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The Evolution of Korrasami

Early Season 1.

Korra: I don’t even know you but I really don’t like you.

Asami: I don’t even know you but for some reason I like you.

Mid Season 1.

Korra: Wow, I was wrong about you! I kind of like you now.

Asami: I think you’re ama~zing! *Vibrates*

Late Season 1.

Korra: I think we’re friends now.

Asami: You’re the cause of my problems with Mako in a way but I don’t blame you one bit. Oh and I really like you.

Season 2.

Korra: We’re friends! :D

Asami: I think I’m beginning to really like you. What is this feeling?

Early Season 3.

Korra: I don’t know what this feeling is, but I’m glad we’ve become best friends.

Asami: I think I’m falling in love with you. *_* I’ll test the waters by flirting.

Mid Season 3.

Korra: Why am I checking you out all the time and constantly smiling at you? This makes no sense!

Asami: Okay, I’m pretty sure I’m really falling in love with you.

Late Season 3.

Korra: … I’m glad you’re here for me…

Asami: Yup, I’m definitely in love with you. I’ll let you know subtly and let you know that I’m always here for you if you need anything.

Early Season 4.

Korra: Holy shit, I’ve realized you mean so much to me! Please, take my only letter to anyone!

Asami: The love of my life is coming back…?

Mid Season 4.

Korra: Oh my spirits I think I’m in love with you.

Asami: The love of my life is back! :D

Late Season 4.

Korra: Yup, I’m definitely in love with you. Want to go on an extended vacation to the Spirit World for our first date?

Asami: Oh my spirits she actually reciprocates my feelings! We’re finally gonna be happy for the rest of our lives! :D

say what you want to say but all this love triangle stuff is getting old. I’m not surprised to see Noora and Yousef. Noora has been inching in that direction for a while now and Yousef is just like any other guy…what else is new?

In this clip we saw how everything has been taken from Sana, her best friends, her crush, her authority as a bus leader…what else?

I want to give Sana a hug.

Breathe Again

This was written for Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge! Thanks for hosting @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, sorry for cutting it so close on the deadline!

Dean x female reader

Song Inspiration: Breathe Again by Sara Barielles

Warnings: Angst (but not too bad… well… It doesn’t end terribly anyways!!), character death, grief induced panic attack, Set right after Season 3 and mid Season 4 episode 1 (Spoilers)

Word Count: about 1500

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Your vehicle was parked next to the Impala, your packed bags in the passenger seat of your red ‘74 Bronco. You used to laugh seeing your giant Beast parked next to sleek Baby, but now the black muscle car brought you nothing but agonizing memories. Dean was gone. You hadn’t been able to stop the hellhounds from ripping your love apart and although Lilith hadn’t been able to kill Sam, you hadn’t been able to end her either. She smoked out of Ruby’s meatsuit leaving you and Sam to deal with Dean’s mangled corpse.

The last couple days had been devastating. Sam was a mess, especially after burying Dean, and as much as you wanted to be there for him, you couldn’t even look at him without your heart shattering all over again. And watching you grieve was only amplifying his own anguish. So you’d decided to part ways. You held each other for a long moment, neither one of you ready for this but both of you knowing you needed time apart to deal with your grief in your own separate ways. The pain of being around Sam was just too much. Although you loved him like a brother, now he was just a bitter reminder of the time when you called yourself Dean’s.

You hopped up into the Bronco and pulled away, fighting back tears as you found yourself looking back at the only family you had left in the world shrinking away in the rearview mirror.

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Make You Scream - a Vikings Imagine

Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Rating: Explicit (really, I mean it. No fade to blacks here. Only follow the link if you’re over 18)
Warnings: dubious consent (social duress - lost a bet), cheating, threats
Words: 1415
Summary: The Reader loses a bet with Ivar and he comes to collect from you. Sexually.

Notes: This piece was inspired by @sansasandorshipper​’s imagine: “You are with Ubbe but Ivar is always trying to get with you.” Thank you so much darling, for letting me publish this homage to your brilliant idea. My story is an alternate ending to that tale, in mine the reader LOSES the fight and the bet.

