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Let it never be said that I am unwilling to admit when I am wrong: as of mid-Season 4 I have become persuaded that Star Trek: Voyager is, in fact, not a terrible show.

Job Offers and Jealousy

Summary: Barry and you have a crush on each other. You meet Oliver and Barry gets jealous when Oliver offers you a job.

Word Count: 1408

Warnings: none

Gender-neutral Reader!

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how i want riarkle to get together

so it’s like mid season 4
-riley and lucas are slowly growing apart
-riley realises this isn’t the relationship she wants and there’s something missing
-so they break up
-riarkle spend a lot of time together bc farkle’s worried she’s lonely
-then riles realises her feelings for farkle soon after
-and she basically pines over farkle for months bc i love angst
-she tries to lowkey avoid farkle because she’s too overwhelmed by her feels for him
-farkle is just confused™ and wonders what he’s done wrong
-and by this time smackle and farkle are slowly growing apart bc smackle knows something is up
-they have a mutual break up tho
-but dw smackle remains unbothered bc you know mj would never hurt this gem
-riley is just an innocent overwhelmed cinnamon roll scared by her feelings
-farkle gets fed tf up with riley ignoring him and goes into bay window like riles what is going on
-riley is basically like farkle idk i just can’t do this and tells him to leave
-farkle is back to being confused af so he turns up at Maya’s at like midnight and it’s a cute brotp markle scene and Maya’s all like she fuckin likes you you nimrod
-and farkle’s like :0
-he nearly faints
-like he’s so in shock
-riley matthews likes him wtf is air
- so he goes back home and is back to being confused because how and why does riley like him
-and riley and farkle are awkward and don’t talk to each other for like 2 weeks
-maya zay lucas and smackle are like wtf is going on
- so maya and zay come up with a master plan to get them to talk to each other and admit their feelings bc brotp af and we just need more zaya interaction
-so they basically drag riley and farkle into topangas (with the help of lucas and smackle obvs) like maya and riley did in gmhs2
-and everyone basically looks at RF makes them sit down and then leaves
-and farkle’s about to leave too bc wimp af
-but Riley’s like farkle wait
-and she says farkle I have feelings for you, I don’t know when or how it happened but I do know that i always want you in my life no matter what. I don’t want anything to change between us but then again I don’t know if I could handle being just your friend anymore, I want to be more than that, I want us to be more than that.
-so by this time farkle doesn’t even know what tf to say so he just leans in
-and riles is like yayyy inside lmao
-maya zay smackle and lucas are just watching from outside and smiling
-and katy is like “i always knew ‘the farkle’ would be perfect for riley”
-and everyone is happy bc riarkle are the hottest couple to ever exist



Titan Comics are excited to announce that following the fantastic sell-out response to the Vikings: Godhead mini-series, Vikings is returning for an all-new story!

Superstar writer Cavan Scott (Vikings, Doctor Who) re-joins series artist Staz Johnson (Batman, Spider-Man) to further expand the Vikings lore with Vikings: Uprising #1! This new story follows after the explosive events of the MGM TV show’s Season 4 mid-season finale.

Ragnar and Lagertha return from the disastrous events of Paris to find their land threatened from within. A charismatic Irish slave is leading an uprising, which will set Viking against Viking. With blood flowing freely, Lagertha searches for guidance from the gods, while Ragnar struggles with failure and addiction. Can Lothbrok survive yet another challenge to his throne, while his former wife takes up arms to bring the bloody rebellion to an end?

Released September 14th, Vikings: Uprising expands on Titan Comics’ hugely popular Vikings: Godhead, which sold out of its debut issue and went to a second printing!

This thrilling new #1 comes with five variant covers to collect with art by artists Mark Hammermeister, Claudia Caranfa, Verity Glass (Doctor Who, Assassin’s Creed), Josh Burns and a regular cover by Chris Wahl (Bob Fingerman’s Minimum Wage).

