself for his family, but also to keep her safe from those wishing to harm her. Witches had told her she was powerful, and that meant she would also be in danger, but with her family all back together it was going to be an interesting event. “Mary! Mary come on my daddy is coming home” Running from her drawings they were scattered all over her floor it was time from the text she got from her mother.

Mary shook her head still not liking the idea, but she had been Hope’s guardian when Hayley is not around for five years. Both of them lived with her for the time being as Hope ran down the stairs and outside onto the porch. They lived in a secluded home near the woods away from people, but it was more a country living type environment. Hope wanted to look good for her father pushing down her dress. “Do I look okay grandma Mary?” She asked looking to her. “You look beautiful Hope” Watching for a car to pull up or at least a huge truck since her mother was going to reunite all her siblings. She hoped her daddy was going to be alright.

Feeling Mary’s hand on her shoulder it was clearly seen that Hope was nervous, but excited at the same time. Five long years what would happen when father and daughter reunite. Noticing a truck coming running down the steps of the porch she waited for them to approach her taking a breath. She could see a glimpse of her dad from the truck he looked exactly like her.


This screen cap punches me in the gut every single time I see it. 

This is their first interaction in three long years and Asami’s face says it all. The moment is so charged with all the feelings Asami pent up over the years. The woman she has come to share and experience so much with is finally present after so long. All her worry and fear is dropped the moment they embrace.

Korra is real. 

Korra is safe. 

Korra is here. 

So let’s recap:

When Korra didn’t show up on the boat like expected, it’s particularly noticeable the disbelief plastered on Asami’s face. I can bet she felt stinging disappointment…no, that’s not even a strong enough word. It was probably more like a bullet tearing and shredding her from the inside. Asami was expecting to see her best friend (one she happened to be in love with–at least in my humble opinion), but was stripped bare once again when she learned Korra wasn’t there and no one had a clue where she was or if she was safe. Remember, the last letter Asami received, Korra revealed her darkest secrets…most notably that she could no longer go into the Avatar state, her visions of Zaheer, and the fear she’d never fully recover. To learn she is now missing with that knowledge, one can safely assume Asami was probably worried to death. 

But as always, she internalized it and pressed forward trying to locate Korra and take care of Republic City. Time passes and they finally reunite. 

Asami’s face is controlled for the most part. She blinks several times while she looks over at the voice that called to her. She’s calculating, processing, and registering Korra’s voice and appearance.  

I just love how elegant and classy she looks here.

Not even a second later, her face breaks out into a smile and rushes into her arms without a moment’s hesitation. The desperation to hold her is so apparent here. 

They finally embrace. (We now know their bodies were supposed be flush and hug was supposed to more intimate, but we also know exactly why that didn’t happen). But even without it, I personally say their hug says it all. Asami is smiling, holding onto her for dear life. Korra returns it with the same enthusiasm, burying her face into the nook of Asami’s neck and wrapping her hands into Asami’s hair. 

Typically when you see a closed fist, it tends to be a bad sign, but I honestly feel Korra’s clenching one hand out of a sheer overwhelming feeling to hug her as tightly as she can. It’s like she’s channeling all the bad things that’s taken place over the years, taking in a deep breath while she’s snug into her neck, and releasing all of it while they hold onto each other. It’s like a breath of fresh air with Asami easing the burden of her life.  

From this angle, we clearly see Asami’s face. It just reads pure happiness and relief. A small smile appears knowing the woman she cares for so deeply is in her arms safe and sound. 

It kills me in the best possible way. 

'The Originals': Klaus is reunited with Hope in new trailer

The Mikaelsons will always find a way. That’s the message behind the newest trailer for The Originals season 4, which shows Klaus’ reunion with his siblings and, most importantly, his reunion with his daughter, who’s eager to learn about the father she’s only heard about for five years.

But the happy times will only last so long. According to the trailer, Hope will find herself at the center of a new, very dangerous mystery. (Or are dead birds a good sign?) So far, we don’t know much about this new evil except that it wants witches, which is why it seems to have its sights on Hope and Vincent.

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Watch the trailer above.

The Originals airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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