As always for my smuts, the setting is an AU where the time jump in mid-season 4 lasted long enough to make Ivar older than the age of consent in your country ;)

Excerpt: Before you can fall asleep, the door scrapes open again. “Ubbe, remember how you mother scolded both of us when she caught you in here at night last time,” you call out.

“Not Ubbe,” comes a chuckling voice from near the floor.

Your heart starts racing as you watch Ivar pull himself up to your bedside. “Are you ready to settle up on that bet, y/n?”

“Go to Hel, Ivar,” you spit back, pulling your furs up to your chin. You are wearing nothing but a thin linen shift under there.

“Think of your honor,” he smirks, resting his elbows on the edge of your bed. “Do you really want to be known as someone that goes back on a wager?”

You grit your teeth. Your word and your honor mean everything to you. You narrow your eyes, bringing your face close to Ivar’s. “If you truly think you can make me scream your name, you are welcome to try,” you challenge. You hate Ivar. You hate his smirks, and his ridiculously blue eyes, and the way he always has to have the last word with—

His hand is under your furs, sliding up your thigh.

Finish reading on Ao3 here, this thing is waaaay too smutty to put in the respectable tags on Tumblr

Olicity Wedding Options

We all know that at some point Oliver is going to be wearing a gold band on his ring finger, and Felicity’s last name will be Queen. But the question is when. There’s a few options, and I thought I’d lay them out in one area, and list the pros and cons to each one. Note that these lists are my opinions, and they may not be yours. :)

Option 1: The Season 5 finale. 


  • The biggest pro - and the reason why I love this idea - is that they would be married. There would be rings on their fingers in the first minutes of Season 6. I can see this happening only because Oliver and Felicity have been a fingernail close to marriage before, and once they’re together, I don’t see them waiting long. 
  • Diggle would likely be the officiant(unless Curtis does it because our poor guy has passed out from the happiness).


  • Our couple will likely not be in fancy wear (though that might not be too much of a problem for all of us).
  • We won’t see any wedding planning. I’d love to see Felicity and her girls shopping for dresses, discussing food options down in the lair, and Oliver and Felicity ‘multi-tasking’ during villain take-downs. 
  • Donna wouldn’t be there - I would love to see at least Felicity’s mom there. Maybe even Noah. Jewish custom is that both parents walk the bride down the aisle. (Correct?) That would be beautiful, and it would be a big character moment for Felicity, who has said before she always thought she was broken. With all those people around her she would feel loved. 
  • It might be a ‘quickie’, as in ‘quick, let’s exchange a short version of vows, kiss, and wrap this thing up before the forty-two minutes hit’. We’d miss out on Oliver’s reaction to Felicity - for real this time - walking down the aisle. 

Option 2: The premiere of Season 6


  • I can imagine that they will do their fair share of promoting if this option is what they go with. SDCC, promotional pics…they know that the Olicity fandom is a big bunch, and I think they would do their best to make sure we’re all excited, and that we all tune in. 
  • It’s a fun way to start a season. We’ve had seasons start with death, break-ups, first kiss and then break-up, and everything in between. If the season started with Oliver sliding a diamond ring on Felicity’s hand, I would melt of the feels and could probably be able to handle everything they throw at us the other 22 episodes. 
  • Everyone would be wearing their fancy clothes, including the bridesmaids. Seriously, I need to see Thea (and whoever else) in gorgeous dresses. Pretty please? (This ‘pro’ goes with the rest of these options.) 
  • And for my favorite pro that goes with the options from here down: we’d be able to see their emotions. I think with the finale wedding (which I doubt is happening), we’d see Oliver and Felicity would just be relieved to be alive and happy to be married. But if we see Felicity walk down the aisle, we’ll see how Oliver really feels (if he cries, I cry), and we’ll see Felicity’s emotions when she hears his vows. 