Vikings: Uprising #1 covers:
Cover A: Chris Wahl
Cover B: Mark Hammermeister
Cover C: Claudia Caranfa  
Cover D: Verity Glass
Cover E: Josh Burns

Retailers can order issue #1 of Vikings: Uprising from the July edition of Diamond PREVIEWS. This all-new storyline in the world of the hit TV show will delight hardcore fans and new fans alike.

consequenceofsound  asked:

I agree that Chris and Darren seemed distant, but I think the word "feud" is a little strong. I honestly think a lot of their distance stemmed from how uncomfortable Chris was with the Klaine phenomenon and, especially, crisscolfer shippers. I've never seen an actor quite as uncomfortable with RPS as Chris was and I feel like that probably made things weird between them, especially since Darren never seemed to care that much. I never got the sense that there was actual drama between them, though

Definitely agree that ‘feuding’ is too strong a word from what I can see at least (RM was just using it because of the show ‘feud’ which is what the interview was about). 

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anonymous asked:

I think it's very possible that we could get Bart, Jenni or both in the S3 finale. Mid-season 4, the latest. Kevin Smith already implied we were getting Bart Allen when he promoted the KF episode and spoke about the 4-way crossover. Several media outlets have entertained Jenni Ognats being added eventually. It's also been mentioned to the Helbing's, Berlanti and Kreisberg and all implied we would get to Bart eventually. The message from 2056, IMO, is the biggest indication.

I think this season is too soon to have kids showing up, especially since right now the big thing is preventing Iris’ death. She clearly isn’t dying if her grandkids from the future are showing up, and her death isn’t going to be averted until the S finale. So unless they show up right after she’s saved, I don’t really see it happening this season. I still think the end of S4/S5 is the soonest it will happen. I doubt the grands will show up before they are even engaged. 

anonymous asked:

The reason Diana/Mulder bothers me A LOT more than Scully/Jerse is because this is already SEASON 6 not mid season 4 (and Mulder was being an asshole then), Mulder and Scully already became so much closer since season 4 eps after her cancer and its insane that Mulder would sleep with Diana when he knew he's in love with Scully and when Scully herself knew that them becoming an item is inevitable ugh

Oh I hear you, Anon. That’s why introducing a woman with whom Mulder had a shared history and who seemed as intrigued by the paranormal, and indeed, who was there with him when he discovered the X-Files, could have been such an interesting dynamic to explore. Rather then drive a wedge between them, Diana could have been the impetus that brought Mulder and Scully together. But instead, we got this weird hybrid of those two scenarios during S6.

Sidenote: I have to wonder how much of that awkwardness might also have been due to the fact that David and Gillian had so much baggage at that time that it affected MSR.

anonymous asked:

OMG ok i have a theory on why s4 hasn't started yet.. i think it will start late april. s3 started early october and ended mid december so thats about 2 months. NOW, oslo pride starts on june 23rd this year. if they start season 4 mid-late april, they will be able to show pride!! 🏳️‍🌈 bc it is about the same length after as the previous seasons. idk this is just a theory i might be way off but it could be a reason? i think it would be awesome if the gang went to pride :)

hello my anon! nrk only knows when the new season starts, but a pride scene would be super sweet! do norwegians go to school in june?

The Once Upon A Time(line) Theory

UPDATE (06/23/2015): I tweeted this to Adam Horowitz and he replied that it seemed “VERY accurate” at first glance. So thank you, Adam! (Picture at the end of the post!)

For years, fans of “Once Upon A Time” have been trying to figure out that tricky little present day timeline. Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis have roughly estimated us to be in early 2013 by season 4′s first half, and in-show evidence weakly hints that while only six weeks have passed between the two halves of season 4, mid 2013 in 4B is now early 2014 (the only evidence for that being a missing poster for the Blue Fairy dating her last known sighting as November 2013, which being only one piece of evidence and something that was meant to be background dressing and not an actual focal point, will be counted as inaccurate). Below the jump is a fairly accurate review of the timeline.

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Wow, talk about incompetence. This is further proof that this show is just built around gimmicks. 

Season 3 Premier: Sara dies

Season 4: Sara is resurrected


Season 3 Mid-Season Finale: Oliver “dies”

Season 3 Mid-Season Return: Oliver is brought back to life by…herbs. 


Season 4 Premier: Flash forward grave scene 

Writers had no idea who was in the grave.


Season 4 Mid-Season Finale: Felicity riddled with bullets and paralyzed from the waist down

2 Episodes Later: Felicity is walking again. 


What’s missing:

- Actual Plot

- Development of the season’s main villain

- Oliver Queen being a skilled fighter