  • Basically the same thing as the finale wedding. We wouldn’t see much planning, shopping, or anything that normal couples do. Not even an engagement party re-do, or bachelor and bachelorette parties. Which leads us to this option:

Option 3: The Season 6 Crossovers 


  • Everyone would be able to attend. Barry, Cisco, Sara, and all of our favorite characters who have been an influence in Oliver and Felicity’s life could be dressed up and all smiles when Felicity walks down the aisle. 
  • Ten bucks that there would be a bachelor/bachelorette party that would feature an unable-to-get-drunk Barry taking videos of drunk!Diggle and Oliver, and the ladies team out clubbing. 
  • We’d have seven episodes that would have the opportunity to show us a snippet of wedding planning. 
  • Could there be a dance?!?


  • We’d have to wait until November. 
  • There’s a slight chance that there would be people at the wedding that shouldn’t be there. If they haven’t reacted much with the Arrow team, I really don’t want them there. 
  • There always a chance that the crossover epicness would overshadow the wedding. We’ve waited this long; this wedding needs to be big. That’s really my biggest fear of this option. 

Overall, this is my favorite option. It’s a little bit longer to wait, but I love the idea of having everyone there, even if there’s a slight risk. 

Option 4: The Season 6 Mid-Season Finale 


  • This could be an episode almost totally dedicated to the wedding. We would several episodes for planning, maybe a crossover party celebrating their soon-to-be marriage, and then….they get married in 6x09. 


  • The extended Arrow team wouldn’t be there. 
  • Mid-season finales are rough. It’s been a few years since they’ve ended without a cliffhanger, and only one of them has ended remotely happy (2x09 with ‘like a hero’). All I can picture is their plane being shot down, or being kidnapped in the airport, or a villain shooting Felicity before she reaches the altar. Concepts like this make me not want a wedding here

Overall, I’m not a huge fan of this option, mainly because of the ‘con’ above. It’s hard to enjoy a mid-season finale. Even watching the engagement, knowing  something terrible was about to happen. I would prefer we see Oliver and Felicity married in 6x08, have half an episode of bliss, go through hell, and then go on their honeymoon at the of the season. Yes, I have lofty goals. 

Option 5: The Season 6 finale 


So there we have it! My viewpoint on the options for the wedding. I’m sure some people’s are different, but I thought it’d be fun to put this together. No matter when they get married and who’s there, I’ll be happy. I’ve waited a long time for this, and when it does happen, it’s going to be amazing. 

Go vote on when you think it’ll happen!

CSBB Author Spotlight: unfolded73

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @unfolded73

What is your writing process like?

For multichapter fics I tend to outline pretty thoroughly first, and then I write mostly in order. I can write on any device I can get my hands on: home PC, laptop, I’ve even written an entire 1500 word fic on my iPhone. Very rarely do I write long hand on paper.

What do you think your greatest strength is as a writer?

Dialogue and porn.

What’s a particular trope or kind of story you’ve wanted to try, but haven’t gotten to yet?

Tons, since my focus thus far has been on canon compliant and canon divergent fics. So I’d kind of like to try my hand at Lieutenant Duckling, with some heavy dollops of mutual pining.

Who is your favorite OUAT character to write?

I naturally fall into Emma’s POV, so I love writing her. But also Henry. I love trying to get inside Henry’s head, and when I do it well I have my sons to thank.

If you are new to the Captain Swan Big Bang, what made you decide to sign up? What are you looking forward to?

I had a fic idea that people seemed excited about and that seemed well suited to a 50k word story. And then @sambethe yelled at me until I did sign up. I’m looking forward to the snippets, both sharing them and reading them!

Favorite Fics:

The Author (Tumblr)

My first Captain Cobra fic (and my second fic in this fandom I think), I felt like I really nailed Henry and what he would be feeling after the Underworld here.

Trust Me (Tumblr)

I’m proud of this because writing Dark Hook/Dark Swan was really challenging to get right, and I love the way it came out.

Another New York City Serenade (Tumblr)

This was my longest fic in this fandom to-date. Since I’m relatively new to the fandom (in the since that I’ve been in it ~ 1 year), it was very satisfying to do a deep dive into the headspaces of the characters circa mid-season 4. Also I set out to put smut in all seven chapters, and I damn well succeeded.

Check out unfolded73 on AO3 and Tumblr!


I watched the Vikings season 4 mid season finale the other, rewatched the end again with Ivar today!

It was so amazing and grown up Ivar is my new favourite character/person!

He’s so freaking hot

And those gorgeous piercing blue eyes are amazing

 Why am I suddenly getting in to younger guys? lol.

And Ragnar came back at the end and Ivar was very intrigued by it all! lol. 

He was like if you wanna be King then fight me to everyone LOL!

I can’t wait to see the rest of the season! I wonder when History UK will show it!

I can’t wait now to see what happens with Ragnar and Ivar!

Alex Hogh Anderson ❤️

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There was a great sterek scene where the two bicker over who saved the other and Derek is supportive and lovely toward him. Other than that the finale mostly sucked. There was an awful scene with Derek and Jennifer where she forces him to touch her and it's uncomfortable af. It ended with all these random ships (scalia, stydia-ish, Chris Argent and Melissa) bc the show fucked up everything good and was scrambling. The very last scene was sweet but didn't make up for what they did to the show

ughh the fact that it’s queerbaiting til the end lmao why am i not surprised.. teen wolf stopped being good after season 3. also seriously derek and jennifer?? my poor child. and finally what the fuck chris and melissa?? honestly i always liked the sherif and melissa. :( i guess i’ll just be watching the sterek gifs of it here.

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one thing i think is funny re: allura mimicking lance's pickup line is that he told it, like, all the way back in s1, and then in s3 allura can repeat it perfectly despite being a bit dorky regarding romance and flirting. idk exactly how much time passed between those two points but she probably thought it was kinda funny to be able to remember it still

The big time-skips seemed to happen mid-season 3 and mid-season 4, but I’d say at least six months passed from episode 1 to that point, so…it does say a lot that Allura still remembers that line. It’s adorable aaaa. 

Prisoners of War Ch. 1 - Linstead fanfiction

This is the first chapter of the first linstead fanfic I’m posting here… Angsty Linstead focusing on Jay. Takes place some time after mid-season 4. Hope you like it! Enjoy! :)

For @halsteadandlindsay because you’re my first cpd-lovin friend on tumblr! Also for not blocking me after my last few messages hahaha! :D

“Jay, stay home. Or Voight’s just going to send you back. You’re hotter than our radiator!”

“Erin, I’m fine, ok? Just a little temperature. It’s probably because we left the window open last night. Anyway, the office is a lot warmer than your apartment.”

“Our apartment,” Erin corrected. She let out a slow, shallow sigh, shaking her head. “Ok, whatever. If you’re not going to listen to me, if it has to come from Voight, sure –”

“Erin.” Jay pleaded, reaching for her hand to tug her closer. “I’m telling you, I don’t feel bad at all. Anyway, I’d be bored out of mind staying at home, when I know that we have an unsolved case I should be working on. Plus, I thought we promised to never go in without back up. Who’s gonna –”

“–Hank’s got me covered–”

“–take care of me?” he finished, smiling sweetly down at her with those classic Halstead puppy dog eyes. And though they were redder than usual, they didn’t fail to move her.

Erin scoffed, but her eyes were smiling despite herself. Stubborn manchild, she thought. What’s up with men and the tough-guy act?

“Okay…,” she groaned, giving up. She walked away so he wouldn’t see the smile that was tugging at her lips. He’s too sick to be at work…

“Love you, babe…” he called out from behind her as he went to grab his jacket.

“Sure, honey.” Erin replied, not quite ready to forgive his stupidity, or loyalty to the job, whatever it was. He’d have to wait for an ‘I love you’ – at least until she got to say her ‘I told you so’ when Jay finally gave out and went home early.

As she expected, the ‘it’s just a little temperature’ act had worn off very fast. The office might be warmer, but the tough case and the harsh glare of his computer screen were quickly tiring Jay out. She had sent him multiple stinging glances from across her table, silently saying ‘Satisfied yet? ’ every time he coughed or sniffled. Every time he stifled a tired groan. But Jay refused to leave.

She wasn’t ashamed of admitting that she’d even texted Hank a couple minutes back in secret, asking if he’d send her partner home. Her Sargent had wedged open the blinds a little to get a look at Jay immediately after.

Thankfully Jay hadn’t noticed, but it seems that Hank didn’t consider it a pressing issue, because the door to his office remained closed and her partner remained at his desk.

Either way, it didn’t matter. Because within the half hour, a couple key pieces of evidence brought the case near its end, and she noticed a noticeable shift in Jay’s behavior. Now that case was practically solved, he let out a huge sigh and excused himself for a coffee break, filling his cup slowly. Then he sat down at the coffee table rather than bringing his drink back to the desk as he usually did.

“You okay?” she asked as she walked into the room. She couldn’t bring herself to say ‘I told you so’ after he saw how tense and exhausted he looked, holding his face above the steaming cup.

“Oh, yeah. Not bad, considering.”

“Listen, I’ll handle the paperwork. Why don’t you go home now and – “

Jay began to refuse but Erin cut back in, saying, “Jay, I’m not asking this time. Get some rest. I’ll be there around 7.”

Jay didn’t know what to say. He didn’t deserve this woman. I love you was written all over his face.

“I love you too, Jay,” she laughed, sitting down across from him.

They spent a few more minutes in a comfortable silence, each savoring their warm coffee, hands cupped around the ceramic to absorb as much heat as possible. Spring was supposed to have arrived but the temperature had unexpectedly dropped to near freezing in anticipation of a storm.

Chicago. The cold never really leaves.

Erin grabbed their mugs when they finished and plopped them in the sink.

“Hey, you got ibuprofen at home?”

“Uh, no,” she said, turning around. “I have paracetamol though. It’s in the bathroom, top shelf.”

“No, I have a bad reaction to paracetamol. Blow up like a balloon,” Jay said, bringing his hands a few inches away from his face to demonstrate. “Never mind, I’ll go back to my old place and pick some up, I think I left a box. Have to pick up the mail anyway.”

“You haven’t changed your mailing address yet, Jay?” Erin asked, annoyance returning to her voice.

Jay had failed to find a buyer for his apartment immediately, and had been pushing off the task for weeks. She hadn’t realized he’d forgotten to forward his mail to their new home as well.

But she quickly changed her tune, realizing now was not the time. “Nevermind. Look, I’ll pick up the ibuprofen and the mail. Just get a taxi home, get some rest.” She stepped close to him and kissed him softly on the mouth, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist and sliding them up over his shoulder blades. He breathed in the smell of her, wanting to fall asleep in her arms right there.

Instead he forced himself to pull away and gave her hand a squeeze.

“Thank you, Erin. For everything. See you at home.”

She smiled. He said home like it was a sacred word.

Lindsay walked into Halstead’s old apartment complex. Traffic had been terrible and she’d taken longer than expected with the paperwork. It was now 7:45 and she was just walking into the lobby. She thought of messaging Jay to let him know she was almost home, but decided against it. He was probably asleep.

The large, well-furnished lobby was mostly empty, except for a pair of very fit guys, a woman with a lab mix who looked like she’d just been out running, and the security guard.

“I just started this gig last week.” The guard was saying to pair of men. “I really couldn’t tell you.”

Erin passed the three of them by, walking quickly. God, she was late. Poor Jay. The black-haired guy held her gaze for a second and then turned back to the guard. In front of her, the dog squatted down in preparation to do its business, right smack in the middle of the room. Jogger lady almost lost it, squealing in protest at her dog.

Aaaand there goes the carpet, she thought to herself.

She took the elevator up to Jay’s apartment, and found the ibuprofen right where he’d told her it would be, in the drawer of his bedside table.

No wonder he hasn’t gotten any buyers, she thought, as she slipped the box of tablets into her purse. The rooms all screamed man-cave, in contrast with the fact that the complex was situated in a very family-oriented neighborhood. No wife would want to raise her children in this apartment – at least not as matters stood with the brown leather couch and the dim, moody lighting. Jay had chosen this place because it was close to work and transformed the rooms to his liking. Now it was scaring off potential buyers.

Well, I can help with that, she thought, brightening at the prospect of an interior design project. She’d always wanted to do one.

She gave one last look at the place and then locked the door behind her. Back in the lobby, she fished Jay’s keys out again to open the mini-locker that stored his mail.

Most of the envelopes were addressed to Will. Erin shook her head again. Halsteads. Talk about unorganized.

“Excuse me, Ma’am?” came a voice from behind.

She turned around. It was the same pair of guys. She looked at them properly this time – one was brown haired and baby-faced, while the other one seemed older. They both wore polite smiles but she thought they looked exhausted.

“Yes?” she asked. Her voice came out raspier than usual and her throat felt tight. She was probably catching on whatever virus Jay had.

“That’s Jay Halstead’s mail, am I correct?” he asked. He was pointing at the name that was printed in bold letters across the locker she’d just closed.

“Yes…” she said, stating the obvious. Friends of Jay’s?

“Uh, well, would you perhaps know where he lives? Seeing as your collecting his mail? We’ve been trying to get a hold of him, but..”

“And you are..?”

“Oh, we were with him in the military, ma’am,” the older of the two replied. “He’s a real good friend of ours.”

“Uh, well,” Erin laughed, breaking into an awkward smile. “I do know where he lives…we live together, actually.” A good friend would know that. But she didn’t it aloud.

The pair seemed genuinely surprised. The older one finally said, “Oh, ok. And I’m sorry, we didn’t get to introduce ourselves. I’m Patrick and this is Liam.”

She shook their hands, introducing herself in turn. “Well, uh, if you don’t mind being around a sick Jay, then you’re free to follow my car and come over?” she offered, not sure of what to do. They seemed harmless enough. She wasn’t exactly thrilled to hear that Jay was going to be disturbed yet again, but she couldn’t very well not give the offer without coming off as a little rude.

To her dismay, they glanced at each other and then said ‘Yes, we’d really appreciate that, thank you.’

A little stiff, she thought of the polite pair, as she slipped into her car.

She dumped her purse in the passenger seat and pulled out of the parking lot, waiting by the curb till their car came up behind hers. Then she drove through the unforgiving rain as she mentally prepared herself for a long afternoon. She’d been so looking forward to the end of the day, had been planning on taking a nice bath to relax, and getting Jay to rest as well. Now those plans were put on hold.  

Oh well. Things could be a lot worse.

As she drove, she couldn’t shake off this uneasy feeling. Maybe it was paranoia – she was showing a couple of strangers straight to her home. But it felt silly to question them.

She knew that sentiment was the beginning of the hundreds of rape and sexual assault cases she had dealt with over the years. ‘I didn’t want to be rude, so I didn’t question them, I let them come inside my home…’ was how it went. She felt a pang of understanding for those victims and hoped she wasn’t making a mistake.

But they obviously knew Jay, and she recalled one time Jay had mentioned a friend from the military named ‘Lee’. Short form Liam? Possibly. As for Patrick, she didn’t know. 

She was racking her brain now about anything Jay might have said about his time in the military. He didn’t say much and she never pushed him. She knew it was a tough place for him to revisit and she could very well understand his desire not to open up that Pandora’s box. 

Anyway, it would have to come up eventually - he would tell her when he was ready and she wasn’t in any rush. Their relationship with the rock in her life. Jay was her anchor. They faced enough heartbreak at work. No need to bring it back home with them.

Her thoughts went in circles, thinking about everything she’d heard from Jay and Mouse and Will about his time in the military. But she couldn’t come with anything so she turned her attention fully back to the road and weaved through the night-time traffic.

She got out of her car once outside her apartment, and walked up to the two of them to lead the way.

“So are you two still in the military?”

“Oh, no, ma’am. We went back to civilian life around the same time as Jay.”

“Call me Erin,” she insisted, smiling. The pair was way too formal for her liking. Solemn, even. But her warmth didn’t earn much more than a forced smile in return.

“Come on, this way,” she said, guiding them inside. The three of them stepped into the elevator. It was a little crowded, and to break the silence, she asked, “Jay’s going to be glad to see you.”

Patrick flinched.

“I mean, he doesn’t talk about his time in the military very often, but when he does, you can tell he loves his old team as though they were his own brothers.”

Patrick nodded and gave another close-lipped smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

“So what brings you around, out of the blue?” Erin asked, silently grateful that the elevator had finally pinged and opened on to her floor. She walked out and turned the key in her door.

From behind her she heard, “Ah, do you think I could get some water, Erin?”

“Uh sure,” she said, wondering if they hadn’t caught her question. These guys just get stranger and stranger, she thought. Her paranoia rose again, when she heard the sound of water falling from the shower. She’d didn’t want to be alone with these guys. They just seem… off. Somehow, the gun at her hip wasn’t any comfort.

She went straight to the kitchen and filled up two glasses with water. She put them on a tray and placed it on the coffee table as Patrick and Liam made their way into the living room.

“Jay’s in the shower, I’ll just call him,” she explained and they nodded.

She went to knock on the bathroom door and said ‘Jay, we have guests, okay? Don’t take your time in there’. She heard a muffled ‘Okay, Linds,’ through the door. The sound of his voice calmed her nerves a little.

When she got back to the living room, Patrick and Liam were both on their feet, facing the back wall, where she’d hung their picture frames.

She moved toward them, and opened her mouth to say something and then –

Her heart jumped up into her throat.




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Hi Rosy. After season 4 it's very clear that Clarke is in love with Bellamy and Bellamy in love with her. I loved the finale but I had high hopes for the other episodes, like a confession, kiss, bed sharing. Do you think there is a possibility that they might stall Bellarke in S5 and not give us a kiss or confession of feelings? I am team fricking kiss and get Canon. I am tired for the slow burn. Stalling seems so stupid to me. They are ripe for romance. Why delay it?

Because apparently, their very intention was to write an epic romance in the apocalypse. They, I think, gambled on getting enough seasons to tell this story slowly. And looking at the way The CW has been treating the show, what they wanted from it, how they wanted it to affect their future in broadcasting, heading into more short seasons and cable tv-like high stakes, crafted drama, they took the risk.

It was always possible that The 100 would be cancelled, but every season after season 1 ended highlighting an incredibly intimate moment between Bellamy and Clarke, indicating that there were deep feelings and the possibility for something more in the next season.

Might they stall again? I don’t know. They have definitely taken it deeper every single season, even counting the romantic roadblocks and separations of mid season 4, they STILL ended up even closer to that canon romance than they’d ever been before.

Leaving the season with the cliffhanger of Clarke alone on Earth, hanging onto the very thought of Bellamy to keep her sane, the question of what has happened to him to keep him from coming home (because we know he’s coming back) and how they will navigate this new relationship after 6 years separation is putting that romance at the forefront of the story.

Clearly it won’t jump right into canon romance. But we cannot escape the canon fact that Clarke thought about him every day for 6 years. 

That is not platonic, my friends. 

They are telling an epic romance between Clarke and Bellamy. Is the whole story about how they fall in love? Will they only get together at the end? That is possible. I don’t particularly like that kind of story, but there’s enough to the show, clearly, to keep me addicted, even without the romance. Maybe that’s what they’re going for. A Mulder and Scully kind of thing. Except they started out this show with Bellamy and Clarke as endgame and it’s not procedural, with episodic stories, but scripted season-long, novel-like story, which has been playing with the romantic development for four years.

It’s getting annoying, now.

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yeah canon divergence, sorry for not being clear! Thanks btw!

The nonnie asked for canon first time smut stories. Took me a while, but okay, here’s what I got (and anyone please feel free to add fics here, and if you rec your own, all the better):

Another New York City Serenade (7 chapters) by @unfolded73fics (set after 4x11)

Coffee For Two by @elaine-spades

Eyes Wide Open by @the-captains-ayebrows (post-Underworld)

Leaving Neverland (6 intense chapters) by @onceuponsomechaos (set on the journey home)

Hollow Beginnings (21 chapters) by @emeraldromance (set after 3x07)

Her True Love by @emeraldromance (set after 3x20)

You Can Wrap Your Arms Around Me by @amagicalship (post-Underworld)

All Roads Lead Me Back To You (WIP) by @morelikeaghost (set in 3x22 when the return through Rumple’s portal doesn’t work)

Kill, kill by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh​ (set after 3x05)

A few gems by the one and only @startswithhope:

Come In For A While… (set after 4x13)

More Powerful Than Magic (set in Camelot)

I Told You So (set mid season 4)

In Dreams (set in Camelot)

And here are mine:

Smooth Sailing (12 chapters), set after 3x22

Black As The Devil, Hot As Hell, set after 4x10

All Of The Hell I Had To Walk Through, set after 4x11

Consider Living A Life, set between 4A and 4B

Exit Light, Enter Night, Take My Hand, very dark, set in the middle of the Dark Swan arc, before we knew that Killian was a Dark One, too

Where We Belong, set after Killian’s return from the Underworld

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I have to say, it's kinda of makes me sad how people are always like "Chris is done with glee/klaine" bc he has said many many times that he is grateful for it. He literally always said (even during s6) that he thought of Klaine as a modern day Lucy and Rick aka his favorite all time couple. I don't judge him for thinking it was a bit early for klaine to have a child bc Chris himself is just a bit more older than Kurt and has no kids and for what he said, has no plans for it any time soon.

continuing… And it always feels like he is scared that the fans will think we all should be married with a child by 24.

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Oh anon - I’m afraid I will likely make you sad too then (so ignore me! Here is a cut so you don’t have to read ha ha).

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how i want riarkle to get together

so it’s like mid season 4
-riley and lucas are slowly growing apart
-riley realises this isn’t the relationship she wants and there’s something missing
-so they break up
-riarkle spend a lot of time together bc farkle’s worried she’s lonely
-then riles realises her feelings for farkle soon after
-and she basically pines over farkle for months bc i love angst
-she tries to lowkey avoid farkle because she’s too overwhelmed by her feels for him
-farkle is just confused™ and wonders what he’s done wrong
-and by this time smackle and farkle are slowly growing apart bc smackle knows something is up
-they have a mutual break up tho
-but dw smackle remains unbothered bc you know mj would never hurt this gem
-riley is just an innocent overwhelmed cinnamon roll scared by her feelings
-farkle gets fed tf up with riley ignoring him and goes into bay window like riles what is going on
-riley is basically like farkle idk i just can’t do this and tells him to leave
-farkle is back to being confused af so he turns up at Maya’s at like midnight and it’s a cute brotp markle scene and Maya’s all like she fuckin likes you you nimrod
-and farkle’s like :0
-he nearly faints
-like he’s so in shock
-riley matthews likes him wtf is air
- so he goes back home and is back to being confused because how and why does riley like him
-and riley and farkle are awkward and don’t talk to each other for like 2 weeks
-maya zay lucas and smackle are like wtf is going on
- so maya and zay come up with a master plan to get them to talk to each other and admit their feelings bc brotp af and we just need more zaya interaction
-so they basically drag riley and farkle into topangas (with the help of lucas and smackle obvs) like maya and riley did in gmhs2
-and everyone basically looks at RF makes them sit down and then leaves
-and farkle’s about to leave too bc wimp af
-but Riley’s like farkle wait
-and she says farkle I have feelings for you, I don’t know when or how it happened but I do know that i always want you in my life no matter what. I don’t want anything to change between us but then again I don’t know if I could handle being just your friend anymore, I want to be more than that, I want us to be more than that.
-so by this time farkle doesn’t even know what tf to say so he just leans in
-and riles is like yayyy inside lmao
-maya zay smackle and lucas are just watching from outside and smiling
-and katy is like “i always knew ‘the farkle’ would be perfect for riley”
-and everyone is happy bc riarkle are the hottest couple to ever exist